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Daddy’s Special Frosting

     Phone sex daddy is always tempting me, he talks about the yummy cream cheese frosting that he can whip up. I didn’t know that daddy can bake yummy sweets? I sure do love getting a mouth full of white frosting. I guess he found out about my sweet tooth when he saw the empty can of frosting. Daddy said he had something much better, but that I would have to work for it. Work for my sweet treats? I am not sure exactly sure what he meant by that?

I went to bed early only to be woken up by daddy in my bedroom. He told me he knew I liked a little sweet treat late at night. I didn’t see anything in his hand. Daddy whipped out his cock and told me if I sucked hard enough that I would get my treat. He said it was pretty thick, well ah yeah frosting is always thick. I got down on my knees while daddy sat on the bed and began sucking. He told me if I was able to get my lips down to his big, cum filled balls I could get all of his special frosting. I licked, sucked and used my hands feeling his balls getting full and tight. Then it happened! I got a mouth full of yummy, thick white frosting.



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Ivy’s School For Girls

Do you ever want to fuck a total freak? Admit it, goth chicks get your blood boiling. You wonder if all the things you hear are true. Bitch please, I am everything you have heard and much more. My taste for sex if incredibly strong, but I am picky. I truly doubt you would make the cut loser.

So what is it I look for in a fuck buddy? I need someone who is into and ready to play any sick, twisted, depraved games I come up with. If you’re still with me here, then you might have a chance.

I have an insanely brilliant plan, and I am ready to begin. I purchased a rather run down house in the middle of nowhere. The construction crew has been working nonstop for months. I have already taken and accepted 30 applicants. Yes, I am opening up a school for girls. I have accepted sweet docile little waifs and others more like me. I really only have space for half that amount so doing away with some will be the only solution.

You look scared? Are you a sniffling little cunt, or a man I can play with? Well fuck, you figured out very quickly I won’t just tell them their application has been denied. This is the perfect situation for both of us. I get to torture, and you get to rape. Do I have your attention now?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Young Lil Bethany Needs a Fucking

Hi Phone Sex Daddies! Your baby girl is super horny today and needs a big daddy dick to play with. I love having my head pushed into the couch while my sweet little ass is getting pounded. Some girls are into making love, but not me. I need it hard, rough and deep. I want my little fuck holes to feel used up and temporarily stretched out. Bring over your friends, and let’s make it a gang bang!

Are you the type of daddy that wants two of us? I love to play with other girls while daddy is listening and stroking for us. Why not go for a sexy 2 girl call and give yourself a special treat. I am into playing with another teen like me or even a sexy Milf. I am waiting phone sex daddy!



Written By: Baby Bethany
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That Sexy Time Of The Year

I am so excited for October. That means Halloween and lots of parties. I start to think about Halloween just as soon as summer bikini time is over. You’re getting excited too as you are a bit of a perv and you love seeing the younger ones in their cute costumes.

You ask me if this year I can host a few parties and make sure my phone sex sisters are there. I knew it all along, you prefer the younger ones! That’s okay because so do I.  You will be renting an old building for the party. There will be lots of drinks as always.

You and I go shopping for our costumes. The thought of our accomplice play has gotten me dripping wet. I take out my phone and we both begin to look at pictures of my sister. She is so fucking hot! I grab you by the back of your head and pull your hungry mouth to my cunt. After I cum hard on your face, it is back to trying on costumes. My poor pervy friend, you are rock hard and still looking at my phone sex sisters pictures. If you fucking cum on my phone, you will lick it up!



Written By: Harley
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Faggot Daddy Part 2

        Faggot daddy came home and told me something that totally pissed me off. He said that there is another phone sex daddy/daughter making movies and they are outdoing us. Well I sure can’t have that. I am the nastiest little porn princess, and my incest play is the best fucking EVER!

Phone sex Daddy ate a fresh load of cum out of my bald little pussy while we talked about what we could do to fix that. I’ve seen and done most everything with daddy with just two exceptions. I never made him get fucked by a furry friend, or be my human toilet. That was about to change! 

We got ready for our producer to come over. Daddy put on a pink silk thong, little matching training bra, and his wig and makeup. I love when daddy looks like a cheap crack whore! I put on a cute little easy access dress, and stripper pumps. Daddy’s eyes got huge when he saw all the men with huge dicks. OMG, even I began to drool at those big dicks. Of course, tonight it was all about humiliating faggot daddy.

    Cum be my phone sex daddy? I love family play, humiliation, toilet play, fisting, glory holes and anything else that is totally taboo. Give me a call, let’s see what you got!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Chocolate Covered Cherries

Am I the only girl who wonders what the white gooey stuff in chocolate covered cherries is? It sure tastes yummy, but what the hell is it? Are you following me here? ~Giggles~ 

I was at the Godiva’s drooling over the candy, but was broke till payday. The nice lady gave me a sample, but a sample is never enough for me. A man buying a basket for his wife took pity on me, and told me he had some special ones at his house. Like chocolate covered cherries weren’t special enough. Duhh-uh.  He said it was a short walk, and not to be scared. Me scared? I am fucking fearless when it comes to men and chocolate.

