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Putting Me in My Place

Sometimes I need a strong, white man to put me in my place. There’s one man in particular who really knows how to use a black slut like me. He treats me like a useless hole for his dick and that’s exactly how it should be. He calls me names and slaps me around when I don’t respond as a black whore should. I get punished with a big white cock tearing my ass apart.

Sometimes he’ll bring in a white woman to help him use me the way I should be used. He’ll allow me to turn the tables on the white bitch he brings with him. I can use her and call her names, but I still have to call her ma’am because she’s a perfect white woman.

I’m a good little slave and take all of his white cum, even if I have to suck it out of his white bitch’s ass. When he finally gives me his final load, I feel like a proud little black slut for making his white dick happy. I love being a slave to white cock.



Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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I Love My Holes Stretched

When I see your cock, my mouth waters! But- that’s not the only thing that’s wet, my panties are soaked. Your dick is perfect. So long, thick and hard, perfect to give my holes the pounding that they deserve.

I can’t wait to slide down on that stiff pole. I squat above it and hold it up with my hand. I love to watch my dripping lips stretch around your shaft. You lay back, your hands behind your head and watch me fuck you. My moves are frantic, my screams are loud. It just feels so good, I don’t want to stop.

I put my hands on your shoulders and lean forward. I want to take you as deep inside as you can get. Your hands move to my ass, holding me in place as you pound up into me. I fucking love the sound your balls make slapping against my ass.

You push me off your cock and pin me to the bed. You spread my ass and spit in my tight, puckered hole. You ram your dick into my ass. You show no mercy. You lean down to whisper in my ear, telling me I’m your dirty fuck doll. You tell me to beg for your cum in my ass. I beg, screaming for you to fill my ass with your cum. You oblige and blow your big load in my gaping ass. You slowly pull away and my fingers immediately go behind me to feel that stretched hole. I easily fit three fingers inside.

You’ve satisfied your little whore and her cock cravings.


Written By: Alexis
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An Unexpected Afternoon

I love the summer! The hotter the better. I went by myself to an amazing vacation house on the lake. I needed a break from the craziness in the world. I love my own company, and the reaction I get from men assuming I am looking for a fuck buddy for the week. Of course, they’re right! There’s nothing that makes my pussy wetter than finding a strange dick to suck.

The condo next to me had several guys, I would guess about college age. I wore my tiniest bikini and sat out with my book, and a drink.

Two of them starting talking to me, and asking about my plans for the evening. I walked with them to their condo where I saw there was three other tall, hot, and built guys.

They began to get a little rough, tearing off my bikini and rubbing their cocks all over me. I acted scared, I mean that just made them go rougher with me. I totally love a rough fuck. 

We fucked for hours and I got to watch the guys have some sexy fun together as well. I left satisfied. I was ready for a hot shower, and my dildo to relive my hot afternoon.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Horny Housewife Samantha Likes Anal Sex

Get down on your knees and put your tongue in my ass. Kiss it, lick it, and tongue it. Put some lube on your finger and slowly work your finger into my beautiful ass. Make me moan! Work that finger in and out of my tight ass. Take your time, no need to rush it.Watch my ass open up for you, just the way you like it.

Let me lube up your cock with my soft hands. Now work your cock into my ass. You start off slow and you’re very gentle. You hold my blonde hair and play with my big tits until I beg for more. After a few hard pumps, you’re not as gentle as you first started out.

Fuck my ass! Fuck me Hard!

Your hands squeeze my hips as you fuck my ass faster and deeper. Give me every inch. Make me feel it. The way you’re fucking me makes me moan and scream with erotic pleasure. Edge that cock of yours until you can’t stand it one more second, and then cum in my ass!



Written By: Samantha

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Your Mom Is A Cunt

Your Mother is a stupid cunt who needs to be ended. You call me with your plan, but I need more. I can’t just straight out kill the fucking bitch. I need to do some extreme torture to get me going. 

