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Suzanne’s Naughty Fantasy

I have no idea what had gotten into my phone sex son today, but he treated me like a submissive little whore. Can you imagine treating your mommy like that?

I was getting ready for a date when I heard the front door slam. It sounded like someone was in a terrible mood. I just bought him several games, and his favorite dinner was in the oven. I always make my date nights special before I go so he isn’t jealous. Clearly, dinner and games was not what he had in mind. He burst into my room while I was dressing, without even knocking.

I didn’t even have a second to greet him before he was calling me dirty names, and taking out his young, hard cock. I must admit, it was a turn on. He grabbed me by my long, blonde hair and pushed me down to my knees. He began slapping my face with his cock, demanding I open my mouth. I tried to resist but that sexy cock in my face was just too much. I sucked him off quickly. I tried to get up and finish getting dressed for my date, but he said I wasn’t getting away that easy.

Looks like someone will be on Santa’s naughty list.


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Ivy’s School For Girls

Do you ever want to fuck a total freak? Admit it, goth chicks get your blood boiling. You wonder if all the things you hear are true. Bitch please, I am everything you have heard and much more. My taste for sex if incredibly strong, but I am picky. I truly doubt you would make the cut loser.

So what is it I look for in a fuck buddy? I need someone who is into and ready to play any sick, twisted, depraved games I come up with. If you’re still with me here, then you might have a chance.

I have an insanely brilliant plan, and I am ready to begin. I purchased a rather run down house in the middle of nowhere. The construction crew has been working nonstop for months. I have already taken and accepted 30 applicants. Yes, I am opening up a school for girls. I have accepted sweet docile little waifs and others more like me. I really only have space for half that amount so doing away with some will be the only solution.

You look scared? Are you a sniffling little cunt, or a man I can play with? Well fuck, you figured out very quickly I won’t just tell them their application has been denied. This is the perfect situation for both of us. I get to torture, and you get to rape. Do I have your attention now?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Doorway To Hell

Every Halloween I do a burlesque show. It is fairly tame before 12 am. I dance, pull the hottest men and women on stage with me, have them do a bit of a sex show. Yes, for moi that is extremely tame. Like every year, once it’s 12 am things begin to transition a bit till 2 am when things get extremely fucking chaotic. The doors are locked, the windows are shuttered, and the REAL fucking fun begins. I find rich, VIP blood to taste the sweetest. I wonder how your blood tastes?

I fly off the stage with the rest of the dancers and pick the meat suits that look and smell the sweetest. Some doors open now to private rooms. Some of the rooms are for torture, and some are to watch the strongest bitches turn the VIP guests into punching bags. We have other rooms, many other rooms, but those are special request. Pick your door, or should I choose it for you? Trust me, you don’t want to know what happens there. Then again, it is Halloween and maybe you do!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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That Sexy Time Of The Year

I am so excited for October. That means Halloween and lots of parties. I start to think about Halloween just as soon as summer bikini time is over. You’re getting excited too as you are a bit of a perv and you love seeing the younger ones in their cute costumes.

You ask me if this year I can host a few parties and make sure my phone sex sisters are there. I knew it all along, you prefer the younger ones! That’s okay because so do I.  You will be renting an old building for the party. There will be lots of drinks as always.

You and I go shopping for our costumes. The thought of our accomplice play has gotten me dripping wet. I take out my phone and we both begin to look at pictures of my sister. She is so fucking hot! I grab you by the back of your head and pull your hungry mouth to my cunt. After I cum hard on your face, it is back to trying on costumes. My poor pervy friend, you are rock hard and still looking at my phone sex sisters pictures. If you fucking cum on my phone, you will lick it up!



Written By: Harley
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Cruel Goddess Ivy

I feel as though you have misinterpreted my brief moment of kindness. Snapping her little neck was an act of mercy that you will never experience. Her tiny little body was used, abused, bleeding and worthless once we were finished. My pale hands around her neck, then tossing her out to feed the pigs took care of a two-fold problem. Did it not? I do love it out at my deceased lovers farm. Total privacy, and lovely gross ways to dispose of remains. My high has worn off, we have no pretty play things, and I am bored as fuck.

I will give you a choice loser. Go hunt for me, or I will amuse myself by shredding your flesh with my flogger. I see, you have chosen severe pain from your Goddess. Amazing, one lash and you’re whining like a bitch. Maybe I should toss you alive to the hungry pigs for wasting my fucking precious time. You have changed your mind? Good, I much rather flog tender, young flesh.

Bring her to me. I want a tiny single digit babe with long blonde hair. No sign of tits, body hair or any sign she might be too old for our play. Off with you now, and don’t forget the party favors.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Sluts Like Me Love Forced Sex

I love surprises especially if they involve lots of dirty, nasty, hot sex with numerous men.

Last night my phone sex daddy gave me a HUGE surprise. I was in the kitchen getting a snack before bed when I heard banging at my front door. It was like 3 am, so I guess I was a little scared. Isn’t it funny how a body can react to fear with a gushing pussy? Maybe I am just a little slut who loves the thought of rape.

Before I could answer the door, they broke my window and unlocked the door. WTF? It was 5 men with masks on. I told them to take what they want and to please leave. Notice, I never said the obvious which was please don’t hurt me.