We made small talk while visions of jizz covered, I mean chocolate covered cherries danced in my head. He let me in after he was sure no one else was home. He explained the candy was homemade, and that it wasn’t ready just yet. Well bless his heart, did he really think I was falling for this? Dude, I love dick and I love candy so no tricking was needed. I guess he thought I was innocent or something like that. He suggested I undress and lay on the bed. He came in with cherries and a piece of yummy chocolate. But where was the gooey jizz looking part of my candy?

He pushed in the candy and a cherry with his dick. I mean I guess it had to go in pretty far and all. I was still kind of confused. The harder he pumped the wetter I got. Then it happened. His baby batter mixed with my squirt and the melting chocolate and squished cherry. There you have it! A chocolate covered cherry!


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Cruel Goddess Ivy

I feel as though you have misinterpreted my brief moment of kindness. Snapping her little neck was an act of mercy that you will never experience. Her tiny little body was used, abused, bleeding and worthless once we were finished. My pale hands around her neck, then tossing her out to feed the pigs took care of a two-fold problem. Did it not? I do love it out at my deceased lovers farm. Total privacy, and lovely gross ways to dispose of remains. My high has worn off, we have no pretty play things, and I am bored as fuck.

I will give you a choice loser. Go hunt for me, or I will amuse myself by shredding your flesh with my flogger. I see, you have chosen severe pain from your Goddess. Amazing, one lash and you’re whining like a bitch. Maybe I should toss you alive to the hungry pigs for wasting my fucking precious time. You have changed your mind? Good, I much rather flog tender, young flesh.

Bring her to me. I want a tiny single digit babe with long blonde hair. No sign of tits, body hair or any sign she might be too old for our play. Off with you now, and don’t forget the party favors.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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In Trouble For Going Hairless

I got into so much trouble last week, and I promise I will never make that mistake again.

At the pool, in the shower, at sleepovers I see all my friends with bald little twats. Before I went to sleep at my friends house, I was fingering myself, wondering what it would be like to feel myself all smooth and hairless. I did get to feel my friend Shanna’s smooth pussy, but that is for another blog.

I took a hot bath full of sweet smelling bubbles, I grabbed a pink Venus razor. I shaved every bit of hair. It felt pretty nice, yet different. I couldn’t decide if I liked it.

My friends Dad came in to use the bathroom, so he said! I was just getting up to towel off and he noticed all my beautiful pubs were gone. He was so mad, and said he wasn’t going to finger me, lick me or fuck me till it all grew back. He then pushed me down to my knees and face fucked me till I couldn’t breathe. I was so fucking horny after that. I begged him to touch me, eat me, fuck me…. anything! He slapped my ass, and said “no”.  He asked me if my phone sex daddy knew. I begged him not to tell. Well that just got me another face fucking and 10 times as horny!


Written By: Emily
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Daddy’s Huge Balls

      Phone sex daddy left his bedroom door open while he was getting dressed for work. I can’t believe how huge his balls are. He turned towards the bedroom door like he heard something. He got this dirty look on his face, and began stroking his cock. I wonder if he saw me watching him? My little bald cunny got so wet as I watched him rub his balls, and jerk his daddy cock. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have his daddy dick inside of me, with his huge cum filled balls bouncing against my sweet little ass.

I must have moaned a little too loud, as this time he saw me. He told me in a stern voice to crawl on my knees to him. I am a good girl, and always listen to my daddy. I crawled to him till those huge balls were right by my jail bait mouth. He told me to suck them, and give them a long, sloppy tongue bath. Daddy tasted so good. I just wanted more, but he wanted me to just suck his balls. I began sucking his balls harder, and faster. Daddy pulled out and shot a huge load all over my face. Mommy came up with his coffee, and he hid me in the closet. 

I couldn’t believe what he did next. With me hiding in the closet, he began to get hard again, and fucked mommy with me watching. I can’t tell you what happened next, but omg it was so dirty, nasty and hot!


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Sluts Like Me Love Forced Sex

I love surprises especially if they involve lots of dirty, nasty, hot sex with numerous men.

Last night my phone sex daddy gave me a HUGE surprise. I was in the kitchen getting a snack before bed when I heard banging at my front door. It was like 3 am, so I guess I was a little scared. Isn’t it funny how a body can react to fear with a gushing pussy? Maybe I am just a little slut who loves the thought of rape.

Before I could answer the door, they broke my window and unlocked the door. WTF? It was 5 men with masks on. I told them to take what they want and to please leave. Notice, I never said the obvious which was please don’t hurt me.

They surrounded me and ripped off my clothes. Soon, all their dicks were out and so hard. One of the men grabbed my sweet fuck hole and mentioned how wet I was. I knew that voice, and I also knew that huge 9 inch dick. It was my daddy. He dragged me by my hair into my bedroom. It hurt going up the stairs, but I am a little bit of a pain slut. All the men were touching, rubbing their dicks all over me, and I was sure daddy winked at me. 

I took so many loads of cum by the time the sun came up, I was totally satisfied and super sore. I must have finally passed out, because when I woke up, I was alone. My phone went off, and it was a text from daddy. He told me to shower, get dressed and he would be over to take me to lunch. Not a word was said about our sexy, hot night. He even acted surprised at my broken window, and said he would have someone come over to fix it. 



Written By: Callie
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