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AJ Has A Problem

                Oh hey neighbor, it’s a beautiful summer day out today. I see your wife has left for the day, but I was needing to ask her for a favor. Maybe you can help me out?  Quick, no time to waste! Follow me to my house. Please hurry. It could be an emergency! 

Now don’t be embarrassed, but I need to remove all my clothes. Now come closer, and look in-between my legs.  See, right there. Why is my little pussy always so wet? Maybe I’m getting sick or something. 

              Oh no, is your dick getting a cold too? It’s standing straight up. I have an awesome idea! Did you ever hear of herd immunity?  Of course you did, you’re a doctor. 

First, lets use our mouths. Mouths have the largest amount of germs. Your dick sure feels good down my throat, but I’m still so very wet and you so hard.  I guess to get rid of these germs, there’s nothing left to do but to fuck.

Oh no, handsome neighbor.  It appears you forgot your dick wrapper. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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Girl Next Door


I am your favorite little fantasy girl that lives next door to you.

It drives you crazy when I wear my very short skirts and small sweaters.

You come to the basketball games just to watch me cheer and dance at halftime. You love to watch my body move and dance. You can’t get enough of my cute curves.

You watch me get dressed in the morning for school through my bedroom window. You also watch me sit in the car in the driveway making out with my boyfriend at the end of the night. Late at night, you watch me lie back on my bed and slip my fingers into my pussy.

One afternoon, there is a knock on your door. I ask if you have a key to my house because I am locked out. You invite me inside. I admire your house and ask to see the upstairs. Quickly, you realize that being locked out of my house was just an excuse to stop over when you were alone. I tease and tempt you. You’re amazed by how aggressive and seductive I am. You ask about my boyfriend, and I just laugh. Before you realize what is happening, my lips are wrapped around your cock. I need a man, not a boy. I need a man to fuck me and make me have a hard orgasm.

Give into your desires and call your naughty girl next door.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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I’m The Neighbor You’ve Been Craving


Am I a bad girl just because I like to show off my hot body,  even to married men? There is something about it that makes my pussy so wet.

I went for my morning jog and just happened to notice your sweet wife leave for work. It was perfect timing on my part. The naughty thoughts started flowing about her sexy husband as she drives away.

Knock, knock! It’s me, Autumn! Your hottie neighbor that you’ve been absolutely dying to slide your cock in my tight pussy.

You let me in and before we even make it out of the entry way, I grope your bulging cock and slide my hot tongue in your mouth.

We don’t even undress or go take the time to go to your bedroom, we fuck right by the front door. You’ve been craving a lustful, hot sex session for a very long time.

You can’t believe how tight my pussy is, and the way my smooth lips wraps around your swollen shaft.

Pinching my hard nipples you slide that rod in deep and pound your hot blonde slut like never before.

You know I will do all the things “sweet lil wifey” would never, ever do.  


Written By: Autumn
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Conserve Water: Share A Shower With Me

Your promotion at work has brought you to southern California. You moved into my apartment building. We have become neighbors.

It’s late one night in the workout center in our building. I watch you working out on the weights. I get aroused watching your workout and the sweat dripping down your back. Your body really turns me on.

You notice me watching you. You smile at me and I give you a little wave. As soon as the treadmill next to me opens up, you hop on it. We’ve had a few friendly conversations, but tonight there is a lot of sexual tension building between us.

I see you’re as sweaty as I am. After some very sexy flirting, I invite you up to shower with me. I make a silly but seductive joke about showering together to conserve water. We walk upstairs to my apartment. I take off my sweaty shirt and shorts as soon as the door closes.

We head into my bathroom. I take off your t-shirt and then your shorts. I drop to my knees and explain that I just have to have a taste of your sweaty cock and balls first. You go crazy with my mouth on your hard cock.

I pull away and reach behind you to turn the shower on. We get all soapy, but still manage to get very dirty in that shower.


Written By: Skylar
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Spying On My Neighbor


The lady next door has had the cable repairman at her house for hours this morning.

She seems pretty conservative, kind of shy, and quiet. Nevertheless, what could the repairman be doing in her house for HOURS? I think they’re up in her bedroom getting naughty with each other.

 As I take your calls this morning, and go about my household morning chores, I keep spying on my neighbor. I got a good look at the repairman earlier through one of their windows, and he is hot. I’m really turned on by the thought of him fucking her.

I confess that I’m envious. When we had our telephone guy here working on our internet and installing my private phone sex line in the bedroom, he was only here for a very short period of time.

