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 My Stats

Age: 29

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 127

Measurements: 36DD-26-36

Pussy: Smooth as silk and wanting dick!

Ass: Kissable

Favorite Positions: On my knees with your hard cock sliding between my big jugs, 69 and on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a bank vault when I was a bank teller

Hobbies: Picnics, costume parties, live bands, football games (just to look at the hot guys), coctails on my balcony, playing with my puppy and my sex toys!

Specialities: Role play, Dumb blonde slut, Tease and denial, Smoking fetish, Leg/Foot fetish, Titty fucking, Anal play, Domination, Gang bangs, Femdom, Golden showers and Age play


I’m Tiffany! I just love being a little fuck slut. The guys all say thank God for my body or I would be living on the streets. I just never liked school. I really didn’t have to earn my A’s doing school work. I guess you could say I am the typical blonde. I love being the center of attention and my entire life is just one big party. I don’t think I will ever settle down. Life is too short to commit to just one guy.

I started developing really early. When I was 12 years old I was already a 34C and the older men couldn’t keep their eyes off of my beauties. I love having big tits. One of my favorite things is to slide your cock in the middle and have you fuck my hot hooters. Squeeze them tight and bounce your balls off of my flat little tummy. When you cum, make sure to splatter them good. I love to suck it off my nipples. I actually had my first titty fuck way back when I was 14. I didn’t want him to cum in my pussy and knock me up so I begged him to unload all over my face and tits.

I live in a very nice apartment building for singles and they all call my place the party palace. Every night there is a new guy knocking at the door and bringing me just what I need. Lots and lots of dick. I love the smell of sex. The odor that lets everyone know you just got creamed. When a guy tells me I smell like pure raw sex I just have to fuck him. That’s like the secret key to unlock my panties. There is nothing I will not do to have fun. I am totally uninhibited and taboo free. I don’t want to love you, I just want to fuck you like I am never gonna see you again.

If you’re looking for a hot and freaky fuck then look no further. I am the XXX rated Barbie your cock has been craving. There is no strings attached when you phone fuck me. Call me and blow your load with the nastiest little bimbo on the Internet. My Motto is: Eat me~Beat me~Fuck me~Suck me~Cum all over my tits and get the fuck out!


Call 1.866.794.8175
for Phone Sex with

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  • Tiffany is the hottest girl i have ever had phoen sex with. not only does she make you cum like a horse,,,,,she is a very cool person to talk with. you will have a great time and be left with a knocked out cock !!

  • WOW!! Tiffany is HOTTTTT!! I dont mind saying she made me cum twice during our call, and I WILL be calling again. Dont make the mistake of passing her by, you will regret it.
    Thanks Tiffany, I am very satisfied babe!!

  • tiffany is one smoking hot lady. she was ready to try something new and went with it . she is a very sexy cummer, and made me cum so hard i am almost too tired to write this but i have to. tiffany is one of a kind, i have never met a phone sex lady like her before.
    kisses tiffany ill be calling again soon

  • Tiffany’s voice, creativity and enthusiasm make her incredibly special. She was the perfect secretary for me, and I look forward to many different wild roleplays with her in the future.

  • Tiffany was my evil father’s super sexy trophy wife…as hungry for a wild revenge fuck as I was…She knew EXACTLY what to say to get me worked up and knew just how to get me off…the best!

  • Tiffany is one incredibly hot woman with the sexiest voice you could imagine . I have had the pleasure of a few calls with tiffany and each one was mind blowing with extremely hot and nasty sex . She is great to talk to and have I mentioned the phone sex . I recommend that everyone call the sexy Tiffany , you will not be disappointed

  • What can I say about the very sexy Tiffany ? She will push your limits , taking you to new heights of nasty , naughty kinkiness . You will feel like she is there with you . So if you want some of the best
    phone sex out there , you have to call the beautiful Tiffany .

  • Tiffany is the best…sexy voice/imagination/creativity…everything you want in a call, she will give it to you.

