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Vacation Sex

You and I are so hot together. Time and space seem to not exist outside of our little bubble. Everything is erotic and exciting. We seem to connect on so many different levels. We fantasize and we fuck! We make plans to play again. 

Meet me while my family and I are at the beach. I set up an 8 hour fishing for my family so that I can have some time for some naughty fun.  I send you a text when the coast is clear. You meet me on the beach for a little rendezvous. We hold hands and walk on the beach. You admire my curves in my new bikini.

You pull me into a hidden cove surrounded by palm trees. You cannot wait one second longer to get your hands on my tits.You have been dying to get your hands on my tits for so long. You think they are perfect.I slip my hand inside your shorts and stroke your hard cock. Things quickly become very passionate. We stop before we get arrested. 

 We walk back to my vacation condo and stop at the pool bar for a drink. I find you charming and sexy. Flirting and dirty talk is part of the foreplay for us. We start kissing at the bar. I get a look from the one of the staff. She knows that you are not my husband, but I don’t care. I feel so good and happy. After our drinks and foreplay, I want you naked. We need to get upstairs so we can get down and dirty. You know how I like it! 

Once upstairs, you pull off my bikini top and rub my pussy through the fabric of my bikini bottom. I get you out of your short, and I give you a slow and sexy blow job. I feel your cock growing in my mouth. I look up at you, and you grab a fistful of my kinky blonde hair. You watch me slip out of my bikini bottom. You go down on me, and I cum. 

We spend the next few hours together fucking. So many different positions! There is nothing hotter than a hot and horny housewife in need of some erotic vacation sex. 

Hot New Guy In Town

You are the hot new guy in town. All the ladies are talking about you and flirting with you. You are a sexy bad boy, strong, muscular, mysterious, a man of few words. Rumor has it that you have a great cock and are single.

I spot you at the post office. You are filling out your forwarding address paperwork. Everyone is staring. You are captivating and charming, but rugged and manly. I mail my package and hang back watching and waiting for you. You finish your business at the counter. As you walk past me, you nod and put your sunglasses on. I follow behind you and watch you hop on your motorcycle. Damn, you are hot!

Lucky for me, you turn right out of the parking lot which is the same direction that I need to travel. Maybe I can follow you. I am an only a couple of cars behind you at the first red light. My pussy is throbbing from the excitement. I have never stalked a guy before now. I almost lose you at the next light, but I hurry through the yellow light.

There is quite a bit of traffic as we get closer to the mall, but I manage to keep you in my sight. You drive past my building, but I decide to keep following you. I tell myself just five more minutes. You turn right, so I turn right. I follow you into my favorite fish market. I sit in my car for few minutes and touch up my makeup. I walk inside and realize that you are there for an interview. You are talking with the owner behind the counter. The owner is the only one there today. He greets me with a friendly smile and tells me all about the special of the day. I point to you. I tell the owner that I want you. Did I just make you blush? The owner realizes that you would be great for business. Every lady in town will make extra trips to his fish market just to get a glimpse of you. The owner sees the excitement in my eyes and hires you on a trial basis. You can start right away. I can be your first customer. He goes into the back of the shop.

You smile at me. You ask if you just saw me at the post office. I admit that I followed you here, but I live close and stop here a couple of times a week. I am so turned on. I want to run my hands all over your chest. You are hot, and I want you. In my fantasy, we fuck right here and now. I suck your cock as you look down at me with your smoldering bedroom eyes. You bend me over the counter and fuck me. Well, a fish market is a horrible place for sex, and you just got hired. The reality would not quite be as sexy as my fantasy.

When you ask me what I would like, I order Gulf shrimp and invite you to my place for dinner tonight. I give you a kiss and tell you that I can’t wait to get you naked.


Making Of A Snuff Porn

malayaI love to travel and spend as little time home as possible. I have several jobs and can take all of them on the road. I usually hire a house-sitter and have cams all over the loft to make sure she is doing as she should and to make a bit of extra cash selling her to the many pervs I know.

