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 My Stats

Age: 26

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5

Weight: 112

Measurements: 34D-23-33

Pussy: Waxed every 2 weeks!

Ass: Round and perfect for every occasion

Favorite Positions: From behind, wheelbarrow, missionary and reverse cow girl

Strangest Places I've had sex: While I was at my old job on a test drive

Hobbies: Jogging, watching football, movies, backpacking/camping, Taco Bell drive thru at 2:00 am and meeting new people

Specialities: Role play, Family Fun, Mild domination, Teasing, Spanking, Submissive slut, GFE, Strap on play, Anal sex, Orgasmic blowjobs and Intense converations/storytelling


Hi guys, I’m Dakota! I’m from the Midwest. I grew up in a very small town. Was raised by conservative parents that put a lot of restrictions on me when I was growing up. Now, that I’m all grown up I value my family so much now, maybe it’s because we all don’t live under the same roof.

For the past 5 years I’ve been in car sales. I worked for a very large dealership. You only could imagine the testosterone in that place working with all guys. Since I was the only car saleswoman, I turned many heads and my sales sky rocketed. After so many years, it wears you down and I started hating the business.

I’ve been told that I’m a very attractive woman who is very classy whether in a pair of jeans or an evening dress. I know how to dress sexy for every occasion. Woman who have killer curves need to know how to work them. I should of been a fashion consultant, maybe in my next life.

I really enjoy the outdoors. When it’s a beautiful day, its hard to keep me inside. On a rainy days you can find me plopped on my couch watching movies and eating popcorn. I’m a woman who can defiantly hang with the guys. I like sports and even better I love going to football games. I drink beer and will have an occasional stogie with the boys, It’s kind of gross, I guess I do it to look cool.

So, we should get down to business of why you’re here. You obviously liked my pictures so you continued on to learn more about me. As much as I am a good girl, you can say I’m a freak between the sheets! I dropped my last 2 boyfriends because they weren’t kinky enough for me. I’m all about spontaneity and when you feel like fucking, it shouldn’t matter where you are and who’s going to catch you! That turns me on knowing somebody might see me in action. I despise routine bedroom sex. I can have that when I’m old but for right now, live in the freaking moment!

I’ve always been very detailed oriented. I pay close attention to my man’s needs whether in person or on the phone. I’m defiantly a pleaser and open to endless sexual kinks. If you’re into ass play, you’ll be in luck. I can make a man cum so hard by fucking his ass, either fast or slow. If that’s not your thing, no worries because I’m sure you wont mind fucking my tight little ass, right?

Sexy voice, wild imagination, great personality and I’m 100 percent the real deal, how can you go wrong with this? You can have breathe a sigh of relief now because you’ve finally found your girl, Dakota!

Call 1.866.591.0847
for Phone Sex with

18 Responses to “Dakota”

  • Why wasn’t I stationed in in the Dakotas?? when you were born, they broke the mold. Hot voice and an even hotter mind. You are one sexy woman, thanks for getting me off so good.

    Big Burt

  • What a sexy voice and dirty mind!
    Guys you have to give this one a try…
    Mild to wild, this is your girl!

  • mmm she is one of the best . she sounds so hot and gets you off so good never came so hard in my life.

  • What a ride I just had with Dakota.
    There is absolutely nothing else you could ever ask for in a girl, smart / sexy / sweet / great lay.

    If your gonna one girl and one girl only, make sure its this beautiful lady right here. You won’t regret it.

  • God, Dakota is sooo hot! Do the longer call, she really gets into it!

  • What a great voice and what a great imagination. This is an intelligent woman who knows what men like. Every man wishes he had a woman like this one on his arm.

  • Hi Dakota,

    Told you I would comment! Thank you for the incredibly hot session yesterday. You are the best.

  • Hi Dakota,

    Thanks for the call you were amazing….i’l be sure to call u again hot stuff 😉

  • Dakota is simply my favorite operator. Smart, sexy, & fun.

  • Dakota is one hot number, trust me she has the voice and skills that you are looking for. Do yourself a favor and look no further she’s the one you need to call. I will be a repeat customer.

  • Absolutely amazing. Dakota is far and above the best on this site. I will DEFINATELY be calling her again very soon. She will blow more than you’re mind. It all feels so intense and real. I can’t wait to call her again. In fact, I am not going to wait, I am calling her now!!!!!

  • thank you ms dakota liked playing with you and having no hurried fun have a goodnight bye jim

  • It may sound cliche but for an amazing time call Dakota. This was a first for me and I was a little apprehensive and nervous. Dakota has the incredible ability and imagination to not only put you at ease but get you involved. She has a sexy voice and personality that blows her pics away. Look no further, Dakota isn’t just a voice on the phone but the girl of your dreams. Thanks for an amazing time. Talk to you soon.

  • My first minimum time call with Dakota was promishing for the longer calls to come. She was very fast getting a good grib on an exciting play. On top of that I like her voice and her sweetness. Thank you Dakota.

  • What a spectacular session, Dakota gave me the most intense set of blue balls I’ve had in a long time, denying me release over and over and over. what an evil girl!!

  • damn fine slut!!!! no taboos

  • You got me addicted to you and your perfect … Everything!

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