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Taking Control Of My Married Neighbor

I overheard my parents talking about how you’ve been having some marriage problems. You seem like you’ve been spending a lot of time out in the garage at your work bench. It’s been pretty hot watching you hustle around the garage with all of your power tools.

Since the weather is warming up, I decided to put on my little black skirt and walk my cute little southern butt on over to your house. You’ve been looking very lonely lately. I’m sure you could use some cheering up. When I see you so sad and vulnerable, it makes me want to take control of you. I want you to pick me up and swing me around the garage and set me right up on your work bench.

I tell you how to kiss and touch me. I’ll fill you in on what every woman needs from a man. Your eyes grow wide when I tear off my little black top exposing my teen tits.

Take my nipples in your mouth and tease them with your tongue. You’re going to make my whole body feel good. I slightly lift my butt off your workbench so you can remove my skirt. Now you’re getting the hang of it.

Slide right between my legs and make my pussy squirt. We have the entire day to ourselves before anyone gets home. Let’s make it a dirty one.


Written By: Josie
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Masturbation Show

The other day I couldn’t help but leave the curtains open for my hot married neighbor to watch me play with myself.

I laid on the bed and spread my soft, silky legs open and turned my vibrator on. It felt so naughty pleasuring myself, thinking about him watching me. I’ve always noticed him checking me out so I knew he could see what I was doing. I could only imagine how hard his married cock was watching that vibrator slide in and out of my wet, slippery pussy.

I spread my legs wider as I fucked myself, going deeper and faster. I thought about his pre-cum leaking out of his hard cock.

After this little masturbation show, I think soon I will have his married cock in my holes.



Written By: Autumn
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My Victoria’s Secret Order

There is a knock at my door. I answer it and there you are holding a package.

You ask if I am Isabelle. I say that I am. You explain that you signed for my package. You hand it to me. I realize that it is my Victoria Secrets order. I tell you, thanks.

You tease me. You would hate to be responsible for depriving a pretty girl of her lingerie. I smile and invite you in so we can get to know each other. I find you gorgeous and charming.

I pour you a cold drink, and invite you to sit outside with me. I am still holding the package. It’s driving me crazy. I really want to see what is inside.

I explain how anxious that I am to open the package from VS, and you encourage me to do so. I slip inside, leaving you alone on the patio.

I come back out wearing a super sexy bra and matching panties.  You like what you see. Now it’s my turn to tease you. I run my fingers over my bra making my nipples hard. I ask you should I keep this or send it back?

I climb into your lap and we start making out. We end up fucking right there on the patio.


Written By: Isabelle
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Spying On The Cute Neighbor Girl

You spy on me every chance you get. Today, you watch me get off the school bus. I stop and bend over to fix my shoe. Then, I open my backpack and rummage inside. I can’t find my house keys. I look around, trying to figure out what to do since I am locked out of my house until dinner time.

I look over at your house next door. You are standing in the window again. You were trying to look up my skirt when I was bent over with my butt pointed towards the sky. I am starting to get cold and my tits are starting to ache.

I walk right up to your front door and ring the bell. I explain that I forgot my house key and that I am locked out until my Mom comes home from work.

You, being a good neighbor, invite me inside. Once inside, I seduce you into giving me that load of cum that has been waiting for me ever since I reached puberty.



Written By: Miley
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See You Soon, Neighbor!

My door is always open and my bed is always warm. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a woman with many desires and I make sure I see them fulfilled. I love nothing more than fulfilling yours as well, and I savor every moment doing so. Your hot sex kitten next door is always ready to take care of your throbbing cock. And, you know that I will do all the things that she will never do.

I am not blind, I see that you look at me every chance you get. I know you’re a happily married man but something is defiantly missing in the bedroom. I will more than satisfy every aching desire you have and leave you wanting more.

Let’s have a secret rendezvous tonight! I know where she works, and I can make sure she’ll be calling you to tell you she needs to stay late. See you soon, neighbor!

Creamy Chloe



Written By: Chloe
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He Missed Out!

We have been neighbors for quite some time now. One night you hear a knock on your door. You’re shocked to see me over so late and have very little clothing on. I explain to you my boyfriend and I just broke up. You could tell by my tone in my voice that I was upset. I tell you how pissed I am because we were just getting ready to fuck when the argument started.

You look at me and tell me I am looking really sexy tonight. I look at you and suddenly I am seeing you in a whole new light.  You look so damn fuckable at the moment. I’m definitely not a shy girl. I look you right in your eyes and ask you if you want to fuck me? Apparently you’re not shy either because you grab me by the hand and lead me right to your bedroom. 

I strip off my clothes and we become very freaky neighbors in just a matter of seconds. We were fucking and sucking like dogs in heat. You gave me the banging that my pussy was craving. The only thing that could have made this better was for my now ex-boyfriend to have been here to see you fucking my pussy, he sure did miss out on a good fuck fest tonight!


 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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I’m Waiting For You!

I am waiting for you to explore a passionate night of naughty fun with me.  I am the neighborhood soccer Mom by day and your naughty neighbor by night.

It has been a long stressful day. All the household chores are done for the night. The family is upstairs sound asleep. I go outside and start to fill my hot tub. I head to the fridge and pour a glass of wine. I notice the light on in your office through the trees. I bring the glass to my lips and I start to crave your hands all over my naked body.

I climb into the hot tub and I take a very deep breath. I fight the urge to be bad but my desire for you is overpowering. I pick up the phone and call you. We flirt and I send you a naughty naked picture of me in the hot tub. 

You have to wait for your wife to go to bed.  You keep me waiting for you.  Finally, you sneak out of your house and into my backdoor for a night of hot sexy steamy sex.

Naughty Neighbor Jackie



Written By: Jackie
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Girl Next Door of Your Dreams

Let me be the girl of your dreams. The one that lives next door that you have wild and sexy dreams about. You watch my every move. You know what time I get up in the morning. You know when I take my shower. You know when I get ready for bed. You know what my favorite sexual position is.

Some might call you a peeping tom but I know I am more than that to you. I know that I am part of the reason that you wake up every day. I know that I am what all your wet dreams are made of. You fantasize about me all day and all night. I love your fantasies. I love being a part of each and every one of them. I am looking forward to you calling me and us making one of those fantasies come true.

Girl Next Door Sadie



Written By: Sadie
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Married Men Get My Pussy Hot

I just moved into a new place and I’m definitely ready to play with some of the married men in my neighborhood. I know it’s bad of me, but I just can’t help myself. There is something about men with a ring on their finger that completely makes my pussy hot.

I noticed that you have had your eye on me for the past few days, so why not stop by my place when your wife leaves for work? There really is absolutely nothing I would love to do more than get your married cock off. We could play around in my big, jacuzzi tub for awhile first, get some hot foreplay action going, or we can just fuck like crazy! I don’t care as long as I get your married cock in my horny pussy.

Don’t make me wait to long lover!


Written By: Caroline
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I caught my neighbor watching me!

I didn’t notice at first, but my shade was up when I was taking a bubble bath. The hunky married neighbor across the street was watching me. He is so hot, I’ve had a crush on him ever since they moved in.

He walked closer and kept watching me. I could see that he was getting hard in his shorts, I was nervous and blushing, but it got me so horny.

I opened the window and asked him if he would like to help me finish. He smiled and said I will meet you at your front door.

I led him into my bathroom. He got down on his knees and licked my silky, soft pussy till I squirted all over his face. He pushed my legs back and starting to fuck my pussy hard.

His wife must not fuck him enough, but I will be milking his cock from now on!



Written By: Coed Charlie
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