I break into your house and drag you both into the basement. I wink at you and she is too terrified to even notice. I know she hates Asians and in her fear, she still manages to call me a Chink in her trembling voice. I make her dress in tight latex and she looks fucking ridiculous. I call her names, slap her, and grab her ugly tits. I pierce her nipples as she begs me to stop.

You’re wearing my panties and riding up and down on your dildo. I make the cunt watch you. She has spoiled herself and is now vomiting. What a useless pig she is. I shove dildos in both her holes. She screams in pain. I guess those holes hadn’t been used in ages.

I start up the chainsaw and begin cutting her limbs off. Fuck, there is a lot of blood. I am covered in it. Next comes her legs. I have to work fast now as I don’t want her to bleed out. She is losing so much blood and I see her eyes rolling back in her head. I finally show some mercy and make her suck on my gun for a bit. Then I blow her fucking head off.

Fuck, that was fun. Have a mom you can’t stand?  Let’s play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Guess What I Am Hunting For This Easter

  No hunting for Easter eggs this year, but I know just what I want to hunt for! We still have a house full because no one can go home. Lucky for this horny little bunny, it’s mostly men.

I was teasing all my brother’s friends and asking who had the biggest dick? A girl needs to know such important facts. I was on my knees telling them to all whip it out when I heard my Uncle’s voice. He is sort of sexy in a rough carny worker sort of way. He made all the boys go upstairs and told me we needed to have a talk.  

He is sort of intimidating, but to me that’s super HOT!!  He was talking but I was so busy staring at his huge bulge that all I really heard was”Delaney”  and then just odd sounds. Why would I be listening when a huge cock was right beside me? I explained to him how bored I was, and how horny I was. Before I could finish, he was pulling up my skirt. I tried to act like this wasn’t going to happen but then there was the huge cock, sexy Uncle, horny me thing. You can’t blame a girl.

Phone sex Uncle grabbed me by my bunny ears and pushed me on to my knees. All I could do was stare at the big bulge. I unzipped him and began sucking his big cock. My pussy was gushing. Then I heard another voice. It was phone sex Daddy asking what the hell we were doing? I can handle this situation. The more the merrier!

Happy Easter From Your Naughty Little Bunny


Written By: Delaney
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Cheating Husbands Have Orgy With Beach Girls

It rained all weekend, and it could have sucked for three older married guys.

They drove down to the Gulf for the weekend to go fishing. Leaving their wives at home and hoping for a stretch of good weather. While they arrived, their fishing guide said it was too rough out there. They got a refund on their deposit but had nothing to do since the football season is over. The guys had a few beers and watched it rain at a beach side bar. That is where my roommates and I met them at the bar, next to our condo. 

The men wanted to flirt with young, hot girls, so they bought us drinks. They were charming and in the mood to play with wild party girls. My roommates and I invited them to our place. I gave them a wink and let them know that our condo was next door. One of the guys was reluctant. I could see the way he was looking at his wedding ring; he was feeling guilt. I got up out of my chair and sat down in his lap. He confessed that he had a daughter my age. I reminded him that I was not his daughter as I rubbed his hard cock in his jeans. 

His buddies were eager to party, but he was hesitant. With a caress to his neck and kiss to lips, I told him that none of them should be driving, after all that beer. I seduced him by showing him my pussy was wet, tight, and steamy. I guided his fingers under my skirt and my thong. With a few more dirty words, he was hot and ready to fuck my roommates and me. The six of us ended up having kinky sex, an orgy in our living room. 

Beach girls really know how to party! 


 Written By: Tara
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Hot Intern Phone Sex

I just finished an internship where I was scheduled to work nights at one of the big Miami Beach hotels.

Since the five start hotel caters to party people, providing customer service in the middle of the night is constant.

The other members of the front desk staff and I worked our asses off tending to the guests every request. We worked hard all night long. Come 7 am, when our shifts ended, one would think we would be exhausted and ready for our beds.

