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Giantess New Butt Plug

Lately, you’ve been a little pervert and looking up your Giantess’s skirt. So, I decided to shrink you. You didn’t think your GIANTESS GODDESS could miniaturize you so small, did you?

Now look up at my long, powerful legs, you look so tiny and weak as I tower over you. How does my ass look from way down there? Get ready to be smothered and intoxicated as I lower my ass onto your little self. It’s amazing how your tiny head fits in my ass. I think I found my new toy. I will just use your miniature head while I get myself off.

How does it look inside? I can easily stuff all of your little body inside my ass and never let you out. You would be gone forever. Poof!!! Just like that and I can make you disappear. You didn’t realize the power your Giantess Goddess has over you when you’re a weak, tiny man.

My helpless lil man

I sat around day dreaming, wishing and thinking and I heard this distant voice yelling I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from but it just wouldn’t stop. I looked down on the floor and there you were lil man with such a frightened look in your lil eyes as you looked at me. Screaming that you don’t understand what happened. I didn’t look like your baby girl Emma anymore but I looked so HUGE. I took a good look at you and all I could do was open my mouth real wide with shock. I could almost smell the scent of fear when my mouth opened. You thought I was going to eat you didn’t you? Oh no! My lil man It doesn’t matter how lil you are. You know that I will keep you safe. Sometimes you have a mind of your own when it comes to my lovers. But I still need to be fulfilled with something BIG! Some how you never stay put when I tell you to. You just love to get into mischief at times you will always get punished when you don’t listen to your Giant Goddess. Sometimes it’s more fun to watch you swim around in a puddle of cum or piss or even stick you in the toilet bowl with your favorite homemade floating devices from your Giantess.

I will torture you and protect you but be fearful of footsteps that are unknown. You never know what’s around the corner.

For now my lil man I will put you in right between my huge tits and keep you cozy and protect you. It doesn’t matter how lil you are we always will be there for each other.

Tiny Kisses,


Fetish Island

You fantasize about being captured by a beautiful Giantess. I am the tall, powerful Goddess you have dreamed of. Your company sends you away on business but little did you know what was really going on. Giantess Talon arranged the entire thing and where you were going…no one else in the world knew existed. “Welcome to my island little one.” I looked down at you so tiny, fragile and starting to tremble. Just like a tiny lost puppy waiting to be led. I lowered my hand and you wrapped your self around my finger, already I could feel that hard little dick rubbing against fingers. I am so glad you are here little one now you have finally arrived to the island of fantasy and unlimited fetish fun and you will never want to leave. Leaving isn’t exactly an option you know this right?

Creative shrinking and Giantess fantasy’s with Talon Any/all fetish play welcome.

No Limitations or Taboos.

Fetish Filled Weekend

I am hoping to explore fetish play this weekend with you.  Do you have a fantasy or fetish that you would like to play out?  I know I can think of several that I think would be really hot with you.  Fetish specific role playing  is awesome especially when let go of all that inhibition and just have this amazing sexual freedom to explore with.

I welcome all fetish play and especially enjoy playing with my ab/dl’s,age regression,shrinking,Giantess fantasy, balloons (yes my fellow looners I love to “pop”  with you.)  I have a blast and my tight cunnie get’s so hot for fetish play. I also enjoy playing with my foot slaves, sissy’s, panty boy’s too!  Of course, a hot and kinky slut like me always needs some cock so bring that aching rod of yours right here to me I promise you will love the way I make you throb and shoot.

Cum get your fetish~freak on with this weekend.

Fetish kisses 2 u,

AIM: temptingtalon

Cumming soon, on a Phoneline near you! :)


You aren’t gonna wanna miss out on this one , big guy.. she’s HAWT!! This little ball of femme-fire will get your motor running for sure! Can you believe that some of her off-duty past-times are beer drinking and bass-fishing? LOL! , Yeah…me either! 😉

All, true though, pinky-swear! This one loves outdoor nudity, teasing[BIGTIME!], upskirting, seducing you in public and sissifying your ass, just for starters!

Gentlemen, start your engines…you’re in for  ONE WILD RIDE!!




Meet me in the Klassy Kat Chatroom!

I had a fabulous day hanging out in The Klassy Kat chatroom with lots of sexy guys yesterday.  I have never really went in there very often in the past but yesterday was well worth it!  Not only did I have some steamy & sexy chats in there but a few of you guys called me for some even more intense fantasy conversations.

