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My Perfect Submissive Boyfriend

I have been exploring strap-on play with my boyfriend for awhile now. We both enjoy hot anal and it’s becoming a very erotic part of my sexual fantasies. I’m always trying to come up with kinky and creative ways to get my lover off. We do a lot of role playing and this includes dressing up as well. Sometimes he calls me in the middle night begging to be completely controlled. It’s something we both must have and I can still remember every detail of the very first time I popped his man cherry. Slowly, seductively I took what was mine and demanded his obedience. He served me well and proved to be the perfect submissive boyfriend.



 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

I’m the queen of tease and denial sex sessions. I’m a cruel bitch that gets off bringing you right to the edge and stopping just before your ready to shoot your load. I will repeat this over and over again until you beg for your release and your balls are swollen and blue.

I want you to stroke yourself over and over again until your cock and balls are throbbing and desperately in need of a release. I want your cock to ache before I will let you go all the way for me.

If your into a prolonged orgasm denial phone sex call, I’m your woman.


Written By: Candace
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I’m The Boss Tonight


 Let’s be honest, you like a women to push your boundaries and break the rules.

I want to be the boss in bed tonight.

Lie down on the bed, I will use either handcuffs, scarves, or a necktie to tether your hands together so you can’t touch me. I will torture and tease you with my flawless body.

I slowly kiss my way down your torso, and just as I get to your twitching cock, I move back up to your ears and neck. You start to strain to touch me. I ask you to tell me why you want me so bad? I won’t let you free until I am fully convinced.

Once you plead your case, I will release your hands, and I roll onto my back and let you take complete charge.

What will you do to me?


Written By: Dakota
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In Need Of a Stiff Cock

My job requires me to travel quite a bit. Sometimes, too much. They’re times I would like nothing more than my big bed, and a tall, muscular, hot sex toy. 

I arrived late and my hotel was very quiet. I waited for service much longer than it should have been. Finally, a sexy gentleman shows up. He is hot and he is making apologies. He explains room service is closed but he could find me a snack if I would like. I tell him I am fine and I decline him helping me with my luggage.

I got undressed and ran the bath. A bubble bath sounds lovely. I hear a knock on my door and was told it was room service. Almost annoyed, I open the door. He has a bottle of chilled Dom and some light snacks.

I invite him in for a glass or two. Once we get comfy, I ask him for a favor. I tell him that I travel a lot and at times require an escort. He smiled and said he does that for travelers, but they’re still shut down. He sees the look on my face, so disappointed. He suggests he be my date for the night.

I am extremely sexual and know just what I want and need.  I give him the agreed fee and a bit more. He is confused because I am tipping before we even begin. I tell him to slowly undress for me as I watch. After getting a look at his sexy body, I give him another “tip”.

Do you wonder what it was I wanted to do, and with this man that made me tip him two thousand? I would love to relive that night. Join me?


Written By: Valentina
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I Control Your Desires

I know that you watch me through my window. I make it easy for you. I leave my blinds open. I dress so sexy. I slowly undress in front of the open window. Then, I lie back on my bed just wearing my bra and panties. I get so hot!

I masturbate with guys on the phone while you watch me. I tease and seduce you. I drive you fucking crazy. I’ve never spoken to you, but you watch me cum.

Every morning, you see me in the coffee shop around the corner from our apartments. I know that you look at me. I know that your cock is hard, and I also know that you masturbate thinking of me.

I control your mind.

You fantasize about me. You think of me while you’re sitting at your desk. You think of me while you’re listening to your bitchy girlfriend complain about her day. You even think of me when you fuck her. Sometimes you can only get off when you fuck her if you fantasize about fucking me.

I have pulled you to into my erotic world. I have driven you into total obsession!

Tonight, while you are watching me, I write my apartment number on the window with red lipstick and motion you to come over to fuck me. I’ll have my way with you. You will submit to me and let me use your body for my pleasure only.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Are You Craving A Dominate Woman?


Is domination something you crave? To be completely controlled by a strong, beautiful woman who knows exactly how to bring you down to your knees?

Lately, I have been exploring the erotic world BDSM and finding that it’s very, very hot. I am more than intrigued and would love to talk to more men about your experience or role in this lifestyle.

Are you a foot slave? Do you love to worship your Mistress from head to toe? Or, do you beg for pain and like it hardcore, even extreme at times? Maybe a toilet slave? Are you a panty boy that would do anything for a dirty pair of my panties? What about strap-on play, do you love being an anal slut for your Mistress?

Perhaps, you are the dominant one in the relationship, and if so, how do you train your sex slaves?

I would really love to share a kinky fantasy or just a very sexy fetish based conversation with you soon.


Written By: Annaliese
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I Can’t Get Enough

Have you ever been so addicted to someone that you can deny them nothing? I’m addicted to a man. A man that feeds a craving inside me that no else can touch.

He calls me his little slut, and it’s so very true. Any issue that I have disappears when he calls to me, ordering me to serve. He knows that I’ll never say no, that I’ll always give in because I can’t fight my addiction to him. He takes my body and uses it for his pleasure, and all I can do is beg for more.

He is a deviant man that isn’t afraid to make a mess of my pretty face. I take his cock, his fingers, his spit, and his cum. The more he gives, the more I want.

My reward for being so obedient is the shift of power that he allows. He allows me to bend him over and take him, forcing my long, thick dildo inside of him. Making him my bitch. As much as I love to serve him, I love dominating him.

Whether I am his whore or he is mine, I can’t get enough and I am always left wanting more.


Written By: Charlotte
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Ready For My Revenge

I let you have your way with me a few nights ago. I played the perfect submissive slut. I let you use and abuse my body, just the way you like. I must admit, I loved it. When I begged you to let me cum, I wasn’t stroking your ego. I wanted that orgasm you had denied me for so long. I obeyed your every command, listened to your voice remind me what I am.. a filthy little cum slut. I played by your rules, and now the time has come for you to play by mine.

I’m planning the perfect night for us. I’ll show you who is the true master of tease and denial. I’ll make you beg me the way I pleaded with you, wanting to cum so bad. I’ll smile down at you and shake my head. You’ll have to earn it first, baby. You’ll be lucky if I even let you touch your cock, let alone stroke it. Don’t think I have forgotten the way you made me grovel. I’m ready for my revenge, are you?


 Written By: Ginger
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Sensual Domination With The Madame

The Madame wants to dominate you without all the whips, chains and paddles? Maybe you are seeking something a little more sensual. Perhaps, a woman who is sexy and confident but has a firm hand to your ass to show her dominance. I don’t need to conflict an extreme amount of pain on you to prove you’re submissive and weak. I know you are, that’s why you’re here.

I will make you get on your knees as I bend over and whisper in your ear everything I want you to do. I will take over your mind. You will completely surrender to me in every way possible. You won’t even know you’re completely being seduced by your Madame Joanne until it’s to late- the point of no return. I will have complete control over your mind and body.

Once you’re sensually dominated by my voice, body, and creativity you will be begging for more- I promise.

Written By: Madame Joanne
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Never Too Old To Play With Toys


As any good slut would, I have a well stocked toy chest and I love to use them during my calls! I have so many fun things to play with… dildos, plugs, vibrators, clamps- you name it, I have it.

Wouldn’t you love to choose the toy and tell me exactly how to use it? It’s hard for me to give up control, but there is something about having my orgasm controlled that way that really makes my pussy drip.

Today I am going to give you the control, you’re never too old to play with toys. Come play with me today!



Written By: Bambi
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