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AJ Has A Problem

                Oh hey neighbor, it’s a beautiful summer day out today. I see your wife has left for the day, but I was needing to ask her for a favor. Maybe you can help me out?  Quick, no time to waste! Follow me to my house. Please hurry. It could be an emergency! 

Now don’t be embarrassed, but I need to remove all my clothes. Now come closer, and look in-between my legs.  See, right there. Why is my little pussy always so wet? Maybe I’m getting sick or something. 

              Oh no, is your dick getting a cold too? It’s standing straight up. I have an awesome idea! Did you ever hear of herd immunity?  Of course you did, you’re a doctor. 

First, lets use our mouths. Mouths have the largest amount of germs. Your dick sure feels good down my throat, but I’m still so very wet and you so hard.  I guess to get rid of these germs, there’s nothing left to do but to fuck.

Oh no, handsome neighbor.  It appears you forgot your dick wrapper. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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My Daddy Has The Best Balls


You come home  after a long day of working your stressful job. You’re frustrated by sexy ladies in their short skirts showing of their sexy curves. Then you had a huge traffic delay due to construction on the highway. 

You get home and I am waiting to play with you. My sweet, smooth body teases you and seduces you. You cannot resist your naughty little Miley. I jump into your arms and start kissing you with soft baby girl kisses. I kiss and lick your neck. You start to undress me.

You whisper in my ear, “Who’s your daddy?”

I giggle and whisper back in your ear, “You are my daddy!” I tenderly cup and rub your balls through your pants. “Daddy, can I play with my toys?”

You know what I want. You set me down and open your pants. I slip my hand downward teasing your shaft with my fingers. I let my fingers linger against your shaft for only a second. I kiss you passionately and let my fingers explore your balls. I love playing your balls so much that I call them my toys.

You push my face between your legs as you moan for more. I lick and then suck on your balls until you get so hot and hard for me.

You ask me, “Miley, do you like your daddy’s balls?” You have a wicked smile because you already know the answer.

“Daddy, you have the best balls. I love playing with them. “Your balls are so big!”  I know if I rub your balls just right that your balls get so full of sweet cum for me.

Written By: Miley
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Darker Than Dark

Your thoughts and desires are so dark that you’re afraid to even speak them.  For the most part, you’re a normal man. You have a well paying job, 3 adorable kids, and a hot wife. Just sometimes no matter how hot your wife is, things can get so fucking boring. 

You remember the hot goth girls in college. You would watch them, study them, and imagine what sex would be like.  Never in your wildest fantasies, and darkest dreams did you ever expect me.

You see me going through my backpack to try and find my cash. I’m taking my time and holding up the line. You step in and pay for me. I invite you to drink your coffee with me at the last table. I ask a lot of questions. We’re now talking about your boring wife, and your impure thoughts about your kids. I seduce you into not going to work today.

We joke about the things you want to do, but won’t. I suggest you put yourself in my capable hands. After a long day of persuading you, you hand me your house keys, and your families schedule. I show up, but I’m not alone. You quietly tell me that wasn’t the plan. Shut up, Daddy! Remember when the screaming starts, you asked for this!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Age Play Princess

I play all sorts of roles, but nothing gets me off like naughty taboo age play. I have no limits. There is no age that is too young. Whether I’m your teasing step-daughter, innocent step-sister, failing student, or the cheerleader next door-I want to make your fantasy come true. As long as my tight pussy and ass are getting the pounding that they deserve, I’ll play any role.

I’m not against blackmailing you to get what I want either. I don’t care if you’re married or attached. I just want your cock!

The possibilities are endless. Let my young voice drain your balls into my young, tight fertile pussy.



Written By: Josie
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Delaney’s Easter Basket


      It’s almost Easter! That means the weather is getting warmer, and the girls are out in their tiny shorts and mini dresses. For me, Spring and Summer mean many family gatherings with all my cousins and uncles. I have a favorite uncle who is sort of the black sheep of our family. He’s always in trouble for one thing or another, but he is so hot! Last Easter he got me good.

He texted me to come to the game room because he had an Easter surprise for me. I love surprises. I went to the game room where my uncle was sitting on the couch with a huge Easter basket for me. I was so excited, and began pulling colored eggs, Peeps, and a few pastel colored thongs. Well, he’s the naughty one of the family. He kept it on his lap and told me to dig deeper for more surprises. 

I was having so much fun with my phone sex uncle. As my hands went deeper into the basket, I noticed he was started to breath a little heavy. I felt something hard and fleshy at the bottom of the basket. I looked at my uncle, never breaking eye contact as I began stroking his big, thick cock. It was so fucking big, I wanted more than just giving him a hand job. I pulled the basket off his lap, took off my thong and began riding him.

Hottest Easter ever!!


Written By: Delaney
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Happy Fucking Easter

 There was no Halloween last year, but now that restrictions are easing up  the little ones are going door to door for Easter candy.  You’re so fucking excited about it all.

