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All Yours


Maybe you don’t realize how much my hot, young cunt aches for you.  How wet I get when I think about you and the way you touch me. My mouth always waters when I think of your rock hard dick sliding in my mouth going balls deep on you. I drool and lick it up then suck your mushroom head while I stroke your shaft.

I am your submissive slut that will do absolutely anything to get you off, and I mean anything. 

You can take me rough and pull my hair while you slam my pussy. Fuck my tight, puckered hole then make me go ass to mouth. I want nothing more than to please you because I want that creamy surprise at the end.

I’m all yours to do whatever you wish to…



Written By: Andie
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Taking My Innocence Away

My older neighbor always checks me out. He watches me undress through his blinds late at night. I see him stroking his cock as he watches me get naked.

One night I was coming home from a party and he was outside. He walked over to me and told me what slut I looked like, and I needed to have a real man to show me how to use my body. He also said those teenage boys don’t know how to pleasure me. I walked away from him and he grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth and dragged me to his basement.

He chained me up and used me as his sex slave. He raped me repeatedly over and over in every hole I had. He left me there with his cum, piss, and salvia all over my body.

He took my innocence away! He used my young body for his sexual pleasures. He couldn’t believe how tight my holes were and that made him cum back for more and more!

Since then, I have turned into a cum guzzling whore. My innocence has been thrown right out the window and I’m always on the prowl for someone to treat me like a slut. 


Written By: Reese
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Your Partner In Crime

You have a little crush on a girl that works in your office. She’s such a little goody-two-shoes, but you need a little help bringing her around to you the dark side. So, of course, you call your favorite little accomplice, Raylin. You know if anyone can turn her around and get her addicted to your cock, it’s me.

You keep her after work late one night. When she comes in, she sees me sitting there on your desk, a naughty smile on my face. I walk right over to her, grabbing her hair, forcing her to her knees. It’s time for the fun to begin.

I see that wicked smile of yours that I love as I lead her over to you by her hair. She’s a little scared and confused, but who cares? I pull her up to her knees and put my fingers in her mouth. You take your fat cock out and start shoving it in and out of her mouth. My fingers go down between her legs and play with her little pussy while you fuck her mouth. She fights a little, but soon gives up.

Now she’s all ours.

I bring her to her feet and bend her over your desk. I get her skirt and panties out of the way for you. While you shove your dick inside, I put her face right in my pussy. We both use her together. I pull your head to mine and let my tongue tangle with yours as we work her over.

You give her a nice creamy load in her pussy and I give her face a cum bath. We use her until we get tired of her, then take her home and dump her out in her front yard. I love the work we do together.


Written By: Raylin
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Playing Hard To Get

It’s common knowledge that I’m a cock whore. I love men, I love cock, and I love being fucked. But there is something so very sexy with not giving it up and quickly as I would like to.

I like taking my time and letting men work for it. It’s especially fun when it’s with someone that doesn’t really know me. I can act as innocent as I want and they never know the difference. They want in my panties so bad and do anything to have just a little taste. Every time they suggest any little sexual thing, I act like I’m so embarrassed. They eat it up and try even harder.

When it comes time to get naughty, I put up a little bit of a fight. Holy fuck! They turn into animals. I find myself pinned to the bed and getting the pounding of my dreams. It’s hard to act like I’m not enjoying it, it feels so good. I just whimper a little and they just fuck me harder. I “beg” them not to cum inside of me and I get my pussy filled to the limit!
Being a good time girl is fun, but playing the innocent can be fun too. I get everything I want, and a little extra.



 Written By: Ginger
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Ready to Serve!

I’m your very submissive slut who is willing to do anything for you. I can take orders very well and my tiny holes will never turn down anything you have to offer.

I like a strong, father figure type to keep me in line and I like dedicating my time to making you happy. You own my submissive little body and I wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t abuse it.

I am ready to serve you and your every wish is my command. Please be rough with me, my pussy squirts at the thought of your strong forceful hands groping my tiny, Asian body.

Ready to Serve

Written By: Miyoung
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You Can’t Fix Crazy

But, you can having amazing sex with it! I am all about lovin, and fucking Mr. J.  He is my fucking everything! Trust me, my alone time with him is for everyone’s safety. Sometimes a girl just needs a hot, violent, and crazy fuck.