They surrounded me and ripped off my clothes. Soon, all their dicks were out and so hard. One of the men grabbed my sweet fuck hole and mentioned how wet I was. I knew that voice, and I also knew that huge 9 inch dick. It was my daddy. He dragged me by my hair into my bedroom. It hurt going up the stairs, but I am a little bit of a pain slut. All the men were touching, rubbing their dicks all over me, and I was sure daddy winked at me. 

I took so many loads of cum by the time the sun came up, I was totally satisfied and super sore. I must have finally passed out, because when I woke up, I was alone. My phone went off, and it was a text from daddy. He told me to shower, get dressed and he would be over to take me to lunch. Not a word was said about our sexy, hot night. He even acted surprised at my broken window, and said he would have someone come over to fix it. 



Written By: Callie
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Cum Be My Prisoner


A close friend of mine asked if I would dance at her fiance’s bachelor party. She is one of THOSE chicks who is extremely possessive, and for some fucked up reason she thought she could trust me.

A fuck buddy of mine agreed to drive me over in his police car to make it even more realistic, and make the guys think the party was getting busted. My buddy Ray stayed, had a few drinks then left till it was time to pick me up. I could tell you about the party and how I fucked the shit out of my friends fiance, but I would rather tell you about the ride home.

A couple blasted by us in an old muscle car and Ray flashed his lights, so the couple pulled over. We both got out and asked the couple to get out of the car. Ray took the sexy brunette to his police car, and I told the man to lean up against his car for me to frisk him.  The bitch was so loud I could hear the moaning from the side of the road. I began to tease the gentleman with my nightstick, then unzipped his pants. I turned him around and bend him over the car hood and pushed my nightstick slowly up his tight (I suspect) virgin ass. 

I stroked his dick till he came all over my hand. Just then, Ray and the chick came back to the car. I rubbed her boyfriends cum all over her face and tossed their key in the grass. Now, I am thinking about how sweet her cunt will taste on Ray’s dick before I fuck the shit out of him later.



Written By: Harley
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Fear The Unknown

I was the girl who sat under a tree reading banned books, the one who fucked for good grades, the one who climbed out her window and fucked in the cemetery. I was fearless, and that is what made you cling to me. Your parents had money so you had the best drugs, sports car and took me with you on trips. We went our separate ways, but then one day I saw you with a wee little babe. We chatted, and you told me she was your kid.

We arranged to meet later for drinks. After a few drinks, you spilled your fucking guts to me. I sort of always knew as you never tried to fuck me. I saw how you looked at the younger ones at school. Now you tell me the age that makes you hard, the age you want to rape. You’re worried, afraid what you might do to your little one. You never expected me to talk you out of things, so why would I now? Only thing is I don’t feel the connection we had once, so why would I even try to keep you from doing very bad things?

You call me panicked, she is asleep and you’re standing at her little pink bed. You don’t think you can control your urges anymore. You beg me to help you, to come over and take your mind off of her tiny, little body. Damn, don’t you remember anything from our past? I could come over, and help you rape the little bitch. Ah now, I guess that isn’t what you want help with. I could just blackmail you, tell your boring little wifey? I wonder which one I shall pick?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Depraved Hello Kitty Gangbang

Only I can spin and twist something as innocent as Hello Kitty and turn it into something so fucking twisted and deviant that you will have to come back for more. I understand they’re certain things lurking in your mind, dark things, things you don’t want anyone to know about. That is why you need me.

What could be more depraved than turning yourself into a nude Hello Kitty doll to lure in the party favors? I was asked to kid sit by a friend from school. I never liked her boring, vanilla ass and thought of this as an opportunity to destroy all she loves. I knew the plan the minute I stepped into the sickeningly cute (vomit) kids restroom. Gabe and his friends took care of the booze, drugs and video equipment. Lara invited several of her friends for the special party. Young, cute, tiny and underage!

Everything was set to go and my friends all began to arrive. Lara was in her room with her friends dancing to fuck knows what. I stepped into her room naked except for a huge bow and stilettos. I had all the tiny whores dress just like me with a bow and heels. Those young bald cunts looked so tempting, I was ready to play. We had them all take a special pill, the camera’s were in position and we were ready. Fuck, my friends were in a rape sort of mood, and the Hello Kitty bitches had no idea what was about to happen.

Am I afraid they will eventually tell? I am fearless and let’s just say no one remembers on my favorite date rape drug. Yeah, so you want all the fucking details? Call me, they’re a tad too explicit to put in my blog.

Maleficent Malaya


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Dark And Twisted Phone Sex With Poison Ivy

GOTH IVY   You like it dark, twisted, deviant and perverted, well so do I. I will try anything once to see if it gets me off, and I mean fucking ANYTHING. Some men are afraid to tell me what they want when they call me, but I know I always know. I can read you like my favorite book. Funny fucking thing is, it is the quiet ones that are the most perverse.

This cold ass winter is almost over and then comes your favorite time of the year. Warm weather means little frilly dresses, short shorts and bikinis on tiny underage bodies. Come on perv, stop looking at those little girl modeling sites and go out and really have some fun. The little twats on modeling sites aren’t for people like us. Fuck no!! They’re vanilla and we don’t do vanilla.
It is time to call your goth goddess and see what she has planned for us for Easter, family Summer vacations and perving in the park. You know you can’t quit the addiction and this time of year it is even stronger, the addict needs his fix of jail bait sex.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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