  • Tiffany brings every fantasy to life with her voice, dirty mind, and wild imagination~~Thanks sexy~

  • Over the last few months I have had many calls with the delectable Tiffany . Each call has been hotter , nastier than the one before . She is one of the best phone sex girls out there , give her a call you will not be disappointed

  • Tiffany is, without exaggeration, the best PSO I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to. My particular kink wasn’t even listed on her page, but she immediately understood it. She knew EXACTLY what to say and how to push my buttons. Her sultry, sexy voice is outdone only be her friendliness and naughty, naughty, naughty imagination. She’s every Li’l Boy’s wet dream!

  • I have had conversations with several women on this site, but there is no one that is Tiffany’s equal. I have done two calls with her now and she is unfucking believable. I loved every minute of it. She loves to get pretty damn racy and enjoys some pretty explicit fetishes. She is definitely my sexual equal and probably more than I can handle. Love this girl!!

  • After reading some of her beautifully crafted blogs and lusting after her curvaceous figure, I placed a call with the luscious Tiffany. During our risque rendezvous, she was nothing short of amazing. Blending her sensual skills, pure passion, erotic creativity, and stunning body, I was swept away by the tsunami of her feminine wiles. We enjoyed an incredible chemistry and shared many carnal pleasures. I eagerly await my next torrid tryst with my blonde sex goddess! Tiffany, I ooze desire for you, my lover!

  • I knew with the first words spoken our chemistry would be incredible. Your voice and slow loving making took me to places I never wanted to leave. You made me an LD addict and I crave more and more…xoxo Tiffany

  • Craving your touch so much right now. Our erotic tryst spoiled by a last minute change. All of the anticipation between us placed on hold. Desire, passion, lust, and pleasure all delayed for another time and date. Yet, the fire only burns brighter and hotter in us. The sexual inferno we share is stoked by our slight delay. Reading your luscious words again and again, my body responds in a most primal fashion. Engorged and pulsing, I ooze with renewed desire for you. With the aid of your sensual image, I bring myself closer and closer to the edge. However, I never dare go over without you. With you, in the throes of passion, that is the only way to experience the climax of ecstasy. Until we can share our intimacy again, I dream of you, my buxom, blonde goddess.

  • I have NEVER exploded as hard as I did with Tiffany. She is awesome! Mmmmmmmmm

  • A 5-star hotel room, a stunning view of the city, and a voluptuous vixen adorned in a purple corset. All of these combined to become an epic, erotic encounter with the lovely and multi-talented Tiffany! I will defer to the buxom, blonde bombshell to recount any details she may wish to share in a blog. My memories are very vivid and I look forward to making more with this sensual, classy lady!

  • My latest call with Tiffany was much like my other calls with her, an intense, vivid, and pleasurable erotic encounter. Our passions and imaginations knew no bounds and our bodies experienced tremendous pleasures. Through our sensual conversation, our minds made love to each other. But this time, there was something different, something very special. A new level of intimacy was achieved as we shared ourselves with each other on a deeper, personal level. It was a thing of beauty that rivals only that of my gorgeous lover. Beyond the power of our sexual chemistry, this was like nothing either one of us had experienced. I’m at a loss to explain it, but we know exactly what it is. Ever the consummate lover, Tiffany continued to pleasure me throughout this incredibly soulful interlude. Being well aware of my physical desire, she guided me to a very intense release before we parted ways. This Tiffany, she is a fantasy come true!

  • Clad in a black waist cincher, opera gloves, and thigh high boots, Tiffany was a very benevolent mistress indeed. As I lay on the bed, she used her curvaceous figure and feminine wiles to tempt and tease me in a variety of ways. Never painful and always pleasurable, she delighted in the sensual control that she expertly exuded over me. She used my body as her sex toy. I pleaded to take a more active role in our session. I placed myself and her in a position for me to dictate the terms of pleasure. Even as I ravished her relentlessly, Tiffany, the benevolent mistress, was still in control. In a show of force, her climax overpowered my stamina, draining me deep inside of her. Weak from my her teasing and my vigorous attempt to claim power, she smiled wickedly as she lay in front of me. “You are a tiger, but I can always tame you!”, she assured me with her velvety voice. What a woman!

