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Santa’s Naughty List

Who is with me this year on making the naughty list?  This year was so fucked, but I still managed to make it to the top of Santa’s naughty list. I am very fucking good at being so very fucking bad. I tried to social distance but my cunt needs to be filled with lots of strange cock. 

I’ve been bringing men home and sneaking them in to hide it from my boring roomies. Last night we got a bit loud. Stacy was the only one here, as the others went home for the holidays. She kept banging on my door and it was really distracting me. I thought maybe if she had some fun with us, she would shut the fuck up.

  I knocked on her door telling her I had her favorite drink, Eggnog. Fucking gross!  I added a little surprise pill to help us loosen her up.  Before long, she was begging to be fucked by my hookups huge black cock. Things got a little rough, and she sort of banged her head.  Tyrone was in a mood and he pissed all over her face to try and wake her up. Nope, out fucking cold.

Well fuck!! What do we do now?  I texted some of my men friends to see if they wanted to have some fun. No one really likes her, but she is sort of hot in a librarian sort of way. About 20 showed up, and we set up the cameras. This is going to be nasty fucking fun. 

Want to know what happened once we got started?  Call me, and let’s have some nasty fun.


Written By: Harley
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Hot Sex, Cocktails and Holiday Cheer Miami Style

Sometimes you have to find a hot babe and let her rock her world! 2020 has been a rough year, and nothing seems normal this holiday season. We have to get very creative to make things sexy and fun. ‘Tis the season to get naughty and naked but find a way to stay safe.

My roommates and I have been following all the social distancing rules instead of hitting the hottest clubs in town. There will be no hot Latin bartender or BBC bouncer to bring back to my place for an after-hours sex party! My pussy craves a big, hot cock, and I am not alone. They’re so many hot girls in my building, especially my sexy roommates. Girls get cranky when not getting fucked enough!

The other night, it was time for my roommates and me to do laundry. There were a bunch of very sexy guys in the laundry room too. Everyone was in a rather foul mood, so it was pretty quiet. That is until this blonde girl came in dripping wet wearing only a t-shirt. She is fucking the night security guard, and he opened up the rooftop pool for us. All of us girls stopped doing laundry and texted all the hot guys in the building to join us on the roof and bring cocktails! Want to learn more about the holiday party?

The thing I miss most this holiday season is finding that hot guy and hooking up after drinking cocktails. Let’s you, and I hook up! Phone sex is intense, and I will have your hard cock dripping before we cum together!


Written By: Isabelle
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Taking Your Bad Day Out On My Holes

You came home from work a little frustrated. You’re usually pretty tender with me, but I could tell it wouldn’t be that kind of night.

We had a nice dinner and watched some tv. As I was sitting next to you, I could feel the tension building. I turned to say something to you and your hand was already on the back of my head, twisting my hair. I found myself bent over the arm of the couch, my panties being ripped away. I started to resist, but your tongue found my pussy and all the words left my mouth.

You buried your face in my ass and gave my pussy a delicious tongue fucking. I came over and over against your mouth. I heard a growl come from your throat as you moved over me. Your hand fisted in my hair again as you rammed inside me. You fucked me so hard, my face was only inches from the floor. I had no other option but to take it. You had me trapped.

After cumming more times than I could count, I felt myself being jerked up by my hair. You flipped me around and straddled me. You looked down and demanded that I finish you. I wrapped both hands around your dripping cock and jacked you off right on my face. I could feel your body relax instantly. My sweet man was back, for now.


 Written By: Amber
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Spend a Depraved Halloween With Ivy

To me, every day is Halloween. When you do something every day you become rather fucking excellent at it.  There is no angel on one shoulder and devil on the other. With me, it is pure devil. Not that anything about me is pure.

What do you get when you call me? You get a depraved, twisted, filthy, deviant, extreme session. One that you will never forget, and possibly hate yourself in the morning for your thoughts.

You arrive at my house. It’s dark, and almost looks like there is no one home. You can hear music, screams and sobbing. You wonder if you even have the right place. It sounds like no party you’ve ever attended. You’re scared, yet titillated at the same time. I invite you in, and show you to the party favors. You decline at first wanting to keep your wits about you, but then decide to live for just once.

I take you down a dark stairway to my basement. The sounds are getting much louder. We walk past some dancers, but they’re not for you. They are too old for your taste. Tastes you’ve kept hidden for so long. I take you to the toy room. The live dolls are dressed in many styles to fit your pedo desires. Some are dressed like me, some as schoolgirls, some as cheerleaders and so on. You’re interested, but in that room the girls are rather mundane.