Now where is he?

I finally find him, and he is in an alley way talking shit with The Riddler.  I have needs, and have no time for boys games. I kick The Riddler in his huge balls, and he runs off like a pussy.

Mr. J suggests we go to his warehouse, but I am ready now. I want it right here in the alley. He pulls me to the ground by my pigtails. No other man would ever get away with that. Fuck, his dick is just so good. You know, some of the best moments in life you just can’t tell anyone else about. Sex with Mr. J is one of those moments.

He rips off my top, then my skirt. He grabs my thong, and rips it off. My hands are against the alley way wall, as we violently fuck. We finish and I need to run off.

Keep crazy and Kiss your Puddin”   xx Harley



Written By: Harley
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Fetish Sex Club

I am easily tempted by kinky things that are forbidden or considered taboo by some people. I am drawn to fetish groups and underground sex clubs, where any sexual experience is available. I like to watch people exploring very obscure fetishes. Something for everyone no matter how unusual the desire. You got to be pretty open-minded for an orgy room or domination dungeon, but you might find some of the fetish rooms mind-blowing.

I might make your dick limp if I told you most crazy thing that I have seen there. All I will say is that it was beyond crazy. I think it is wonderful though, that we all have different vices.

I would love to help explore your secret fantasy.


Written By: Isabelle
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I Can’t Get Enough

Have you ever been so addicted to someone that you can deny them nothing? I’m addicted to a man. A man that feeds a craving inside me that no else can touch.

He calls me his little slut, and it’s so very true. Any issue that I have disappears when he calls to me, ordering me to serve. He knows that I’ll never say no, that I’ll always give in because I can’t fight my addiction to him. He takes my body and uses it for his pleasure, and all I can do is beg for more.

He is a deviant man that isn’t afraid to make a mess of my pretty face. I take his cock, his fingers, his spit, and his cum. The more he gives, the more I want.

My reward for being so obedient is the shift of power that he allows. He allows me to bend him over and take him, forcing my long, thick dildo inside of him. Making him my bitch. As much as I love to serve him, I love dominating him.

Whether I am his whore or he is mine, I can’t get enough and I am always left wanting more.


Written By: Charlotte
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Can You Make Me Gag?

If you’ve ever done a call with me, you know that I’m one slut that loves to choke on a big dick. There nothing quite like a big, thick meaty pole being shoved down your throat. Small cocks just won’t do. It has to be huge.

I’ll get on my knees in front of you and put my hands behind my back. I want you to have all the control. Don’t worry about being gentle with me, I want a good throat pounding. Shove it in deep and hold it there until my face starts to turn red and my eyes begin to water. When you roughly push my head away, I get to slurp up those shiny strings of spit that are wrapped around your cock. If it’s not sloppy and messy, I’m not doing it right.

I’m working for the ultimate reward, a tummy full of creamy jizz. Back in it goes, fucking my mouth hard and deep. Don’t you love those gagging sounds I make? When you finally shove it in deep and pump your load down my throat, my lips are nice and swollen around your shaft.

Fuck.. I need a cock to make me gag and moan. Is yours available?



Written By: Teagan
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You Can’t Resist My Ass

Have you ever seen an ass as perfect as mine? It’s so plump and fuckable. I know you want to touch it, squeeze it, and spank it. You don’t have to be gentle. I want you to use it.

Bend me over the couch. I’ll reach behind and spread those beautiful cheeks for you. I love to feel your tongue lapping at my little pucker.

Can you hear my moans as you force your tongue inside? I can’t get enough. I push back against your tongue, shoving it even deeper inside. Your fingers make their way inside, gaping that hole, getting it ready for your cock.

My ass parts for you as the head of your cock works it’s way in. Your hands grab handfuls of my juicy ass as you pump inside, harder and harder. You know just how I love to have my ass fucked and you show me no mercy. Your balls slap against my clit as you pound me, making me scream.

I look over my shoulder, daring you to fuck me harder. Your hand grabs my hair as the fucking turns brutal and rough. In and out your dick goes as I try to hold on. You pull your cock from my ass, shooting cum all over my back.
I knew you couldn’t resist this ass.


Written By: Abby
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