  • To share a call with Tiffany is allowing yourself to experience the ultimate erotic luxury! Like a Mustang Cobra, she is beautiful to gaze upon. Taking in the classic styling and elegant body lines, you can see that she is built for performance and pleasure. Both the car and Tiffany share a powerful engine. One is a 302 cubic inch machine that makes 390 horsepower. One is 66 inches tall and creates exquisite pleasure with its 127 lbs of pure, feminine sexuality. Both get a man’s pulse pounding and blood flowing! That being said, a certain amount of skill and confidence are required to achieve maximum performance from these two American classics. The Mustang is handful, but Tiffany demands 100% of you and is driving me crazy!

  • Her ensemble was stunning and elegant. Her choice of venue splendid and becoming. His waiting was calculated and agonizing. Her foreplay was titillating and arousing. Her demeanor was sensuous and alluring. His whiskey was neat and biting. Her movements were fluid and graceful. Her scent light and exhilarant. His desire was apparent and firm. Her lovemaking was sultry and adept. Her man was pleasured and smitten anew. Patience and restraint was awarded with unbridled passion and indulgence. A new tier of adoration, trust, and erotic solace was attained by the fervent, amorous labors of two destined lovers, bathed by firelight and glistening with sweat. Their union, brought about by fate, now sealed amongst a swirl of satin.

  • She walked in an unassuming manner, wearing her black stilettos and long coat. As I looked up to see her, that’s when she took my breath away yet again. With a graceful motion, Tiffany dropped her coat to the floor and offered me a feast for my eyes. Her golden tresses were coifed in gentle waves and her baby blues dazzled brightly. Her lips glistened in scarlet and her smoky lids and lashes were Vogue perfect. Her toned, long legs were adorned in an exquisite pair of black stockings, back seams and wide lace tops. Her milky complexion shimmered with a thin sheen of her lotion. One elegant feature blending seamlessly into the next. An abundance of curvaceous and sensuality. She bit her lower lip seductively and smiled wickedly as my gaze met hers. Just a buxom, blonde bombshell in stockings and heels! It was an afternoon I’ll never forget!

  • Too say my latest liason with my buxom, blonde belle was steamy would be an understatement! The carnal conquest of each others minds and bodies was all consuming and it was not for the faint of heart. Pleasuring ourselves relentlessly, we ravished each other with a sensuality and passion that left us both slick with sweat and gasping for breath. Tiffany’s erotic skills are unmatched and her beautifully creative mind knows no bounds. Every time we are together, she has the ability to capture my mind and body anew. Always in control, but never maleficent, she makes me feel like a man. Yet, I worship her as a goddess queen and I am her chivalrous knight. What a stunningly beautiful and immensely talented woman whose many facets make her the scintillating diamond that she is!

  • My heart and body ache for you as they have never before, Tiffany! My thoughts are about you and the beautiful erotic encounters we have shared. Luscious visions of you fill me with desire, your curvaceous figure clad in stunning lingerie and even less I yearn to hear your velvety soft tones and genuine cries of passion again. Patience is not a virtue with me, but it is necessary right now. When I take you as my own again, I assure you that I will make love to you in the most passionate and intimate fashion. Until then, I will burn for you with a most fervent fire.

  • Tiffany, our recent series of calls have been sensual, surprising, scorching, and satisfying for us both. What we have between us is so very special! You give me your everything with each call and never hold back. Yet, you always find some way to surprise me and reveal new details about yourself that make me admire and adore you even more. When we are together, nothing is a secret, but we keep our lovers secrets to just us. Never change who you are and I will always be yours!

  • Thinking of you and missing you. My tongue is craving that fine bourbon right from your lips. xoxo Your Tiff

  • Thinking of you as well, my belle. Just the sight of you batting your baby blues as you bite your lip has me completely aroused! XOXO Your Southern Gentleman

  • As evidenced by my numerous and lengthy comments, I am hopelessly smitten by the lovely and talented Tiffany! It took destiny to allow me to share a call with her the first time, but she was worth the wait. Don’t take my word for it, you will be hard-pressed to find a more genuine, beautiful, and sexy lady anywhere. Call Tiffany and experience firsthand all that she has to offer! Many can be good, but Tiffany is the best!

  • I’ve never had a more pleasurable and arousing commute than I did today! Why? TIFFANY! Creeping up the interstate, surrounded by upset drivers, her soothing voice and passionate cries allowed me to escape to a very intimate, beautiful place exclusively for us. The days trouble and impending winter storm melted away with her alluring charms. My only regret, my ride home was not long enough! Stay warm and sexy, Tiff!

