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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Light Topaz

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 118

Measurements: 36D-24-36

Pussy: Very accommodating.

Ass: Firm, butt soft to the touch!

Favorite Positions: I like switching it UP, but doggie gets me off every time!

Strangest Places I've had sex: On the lido deck on a Mexican cruise ship...so naughty!

Hobbies: Sipping an icy cold Corona while relaxing naked in my Jacuzzi, care to join me?

Specialities: I love conversing about sex and all sexual encounters. Nothing is too weird or taboo for me. I like delving into the forbidden corners of your mind and bringing your most secret fantasy to life. I am excellent at all role-playing, sub, dom, mutual masturbation and I can and will make even the most timid man feel comfortable and at ease...guaranteed!


Hello gentlemen, I’m Janene. Welcome to my world. If you’re here, it means you have eyes and a brain and have put together that I’m worthy of your desire. I’m a hottie. Guys do what I want them to do, without my having to ask them. I get them to look at me when I desire it, even if they’re with their girlfriend (especially if they’re with their girlfriend). I seduce guys, that is what I do.

Take another peak at my picture. If you were in the room with me, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do right this moment if I offered myself up as a carrot. What I want you to do is to call me. Maybe you need time to think it over, maybe you’ll return back to my site tomorrow or the next day, but whatever you do, know that I am your carrot. I’m the kind of girl who you can’t get. Do girls like me even talk to you at all? I will, and beneath my bitchy exterior, I’m actually anything but. When you see a girl like me wrapped around some guy’s arm, do you ever wonder what she’s like with him? Here is your chance to be that guy and to finally get to meet a hot chick who knows how good she looks.

Massaging your balls in my hand,


Call 1.866.949.4105
for Phone Sex with

15 Responses to “Janene”

  • Janene was great, she has a wonderfull sultry voice that is a pleasure to listen to. I have enjoyed my call and would call back anytime.

  • Janene was awesome. Very erotic voice, patient and interested in my desires! She was mature and enjoys what she does!

  • She was amazing!!!!

  • Extremely sexy voice….and so willing to do it all!

  • Incredibly sexy voice and a very dirty mind. The perfect combo! You don’t want to pass this one up, guys. Hope we talk again soon!

  • Sexy voice, easy to talk to, and a goregeous brunette what a great mixture. Janene is one of a kind. I look forward to our next encounter.

  • A truly classy lady that has a silky smooth voice and a creative, sensual mind. She is brunette bombshell that will rock your world! Unfortunately, our first encounter was cut short due to storm, but I look forward to the passionate reunion with this sex kitten!

  • The time I spent with Janene was sensational. She knows what all men like hearing and has a sexy voice with a body to match. I can’t wait to call her again.

  • Her live message today is “Let me tempt you.” She tempted, seduced, pleased, and pleasured me with unrivaled passion, beauty, and skill. To say that I am smitten by this brunette bombshell would be an understatement. Thank you, Janene, for lifting the velvet rope to your sensual world and granting me unparalleled access with you as my sultry guide!

  • Janene is an absolute sex goddess! Her voice, creativity, passion, and skills are unparalleled. Sharing a call with her will make you feel like a real man! Call this busty, brunette bombshell and experience pleasures that only Janene can provide!

  • A voice that is silky smooth and so very sexy. A personality that is inviting, enticing, and sultry. A touch like velvet, yet strong as steel. A wickedly creative mind behind a model’s face. A curvaceous figure with an insatiable desire for pleasure. Janene is all of these things and so much more. To be her lover is to experience delicious dialogue, polished seduction, elegant fantasies, and exquisite pleasure. My sincerest thanks to you, Janene, for sharing yourself with me.

  • Just had an INCREDIBLE call with the lovely and talented Janene! There are many words to try and describe our call, but they cannot do it justice! She is the BEST and that is a fact! Janene is a busty, brunette bombshell that will absolutely blow you away!

  • Thanks for the incredibly intense, passionate, and intimate call, Janene! You are dangerous, but in a sultry, beautiful way! WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, LOVER!

  • Hot, steamy, sultry. I’m not referring to the July weather, it’s Janene, my dark angel! When I hear her voice, the atmosphere is charged with a sexual electricity. The passion and intimacy we shared yesterday afternoon was like a sensual storm. It had been building in us, gathering desire, ready to shower us in an erotic downpour. As we pleasured each other, our cries of passion were like claps of thunder. The intensity of our carnal efforts shot bolts of sexual bliss through our intertwined bodies. As our storm reached its crescendo, both of us were drenched in each others desire. Janene, never looked more beautiful as she glistened in the soft light, her soft skin shimmering with moisture. I could never ask for a lover more stunning, skillful, sassy, or sensual than her. She is my buxom, brunette bombshell!

  • I honestly need to call this smokey bruenette more. She is the epitomy of sexy. Love talking with her. She really knows how to run with a roleplay.

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