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You Belong To Me


That’s right, you are mine! I own you now and you will be my little sex pet. You will get on your hands and knees and obey all my orders. You’re going to be my fuck toy and my boy toy. I will use you for all my sexual pleasures.

I love to have my ass licked and worshiped. My body is so perfect how can you not? Starting at my toes and moving all the way to my lips.

I love teasing your cock and bringing you to the brink of cumming, then denying you the pleasure to squirt your huge, juicy load for me. Edge playing is the best.

You will please me for hours while I sit on your face. I know you love it when my pussy squirts all over your face. I will instruct you on how to masturbate for me and let you know when it’s time to cum.

You love your sensual Dom and you will do anything and everything for me. You belong to me, so submit now and call your Sex Goddess.



 Written By: Parker
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Halloween Preparations


Time to finish my plans for Halloween. I have had a super busy year, and am way behind on the preparations. I have my guest list, refreshments and my costume. I am going to be the sexy, seductive maid from Murder House. My theme is American Horror Story. Lots of sexy men and women. It is a Halloween party after all. For those not familiar, I will be in black lingerie, black stilettos with a white maid’s apron. So sexy! The most exciting part is the hotel I work for is getting renovated so it will be closed Halloween weekend. The owners asked me to stay and look after things. Party!!

 Halloween is the time to be naughty. Come join me at our Murder House Party for some hot, deviant role-play.


Written By: Valentina
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Exploring His Sexuality In New Ways

He has been doing fantasy phone sex calls with me for a very long time. Various role plays but always the same steamy, hot sizzling result. Over a hundred calls, as he takes my boyfriend’s cock into his mouth and sucks him. I tease him about being a cocksucker and other similar humiliating nicknames. The dirtier I get with my words, the harder his cock becomes. Finally, when I describe my boyfriend’s cum squirting into my caller’s mouth, he cums too. 

Immediately after the call, he insists that this is all just fantasy and that he has never actually sucked a cock. Last week, I got him to finally open his mind and go to a hotel bar to flirt with a guy. I encouraged him to open his mind.

He just called me this morning. He took my advice and finally opened his mind to new experiences. He had gone to a hotel bar near the airport. A college football game was on TV, so talking about the game was a nice ice-breaker to get a conversation started. 

At the end of the game, my caller was invited up to the friendly bar patron’s hotel room. My caller was excited and hard. All of my encouraging words gave him the courage to experience his fantasy. He sucked his first cock and loved it! 


Written By: Brynna
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Ready To Please You

Why don’t you cum quench your thirst with a sexy brunette who is hot, horny and ready to please you. Are you in the mood for a no limit’s open minded very sexy girl today? One of my most favorite things to hear about is your wild and perverted secrets, and then play them out on the phone with you!

I’m a very sexual girl with a very sinful imagination. I’ve been known to be the slut tease who can’t get enough of seducing men. Just the thought of you jerking your big, hard cock or little cock gets me excited as I masturbate for you . It makes my tight, pink pussy so wet.

Think about one of your hottest fantasies that makes your cock rock hard for me. We can do anything you like. No limits, no taboos. I cant wait to feel your throbbing cock shoved in my tight pussy.

Give me a call and I promise you’ll never forget my sweet voice. I can’t wait for us to cum together and talk about all those naughty, kinky, fantasies we both enjoy.



Written By: Janene
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Cum Play With Me……Little Sissy!


I love taking you into my closet and dressing you in my extra small and ultra tight little panties. I love doing your hair and make up, just having a girls day you know?

I take pictures of you as you prance around in my heels and strut your freshly shaved legs. Look at your painted toe nails too, you look hot as fuck dressed in my extra skimpy tight clothes.

You know something though? When you dress like a slut and act like a slut, you will be fucked like a slut! Don’t be shy, I will help you.

Get on your hands and knees and arch that sexy ass in the air with the tiny little dress coming up over your waist. Let me pull your panties to the side and spit on that pretty little pussy hole. That’s right, I’m going to put all your holes to use.

I love giving a sensual domination for sissy’s that have constant cock cravings.



Written By: Faith
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I Want You

People just assume that because I am a total dick loving, sex loving, horny as fuck blonde bimbo that I am on the submissive side. I can be, at the right time for the right man. I consider myself the perfect switch. I am also the perfect GFE, just don’t plan on me sticking around after fucking or ever being faithful. Cheating on your wife with me?  Worried you might get caught? I won’t tell, and neither will she as I am fucking her too!

