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An Unexpected Afternoon

I love the summer! The hotter the better. I went by myself to an amazing vacation house on the lake. I needed a break from the craziness in the world. I love my own company, and the reaction I get from men assuming I am looking for a fuck buddy for the week. Of course, they’re right! There’s nothing that makes my pussy wetter than finding a strange dick to suck.

The condo next to me had several guys, I would guess about college age. I wore my tiniest bikini and sat out with my book, and a drink.

Two of them starting talking to me, and asking about my plans for the evening. I walked with them to their condo where I saw there was three other tall, hot, and built guys.

They began to get a little rough, tearing off my bikini and rubbing their cocks all over me. I acted scared, I mean that just made them go rougher with me. I totally love a rough fuck. 

We fucked for hours and I got to watch the guys have some sexy fun together as well. I left satisfied. I was ready for a hot shower, and my dildo to relive my hot afternoon.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Losing Your Mind

 Ice Cream shops closed, zoos closed, parks closed, and schools closed.  A man like you needs to have options, and with quarantine you have none. Such a pity isn’t it?  I know that for people like you planning is half of the fun. I’ve been planning for weeks all the deviant things I will do when finally free! So Perv, let’s plan.

I wonder what she will look like, her age, and most of all the nasty, twisted things we’ll do to her or them? I know when this is finally over, you’ll go on a bit of a spree. Of course, a depraved spree needs lots of fucking planning. 

Maybe you don’t even need to leave your home. She is right there with you looking so sweet, and innocent. Sort of hot, isn’t it perv?

How about a little twist on our fun? I have a little friend here with me, she is just so fucking cute. You tell me all the things you want me to do to her. You know you’ve been dying to try and take the lead.  



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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May All Your Fantasies be Dark

     Happy Halloween month you perv! I know just what you’re fucking thinking. You want this year to be different. You’re so excited and you know just what and who you want. She is older than you’re used to, but she is so hot in a chubby, big tits sort of way. You’ve worked for her for many years. She is bossy, rude, and you can’t stand her. You want to hurt her. You’re waiting for all the Halloween excitement. Adorable little ones are everywhere. People are drinking, drugging and going to parties. This is your night to strike.

You knock on her door and she thinks it is kids. When she opens the door with a big, fake smile you push the taser into her round tummy. She convulses and falls on the floor. You look around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t. You look at her body and quickly strip her. She wakes up to find herself bound to the bed. She tries to scream, but it gets stuck in her throat. You know what she is so frantic about. You picked her for two reason and the second one is in her pretty pink Laura Ashley bedroom. 

The bitch tries to give you what you want. All she can think of is the girl in the pink bedroom. You fuck the life out of her and finish with your strong hands around her neck. Just when her life is slipping away, you whisper in her ear that next you will be heading to the pretty pink bedroom.

Happy Halloween! May all your fantasies be dark and deviant.



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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I Love Forceful Role-Play

   Phone sex daddy and I were having a quiet night at home. I was in my room texting and he was in his office doing some work.

All of a sudden, I hear yelling, glass breaking, and my daddy and this man are in my bedroom. Who is the man? Why is daddy so upset? He makes us sit on the bed and says he wants to have some fun. I am so scared, but oddly excited and tingling. Daddy tells me he is sorry but I have to do what the man says.

He makes me slowly strip. Daddy tried not to look but the man made him.  He kept saying dirty things like, “doesn’t she have a beautiful cunt?” He then made me get on my knees and suck phone sex daddy off.  I was shaking and just wanted the man to go away. It was very confusing because I was wet and daddy had a huge, thick cock. I tried not to look at either of them, but the mean man made me.

What happened next? Did I really enjoy it?  

If this role play gets you has hot as it does me, give me a call!


Written By: Delaney
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End Of Summer Madness

    It is almost Fall, and I can’t wait till the cool weather hits. You on the other hand hate when the weather cools off. So many naughty things for you to see in the Summer. Little babes in their tiny bikini’s and shorts. Parents too busy to take notice of what and where they are going. This is your time of the fucking year. Isn’t it perv?

You look me up, and see I have moved on from you.  You beg and plead for just one more hunt. I agree but at a large cost. There is always a cost to you!

We go to the lake, and watch for a bit. So many hot baby birds swimming, sunning, and your favorite. The soccer moms don’t pay attention, they’re too busy chatting with their boring normal friends. You admit they’re hot, but it isn’t your style. I see her out of the corner of my eye. Tiny, with a tight little body, and a perfect mouth. Oh, the things you will do to that mouth. 

She looks thirsty, so I hand her a bottle of soda. Her mom never lets her drink that sugary garbage, but since she will be expired soon it really doesn’t matter. She drinks it down, and the pill hits quickly. We get her in your car, and we drive to that nasty hotel on the feeder road. Old crack hotels seem to have a lot of character, but more importantly it has many ways to dispose of trash. 

It has been way too long for us. Let Poison Ivy rock your world, and destroy hers.