After a night of hitting some dark sleazy bars and doing a few lines, an idea came to me. A wicked, profitable idea at that. I arranged for one of my new “friends” to attack her on cam. Evil? You might say but your evil is my profitable. It was a long drive so after a night of partying I sent them off. I got some sleep, showered, had some dinner and got ready to watch the show. My house sitter was young, adorable and from our late night talks a fucking virgin.

This cam footage will go for quite a bit if I even decide to sell. I know with the men I hired it will be quite a show. My sweet twat is already gushing at the thought of what they will do to her. This is going to make the move I Spit On Your Grave look like a G rated comedy.

Now, time to do some more lines, let in my company for the night and watch.

Maleficent Malaya
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Beg For Mercy Little Bitch


IVY You have this weird fondness for blonde Cheerleaders but you know I can’t stand the sight of those dumb little bitches. You ask me for a huge favor, and you know nothing with me comes for free. At first you tell me you just want me to invite a few over and claim it is a party. If nothing else you know they love partying with older goth chicks. A party at my house is always something to gossip with their insipid friends about. 

You watch from the window as three tiny, blonde underage girls arrive. They are loud and giggly..I fucking hate that.  You make yourself scarce as you know they don’t like you very much. They ask me when more people are arriving and I tell them they are early so have some absinthe. They giggle since they know about absinthe from the Twilight movies they have seen. ROLFLMFAO. After a few drinks I explain that no one else is coming. With your help I change them into fishnets, pvc and Demonia boots. They look like little whores by the time I am done.

I was under the impression you wanted to fuck them, but you don’t. Your revenge is outright brutal! They are pretty high at this point and I shoot speedballs into their tender virgin veins. A waste of drugs in my opinion, but you are paying so fuck it. One is crying and begging to go home, the other two are too high to care. 

What you want next is so sick and I fucking adore you for it. We tell the little sluts to decide which one gets the fuck beat out of her and raped with implements.  We promise the other two they can leave when they are done. You sit in the chair watching, stroking your p-cock. Soon the smallest is down on the ground with her ‘friends” cutting off her clothes. The rape her with a spiked baseball bat and a broken bottle. Group mentality has taken hold, or maybe it is the drugs and after raping her to her cries for mercy they begin to stomp her with the boots I put on them.

You get up from the chair and practically have to pull the girls away. You cum all over the one of the ground and piss in her face. The two friends are cheering….They better not get to comfortable in their surroundings as we kind of lied about letting them go free.

                Poison Ivy

IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Gang Bang Phone Sex

It is a holiday weekend. The beach and my favorite beach bars are going to be full of tourists and visitors. I need to get away from it all and have some nasty fun!

I head to the local biker bar. Before long I have an invitation to get away from the beach to spend the weekend with a bikers’ club. These weekend warriors know how to party like there is no tomorrow. The beer is cold, my pussy is hot, and their dicks are long. Sounds like the perfect way for me to kick off a holiday weekend.

I don’t need fireworks for a good “bang.” I got a club of bikers, all who enjoy sharing me. All who want to give me a hot fuck. These boys are hardcore! I let me all cum in me. All that wet cum dripping from my pussy from a wonderful gang bang. Care to join the gang?

Teasing Tara
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Dominated At The Library

You and a group of your buddies are sitting at a table in the school library. You have a group project due in a week. The research needs to be gathered at the library instead of the internet. I am the strict and stern librarian. I tolerate no nonsense. You will suffer severe consequences for misbehaving in my library. 

I catch you laughing and being mischievous. I grab you by the collar and take you to my office. I threaten to have you have you banned from the library which will cause you to fail the course. You beg for mercy and promise to do anything for me.

I don’t take pity on you. Actually, you being banned from the library would be a gentler punishment than the one I have in mind for you. I tell you to leave now and come back to the library at Midnight where you will be punished, abused and used by my dominate girlfriends.  You have a tough choice to make. Be banned and fail, OR you will be turned into a submissive little bitch boy. I will blindfold you and tie you down. You will serve every Mistress in the room. You will experience physical pain and humiliation. Your ass will be mine!