There is another room, but it seems very quiet. You’re curious so I take you in there. You can’t believe what you see. In your wildest dreams you never thought you would or could go there, but you are. I tell you to take your pick. You are shaking, and turn around to leave. You can’t do this. You stand at the doorway. You turn around, and pick your girl. I smile, and begin to touch my dripping cunt. Nothing gets me more excited than taking someone to the dark side.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Mean Girls Burn Especially On Halloween

       Guess who the fuck is coming over for my Halloween party? You are going to just love this. It is the boring fat bitch who always tries to be friends with us. Remember on your birthday you fucked her and she oinked like a pig? 

I have a devious and twisted plan for Halloween night. Don’t I always? I am going to tell her you will be there and really want to see her. I will even tell her you have a thing for her. I’m telling her to dress in a sexy, latex nurse uniform. Imagine all the fat rolls in that? I’m going to have lots of food and you know she won’t be able to resist. I’m even going to tell her I have a girl crush on her and just can’t wait to sink my lips into all that fat.

When you arrive, she is giving me a lap dance. Well, at least attempting too.  You act so impressed by her. You also leave my front door open. You tell her how perfect she is and suggest she eat a little more. You squeeze her fat rolls and slowly undress her. I’m trying not to laugh as you roll your eyes when you look my way. You’re fucking her fat ass face when we hear the laughter. 

10 more of my friends have shown up for the party. They guys make remarks about how hot she is and they wish they could have a turn. I talk her into letting them gang bang her fat ass. She hesitates but knows if she wants to be friends with mean girls she has no choice. We’re laughing and drinking as we listen to her making pig sounds. 

This Halloween party with Harley and her mean friends.



Written By: Harley
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A Dark, Quiet Hotel


   It began as a rather boring night. My hotel is usually packed with Halloween parties, but not this year.  It was just me at reception, and a few of the staff. No room service, but when asked nicely, I will help our guest with their needs.

We had a handful of people with reservations due to arrive soon. It was storming out, and the lights were flickering. After our last quests checked in, I locked us in for the night and went to my room. 

I was just about to enjoy a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine when the lights went out. I lite some candles and got in the tub. My cell was by my side in case any of the guests needed me. I was toweling off when a frantic guest called me.

I dressed and went to find him. I was very confused since as far as I knew there was no guest in room 333. I knocked with no answer. I knocked yet again, then let myself in. Still no one. 

I could see what the problem might be. The sheets on his bed looked horrible. Gray with red streaks. What in the world? I grabbed some clean ones and began changing his sheets. I thought I heard someone there. There was no one in the room but me. Then I felt hands on my body, as my face was pushed into the mattress. I was getting rather annoyed. I was getting a very needed hard, hot fucking but with whom? Whenever I would turn to look, there was no one there. He pounded me till I could barely walk. It was one of the best fucks I have ever had.

I woke up in room 333 alone. I was sore, wet, and cum was dripping from all my holes. The lights were back on. I went to my room to clean up before going to reception.  I checked the books, inquired about the man in 333.  Much to my surprise, I was told there was no room 333.

No Halloween plans? Spend it with me, and give me the ghost fuck of my life. 


Written By: Valentina
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Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Big To Eat


All the Halloween parties have been canceled. I am so sad as I just want to dress up and have some fun. My older cousin told me not to worry because he and his older friends have something planned. He explained it will be at a secret location and I would have to be blindfolded. This is sounding exciting!  

     I picked out a sexy but scary costume and got ready for him to pick me up. Once we were in the car, he put a blindfold on me and we were off. He gave me a few shots to get me in the spirit. I never need anything to get me into the spirit of anything fun. We drove for awhile and he seemed to be making a lot of turns. Where were we going?

We finally arrived and Cousin James helped me in. I could hear music, laughing and basic party sounds. This is going to be so much fucking fun. Funny thing was I only heard guys. I can live with that!  More cock for me. 

I began to finally remove my blindfold, but James stopped me. He said he had a big surprise for me. I love big things, I mean surprises.  He took me downstairs, the voices were even louder. He finally removed my blindfold and there was so many men. They had on Halloween masks, but I could recognize some of them by their voice and bodies. As far as I could tell, my whole phone sex family was there. Daddy, uncles, cousins, and even my gramps. What sort of weird party is this?

