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Spoiled By My Sugar Daddy

I just got back from Spring Break with my sugar daddy. He loves to spoil me and take me on exotic vacations. He lets me have his Amex card and I go on a major shopping spree for bikini’s and cute little outfits for the warm weather.
He would rather take his little barely legal hottie than his boring wife. It works out perfectly because he travels for work a lot and he just tells her he’s going on another business trip. She has no clue he’s rubbing suntan lotion all over my tight, teen body on the beaches of Costa Rica.
A lot of people thought he was my real daddy because of our age difference (hehe.)  I just go with it and like to see their reaction when they see my sugar daddy kiss me in public. He takes such good care of me that he feels like my real Daddy.
It’s not fun to have just one sugar daddy. If you would like to spoil your little blonde princess, I will be accepting to devote some time with you.


Written By: Princess
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Playing Next Door

lucie 6You are a nice man, a good neighbor, to my mom and me. You let me swim in your pool when you are home. All of my friends have a pool, but we don’t.  I love to swim and play around in the water.

It is impossible for to understand why don’t swim in your pool. I swim in it more than you do. When I ask you, you say, “Oh, Lucie, it came with the house, but I enjoy watching you. Wish you came with the house too.” 

From my perspective, having a pool in your backyard is the best thing in the world. 

Today is Saturday, and I spend the whole afternoon in your pool. You watch me swim around, and you notice that I am in a new bikini today. 

You notice that I am wearing a new bikini. You tease me about my tiny tits. “There is not much there to hold up that top, Lucie.” 

That makes me blush. I get really turned on knowing that you are looking at my tight teen body. I want you to look at me, like what you see, and desire me. I want you to take me to your bed, strip off my bikini and fuck me in that big bed of yours. 

Sexy Little Tenn,



Written By: Little Lucie
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Your Little Lolita

The man living next door is watching me again. I am his obsession. He is quiet, serious, and smart. Mom has a crush on him. She is hilarious, throwing herself at him the way she does. Baking for him, running errands for him, hanging on his every word, annoying him with her mindless chatter. She is like a stupid puppy begging for a pat on the head. She is kind of ditzy, frivolous and dowdy. Mom thinks the man is interested in her. I see the way he looks at me. He goes for a walk at night, right before my bedtime. From the sidewalk, he watches me as I undress. I strip in front of the window. I blow him kisses. He has a taste for something forbidden like me. I shouldn’t be such a cock tease, but I am. I blue ball him. Teasing him when I crawl into his lap or tickle him behind his ear. He fantasizes about me, not my Mom. He knows my name is Lucie, but when we are alone, he calls me Little Lolita. He whispers it in my ear. My Mom is asking him over for dinner this weekend. He will be grateful for the invitation because it is an excuse to be with me. I will sit across the table and run my little toes along his leg under the table. He will cough, almost choke to death when my toes caress his balls. I feel him hard through his pants. That will be hilarious. I have this man right where I want him. During dinner, Mom is going to ask him to tutor me this fall with my school work. He will gladly accept and rearrange his schedule so he can spend an hour alone with me after school. I will make him do my homework for me while I sit on his lap texting my girlfriends. I am just a tiny little teen who dominates him.


Written By: Little Lucie
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Go Down On Me

I want to show you something.

I bought some very sexy black lingerie from that kinky store in the Village. I got a Brazilian Wax yesterday. It was not fun, but I did it for you. I want this to be an extra special and sexy weekend for us. 

When we are together, it is always so good! 

I take very good care of your cock. I seduce, I suck and stroke your cock. We have fantastic sex, but please spoil me. Pleasure me. Go down on me. Lick me with the very tip of your tongue. Show me what you got to make me moan, to make my toes curl. My pussy is sweet and smooth. Use your talented tongue to explore my pink pussy walls. Do that thing where you nibble on those outer lips. Kiss me with the smell and taste of my pussy on your lips and your tongue. Make me cum on your face. After that, I will do anything that you want. How can I  say no to anything after you make me cum like that?


He Served Me Well!

Koko bikini

I wanted to spoil myself. Since my local weather forecast was for cool, rainy weather, I thought about treating myself to a little vacation. I found a last minute deal online, so I booked a trip. I didn’t pack much and off I went. When I arrived at the hotel, my room wasn’t ready yet. They were very apologetic and suggested that I relax by the pool. I found my skimpy red bikini in my bag and headed to the pool. The concierge took the rest of my bags. She assured me that my bags would be brought up to my room. She said the staff at the pool would attend to anything that I needed. There was a very hot stud ready to take my drink order as soon as I sat down by the pool. After he had brought me my drink, I told him to spread sunscreen all over my body. I teased him and made him hard as he was rubbing me. I lowered my sunglasses and looked into his eyes. Just one intense, fierce look and I knew that I had found my submissive love slave to keep my vacation very exciting and entertaining. When my room was ready, I had him walk me to my room. He smiled and obeyed. When we got to my room, I made him slowly strip for me. I made him worship every inch of my sexy body. He learned quickly to start on my toes and lick up each leg. He was a gift from the heavens. Well, my well-trained pet pleasured my pussy every day and every night. He even came to visit the hotel on his day off to tend to my needs. He served me well!