In one fantasy I got to be a little dominant  and shrink a guy.  Using my special powers I shrunk him until he was only about 4 inches tall and then used him for my own pleasure.  He was such a hot little guy and more than willing to please me.  I am sure my body seemed gigantic to him but he managed to hike across all the hills and valleys to get to the places I instructed him that I wanted him to please.  This was one super hot call and I climaxed really good.

Then I had another caller who was extremely creative and I was his hot date on a Monster Truck ride.  All girls love macho men who drive big trucks!  While his big monster truck was running over cars and crushing them up I was handling his monster cock!  We got real down and kinky in that monster truck and the grande finale was him crushing lots of itty bitty cars while I bounced up and down on his monster man cock.   MMMmmmmm I love a creative phone fuck!

Then of course there was my eager to please little fuckslut that I dominated.  I squirted really good listening to him beat up his cock & balls for me.  It does a girls libido good to demand a little cbt action from her slave.  I don’t know if it was the clothes pins or beating his balls with a sneaker that made him scream louder but both were equally hot.  Plus his asshole took that huge 10 inch dildo like a champ.  He really was an obedient slut, I enjoyed him serving me immensely!

There were lots of other memorable callers as well but of course I only have so much room to write.  Mainly I just wanted to thank all of you guys who call me.  I also want to reiterate that the chatroom is a great place to arrange your calls and check out your favorite klassykats on a personal level.  I will be in there all day again today and hope to see all you kinky guys!

I am your universe now!

So… I imagine making you smaller, smaller and smaller until you fit into the palm of my hand and you are only a few inches tall!!!! I smile down at you, you’re so little but you cannot look into my eyes. You have to earn that right! You will have to start with cleaning my boots. I know it’s a hard task but I think that you will be capable of doing it. You really want to please me and if it means tackling on that hard job of cleaning my boots when you are only a few inches tall, I know you will do it. And you will love doing it. Because just being able to worship me and clean my boots makes you so happy! I will lay down on my bed with just a tank top, some panties and my boots on. I will help you onto the bed and I will instruct you to clean my boots. It takes you a long time since you are so tiny but when you finish I am happy and I allow you to explore you’re new universe! You climb up my legs which take a long time with your tiny legs and feet. Once you reach my stomach, you need a rest, so you sit down near my belly button, your feet dangling into my naval. It tickles a little and I giggle which bounces you around. Once I finish giggling you adjust yourself and make your way up my breasts which are like huge mountains. You climb them but you keep away from the nipples which are peaks to you. You make your way to my neck and play with my hair as you whisper sweet words into my ear. Telling me how wonderful I am and how I am your world, well more than your world, I am your universe now. You tell me how you are happy to do anything I ask of you and that you will do it all happily! You curl up into my hair and sleep on my shoulder. I am ever so careful as to not roll over, although I wouldn’t crush you, it would still hurt! I am happy that you are so tiny and that I am now you’re universe and I look forward to the many days we will have to come!

Wow, what a small cock!

You will not believe the cock that came to me for a call.  (giggles) He was such a sweet guy.  He told me “go check your email, I sent you some pics”.  I went to my mailbox anticipating a nice long think piece of meat….But NOOOOOOOO there was this small breakfast link (giggles).  I did not know what to say…laughter was all I could manage to let out.  After I stop laughing, I asked him why it took him so long to call and he said (giggles) ” was waiting for my Mom to go to bed”  OMG did this adult man just say that LOL.  How pathetic.  I was hoping Humiliation, cuckold, or forced femme was something he was looking for, because after seeing that pathetic cock that was all I could offer.  I want to thank you lil guy…(you know who you are).  Thanks for they great laugh.  I am also posting this funny pic to give someone else a good laugh.  Looking to have your tiny, pathetic cock laughed at?? 

 Call me NOW!     

 1.888.679.8089   Autumn

My shrinking man!!

I had a caller last week who is into shrinking.  He had me shrink him and put him in my purse.  The things that he seen there were probably interesting to say the least.  He told me that it turned him on to be able to see what kind of things that I had available in my purse.  He was so excited by this that he told me that he couldn’t control his tiny little dick anymore and had to pull it out so he could rub it all over my lipstick.  What a dirty little man you are as I reached in and pulled him out of my purse as he was rubbing himself.

I called a couple of my friends because I knew that they wouldn’t want to miss seeing this. As they came in they were amazed that I had a tiny little man on my counter, with his tiny little cock in his hand!!  It must have excited him cause he started stroking it faster and harder.  My friends couldn’t get enough of him so they were poking and pinching him.  He got so excited from this that he couldn’t hold back as he came all over his tiny little hand and fingers.

If this something that would turn you on then give me a call.  And we’ll explore this together.   xox Teagan