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Addicted to fucking my bro’s

I have a really close relationship with my brothers (Okay maybe close isn’t the right word) maybe taboo-kinky is better. *grin* I don’t know why but I am addicted to fucking my brothers. Both of them!! And, I especially like it when they double team me. There is really nothing like sucking my older brothers huge cock off while the other one pounds my tight, incest cunt or hot rosebud. I can never get enough of dirty, taboo incest sex can you?

Come play with me!

No Limits or Taboos XXX

Incest Whore,

Lil Lou

Daddy’s Coed Hottie

I was always daddy’s girl growing up we were always so super close. Now that I am away at school I know my sweet daddy misses me so I decided to come home for the weekend and surprise him. See, daddy just couldn’t wait until his little girl grew up and became a woman. He must have rubbed his hard daddy dick a thousand times thinking of the day his Jess went to college looking so hot. My young, sexy body teasing all the boy’s and professors too. Maybe that is why he spends so much money on buying me clothes, daddy never says no to me.

I was looking irresistible hot for daddy when I got home. I called to him a few times but no answer then I heard the shower. I decided why not go join him and give him a big hug and kiss! What daddy didn’t know was that his coed hottie has been wanting his daddy cock for a long time now and I was not taking no for an answer. I jumped in the shower with nothing but my tiny hot pink thong on and pressed my perky,hard nipps against his wet chest. I kissed him slow and deep, sucking on his tongue to show off some of my newly acquired skills. ha! I heard him moan and felt his dick get big and hard up against my wet, hot clit. “I think we better get out of here and go to the bedroom Jess.” Daddy’s voice was gruff and horny sounding I knew he wanted my hot coed holes. He took off my soaking thong and then licked me so good. I was so wet and ready that I almost creamed in his mouth. Then daddy slid his huge,hard shaft in my tight cunnie and started to pump. Faster and faster daddy went going crazy on my coed pussy. All I could think about was how badly I wanted all his thick cream. I got it all too and started to squirt just as I felt daddy’s dick explode in my pussy.

Mmmmuah Mmmmmmmuah Daddy I love you so much I can’t wait until we can fuck again. Soon I hope…

Barely Legal Kisses,

Hot Coed Jess

Snowballing with Daddy

My twisted daddy loves to see his Lil Lou dressed up sexy in hot, skimpy lingerie or even my tiny school girl uni’s.  He has a fetish for tiny, young blondes and wants to lick, finger and taste my sex juice! Mmmm Daddy even loves my perky titties and tells me he hopes they stay this way.  I believe him too because his dick get’s huge and rock hard when he plays with my nipples. He sometimes likes to rub his fat tip all around them too until his thick pre-cum oooozes out the tip sticking to them. Then he licks them off and licks all the way down to my fuck hole. But, I think more than anything daddy loves to cum swap with his little girl.  After he licks me til I squirt he shoves his fat dick in my tiny mouth and tells me to drain it. I’m a good whore and do exactly as I am told until I get all his creamy jizz and then give him a big kiss.  I drool it all in his mouth and then he swallows it. Dirty daddy loves his own cum and loves nothing more then to take it from his little girl’s mouth.

Snowballing Phone Sex with Lil Lou you will love it too if you are dirty like my daddy. *tehehe*

Creamy Jizz Kisses…Lucie

Hide and seek on Mommy’s playground

We play very naughty games when daddy is away don’t we darling?  Mommy Morgan likes to play all sorts of games with my little man and I know that you like it too angel.  Like the other day when the sun was out and shining so bright we decided to go out and play a little hide and seek.  You were so good at it my sweetie, it didn’t take you long at all to find mommy but were you ready for what you found? Naughty mommy took off some of her clothes and teased you with her MILF body isn’t that right?  My sexy, swollen breasts ready peeking out from underneath my tiny top beckoning you to come nurse. I watched my baby boy grow hard as you licked your lips longing for mother’s sweet milk.  The sweetest milk you have ever tasted so warm and delicious.  Well, our little game of hide and go seek turned into so much more but isn’t that the way it always is at Mommy Morgan’s Playground?

Until we play again…

Sweet Kisses-Ciao Darling,

Mommy Morgan

Family Fun with daddy & mommy too!

I have always been daddy’s girl and no one can change that not even mommy!  Besides panty boi daddy loves doing everything I tell him to do.  Just as long as I keep letting him go through my dirty clothes and get my dirty panties out that is.  He really is nothing but a loser cuck when I think about it.  Mommy has been fucking around on him for years and she even brings home her studs for daddy to fluff.  He thinks I don’t know but I do.  Sometimes when mommy is tired she let’s me fuck her big cock boyfriends.  *giggles* I love when mommy licks my tight cunnie she does it so good then she tells her big, black boyfriend to fuck me hard! I guess I do it cuz I love to squirt so much but I’m always gonna be Daddy’s girl.

Incest Role Plays with A.J. your cock will get so hard for my itty bitty teen voice~

Kiss Kiss,


Auntie Talon will take care of you

I was your Auntie Talon last night wasn’t I naughty, naughty nephew of mine? You have been secretly admiring your older Aunt for a long time now.  It was the breaking point when you were sent to Auntie Talon’s for winter break.  First, you would go through my lingerie when I was at work or even my dirty laundry hamper sniffing and stroking with my dirty panties.  You would sneak in and try to spy on me in the shower and you never once knew that I was on to you.  Finally, I decided to give you what you wanted didn’t I nephew? I invited you to my bedroom that special night and taught you all about being a man. The two of us slowly,erotically explored until dawn.  Mmm thank you baby come stay with me again this weekend.

Triple  XXX kisses,


I really must confess…incest is best

My big brother “J” has been taking care of his hot lil sis for years. Those long summer nights staying up talking, teasing, playing at the beach house. Running around in nothing but my g-string bikini beckoning him to touch and taste. I have always been an unruly tease!

Weekends when mom & dad were away and we would have the house all to ourselves.  I used to love to “play house” with my big brother.  I would be the sweet, loving wife and take care of his every need even cook for him. He loved crawling in bed next to his young sexy sister knowing how wrong it was only made it more hot for us. I remember the first time he touched me “there”.  I was standing in the kitchen making a glass of water and he came up and wrapped his arms around me from behind.  I could feel his bulging cock rub against my tight, young ass and then suddenly felt his hands wandering up my little cheerleader skirt.  He found my tight, hot virgin slit and started to probe and tease.  At first I pulled away but I could no longer resist what it was we both so badly desired from each other.  I wanted my brother’s cock and I wanted it right then and there. “Let’s go to your bedroom Sadie.” My brother always has a way of reading my mind, knowing what I want before I even realize what it is. Needless to say, he took his little sister’s V-card that night and that was only the beginning of the kink we shared.

Thank you sexy bro “J” for all the hot & taboo calls we do .I love making you cum hard over & over again.  *giggles* You know I do too~

Kisses on your yummy mushroom head,

Sadie 😉