Now it is your turn to give me pleasure!

Mistress Koko

Cristal, Louis Vuittons and a huge Cock!

     I was gazing longingly at a pair of black Louis Vuitton pumps when a gentleman walked up and told me they were mine for a fuck.  All I could see here was a win wtiff2-4in situation as he was strikingly sexy and the the pumps were over 3,ooo.  He bought me my pumps and in exchange I gave him my room number. He asked what should he bring besides his hot body and big cock and I suggested a bottle of Cristal. Seems I read his mind!

         My outfit for the evening was simple my Louis Vuittons and my big tits and round ass.  It seemed he had same plan as when he entered his impressive cock was already in his large hand.  Hot men with money, YUMMY! I gave him a show and was amazing how he kept his eyes on my shoes. Did he have a shoe/foot fetish? Not really. We drank, flirted and fucked, oh did we FUCK!  It is awesome to be a big beautiful bimbo of a fuckdoll!



Wanted: Men, Boys and Sissies

Playful ParkerWanted: Men, Boys and Sissies apply between my legs!! I must confess I have become a real phone sex Princess. I didn’t realize so many boys in the Little Itty Bitty Dick Committee. So many Sissy’s wanting to wear my panties 🙂 loving my strap on and being fucked like sluts. I TOTALLY guarantee a good time no matter what we do on the phone. Lately I have really been into being watched while I get fucked by some big cock and slut boy sits in the corner masturbating the little penis for me 😉 Nothing is off limit to me though so stop reading and call me it’s time to play!! xoxo Kisses to your cocks Parker

Naughty Back To School Girl

I am your teen brat. I expect you to spoil me. I want you to take me shopping, my special sexy Daddy. I want a new phone so I can take naughty pics of me and send them to your phone. I need new clothes. I want to the sexiest girl at school. I want really short skirts and tight tops. You are going to get a lot of calls from my new principal about me breaking dress code, but you will take care of him. You just pay him some money and tell him to let me dress any way that I want.

Also, I want the prettiest little Victoria Secret’s panties. I will let you sniff when they are dirty, Daddy.  Maybe even when I am wearing them. I am so naughty. Such a tease!

Maybe at the mall, you can help me with the zippers and the buttons in the dressing room. We can get super naughty and play in there, Daddy. I love to model my sexy new clothes for you.

You know I always take care of you in the naughtiest of ways when you get me back home. When we are behind closed doors, it is my turn to make you feel special and spoil you!

Every girl loves her special, sexy Daddy!



I’m a spoiled brat and I don’t care. I get told all the time that I’m a little teasing nympho. I suppose that is true but I like to have my fun with you men first. If I’m giving up my perfect princess body they better be worth my time and they better have a really nice package with a really nice wallet. I find a lot of enjoyment making men weak to the point they are stumbling over their words just to find some way to please me.

Lucky for you, your wallet is fat and your dick is small but you can please me with your wallet today. I take your money once again letting you watch me while I tease you. I laugh at you, while you whimper away while I drain your wallet again. I make sure you have the perfect view of my pussy. I spread my legs in front of you and let you watch my fingers work their magic, something your little dick can’t do for me! You’re only around because I like your money$! $! You can keep dreaming of other ways that will win me over, LOL. Let me know how that works for you!

~ Princess Paris ~

Sailing Away for the Holiday!

My current sugar daddy I’ve been seeing wants to take me on his huge yacht for the long holiday weekend. He told his wife he had a business trip and she actually believed him. He told me he will take good care of me and be treated like a queen. All he asks for me is to bring my hottest, skimpiest bikinis. He loves my body. In fact, I would say he’s infatuated it. He’s always taking pictures of me in sexy lingerie and wants me to pose for him in the bathtub or on the bed. He also likes to video me when I dress in sluty costumes and give him lap dances. Of course, he pays for all my wardrobe expenses and other things as well. Let’s just say, as long as I keep my sugar daddy happy, I get rewarded and that makes me very happy!

I can’t wait to watch the fireworks on a big yacht while sipping on some Dom Perignon.

Life is good when you have a rich sugar daddy that loves to spoil me rotten!