You cum over expecting dinner, drinks and chat before we fuck. Sorry babes, but that is never going to happen. Do I look like I am dressed for the typical date? You are just one in many, and I for one have a long hot night ahead of me. Strip NOW! I want you, and I take what I want.

After I fuck your brains out, you go to wash up. I grab your balls hard, twist them and get you back into my bed. After more fucking, you go home like a good boy. Oops, looks like someone forgot to wash up. No worries, she has always wanted to taste my cunt off your dick.

Blonde Bimbo Tiff


Written By:  Tiffany
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Erotic Mind Games

I dominate and control you. You worship me, and you are my loyal submissive slave. You’re eager to please me and never disappoint. My voice controls your orgasms, and you become excited with anticipation for your next session with me. You need me. I am in your head and your heart. Your desire to serve me and obey me. I own you. 

When you need a good orgasm, I make sure you get one. Although, they’re times when refraining or prolonging your cum is best for you. I edge you, deny or ruin your orgasm. Possibly, you need a rough strap-on session. Trust the process. You need me to think for you, so let me. Don’t fight, just submit and serve me well. 

They’re times when you need to be punished. Spare the rod, and spoil the slave! They’re times when you need to be coddled. I give you encouragement and coax you down a new path. I reassure you that everything is okay and fate will ensure a happy life for you. 

You are brainwashed but in a good way. I know your secrets and your desires. I know you better than anyone else on the planet. I understand and accept your fetish. You may not know what is best for you, but I do. Mind control may sound like a negative thing, but in your case, my little weakling, it is necessary.

Your Mistress Koko dominates you, and you are one happy little slave.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Tis The Season For Bikini Season

 Yay!!! It’s my favorite time of year! The clothes come off and my skimpy bikini’s come on! The pool is open and I’m so ready to spend my summer relaxing in the sun.

Last summer my pervy neighbor caught me masturbating while I was on my pool float. I swear, I didn’t even know he was watching me. I would of put on more of a performance if I’d only known I had an audience. I still remember what I was masturbating to and that was well over a year ago!

I just got done with a really hot phone call. He was dominating me in his very strong, masculine voice. It was more sensual domination and him telling me how he wanted me to touch my young body. My caller made it so hot that I came multiple times and then again thinking about it while I was relaxing in the pool.

Well, it’s that time of year again! The new bikini’s are purchased and I’ll be waiting for my neighbor to make a special appearance. All I need now is a really hot phone call!


Written By:  Jessica
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Submit To The Moment

A friend of mine has just had this glow about her lately. She seems so relaxed even with the extremely taxing job she has. I asked her what her secret was as I knew this couldn’t be because of a new lover in her life as she is too busy. She handed me a business card, winked and told me to just give it a try. I was thinking she must have just found herself an awesome masseuse.

I made an appointment, and filled out some disclaimers. That seemed odd, it was just a massage. There was an envelope on the reception desk with another form for me to fill out and sign and a list of instructions. I followed them carefully wondering just what I had gotten myself into. I drank the chilled white wine, which was to relax me and slowly stripped down. I put on the blindfold and waited.

I heard the door open and the deep voice of a man. He put my hands in leather restraints and told me we were about to begin. He gave me my safe word and then he began. He started slow teasing my nipples with a feather. When he noticed I was already starting to arch my back and getting so wet, he then restrained my ankles. I don’t really consider myself a sub or a domme. I just go with the flow of my sex partner but this was fucking amazing. You want more details? Why not give me a call, and we both can get off while I tell you everything!


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Sexy, Steamy Revenge Phone Sex with Skylar

cute dress 4How to mend a broken heart?
Fuck your ex-girlfriend’s hot best friend! 

So your girlfriend broke up with you, and you are in need of some hot steamy fun? 

Arrange for me, her sexiest, best friend, to come over and pick up all of your ex-girlfriends things. When you open the door, you notice that I am wearing a very short, low cut dress. Wow, how I love to show off my big tits and sexy legs! 

Explain how devastated and sad you over the break-up and how you hate sleeping alone. 

I have always had a crush on you, always thought you were hot. I hug you and I suggest that the best way to get over her is to fuck one of her best friends. As we are hugging, I offer to fuck you any way you want. Hot, wild and rough! Do all those things that your ex-girlfriend would not do in the bedroom. I will rock your work and blow your mind. 

After all, living well, and fucking hot best friend is the sweetest revenge of all. 


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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