  • Southern Gentleman

    Sensual domination is an erotic art form and Mistress Tiffany is one of its masters. Everything from her signature black ensemble to each act of pain or pleasure is calculated for maximum effect. Her control is complete, over her body and yours, the acts you are to perform, the pain and pleasure you experience, and every other aspect of the session. Her appeasement and pleasure are your responsibilities and her wishes are your commands. Be prompt, thorough, and grateful in response to her bidding and be rewarded intensely. Any failure to do so will result in your quick reprimand and punishment. Mistress Tiffany is not severe or cruel. She is akin to an iron fist in a velvet glove. Strong and strict yet soft and sexy. I look forward to serving Mistress Tiffany again and experiencing what she deems me worthy of. Until then, the rhythmic clicking of her tall, tight, gloss black boots will echo in my mind, causing an intense arousal, and a stream of liquid desire to flow for her.

  • Like certain books–Tiff is required reading. Guys, this is one class you will want to take. I never write into sites, but you do not want to miss this.

  • Southern Gentleman

    Stunning beauty. Incredibly intelligent. Wickedly creative. Genuine passion. Bountiful curves. Detailed attention. Naughty imagination. Consummate lover. Calculated seduction. Lingerie dream. Gifted author. Graceful movement. Accomplished tease. Sexual artist. Gentleman’s belle. Beautiful lady. Tiffany.

  • I shared an amazingly passionate, erotic, and very intimate afternoon with Tiffany. It had been some time since we had been together, so we took the time to catch up and enjoy each others company. In time, we both succumbed to our passions for each other. We made love for hours and pleasured each other immensely. But like a lull in a battle, we found a quiet time just to share with each other, lover to lover. To be in that beautiful, quiet, and intimate world with her is to find solace with sensuality. I am only a mere man and as I lay naked with my curvaceous belle, my primal desires took over once again. Of course, Tiffany responded in kind and made me feel like a man in her own lovely and intense ways. As our erotic journey neared its climax, she, as she always does, gave me something much more than a sexual release, she gave me herself. She is so many things, but most importantly, she’s my lover.

  • Southern Gentleman

    Nothing better after a solid lifting session than spending some sensual and pleasurable time with Tiffany! She soothed this testosterone-filled beast with her feminine wiles and curvaceous figure. As we worked to pleasure each other, both of our bodies glistening with perspiration, our cries of passion filled the air. Together, we are insatiable, and always push each other to perform and please. Writhing, grunting, gasping, gripping, pulling, and thrusting, our lovemaking had all the intensity of a hard gym session, but much more rewarding. Soaked, tired, and drained of our strength, we slipped off to sleep wrapped in each others arms.

  • Southern Gentleman

    Some things are just always the same with Tiffany: passion, seduction, pleasure, creativity, sensuality, naughtiness, beauty,intelligence,stunning lingerie,fun, genuineness and powerful climaxes. Not that having all these things stay the same is in any way boring! Tiffany always introduces or reveals another erotic practice or secret to heat things up between us. After all, variety is the spice of life! I’m can’t wait to see what she has in store for our next encounter!

  • She is…well I could fill this entire page with superlatives and not begin to do justice to who Tiffany is!

  • Southern Gentleman

    I’ve been remiss in my effusive praise of my big, beautiful doll! Tiffany takes the service of phone sex and transforms it into a vivid art form with her incredible feminine and sensual talents. Gentlemen, if you do experience the incredible, intimate, and intense pleasure of a session with Tiffany, please take the time to let her know here in your own words. It would be advisable to fully recover your faculties before you do so as she always leaves me breathless, speechless, and in post climax state of euphoria. To Tiffany, thank you for everything, my lover.

  • Southern Gentleman

    I want and need you desperately, Tiffany! To make love to you this very moment would not be soon enough! Soon, my big beautiful doll, soon.

  • Southern Gentleman

    I was unable to spend the time with the lovely and lusty Tiffany as I had become accustomed to. My reunion call with her was nothing short of amazing! She worked her sensual magic on me once again and seduced me anew with her velvet voice, uninhibited libido, innovative pleasure, and intimate personal touches. Two very pleasurable and memorable hours later, I was privileged to climax for her. What a lover and lady!