Suddenly hands were all over me, ripping at my costume till I was naked. They were in a line which went out the door. As soon as one was finished, another pushed into one of my tight, underage, fuckholes. I love fucking, but I sort of was in the mood to dance, drink and party.

By the end of the night, I was covered in jizz. It wasn’t the Halloween I was used too, but I had a fucking blast with my family.



Written By: Delaney
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When A Hot Fetish Chick Asks You Out On Halloween

                    Aren’t you the lucky little fucker.  You were asked out by a fetish chick. You can’t believe your incredible luck. You have tried for years, and I always say “fuck no”. 

You’re feeling pretty fucking proud of yourself. You buy new clothes, get a fleek haircut, and you ask my friends where you should take me. They tell you I love romantic kid friendly restaurants with no booze. My friends are so evil, and you’re so gullible. 

                     You arrive at my house with flowers and candy. Candy? You bring me candy? You’re confused because I’m not dressed to go out. You think maybe you have the wrong night. Then you get this glimmer of hope that I’m dressed for a night in with you. What did one of your friends say? They made a joke about never going out with a hot, unusual chick on Halloween because you might end up a sacrifice. You laugh, and you’re feeling pretty happy with yourself. A hot chick, lingerie and a night in. That has to mean sex. You’re now strutting around and feeling super proud. 

          We go into a dark room lite with black candles.  There’s plastic on the hardwood floor. I tell you it’s for when I do body painting. You’re intrigued when I demand you strip. You wonder if I’m going to paint you, fuck you or both. You mention that my painting supplies look dangerous. You nervously laugh. I shed my clothes. With my painting tool in my hand, I mount you.  You can’t believe this. No foreplay? Just hot, wild fucking? My eyes go wild, they’re red and glowing. You see I am holding a knife, not a painting tool. Your heart is beating so fast, you feel my hot cunt grab your cock as I cum.  The blade is sharp, cold and scary. You assume it’s a Halloween joke. I slash your throat, and bathe in your hot, deep red blood.

          If a hot fetish chick asks you out on Halloween, you can be sure you’re a blood sacrifice. Happy Murder Day. 


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Too Mysterious Men and A Dark Night

   Most people when they associate Halloween with hospitals get a very creepy feeling. That is what many scary movies go for. A killer loose in a hospital doing who knows what. Not me, I find Halloween very sexy and so much fun. 

I volunteer at a small, old downtown hospital. During the day, I’m all sweetness and light, but once the kids are sleeping, it’s my turn to bring fun to all the people stuck in the hospital. Men and women alike, of course. 

There was a lovely young couple in the first room I visited. It was the husband’s birthday, but he was stuck in bed with a broken leg. The pain pills made him very talkative, and said just what was on his mind. He mentioned he always wanted to see his young wife with a hot older woman. That would be quite the treat for me.

While she sat in the chair, I gave her a slow lap dance. By the sounds of the husband’s breathing, he was really enjoying the show. 

I helped him to the chair and she sat on the bed. She was a little shy, but my hands, hot mouth and dildo had her begging for more. I coaxed her to give her hot, young husband a blow job while I watched. 

  When she was done, I told them to have a lovely night, grabbed my leather bag , and went to see who else needed my assistance. I went into the hallway and the lights flickered. “Oh no, this could be very bad”. I felt a hot breath on my neck, and a hand covered my mouth. I was dragged into a dark, empty hospital room.

There were two men, and by the look in their steel blue, cold eyes they were about to have me for dinner. I could tell that wasn’t the only thing like steel. There was nothing I could do to break free, so I might as well enjoy it. I came so many times that I passed out. I woke up to bite marks, a few bruises, a sore but satisfied pussy and no real memory of that night.

Do you have a sexy fantasy for Halloween that you would like to give a try?  Don’t be shy, spill it all. 


Written By: Suzanne
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Putting Me in My Place

Sometimes I need a strong, white man to put me in my place. There’s one man in particular who really knows how to use a black slut like me. He treats me like a useless hole for his dick and that’s exactly how it should be. He calls me names and slaps me around when I don’t respond as a black whore should. I get punished with a big white cock tearing my ass apart.

Sometimes he’ll bring in a white woman to help him use me the way I should be used. He’ll allow me to turn the tables on the white bitch he brings with him. I can use her and call her names, but I still have to call her ma’am because she’s a perfect white woman.

I’m a good little slave and take all of his white cum, even if I have to suck it out of his white bitch’s ass. When he finally gives me his final load, I feel like a proud little black slut for making his white dick happy. I love being a slave to white cock.



Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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