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 My Stats

Age: 25

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'5

Weight: 122

Measurements: 36C-24-36

Pussy: The kind of pussy you can fuck for hours

Ass: Big ghetto booty that loves backing up on your cock

Favorite Positions: On my knees, missionary and 69

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a tour group at Niagara Falls

Hobbies: Karaoke bars, shopping, hanging with friends, road trips, comedy movies, steak dinners and relaxing at home

Specialities: Cuckolding, Big black cocks, Kinky role plays, GFE, Strap-on play, Sissy sluts, Domination, Interracial sex, Cream pies, Cum junkie, Orgasmic blowjobs, Financial dom, Blackmail, Impregnation, Ass play, Gang bangs, Rape, Snuff, Water sports and so much more!


The boys all say “Damn, she has ass for days.” Yep, that’s me Sierra! Your cutie with the ghetto booty. If you don’t know how to pronounce my name it’s just the refreshing drink, Sierra Mist. I love being the center of attention when I walk in a room. I started to develop when I was 12 and that’s when I learned I love black men. They can appreciate an ass like mine. They are drawn to me like bees to honey.

The first time I had sex I had just started high school and there was this basketball player who was always checking me out. He would smack my ass when I walked by and always whispered really dirty things about me to his friends. One day I had had enough teasing and while he was standing there with all his friends I straight out told him if he was a real man he would be fucking me and not just drooling. That night after the game I got my first taste of black dick. In the back seat of his car I learned that black guys really do have huge cocks. He pressed that mandingo cock against my virgin pussy and long dicked me until I exploded from the size. I swear he ripped my little white pussy when he popped my cherry. I loved it so much I fucked all his friends too.

I have dated a few white guys, but I just can’t get enough of my chocolate on the side. The last guy my parents set me up with was nice and very rich, but his cock was nothing compared to the kind I wanted. I let him spoil me, but when the date was over I always made a trip to the dark side of town. I let him fuck me once and that is when I knew this was just not going to work. He begged me to stay so his parents would stay off his ass about being gay. Yeah he was a fag. I still have the little bitch boy, but now he spends his time licking the chocolate cream out of my pussy and sucking the cocks I am about to fuck. White boys are good for something. LOL

If you love a nice fat ass and a tiny little waist then I am the girl you want to fuck tonight. I love to be man handled and fucked nice and hard. No love making here, just hard-core fucking. Let me back this ass up and show you what a nasty little girl I really am.


Call 1.866.949.6750
for Phone Sex with

4 Responses to “Sierra”

  • Thanks – very good.

  • Sierra was fatastic and let me lead her and she was great at adlibing.

    Great call.

  • Mistress do you due Full Toilet training with heavy cruel toture, whipping ballbusting every thing?? Your toilet slave forever

  • I did a hot call with Sierra a few days ago and it was amazing. She had a fun personality, hot voice and dirty mind. She made my fantasy come to life and lead me through a sexy scene that made me cum as hard as I have in a very long time. If your looking for a hot phone chick, check her out. I cant wait to call again.

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