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Energy Thief


You say Santa I say Satan, you have your dumb ass fantasy figures but I know the truth. You have something I want, and you can give it up the easy way or I can cut it out of you. Take your pick because either way your energy is mine.

Light some candles, strip off your clothes and turn off the lights. Are you ready? You are exhausted from watching porn all day and beating off. This type of porn you’ve never watched before, something made you decide this was what you needed, you were bored with typical man/woman shit.

You feel a presence near your bed and your hands go back to your dick for more stroking. You hear my soft voice whispering in your ear. I tell you to let go, free yourself of that energy with each stroke and beat of your heart. You are going faster now, you’re at the edge and about to cum. Your energy is mine, the air is warm again, you remember nothing. Did you sleep for days? You look at the clock and see barely minutes have passed.



Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Welcum To My Freak Show


    Welcome to Ivy’s Freak Show. One never knows the deviant, decadent wonders they might find. There is nothing I won’t do if it titillates my demented mind. Please don’t bore me with your vanilla sex or you might just look down to find your balls in my pale hands being twisted and pulled. Of course, some of you might just like that. You know who you are!

If you are lucky it might be a night I have tricked some underage twats to perform for you. Want to see two little cunts stripping down and doing unspeakable acts to each other? Then again, maybe I will invite some of my friends to use and abuse you like a little bitch. One never knows the freakish delights I have to offer, for a price. Oh yes, it will fucking cost you with your bank accounts and your sanity.

What are you waiting for? Scared? I can’t say I blame you. I bring strong men to their knees and weak men do things they never imagined they could.  Pick up that phone, you have nothing to lose but what is left of your souls.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Nightmare at The Emily Morgan

malaya maxxxI met you at a party where we danced, drank and flirted. I thought you were interesting in a sort of nerdy way. I had no idea most of the time what the fuck you were rambling about with  gaming, and superhero shit. All I really noticed was you had a pretty mouth if you only shut the fuck up I could find a use for it.

The hotel was wicked with neo gothic architecture and furnishings. Rumors were: at one time it was an orphanage where several little fuckers disappeared and housed an asylum as well. Some of us got rooms to stay for the night and at 3:33 am the doors were locked till morning.

You and your friends were staying to try and take pictures with the hotels reputation. Classic!! I had other plans. I took all my accoutrements out of my overnight bag and got prepared to raise a little hell. You were alone in the study when you saw me standing there, eyes glowing and nude. I grabbed you by your neck and tossed you on the floor. I ripped off your clothes and stomped your balls with my heels. You tried to call out for your friends but no one was coming to help you.

Hours later you woke with hand prints on your neck, claw marks down your body, and a strap-on shoved in your ass. The room smelled like sex, and your dick was sore and had dried cum on it. At least you thought it looked like dried cum. You tried to find me, knocked on my door, asked the men who opened the hotel back up. Looks like you imagined me!

Maleficent Malaya


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Scream For Me Bitch


malaya  You need it dark , violent, satanic and out right sick: and at those times, only Moi will do. I am not some sweet submissive type goth chick looking for her goth boi. I am dark, I am the night terrors you had as a child that never went away. I don’t seek love, I seek total submission and the sounds of screams echoing through my basement. My shiny collection of knives and swords aren’t just for show, they are for torture and blood splatter.

You asked to play in my world, silly boy don’t you know that is like calling for the Cenobites from their sadomasochistic underworld. “Come To Mommy” she wants to play with you. I need to show you the strange excitement of coming while expiring like sour milk. You don’t want to disappoint me now, do you?

Written By: Malaya Maxx
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You Can’t Escape me

 Oh Danny, how hivy10ard you tried to stay away from me. You went to church, you read your bible and you decided to wait till marriage and only fuck to procreate. My jaw actually hurts from laughing so fucking much. What the actual fuck did you think was going to happen. Maybe the rapture. ROTFLMFAO!!

I am an evil goth bitch and once I get my blood red claws on you there is no escaping. I went on with the business off fucking men up while you YAWNS, tried to be a good boy. Now you are back craving me and my heathen ways.

          What shall I do with you Danny? Shall I make you use your precious bible as a toilet?  Maybe I should make you fuck one of your sweet girls from your church on the altar or in the confessional. We have wine, we have “the body of Christ” and now I have you!!

 Sin with Goth girl Ivy


Bloody Hell

ivy2-5         I  finally was able to leave my house without hurling at the stupidity of the costumes of losers. If I saw one more sexy nurse, policewoman, princess or Dracula I might have to kill someone! Not that I don’t enjoy killing. 

    Halloween is so hard on you perv’s looking to get some relief with your P-cocks. LOSERS!  Anyway, this blog isn’t about that though I do love to manipulate them. It is about how a drink in a dark bar lead to the hottest fuck since my first.

      He was older than me and sexy in that professional with power type of way. I bought him a drink and one drink lead to my nest.  I went to get us some absinthe while he dared to make himself at home. We had our drinks, toasted to new fucking friends when he grabbed me around my throat. He was fast, caught me off guard. Before long I was in chains a bit bloody and telling him my secrets. 

