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Rape Scenario Phone Sex

  I was getting ready for a date when I saw my phone sex son watching me. I was so excited about having a long evening of dinner and fucking after a hard day that I forgot to shut and lock my door. He was not only watching me, but he had his rather large dick in his hand and was stroking it. I informed him loudly how inappropriate that was and to go back to his room. 

He not only didn’t listen but he grabbed me and pulled my ass against his dick. I threatened him, but that just made him put his hand over my mouth and whisper in my ear about what a teasing whore I was. I could feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy getting  wet as he told me all the dirty things he was going to do to me.

He pushed me to my knees and slapped his dick against my lips. I was getting wetter and wetter, but still screamed at him to stop. He pulled my long blonde hair and began to throat fuck my mouth. He help saying things like ” I know you love that, you are such a dirty slut, I am going to fuck you so hard in your tight ass”. He came in my throat and I drank every drop.

My son pushed me on all fours, made me spread my asscheeks and beg for him to pound my ass. He finger fucked my dripping pussy as I began to beg him to fuck my ass harder. He shoved his pussy juice soaked fingers into my mouth as he rammed me harder and harder till he shot his load in my ass. He had an evil grin on his face and said he was far from finished. It was so fucking HOT!!

Smile For The Fucking Camera

 ivy I fucking hate smiling for photos, I would much rather sneer for the camera; but these dumb sessions are just a means to an end. We need to make the sessions look real for the little pretty things that want to be famous models one day. I am not exactly lying when I promise them fame and that their pictures will be seen all over the internet. They just have no idea it will be in porno’s and snuff films. For those with delicate souls who deny who they are, I will just call them art house films.

I have brought over 3 little darling for this session. They ask about the clothes they will model and I explain for now they’re perfect just as they are. I have my pictures done, stripping off my clothes a bit. I need for them to think this is real. They all begin to look scared, tears begin to run down their pretty little faces. Even that young they begin to sense something isn’t right. Oh, there is nothing right, and everything depraved about what this day and night will bring.

I calm them down with a glass of spiked apple juice. The “producer” Is getting impatient with so many orders coming in for our little film. The flat chested spoiled twats are ready to become stars. Too bad they won’t get to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame as their bodies will be left to the rats and what once was a production house will go back to being a crack house. 


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Follow Me To Hell

Ivy  I am goth so every fucking day is Halloween to me. Black clothes, vampire boys, absinthe, cemeteries, spells, bloodletting and erotic dancing to Christian Death. Welcum to my world. If I have let you in it is for one of three reasons.You are either an amazing fuck, you need an accomplice which you will pay for with your very soul or I feed off your night terrors. I can sniff out which one you are in a bloody heartbeat. 

This blog is about the men who love Halloween for one reason and that is the little costumed darling’s knocking at their door. I wonder who makes such sexy Halloween costumes for little girls to wear and tempt you? Maybe it is Lucifer himself!  Halloween is the night you wait for, dream about and tremble with anticipation. Baby nurses, storybook characters, saloon girls all dressed in sheer tempting costumes. Your addiction gets so far out of hand you beg me to lock you up, keep you from doing what will take your soul. Trust me, having a soul is overrated.

As the sun goes down you wait for the knocks, you peek out your window stroking you p-cock and you actually pray to god for this night to end. God has forgotten you, he has forgotten us all.

I join you, as I have no soul to worry about and my hands need to feel a fragile neck, one that would break like a twig. Join me in my sadistic games of pleasure. The time is now!



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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A Kiss With Her Blood


   It starts with a bloody kiss, a kiss from the blood on my lips where I licked the razor cut. It is tinged with the white powder where you broke the white rock on her ass cheek. There is no way to describe the feeling, so hot, so erotic and I sometimes wonder if the feeling could ever be so intense again? Of course it is; every fucking time we plot, hunt and capture our victim. Picture the first time you broke a virginal cherry, tasted her sweet cunt juice or felt the needle pierce your skin.

With that first bloody kiss, we jumped down the proverbial Rabbit Hole, never to return or regain our sanity. She sits in the corner, makeup smeared and begging for more. Yet she knows more means she will be used more. Even in her battered and torn state, she is plotting on how to become an accomplice for us, how to toss one of her little friends under the bus. This is how it begins, our unending supply of party favors that all began with late night plotting and a bloody kiss.

Image result for blood transparent


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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School is in Session


GOTH GIRL IVY Fall is in the air, you can smell it, can’t you? We both know what that means. You have a new hunting ground going from the beach to sitting in front of schools. Little pink bikini’s leave little to the imagination but a little Catholic School Uniform is a total different story. Isn’t it perv?  Pretty little packages for you to unwrap?

What is under those little skirts? You can see those cotton panties in your mind’s eye, and if you imagine hard enough you can smell their bald twats.  Admit it to me, tell me who you are! 

