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Cum Play With Me……Little Sissy!


I love taking you into my closet and dressing you in my extra small and ultra tight little panties. I love doing your hair and make up, just having a girls day you know?

I take pictures of you as you prance around in my heels and strut your freshly shaved legs. Look at your painted toe nails too, you look hot as fuck dressed in my extra skimpy tight clothes.

You know something though? When you dress like a slut and act like a slut, you will be fucked like a slut! Don’t be shy, I will help you.

Get on your hands and knees and arch that sexy ass in the air with the tiny little dress coming up over your waist. Let me pull your panties to the side and spit on that pretty little pussy hole. That’s right, I’m going to put all your holes to use.

I love giving a sensual domination for sissy’s that have constant cock cravings.



Written By: Faith
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When He Needs To Be A She

 Well isn’t that just the cutest little set of balls I have ever seen. They look like tiny little grapes. Let me bounce them around for you as they’re just so amusing. You have no other way to please me but make me laugh. You know if I bend it back towards your bottom, and have you wear frilly pink and white panties, no one will know you’re male. Awww, now look at you? Ms. Cameron wants to make you her sweet little girl. 

Let’s head over to the spa where they will take all that nasty body hair off of you. Makes me wonder how such a little sissy can be so hairy? I certainly can’t have that. All you need now is makeup, a wig and some sexy but tacky clothes.

Now that you look the part, it is time to take you out on the town. I wonder how many dicks you can take in your hot fuck holes before anyone notices you aren’t an actual girl.


Written By: Cameron
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Lingerie Princess

 I love lingerie so much! Even if I have the odd night where I am alone, I still wear sexy lingerie. Red and black lingerie is my absolute favorite. I am very picky too. I have every little baby doll, teddy, and slip on scented padded hangers. 

That is how I caught you!

You were doing some tech work for me, and I came home for lunch to bring you some sushi. I took off my heels, so I imagine you didn’t hear me at first. I called your name, and then you frantically began to put my lingerie back on hangers. In your haste, you forgot the panties that were tossed from the hamper.

     I always suspected it was you. You seemed to be way too interested in my lingerie even with it not on my banging body. Don’t be embarrassed. I always wanted a dress-up doll. Let’s see, I think pastels work best for you. Don’t be shy, I have always wanted a Lingerie Princess to play with.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Looking For My Barbie Doll To Play With

That’s right, I’m looking for my Barbie Doll to play with. I want to give you special beauty assignments, such as first by shaving all the hair off your body. Then giving you ballet workout to really tighten your core.

Next, would be placing you on birth control and hormone supplements so I can watch your hair, nails and most of all having your breasts grow for me.

I can’t wait to paint your toes, nails and do your makeup to perfection. I want to put you in that extra tight pink push up bra and matching pink thong panties. I will also make you walk in those extra tall “cum fuck me” heels. Let’s not forget doing your long hair and painting those lips to match your nails. You can even carry a purse for me while you prance around.

Just remember though, once you look like a sissy slut, you’ll be fucked like a slut. I can’t wait to use all your fuck holes and make that sweet tight Barbie pussy mine!



 Written By: Parker
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Making of a Sissy Slut

      A night out with the girls was going to be the perfect fix for the mid-week blahs. A new club opened and rumor had it the men, music and drinks were insane!  I love rooftop clubs and dancing till dawn.

My friends showed up to get ready with some guy I had never met. He was pretty in a girly sort of way. I already had a pitcher of Rita’s made and we started to chat, drink and get ready.

The guy’s name was Julian, and he was just gushing at our makeup, clothes and perfume. That got me to thinking about what a pretty girl he would make. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but he was totally up for a makeover.

After trying on some of my dresses and heels, we decided on a black cocktail dress with stilettos. He was fragile, so he fit into all my clothes. I did his eyes smokey and added some purple lip gloss. He was dancing around the room taking selfies.

We were all on a VIP list except Julian. Having him with us would really be a riot, especially with everyone assuming he was a she. The door guy said he would let Julian in for a blow job. Not from us, but from our pretty, sexy, sissy slut.

