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Watching Porn with My Phone Sex Daddy

I had the best call with my favorite phone sex daddy. We pulled up a hot hand job video to watch together. I’m always teasing him and this was the perfect porn to watch.

I just imagined it was me sitting on his lap like that, lubing up his cock and stroking it with both hands. She started out going up and down very, very slow. She was squeezing his cock and pulling at it a little. Then she was starting to stroke fast. The sound of his slick cock drove me nuts, especially because I could hear him stroking too.

My favorite part was when she would play with her pussy in front of him, making his cock twitch in her hands. She would go back and forth between using her hands on him and then slipping his dick inside of her and riding him. She would only do this for a little while though. As soon as he was about to cum, she took his cock out and started to rub the head of his dick up and down her slit. It was so hot and was driving daddy crazy!

When the video was over, I still wasn’t letting him cum that easy. I teased him a little more until he couldn’t stand it and exploded all over the place. We always have hot calls but this one was the best. I get to pick the video next time, I can’t wait to tease my phone sex daddy!


 Written By: Ginger
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Adrianna Is Your Personal Phone Sex Jerk Off Instructor

Allow me to be your personal jerk off instructor. Of course, you can jerk off on your own, but without my sexy, erotic voice in your ear, your orgasm would be just subpar. Aren’t you sick of the same old masturbation routine day after day? I’m a take charge kind of girl, so taking over your cock is one of my specialties.

I also might do a little edge play on our call to build the intensity. It’s not fun to give it all up right away, is it? I like to have a slow and steady build up for that big load of cum that we both worked so hard for. It will feel as if I am taking over your cock and you will feel my soft hand sliding up and down your hard, throbbing shaft.

I will guide you into new heights and it will be the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. I warn you though, once you have my jerk off instructions, you will be forever smitten to me.


Written By: Adrianna
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Your Cyber Girl

While scrolling through the Cyber Monday sales, you end up on my profile. Finding the perfect phone sex girl is a lot like internet shopping. You have to see what you like before making the purchase.

You can’t deny the growth that’s happening in your pants once you look at my pictures. I make you unbelievably horny. Once you hear my sensual voice, your cock swells even more and it’s beginning to become uncomfortable in a restricted area. You need to release your cock.

Once your pants are off, that’s where I take over. I tell you exactly how I want you to pleasure yourself. Your cock and balls are mine from this point forward, and I’m responsible for whatever happens. All you need to do is listen to my voice, and I’ll guide you into the most erotic orgasm of your life.

I promise you, this is one purchase you will be completely satisfied with, and the only return you will be doing, is calling me back for more.  


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Do You Have The Monday Morning Blues Too?

Did you wake up horny today? Oh, my cock is hard, long, and throbbing. I am aching to play today. I am already dripping pre-cum. Lick it off the tip of my cock! 

I didn’t get any action over the weekend. My regular guy was away with his family for the weekend.

I am eager to play. My balls are full of cum.

I got swollen balls and hard cock on this Monday morning. Call me, and we can stroke our cocks together. Mutual masturbation is exciting. Takes me back to being a teen, sitting in a circle, and all of us stroking together. I always knew that I was a hot girl with a beautiful girl cock! You know you want to be with me, a hot shemale! 

Call me! Let’s make each other cum and cum hard!

 . By: Shemale Dani
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Size Queen Bree Gives JOI To Sexy Traveler

One of my favorite callers got a little drunk at dinner with his client. At the upscale, gourmet restaurant, he had a heavy meal, a great steak dinner with a few glasses of red wine. Now he was alone in his hotel room and feeling horny, so he called me. I could hear that he was relaxed but eager to play. It would be a long, slow, edging session.

What makes him my favorite caller? Well, if you know me, you know that I am the one little brat who is the biggest size queen. I adore him so much because he is sweet, but also, he has a huge cock! Our phone sex sessions are hot, and he makes me cum so much!

That night, I was feeling a little naughty. Because of the wine and his long day, he was not fully hard yet. I asked him to tell me exactly how big he was, but he could only guess about eight inches. I gave him some very specific jerk-off-instructions, and to let me know when his cock got harder, longer and thicker.

I got an idea that was so naughty and fun. I knew there was a young, cute sounding front desk girl. I told my caller to put his pants back on but not his underwear. I wanted a big bulge in his tight pants. He had me on his cell, and luckily his call didn’t drop in the elevator. I made him go to the lobby and ask that cute girl for a ruler. I listened to him, and I could hear her giggle as she gave it to him.