 I’m fantasizing about being invited over for a naughty little threesome this afternoon. Maybe I should go knock on the her door and see what happens next!


Written By: Jackie
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Outdoor Sex

There’s something about having sex outdoors that makes me so horny. When I was younger, I would have sex with one of my teachers in the woods near the school. Everyday at recess, my pussy would be soaked with anticipation of getting fucked by a guy that was double my age.

Sometimes I would lie down on the branches and leaves and it didn’t matter how dirty I got. I just loved having my naked, little body exposed to the air and having my teacher fuck my tight pussy. It made me wet when I could hear the students and my friends from a distance, playing outside when I was doing something so naughty in the woods.

I also love to masturbate outside when I talk to my callers. I sit naked on my back patio deck and play with my pussy while we talk about extreme fantasies. I have a very nosy neighbor that loves spying on me, but I will tell you about that when you call me.


Written By: Alex
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Quickie With My Married Neighbor

It looks like my hot, married neighbors family is leaving for the day. Before Covid, we would hook up almost every day. Sometimes I would meet him at his office and his home. Now we just hook up whenever we can.

Today I am taking a huge chance as I don’t know how long they’ll be gone for. I put on something sexy and knocked on his door. He looks around, then grabs my arm and pulls me in. Sort of like he is committing a crime!

There is no time to waste and I need all my holes filled with cock. I get on my knees in his hallway and yank down his sweats. I begin to inhale his 9 inch cock.  I beg him to fuck my face and he doesn’t disappoint.

I push him down and begin to ride his cock. He fucks me like no other guy can. I’ll never understand why his boring old wife doesn’t love his cock like I do.

The minutes are ticking away and I still need more. I slid of his cock and I run to his bedroom. I place his wife’s pillow under my gushing pussy and stick my perfect ass up for him to fuck.

Just about the time we are both having another screaming orgasm, we hear a car pull up. I smile, thank him and go out the backdoor.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Age Play Princess

I play all sorts of roles, but nothing gets me off like naughty taboo age play. I have no limits. There is no age that is too young. Whether I’m your teasing step-daughter, innocent step-sister, failing student, or the cheerleader next door-I want to make your fantasy come true. As long as my tight pussy and ass are getting the pounding that they deserve, I’ll play any role.

I’m not against blackmailing you to get what I want either. I don’t care if you’re married or attached. I just want your cock!

The possibilities are endless. Let my young voice drain your balls into my young, tight fertile pussy.



Written By: Josie
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I Control Your Desires

I know that you watch me through my window. I make it easy for you. I leave my blinds open. I dress so sexy. I slowly undress in front of the open window. Then, I lie back on my bed just wearing my bra and panties. I get so hot!

I masturbate with guys on the phone while you watch me. I tease and seduce you. I drive you fucking crazy. I’ve never spoken to you, but you watch me cum.

Every morning, you see me in the coffee shop around the corner from our apartments. I know that you look at me. I know that your cock is hard, and I also know that you masturbate thinking of me.

I control your mind.

You fantasize about me. You think of me while you’re sitting at your desk. You think of me while you’re listening to your bitchy girlfriend complain about her day. You even think of me when you fuck her. Sometimes you can only get off when you fuck her if you fantasize about fucking me.

I have pulled you to into my erotic world. I have driven you into total obsession!

Tonight, while you are watching me, I write my apartment number on the window with red lipstick and motion you to come over to fuck me. I’ll have my way with you. You will submit to me and let me use your body for my pleasure only.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Taking Control Of My Married Neighbor

I overheard my parents talking about how you’ve been having some marriage problems. You seem like you’ve been spending a lot of time out in the garage at your work bench. It’s been pretty hot watching you hustle around the garage with all of your power tools.

Since the weather is warming up, I decided to put on my little black skirt and walk my cute little southern butt on over to your house. You’ve been looking very lonely lately. I’m sure you could use some cheering up. When I see you so sad and vulnerable, it makes me want to take control of you. I want you to pick me up and swing me around the garage and set me right up on your work bench.

I tell you how to kiss and touch me. I’ll fill you in on what every woman needs from a man. Your eyes grow wide when I tear off my little black top exposing my teen tits.

Take my nipples in your mouth and tease them with your tongue. You’re going to make my whole body feel good. I slightly lift my butt off your workbench so you can remove my skirt. Now you’re getting the hang of it.

Slide right between my legs and make my pussy squirt. We have the entire day to ourselves before anyone gets home. Let’s make it a dirty one.


Written By: Josie
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