        I held my breath as the first blow from my own flogger tore at my pale skin…delicious. Eventually I passed out and woke to the sounds of slurping as he licked up the bloody torn mess of my back, thighs, ass and cunt. Soon I was begging him to fuck my ass and leave his mark. You wonder if I stayed sub to his dom? Not likely!!  Later bitches.


After Hours With Maleficent Malaya


         A few of my callers will ask why I leave around midnight amal4s I am clearly an after hours girl. After playing deviant games with you fuckers I have other even more depraved plans for my night. You won’t see me getting into bed, anyone’s bed till the sun comes up.

       If you are wondering just how someone gets me into bed, they must have something I crave or need. My fuck buddies are musicians, artists, and men I can stomp on to climb the ladder going down to hell. You? I don’t know what can you do for me. Nothing? Then fuck off you are in the never will touch my beautiful body category. 

       Tonight I am off to a combination Burlesque and sex show. The main show is first then if you didn’t pay a small fortune you are gone.  Go find yourself a cheap crack head whore, if you can get it up again.  Loser!  Unless, of course, you are willing to submit to every and anything I demand. Later bitches.



Shoot your load all over the open bible

       Looks like Danny has an Ivy addiction and it is making him do veryivy4-4


irreverent and impious acts. It doesn’t really matter where you sin, it is just the fact you are sinning. I invite Danny over with promises of a wholesome night of  gaming. WTAF Danny? Do you actually believe I would do anything pure and sweet?

He arrives at my house to find me in a black hooded robe and nothing more. My den is dark with candles and a bible open on the floor.  I make Danny get down on his knees with the bible open to this page…  

19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery;
20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions
21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

I laugh as Danny looks guilty, scared and mortified.”Do you believe any of this goddamned shit”, I ask Danny. He is mumbling something and my robe falls open. He can’t help but stare at my beautiful cold, pale skin and his cock is already hard. I demand he takes out his cock and stroke it while I read the bible verse over and over first in whisper then in chanting. 

He is begging me to stop, to let him leave but I put the bible under his hard cock and demand he stroke for Mother Mary The Cunt Of Babylon. His face is flushed and his balls are hard and full of jizz. Do it Danny, do it cum all over the goddamned fucking bible

Goth Girl Ivy 

Let Me Take You To Hell

    I stick out my tongue taking the white wafer into my mouth as I look at the Priest who has my cunt juice all over his face. He begins to shake and in his head is begging God to forgive his pathetic ass. I quietly say “God?  There is no fucking god”. He wonders if anyone else heard me. He is trying hard to concentrate but he has visions of me riding the crucifix as he jerks off  all over a statue of Virgin Mary. 

As I tell you the story you are disgusted yet excited as your dick doesn’t lie. You are a good Catholic boy and I always fucked with your head when we were in Catholic school together. You go with me into the huge quiet church because you would do anything I ask of you…ANYTHING!  I find the super sweet red wine..the fucking blood of Christ as it is called. I take a big gulp and snort some coke off Mother Mary. You start to leave feeling conflicted and tormented.

I block your way making you watch me deepthroat a huge crucifix. Your dick is rock hard and you can’t control your blasphemous feelings. Soon your big dick is out and your are feverishly stroking it as I shove the crucifix in my ass and another in my inked, bald cunt.   You cum hard all over the altar and you are ashamed. I laugh at you and drag you into a confessional where I fuck your brains out. 

                                 Sin With Ivy


Leave Their Bodies For The Rats

How you love Summer and I fucking hate it. Heat and  sun makes one unhappy goth girl. You come over to try and  get me to go hunting with you but let’s face it you NEED me  to do it for you. You plead for a while and when all else  fails  you bring out the meth. I do a few lines and I am  beginning  to get in the mood for a hunt but it is dark and  the victims  are all home snuggled in bed.

It doesn’t take long before I have a plan. We can go to  Needle Park where some of the jinkie bitches will have the  little ones with them. I know you prefer them fresh but well  you are desperate and I need to hear cries of pain. We drive  over there and see a few victims huddled together trying  not to see what is going on around them.

You are in luck it seems as the toys are all blonde and  in tiny worn shorts. Thing is their lives suck and they would  be better off fucking dead. We carry the three off with no  one even noticing. Once we get them home we explain just  what is going to happen to them. Too fucking funny, they  are each trying to throw the other under the bus. I slap one  so hard it shuts the other two up.

Now it is playtime! I do another line and watch you tie them up and strip them down. You fuck one at a time making the others watch. Once the first blonde has “expired” you toss her on the floor since the rats in this abandoned building can smell the blood. It is kind of gross to watch, but then again I love twisted, sick things most would hurl at. This is making me hungry but I only like fresh, clean blood and they looked tainted from the start. “Goddess” you beg “I need more little fucktoys”. The sun is up and I am ready for some sleep. We leave the bodies to the rats and you take me home.

Goth Girl Ivy