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Marry Me

You have more than any man should. You are rich as fuck. You have numerous cars, homes, and a wardrobe of designer clothes. Yet, you are missing something in your life. The hot models are great for work parties and dinners, but you could care less about then. You can’t find what you need at a legitimate escort service, but you are afraid to find it in another country.  Even your expensive lawyers couldn’t help you out of that mess.

That is why you need me. 

What a perfect solution for your twisted needs. Marry me, and then I can’t be forced to testify if it ever came down to it. It won’t though with me helping you with your deviant needs. Think of all the fun we could have? I get to spend all your money and do as I please. You get the tiny little creatures you so desire. 

          Think of the never ending supply you would have. You are salivating at the thought of those flat little chests in pig tails. You worry that what if you get to rough, or worse yet, someone might recognize you.  I have people for disposal as well. So you see, marrying me is the perfect solution.



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Accomplice Phone Sex

One of my specialties and favorite role-play scenarios is accomplice phone sex. I’m as trashy, sick and twisted as they come. I will always squirt hard when I get a caller that wants to talk about abducting a youngster and turning them into our personal little fuck toy.

We can take our play thing into my bedroom of my trailer and do a hot rape fantasy. I will hold her down and quiet her screams as you force your huge hard cock in that tight, bald pussy. You make that tiny little cunt bleed as you spread her wide open.

There’s so many other scenarios that we can do with this sweet little package. I will never turn down an abduction phone sex session with my horny, perverted boys.


Written By: Peggy
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Darker Than Dark

Your thoughts and desires are so dark that you’re afraid to even speak them.  For the most part, you’re a normal man. You have a well paying job, 3 adorable kids, and a hot wife. Just sometimes no matter how hot your wife is, things can get so fucking boring. 

You remember the hot goth girls in college. You would watch them, study them, and imagine what sex would be like.  Never in your wildest fantasies, and darkest dreams did you ever expect me.

You see me going through my backpack to try and find my cash. I’m taking my time and holding up the line. You step in and pay for me. I invite you to drink your coffee with me at the last table. I ask a lot of questions. We’re now talking about your boring wife, and your impure thoughts about your kids. I seduce you into not going to work today.

We joke about the things you want to do, but won’t. I suggest you put yourself in my capable hands. After a long day of persuading you, you hand me your house keys, and your families schedule. I show up, but I’m not alone. You quietly tell me that wasn’t the plan. Shut up, Daddy! Remember when the screaming starts, you asked for this!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Taking My Innocence Away

My older neighbor always checks me out. He watches me undress through his blinds late at night. I see him stroking his cock as he watches me get naked.

One night I was coming home from a party and he was outside. He walked over to me and told me what slut I looked like, and I needed to have a real man to show me how to use my body. He also said those teenage boys don’t know how to pleasure me. I walked away from him and he grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth and dragged me to his basement.

He chained me up and used me as his sex slave. He raped me repeatedly over and over in every hole I had. He left me there with his cum, piss, and salvia all over my body.

He took my innocence away! He used my young body for his sexual pleasures. He couldn’t believe how tight my holes were and that made him cum back for more and more!

Since then, I have turned into a cum guzzling whore. My innocence has been thrown right out the window and I’m always on the prowl for someone to treat me like a slut. 


Written By: Reese
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Your Partner In Crime

You have a little crush on a girl that works in your office. She’s such a little goody-two-shoes, but you need a little help bringing her around to you the dark side. So, of course, you call your favorite little accomplice, Raylin. You know if anyone can turn her around and get her addicted to your cock, it’s me.

You keep her after work late one night. When she comes in, she sees me sitting there on your desk, a naughty smile on my face. I walk right over to her, grabbing her hair, forcing her to her knees. It’s time for the fun to begin.

I see that wicked smile of yours that I love as I lead her over to you by her hair. She’s a little scared and confused, but who cares? I pull her up to her knees and put my fingers in her mouth. You take your fat cock out and start shoving it in and out of her mouth. My fingers go down between her legs and play with her little pussy while you fuck her mouth. She fights a little, but soon gives up.

Now she’s all ours.

I bring her to her feet and bend her over your desk. I get her skirt and panties out of the way for you. While you shove your dick inside, I put her face right in my pussy. We both use her together. I pull your head to mine and let my tongue tangle with yours as we work her over.

You give her a nice creamy load in her pussy and I give her face a cum bath. We use her until we get tired of her, then take her home and dump her out in her front yard. I love the work we do together.


Written By: Raylin
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Happy Fucking Easter

 There was no Halloween last year, but now that restrictions are easing up  the little ones are going door to door for Easter candy.  You’re so fucking excited about it all.

