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Pegging Peggy

I love pegging men in my trailer park! I can’t tell you how many guys show up at my door step for their favorite redheaded whore to peg their ass.

 My favorite thing to do is to pop a guys cherry with my strap-on. And honey, it’s just not an average size, my strap-on is ridiculously HUGE.

I like being the first one to show them how good it can feel, and to let a mature woman take control of them. Seeing that submissive look in their eyes when I push deep inside of them makes my cunt sloppy wet.

I’ll take full control of your ass and will make you scream for more. You will be under my spell and unable to say no. Once you see how amazing I look wearing nothing but black heels, thigh highs, and my long black strap on, you will be at my trailer every day!


Written By: Peggy
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Blow Job Phone Sex with Aunt Peggy

Hi naughty boys, I’m a deep throat cock sucking whore that likes to go to the truck stop and get down on her knees and open wide. I love big dick white, brown, black, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is if it’s big enough and lucky for you, my oral skills turned out to be something more than a regular way of earning a living. I have big tits, thick thighs, and phat round ass and wouldn’t you like to be trapped underneath while I sit on your face. But I should give you fair warning I like my face sitting sessions best when you’re whimper and struggle underneath me. If you’re looking for the whore that has been around the block a time or two, then I’m the one who will make your cock blow. I believe in draining a man dry! So cum on over. My pussy is waiting!


Titty Fucking Phone Sex

Okay, fellas pull out your big white dick and stick it between my juicy black tits. I love titty fucking phone sex I got a nice wet and tasty black pussy that any man can fit his face in that is a man that loves tight ebony pussy. I have always loved white cock and every since the first time I tasted it I fell in love with it. Am I that Curvy big breasted round ass ebony beauty you have been thinking about or are you looking for a Domme Mistress to worship and obey? I will blindfold you, fuck your mouth and ass with my strap on and make you become a submissive sissy boy under my control. I have learned to be very effective and I will make you beg for my Domination time! Your ebony phone sex call with me is gonna be the best black pussy and ass you will ever have baby, so call me and phone fuck me!


Sissy Boy Phone Sex

Hi, sissy boy where are you going all dressed up in your sluttiest little outfit on the prowl street walking looking real thirsty to suck on some big black cock. Aww, you want to get that pretty face covered in cum huh. Wait a minute are you high off of meth, you dirty little drugged. Well, let me take you home with me so I can pimp your hot Peggyass out for a piece of candy. (laughing in my evil voice) I have some massive nigga cocks waiting for you bitch. Don’t bitch up now I told you what was going to happen. Get down on your knees and put your hands on that fat throbbing dick bitch. Let me glide it in your whore ass mouth oh are you trying to nut up now oh no are you crying bitch I always said if you want something done right do it yourself. Now let me force this cock down your whore ass throat open wide you worthless sissy. Take it! That’s a good sissy bitch NOW pick that damn phone and call me!

Madam Peggy