Once we were back in the room, he got naked again, and our game continued. He was almost eight inches when he began stroking for me. It was so hot! I fingered myself, and I talked about how big his cock would feel inside of my super tight pussy. Every so often, I had him measure his growing cock. Once he got to a little over eleven inches! I made him edge over and over until I finally let him cum.

Your Bratty Size Queen,




 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Cum Join Me

I help out my boss at times as an Au Pair for his lovely daughter. Last time he asked if I would stay late as he had a function to go to. By 8 pm, his daughter was asleep, and I found myself bored and horny all at once. I thought why not take care of my needs on his clock.
I found some very erotic porn on his laptop. I took off my sundress, panties and laid down on his California King Bed. I heard the roar of his sports car as he pulled in the drive.

      I was far from finished , and didn’t want to stop making myself feel amazing. I heard him calling my name. I could have stopped, but why? I was still so fucking horny. He found me in his bed and I had no intention of stopping. I didn’t motion for him to join me because I was having such a good time on my own. He quietly watched me and the bulge in his designer pants was telling me how much he wanted to join me.

          I began sucking my hard nipples, and that was all he could take. His pants came off and he began stroking his beautiful big cock in my face.  When I woke up, he was in the shower, but a very nice tip was on the nightstand.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Guided Masturbation

There’s something so thrilling about telling a man how to touch himself for me. Knowing that I have so much control over his orgasm makes me feel like a sexual goddess. Hearing that catch in his breathing every time I hit one of his spots, get me so excited. I like it even better when he turns the tables on ME and takes over. I don’t mind slowing down and listening to his instructions.

While you’re on a call with me, my body is yours to do what you want with. I’ll touch exactly how you instruct me to. We can stretch it out and see how long we can last. When we finally allow ourselves to cum together, it’ll be hard and intense.


Written By: Anna
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Erotic and Hypnotic Jerk-Off Instructions For You

Consider me your favorite teacher for your naughty boy jerk off instructions. Carefully listen to the sound of my sweet, hypnotic voice. I’ll put you under an erotic spell and take you back to a time of innocence, a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Then I will tease your cock with sexual images of my tits, my silky lingerie, and my breath on your neck. My words create pictures in your mind. Take you deeper and deeper, mind relaxed but stimulated hard cock.

Now it is time to unzip your pants and let my words stroke your cock. Let my voice, my words, my mind keep you in that erotic hypnotic state until I finally give you the command to cum. After edging for me, there is so much cum all the over the place.

At the end of the session, you feel de-stressed and completely relaxed. Just a lot of necessary clean-up with your cum all over you.



 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Tiny Little Fucker

You are a big guy. Tall, football player build. Just my type of guy, except that you are kind of shy. You said that you have never had a girlfriend for very long, and that makes a smart college girl like me suspicious. You must have some hidden flaw. Not going to waste any more time if you’re a loser, so I set a trap for you. 

I invite you my place. You think you’re going to get lucky tonight. Well, let’s just see about that. Let’s see if you can pass my test. I answer the door, and you see me in my matching bra and panties.  I explain that I am running late. Instead of grabbing me, kissing me, pushing me against the wall and fucking me right there, all you do is blush. LOSER! You failed the test. 

I look carefully between your legs. Yep, no bulge at all. Wow, you must really be tiny. Okay, show me! I need a good laugh. You tiny little fucker. Just jack off for me and leave, so I can find a real man to fuck me the way a hot girl needs to be fucked. 


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Jerk Off Instructions Phone Sex

JOI Phone Calls are so much fun! 

Great for guys who are doing their first phone sex call or for guys that are very experienced and just want to kick back and let me take charge of their orgasm. 

My voice will lead you, control your hand, and masturbate for me. 

Look into my eyes, pick up the phone, order a call. Lube up your cock and get ready for a nice long masturbation session for me. Stroke and stroke for me. I will edge you, and that cum builds up.

My words dominate and control your hand. Don’t you worry, I won’t forget those balls. You will play and stimulate your balls too. My sweet, soothing voice will help you relax but then slowly build in intensity as you begin to pant and moan as your cock becomes stiffer and stiffer.

You beg and plead with me to let you cum. Trust my process! I know when it is time for you to cum.

Your Sexy JOI Instructor,

Mistress Koko 



Written By: Mistress KoKo
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