Feeling wired from drinking coffee and adrenaline, I needed to relax and have some fun. I wanted to get away from tourists. Although it was morning, I wanted a cocktail. Instead of breakfast, I wanted a burger and a drink. There is a little bar, close to my place, that caters to locals instead of tourists. They have a Happy Hour at 7 to 9 am with drink specials and good but cheap food.

I would go there often and pick up a hottie who was as tired, wired, and horny as me. After working and watching people party all night, I need a hot guy to fuck me hard. There did not need to be a lot of flirting and a long seduction scene. We both wanted the same thing. My pussy craved rough, hot sex.

Now my internship is over, so every hour is Happy Hour! 

Isn’t that what you want? A naughty girl like me who craves hot sex! I am a girl who never says “no” to a hot, hard cock. Are you hot and horny too?  Too much work and not enough play? Give me a call, and I will rock your world. 


Written By: Isabelle
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It Happened One Night

My stepson was home from college for the weekend. When he went to get into his car, the “check engine” light was on. I didn’t feel safe with him driving in his car. He assured me that it had been like that for weeks. I rolled my eyes, as any stepmom would, and told him to pack up my Jeep. I was taking him back to school. Since it is a long drive, I would spend the night. There were lots of hotels since it was a college town. My husband had an early morning meeting in the city, so he would not be joining us.

On the way, we had a great conversation. We compared illicit college stories, and we both agreed that college was a lot more fun in the late ’80s. I let him drive my car, and it was relaxing to be a passenger in my car. I took my heels off, pulled up my skirt, and put my feet on the dashboard.

I was enjoying his company and felt close to him. With only an hour left of the trip, I booked a hotel room. He gave me a couple of recommendations of hotels near campus, but they were booked or didn’t have a pool. I threw my bikini into my bag and wanted to go for a swim tonight. My hotel was on the outskirts of town. When I mentioned swimming, he thought that sounded fun. My stepson suggested that we check me into my hotel, and we go for a swim. He joked that his boxers looked enough like swim trunks.

He had never enjoyed swimming with me at the lake, so it was surprising that he wanted to go for a swim. He drove us to my hotel, which was right off the interstate. He carried my bag, and I got all checked in. We went straight to the pool instead of going to the room. The pool was empty. He took off his shirt and jeans, then drove right in at the deep end. I was feeling very playful, so I took off my dress and swam in my bra and panties.

As we were playfully flirting, we were turning on each other. We ended up fucking in the corner of the pool. It was quick but hot. After the swim, we went up to the room and fucked again and again. Wonderful young, long cock pounding my hot tight, mature pussy.

If you enjoy older woman/younger guy calls, we need to play soon!



Written By: Mrs. Robinson
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Give Me Your Heart

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day and there is something I must have from you. I want your heart. Feel my soft but strong hands on your chest as I feel your heart beat. As I slide onto your cock with my warm, wet cunt I feel your heart beat even faster. Do not have a heart attack, I want you alive till I am done fucking you. I ride you faster, as my tight cunt grabs your dick. The thought of death makes sex so much better. Imagine this is your last time. I know you assume this is fantasy, and that we are role playing. You can’t imagine such an angel faced girl would tear out your heart. At least, not in the physical sense. 

With one last thrust, you grunt and cum inside me. You reach for me to kiss my soft lips. I bite yours and I bite hard. A bit of blood trickles down, and I lick it off. I am ready for more. You are hard again, and I allow you my pale lovely ass. It is Valentine’s Day and I want it all from you before we’re done. You cum yet again, with another loud guttural moan. 

I smile and press my hand harder on your chest. I whisper in your ear that this will hurt, but not for long. My long red fingernails are gripping your chest now. I lower myself back down onto your still rock hard cock. Just as I cum, I rip out your heart. 

May all your Valentine’s Day nightmares come true.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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