Mistress Koko 

Bikini On Babysitter

You need someone to watch the kids while you are at work during the day. You hire me, the girl next door, to be your babysitter. It works great for me. I can still party with my friends at night, and I can make some good money this summer. The best thing about babysitting at your house is your backyard pool. The kids and I spend most afternoons swimming. I am getting some sweet tan lines.

Today, it is a rainy day. I put on a movie for the kids, and they all fall asleep on the floor. The sun has emerged. There is a break in the rain, so I slip into my bikini. I head out to the pool area. I decide to clean the pool while the kids are sleeping. When they wake up, they will probably want to go for a swim. Last night’s storm blew a ton of leaves into the pool. I grab the net and start cleaning.

You decide to take the afternoon off. When you get home, you find me bending over the pool and stretching to reach as far as I can. My ass is pointed right at you. You like what you see, so you walk up behind me and pull down my bikini bottom. You kiss my neck and squeeze my little titties. You give me a hard fuck from behind. Your mature cock in my super tight pussy! I really like all the benefits of this summer babysitting job!



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Piercing My New Slave

I have been training a new slave for several months. He is progressing quite well. He has been tortured and whipped. He is trained to submit to my commands, to worship my body, and to serve my every need and desire. I have tested his obedience and devotion. Recently, I rewarded him. I placed a collar around his neck. He wears it with pride. Now, it is time to take it to that next step.

Yesterday, I had a lavish ceremony with a few of my most beautiful girlfriends. An enthusiastic audience adds to his humiliation. I pierced my slave’s nipples and his balls. I got excited when he winced in pain and begged for mercy. I own him. He is my property. A gold ring was placed in each of his nipples. I can attach a chain between his nipples and his balls. When he gets out of line, or just for my amusement, I will tug on that chain to inflict pain. Don’t feel too sorry for him. The pain causes an erection and his balls to flood with cum. I control his orgasms.

The piercings mark him and remind him that he is my property even when not in presence. He is my submissive, my slave, my property. The piercings are a symbol of our Mistress/slave relationship. A symbol similar to a wedding ring demonstrating our bond and commitment.

Mistress Koko

Rough sex For His Little Kitten

       Sometimes waiting for the special surprises my sugar daddy elle6-300x426brings home to me seems like an eternity. I never know if it will be lingerie, jewelry, plane tickets or my very favorite of them all….several hot and horny men for me too fuck.

Some men are greedy and want to keep you all to themselves but mine loves sharing me as much as I love gang bangs.  I always wait relaxing with a drink when he says it is “surprise time”. One time it was a beautiful fem/dom with a 10 inch strap-on.

       Last night it was 5 tall men who looked a bit rough around the edges. I knew right then I was in for a rough fuck. William sat down and made himself comfortable as he got ready to watch his trophy girl get all her beautiful holes pounded.   Sometimes I pretend to cry and beg them not to rape me. Lol, you know it just makes them fuck me harder. Want to join in and rape this beautiful blonde? I promise you will have the best fuck you can ever imagine.

                 Kinky Elle Kat

Hot Roommate Wanted

tara girl on girl
I rent a condo on the Gulf in Florida with two girlfriends. The location is perfect. Top floor, fantastic view. Rent is expensive, but when divided by three, affordable. One of my roommates is moving back to Miami with her boyfriend, so we are looking for a new roomie. So many girls want to live here. We want to make sure that the new girl will be a good fit for us. She needs to be wild, fun, sexy, and ready to join in the party at a moment’s notice.

Since there are so many girls that are interested in living here with us, there should be a contest. Let’s have all the interested candidates here for a party. The winner gets to take over the empty bedroom and live in one the best condos on the beach, with two hot girls and lots of hot guys around us. Since you enjoy hanging out here, why don’t you help be a judge? Always good to get a guy’s opinion.

The girl has got to be hot. She must be flirty and fun. She needs to understand that we have parties here, and we have sex on the balcony. No conservative girls will be seriously considered. The last thing that I want to do is live with a prudish girl. She must be uninhibited. Once we have it narrowed down, let’s have the final candidate join you and me in a threesome. She must rock both our worlds before we let her sub-let.