They went down the alley and we arranged to meet at rooftop bar. About an hour later, Julian showed up with two hot men in tow. Giggling he told them to talk to me, his pimp, to arrange payment. What a night we had, and our new sissy slut took cock like a pro. Good thing he left plenty of big, thick, hard cocks for us real girls.


Written By: Cameron
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Transformation Thursday

You were checking out this beautiful brunette at the store today. Her hair was silky smooth, nails were perfectly manicured with bright red polish and her makeup was stunning. She was wearing a beautiful short, red dress with sheer nylons and a pair of sexy red pumps. Even though this woman was gorgeous, you weren’t interested in fucking her. You were checking her out for one reason and one reason only.

You Wanted To Look Like Her!

You want a transformation but just need a little help. That’s where I come in the picture. I will be your personal shopper and take you to the best places and help you pick out the perfect lingerie, outfits, shoes, makeup and of course, the perfect brunette wig.

Once we get everything we need for your sexy transformation, I will dress you from top to bottom. I will make you feel girly inside and out. When you look at your sexy self in the mirror, you’ll want to fuck your pussy like it’s never been fucked before!



 Written By: Amber
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Strap-On Mistress Monique

Does my huge rubber cock excite you to the point you feel your panties getting wet? Bend over sissy, and let me show you what a dominate strap-on mistress I really am. I have very powerful thrusting hips and the more my sissy whimpers, the harder I pound that man pussy of yours.

10 inches never looked so good on me. Yep, you heard me…..10! Mistress Monique doesn’t mess around when it comes to making ordinary men into cock loving fags. Once you’ve had 10 inches, there’s no going backwards.

Next you would gradate to the real thing and my sexy black studs cannot wait to pull your panties to the side with their big, muscular hands and stretch you real good.  Don’t worry, I’ll be right there comforting you by sliding my strap-on down your throat while you get a heavy load of creamy cum in your pussy.



Written By: Monique
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Lingerie Shopping for Pantyboys

I am so excited. I got a part-time summer job lined up at an upscale lingerie shop. The owner of the shop is an exquisitely dressed, very sophisticated lady.

During the interview, she was impressed with my extensive knowledge of the some of the lingerie designer lines.

I demonstrated by taking off my skirt and showing her the lacy La Perla thong I was wearing.  She was impressed to see something other than something from Victoria Secrets. 

Also, during the interview, I surprised the owner with my experience in dressing and playing with panty boys. She invited one of her panty boy customers to join us. I knew I was being tested. I selected a stunning hot pink nightie and a lovely shade of cream stockings instead of black. Both the panty boy and the owner were thrilled.  The owner closed the shop and gave me a strap-on to use on our panty boy.

It is going to be one hot summer!



Written By: Layla
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Fuck Pig Michael

I have a caller named Michael that is a filthy little fuck pig. You should hear the way he begs for it. Not from ME though. Michael loves the big black cock. It’s pathetic. He’s a BBC loving whore and he can’t get enough of it. He sucks and fucks like a pro and can’t wait to spread his pussy to get fucked. He always has a gaping hole that’s ready to receive a big, throbbing dark dick. White boys just aren’t good enough for him. If it’s not completely destroying his puckered hole, he’s not interested. I told him that it’s time that more people know his obsession. Why save it all just for me when there are plenty of people who could enjoy such a good little sissy faggot like Michael?


Written By: Charlotte
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Sissy Boi Phone Sex

malaya I see the way you look at me, but it isn’t that you want to fuck me, you want to be me! Trust me little sissy bitch, you couldn’t handle being me. You are way to girly and giggly to be me. To be me, you must have ice water running through your veins and have no mercy with fools like you. 

Go to the garage and get ready for your company fag face. I have your pretty pink clothes hanging on the rack. I want to see your makeup perfect like I have taught you and that wig better be on fucking straight. Make sure it is pinned on so when you’re getting your face fucked it doesn’t come off. Who the fuck wants to see a bitch without her hair?

The men are on their way over and I plan on you making me a lot of cash. I did pay for your clothes, makeup and hair sissy slut. Don’t forget my cruel streak. Disappoint me and your night terrors are minimal compared to what I will do to your ass.

  Deviant Malaya Max


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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