You call me and ask if you could hang with me. You tell me this will be the best Easter we’ve ever had. You come over for the final planning. Some things you just don’t want any sort of paper trail for.  If you get just where I’m going with this. 

We purchased all the items we needed for a great Easter. A few of the clerks asked if this was for our kiddos. I smiled, and said that it certainly was. I almost gagged on those words. They thought we were a fucking married couple with children. We got to my house and began working on the candy eggs we would hand out.

  With a hypo we began injecting the candy with fun drugs like LSD and Ketamine. We rented a small house at the edge of town so no one could trace anything to us.  

I needed someone I could toss under the bus if things went bad. I invited a few more people to join us that I knew would love to be in on our dirty, sexy depraved fun on Easter. I always plan ahead. The more I thought about it all, a party would make the most sense.  I borrowed a kid from a crackhead we knew and took her with me giving out invitations to our party. By the time we’re done, it will all look so innocent. Little do they fucking know!



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Crown Of Thorns

    Every year women and men flock to my Easter show. It’s like nothing you could possibly imagine. A deviant mix of sex, violence, and blood. This year will be more intense than ever. People are bored and need the kind of release only Malaya can provide.

My guests begin arriving. They look elegant in their gowns and tuxedos.  Sexy girls in bunny outfits are handing out party favors. I welcome all my guest, and the lights are dim.

There is several crosses with girls strapped to them. I place a crown of thorns on each of their innocent heads. I press the crowns as blood trickles down their faces. My audience is getting excited now. I look out and see a few of the men have their cocks out.  How I have missed these shows. Several tiny party favors are walking about sucking cocks, licking pussy’s, and sitting on laps. 

The girls are crying, and begging to not be hurt. My guests are voting on who will be the sacrifice of the night. I invite a few of my guests on stage to rape the girls. The night is going better than I planned, and it is almost time.

They have picked a girl to be sacrificed. I bring my knife to her throat, I smile, and cut her throat from ear to ear. 

My main show is now over, but a few are invited to remain for the second part. Join me in my perverse Easter celebration.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Vanilla Sex Doesn’t Do It For Me

I just got in from a fun day of shopping. I bought myself a new bikini for summer, a new pair of stilettos and a pair of the tightest blue jeans I could squeeze my ass into. I also got some new Victoria Secrets panties and a few bras. Whenever I go shopping for myself, it makes me want to get all dressed up and go out to entice the hottest man I can.

“Hot” actually has nothing to do with looks, its a sexual vibe that men give off.  That vibe that says “fuckable.”  I am not talking about a wham bam thank you ma’am, nope I am talking about that guy that can pound all my dirty holes for hours. Not every man can do that.

Simple vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for me.  I need it hard, rough, and nasty. I love to dress up and role-play.  Everything from me being the helpless young teen you pick up at the mall and take in the woods and rape, to being your nasty cum hungry sister who just loves sucking big brothers cock.

Give me a call and lets play nasty together, my pussy is always ready for a good orgasm.


Written By: Alexis
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I’m Your Lucky Accomplice

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

It’s time to have some green beer and have some real fun! I want to get totally wasted and do things tonight that would shock people.

Did you know I make the perfect accomplice? Uh huh! I love finding the perfect prey for our pleasure. I am a total sweetie pie and love to please, but when it comes to being your nasty accomplice, I will be the biggest deviant bitch you’ve ever crossed. I will stop at nothing to making my daddies happy.

I think it would be fun to pour alcohol down a little sluts throat while I’m forcing her head back and get her totally intoxicated. Oh, the fun we could have with her.

If you love accomplice phone sex, forced sex, rape scenarios and age play, it’s your lucky day and I’m ready to play!



Written By: Reese
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Twisted, Violent and Hot ask me to join you for a little twisted, violent, sexy fun. How could I say no to that? You have it all planned out. She is a bitchy, prudish friend of your wife’s, and you fucking hate and want to fuck her at the same time. 

We knock at her door and when she answers you tase her. Normally, we would need to work quickly, but her husband is out of town, and we have all the time we need. We strip her, and tie her wrists to the post on the headboard. We tell her not to scream, and no one will get hurt. I show her the picture of her little girl asleep in the next room. She knows if she doesn’t behave, I will go into her child’s room.

I take my magic wand vibe, and put it against her clit forcing her to cum. I am all about humiliating the bitch. I grab her head, and push my dripping cunt against her pretty face. My friend eats her pussy and ass making her cum again. I love how fucking much she hates this. He slaps her ass hard, and shoves in his cock. My hot pussy against her mouth is drowning out any sounds of hers. 

She has passed out, and my companion is ready to leave. I smile wickedly, and tell him that I never promised to leave the girl alone. He hands me the taser, and I promise to video the rest of the night.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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