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Jailbait In A box

He comes over to exchange gifts and sees a huge gift wrapped in pink under my black tree decorated in skulls. I am still getting ready for our special night as it has been awhile since we played together. He is shaking the box, and hears tiny little cries. “Not yet”, I tell him. I suggest we party a little first. I kick the shiny pink box hard to quiet it up. His gift to me is a vintage bottle of D’Argeys, and the ice water and spoon are ready for our first drink. We toast to this special night, and do a bit of my party favors. I am so in the mood, but am also amused knowing his special gift has probably peed herself by now.

He slowly rips off the wrapping paper with his  hands shaking. A little voice cries, “thank you sir, please help me.” For some reason hearing that makes me laugh so hard, I accidentally spit my drink in her sweet little face. For that she gets a hard slap, we do not waste our expensive liquor. I have quickly gone from laughter to excitement.

Travis drags her by her long, blonde hair to the torture room. Her innocent eyes go wide when she sees all the devices around the room. Travis shows her the fuck machine. He takes her tiny hand and puts it around the tip. I whisper in her ear, asking her if she thinks that will fit in her tiny cunt? Travis begins to beg to have her first, before the machine rips apart her virgin hole. Why not? It is the season of fucking giving!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Suzanne’s Naughty Fantasy

I have no idea what had gotten into my phone sex son today, but he treated me like a submissive little whore. Can you imagine treating your mommy like that?

I was getting ready for a date when I heard the front door slam. It sounded like someone was in a terrible mood. I just bought him several games, and his favorite dinner was in the oven. I always make my date nights special before I go so he isn’t jealous. Clearly, dinner and games was not what he had in mind. He burst into my room while I was dressing, without even knocking.

I didn’t even have a second to greet him before he was calling me dirty names, and taking out his young, hard cock. I must admit, it was a turn on. He grabbed me by my long, blonde hair and pushed me down to my knees. He began slapping my face with his cock, demanding I open my mouth. I tried to resist but that sexy cock in my face was just too much. I sucked him off quickly. I tried to get up and finish getting dressed for my date, but he said I wasn’t getting away that easy.

Looks like someone will be on Santa’s naughty list.


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Ivy’s School For Girls

Do you ever want to fuck a total freak? Admit it, goth chicks get your blood boiling. You wonder if all the things you hear are true. Bitch please, I am everything you have heard and much more. My taste for sex if incredibly strong, but I am picky. I truly doubt you would make the cut loser.

So what is it I look for in a fuck buddy? I need someone who is into and ready to play any sick, twisted, depraved games I come up with. If you’re still with me here, then you might have a chance.

I have an insanely brilliant plan, and I am ready to begin. I purchased a rather run down house in the middle of nowhere. The construction crew has been working nonstop for months. I have already taken and accepted 30 applicants. Yes, I am opening up a school for girls. I have accepted sweet docile little waifs and others more like me. I really only have space for half that amount so doing away with some will be the only solution.

You look scared? Are you a sniffling little cunt, or a man I can play with? Well fuck, you figured out very quickly I won’t just tell them their application has been denied. This is the perfect situation for both of us. I get to torture, and you get to rape. Do I have your attention now?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Doorway To Hell

Every Halloween I do a burlesque show. It is fairly tame before 12 am. I dance, pull the hottest men and women on stage with me, have them do a bit of a sex show. Yes, for moi that is extremely tame. Like every year, once it’s 12 am things begin to transition a bit till 2 am when things get extremely fucking chaotic. The doors are locked, the windows are shuttered, and the REAL fucking fun begins. I find rich, VIP blood to taste the sweetest. I wonder how your blood tastes?

I fly off the stage with the rest of the dancers and pick the meat suits that look and smell the sweetest. Some doors open now to private rooms. Some of the rooms are for torture, and some are to watch the strongest bitches turn the VIP guests into punching bags. We have other rooms, many other rooms, but those are special request. Pick your door, or should I choose it for you? Trust me, you don’t want to know what happens there. Then again, it is Halloween and maybe you do!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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That Sexy Time Of The Year

I am so excited for October. That means Halloween and lots of parties. I start to think about Halloween just as soon as summer bikini time is over. You’re getting excited too as you are a bit of a perv and you love seeing the younger ones in their cute costumes.

You ask me if this year I can host a few parties and make sure my phone sex sisters are there. I knew it all along, you prefer the younger ones! That’s okay because so do I.  You will be renting an old building for the party. There will be lots of drinks as always.

You and I go shopping for our costumes. The thought of our accomplice play has gotten me dripping wet. I take out my phone and we both begin to look at pictures of my sister. She is so fucking hot! I grab you by the back of your head and pull your hungry mouth to my cunt. After I cum hard on your face, it is back to trying on costumes. My poor pervy friend, you are rock hard and still looking at my phone sex sisters pictures. If you fucking cum on my phone, you will lick it up!



Written By: Harley
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