You want to please your goddess, to make me proud of you. Here is your chance. This time it will be me waiting for you to bring me a present. I am greedy tonight, I want two presents. I taught you well, and now you most show me your worth. Do it, perv!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Accomplice Fun With Harley

HarleyWatching over my little phone sex sister is so fucking boring. I would rather be out partying with friends. I can honestly say, I hate the little bitch. She is in her room dancing to some annoying pop band when I get a text from a very important, and twisted older male friend of mine.

He wants to know if I am still stuck with her and when I tell him I am, he suggests I bring her by for some fun. I love his kind of fun and it immediately makes my pussy wet at the thought. Fuck, the little bitch won’t have a clue when we pull up to his huge Brownstone downtown.

She is wearing some sort of Disney shirt and shorts and it takes all my patience not to rip that off of her. Dumb little twat. He greets us at the door, and drags her in by her braids as I follow laughing at her. He is still dragging her and I can hear her crying for Mommy as her head smacks on the stairs. Let me tell you babes, this is going to be one depraved afternoon of family fun and pedo play.


Written By: Harley
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Making Of A Snuff Porn

malayaI love to travel and spend as little time home as possible. I have several jobs and can take all of them on the road. I usually hire a house-sitter and have cams all over the loft to make sure she is doing as she should and to make a bit of extra cash selling her to the many pervs I know.

After a night of hitting some dark sleazy bars and doing a few lines, an idea came to me. A wicked, profitable idea at that. I arranged for one of my new “friends” to attack her on cam. Evil? You might say but your evil is my profitable. It was a long drive so after a night of partying I sent them off. I got some sleep, showered, had some dinner and got ready to watch the show. My house sitter was young, adorable and from our late night talks a fucking virgin.

This cam footage will go for quite a bit if I even decide to sell. I know with the men I hired it will be quite a show. My sweet twat is already gushing at the thought of what they will do to her. This is going to make the move I Spit On Your Grave look like a G rated comedy.

Now, time to do some more lines, let in my company for the night and watch.

Maleficent Malaya
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Rough sex For His Little Kitten

       Sometimes waiting for the special surprises my sugar daddy elle6-300x426brings home to me seems like an eternity. I never know if it will be lingerie, jewelry, plane tickets or my very favorite of them all….several hot and horny men for me too fuck.

Some men are greedy and want to keep you all to themselves but mine loves sharing me as much as I love gang bangs.  I always wait relaxing with a drink when he says it is “surprise time”. One time it was a beautiful fem/dom with a 10 inch strap-on.

       Last night it was 5 tall men who looked a bit rough around the edges. I knew right then I was in for a rough fuck. William sat down and made himself comfortable as he got ready to watch his trophy girl get all her beautiful holes pounded.   Sometimes I pretend to cry and beg them not to rape me. Lol, you know it just makes them fuck me harder. Want to join in and rape this beautiful blonde? I promise you will have the best fuck you can ever imagine.

                 Kinky Elle Kat

Revenge Is A Bitch

HarleyI have the sweetest brother, he’s cute, hot and nice. I mean the total fucking package. He was dating one of my friends for a few weeks and the bitch just used him. Only thing she drained was his bank account. So, I am mad as hell and a little revenge is in order.

The parties at my house are famous, I mean anyone who gets an invitation is privileged. I plan one of my parties and invite the cunt. She is all dressed up and ready to party. I admit, she looks HOT! She sees people dancing, drinking, awesome music and she begins to really let loose and enjoy herself. Little by little the chicks begin to leave, like they were instructed. The music turns to Max Hardcore porn.

She is drunk, but not that drunk and tries to leave. “What is your problem bitch? The party’s just starting”, I say. She sees my brother sitting in a chair smiling and assumes he just will get to fuck her. Not a fucking chance my baby brother is too good for her. Her clothes start getting ripped off, the bitch is screaming and being tossed around like a rag doll. They are rough, raping her holes and hurting her bad. Ah man, now is that is just a shame. Too fucking funny!

HarleyWritten By: Harley

Sick Perverted Phone Sex with Reese



With the right kind of sick pervert, I have been known to team up with them and go out looking together for a victim to share. Want to go with me and find a fresh, innocent piece of meat and take them back to our secluded playroom? We can even film it as wereese 5 slowly use and abuse them in every filthy, evil way we can think of. What you say “what will happen to them when we’re done with them?” Maybe they earned the right to live and perhaps be our sex slave for another session, or are they just a witness we need to take care of? *evil laugh* Is your cock getting rock hard thinking about such a senseless act of madness, and how much of a big load you’re going to blow when we find the perfect victim?

Well, know the only way to find out if we’re a match is to pick the phone and dial my number!

Reese @ 866-938-6646