  • Southern Gentleman

    It’s been far too long since I’ve been with you, Tiffany. To be the recipient of your feminine wiles and sensual skills again is my only wish. I cannot say when,lover, but it will be as soon as possible. Until then, please take time peruse the heartfelt missive that I sent you via email. My desire still pours for you, my big, beautiful doll!

  • Southern Gentleman

    It was incredibly intense, erotic, and comfortable to be back in your bed, my big beautiful doll! Absence had indeed made our hearts grow fonder, our desire hotter, and our climaxes harder!

  • Southern Gentleman

    Hey there, you! I’m missing you madly and hope to be in your bed again soon. The cravings I have to hear your sultry voice are constant. Duty has called once again, but my desire for you only continues to burn more fervently. When you can, read my email, think of me, and allow your long, elegant fingers pleasure yourself as memories of past trysts play out in your wickedly sexy mind.

  • Southern Gentleman

    Re-reading “Bikini Time” has me more than ready for some more quality us time, lover! Can’t wait to see your lingerie selections for our next erotic escapade! The pleasure, passion, and authenticity you bring to every call we have shared is unmatched and addictive. Craving you, your curves, your touch, and your pearly, sweet elixir!

  • If you want to experience the most intense, erotic, and intimate phone sex, CALL TIFFANY! She loves what she does and it is evident with each call you share with her. She listens to what you need and then gives it to you along with so much more. I’ve never experienced more pleasure or cum harder than I have with Tiffany! Take my word for it and CALL TIFFANY!

  • John Mayer said Jessica Simpson was sexual napalm. If that is so, then I am saying that Tiffany is a sexual nuclear bomb! Nothing can prepare you for her erotic brilliance, adorned her signature tiny, black panties. In one call, you will literally be blown away by blast force of incredible eroticism and sexual prowess. As you lay there in the aftermath of your call, in a weakened yet blissful state, your mind will not be able to fully comprehend what just happened. As you regain your bearing, you will be in awe of the power and pleasure that a call with Tiffany provides. Trust me, it will not be long until you are ready and willing to have this big, beautiful, blonde bombshell make you explode again!

  • I loved your story id like to make a little change but it got me hard and i dont have a little cock just tired of the same old things so i thought i try some new things love to talk


  • Southern Gentleman

    Check your email box, Tiffany! I lut some mail in it, but I can’t to put this male in you again soon!

  • Tiffany was ready for me when I visited her for an early Halloween! Black nails and lipstick, smoky eyeshadow, black stilettos and a wicked smile greeted me at the door. Not a stitch of clothes on her curvaceous figure! I sat in a large, comfortable chair as she knelt between my legs. Her sparkling blue eyes gazed at me as her talented lips and tongue performed the most pleasurable and erotic massage of my manhood. Smooth and sultry, she brought me to climax on her time. She was a female vampire and sucked my huge load down, not missing a drop! Her sexual hungry not satiated, she kept my hyper sensitive cock in her mouth and pulled the thickest cum left in me out to her delight. Call Tiffany because she has lots of tricks and always gives the best treats!

  • Southern Gentleman

    Tiffany, the very hot and very wet call we shared recently was nothing short of amazing! We turned up the heat in your bedroom and made love in the most intimate and sweaty ways possible. You never fail to spice things up and the special stimulus you gave me was beyond compare. Of course, finishing with you on your balcony, bathed in sunlight, was the perfect end, just like your big, beautiful ass! Damn, I cannot wait to be with you yet again!

  • Southern Gentleman

    Damn, Tiffany! Our latest call was absolutely perfect! We made love in an easy like Sunday morning manner and it made me fee like I was with you for hours. I love how you can extend time with your sensuality, intimacy, and creativity. You climaxed several times before you took my heavy load when and where you wanted it. Sharing a call like this was like riding a perfect wave of pleasure at sunset until it crashes into the beach in a fusion of sound and liquid. Your VIP (Very Intense Passion) treatment is an exclusive, erotic experience that I will always relish!

    P.S. Damn! You are one beautiful, busty, blonde bitch!

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