You call me and ask if you could hang with me. You tell me this will be the best Easter we’ve ever had. You come over for the final planning. Some things you just don’t want any sort of paper trail for.  If you get just where I’m going with this. 

We purchased all the items we needed for a great Easter. A few of the clerks asked if this was for our kiddos. I smiled, and said that it certainly was. I almost gagged on those words. They thought we were a fucking married couple with children. We got to my house and began working on the candy eggs we would hand out.

  With a hypo we began injecting the candy with fun drugs like LSD and Ketamine. We rented a small house at the edge of town so no one could trace anything to us.  

I needed someone I could toss under the bus if things went bad. I invited a few more people to join us that I knew would love to be in on our dirty, sexy depraved fun on Easter. I always plan ahead. The more I thought about it all, a party would make the most sense.  I borrowed a kid from a crackhead we knew and took her with me giving out invitations to our party. By the time we’re done, it will all look so innocent. Little do they fucking know!



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Everything In Life Is For Sale

Mom life is so fucking busy, so busy in fact that I don’t even realize my sweet little baby girl is walking around town without any panties on. That is until we stop at McDonald’s to grab a quick milkshake.

There we are standing in line, waiting to place our order when I see you staring at my young, blonde daughter. I already had a gut feeling that you were a pedo daddy. It was confirmed when my baby girl spotted a shinny quarter on the floor and bent over to pick it up. It was at that point that she flashed you her young, bald pussy. I could see your cock getting hard. You even looked slightly embarrassed when you realized I was watching you.

I told my baby girl to stand up and handed her a drink. The lewd manner in which she licked and sipped on that straw made you wish it was your hard throbbing cock. I stopped and whispered in your ear on my way out that everything in life is for sale including young, bald, baby girl pussy. I handed you a business card and know you will be calling soon!


Written By: Stacey
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It’s All About The Cream


 Do I ever love creamy stuff.  So good! I love how sticky, warm, and wet it feels on my skin.  I love dipping my fingers in it, and sucking it off. I wish my tits were big enough to suck it off my nipples. Oh so yummy!

If I could I would take a bath in the stuff. I would love for 10 men, to spurt it all over my naked little teen body. 

Did I mention how much I love creamy stuff? I would roll all around in it if I could. I would never want to be wasteful so just shoot it right into my hungry mouth, or better yet, right in my hot, wet pussy. 

My bestie loves cream too, so she loves to lick it right out of me. Then she kisses me, because I can never get enough of that creamy stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. That makes you a big ole pervert. I am talking whipped cream from a can. Get your head out of the gutter!

Well, I am just kidding about what kind of cream. I am talking baby batter! You knew that, didn’t you!


Written By: AJ
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AJ Has A New Daddy, do I have a sexy story to tell you all.

It all started with a new teacher in school. He is super hot in a sort of bad boy way. When he walked into the room, I may have gotten preggers just looking at him.  I can only hope!

The first few days with Mr. Blake were pretty normal. When he talked, I looked at his crotch and fingered my wet, creamy pussy. Finally on the third day, I got up the nerve to talk to him.  I walked right up to his desk and told him his hotness was distracting. No, not really! I think I might have mumbled something about extra credit. I was too busy staring at his mouth to remember. I gave him my phone number and told him if he wanted to work out some extra credit.

I was home for a bit, when he texted me. He lived in the city, so I left a message about spending night at a sperm donors house.  No, I didn’t really! I said I was spending the night with a girlfriend. I got to his house ready to do some hard labor, because things were getting hard very fast. He gave me the promise not to tell speech, just like all the daddies to be. I stopped listening as soon as I undid his pants.

Before long, he was fucking my cute teen face. I could taste his yummy pre-cum on my lips. Things were going super fast, and I couldn’t risk him cumming in my mouth instead of my pussy. I wet my finger and pushed it into his asshole. You know, thinking it might slow him down a bit. Wouldn’t you just figure it did the opposite and he spurted that load in my mouth. What to do, what to do? I could keep going and get him hard again. The thing is then his load might not have as many strong swimmers. I told him it was too late to take the bus back home. He invited me to stay, and I got just what I needed before school that day.


Written By: AJ
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Detention Again

  In the Principals office again. I am always in trouble for something. This is how it all started.

We have a new History teacher at school. He is so HOT! My friends and I had a bet to see who would give him a blowie first. We all flirted with him, but nothing. Darn!

Next day I came to school without any panties. My friends said they were doing the same, but they tricked me. So, here I was spreading my firm legs whenever he looked my way. A few times I even looked directly at him, and fingered my wet little pussy. The girls got mad as they didn’t have the guts to do it, so they told on me.

There I was sitting in office waiting for my punishment when the Principal said it would be just one day if I would help him out. Wink, wink!  I helped him out, and next day was back in class.

I really wanted to win, so no panties again. This time I got in trouble for disrupting the class. Next day my teacher asked me to stay after. He wanted to know what he has to do to get me to be good in his class and stop disrupting it. I smiled and told him he needed to fuck me. After the shock of it all, he said that as long as it was our little secret, we could keep fucking.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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