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Dream Lover

There is something about his voice and his look that makes me crave his touch. It’s amazing how his soft touch becomes rough so quickly. I need his big rough hands to glide all over my body. He starts slow, but as his breathing quickens, he gets a little rougher. I wake up with the covers pulled off, and my body glistening with sweat. My hand is between my legs, and my pussy is wetter than ever.

My phone is buzzing on my nightstand with numerous texts and pictures from the stranger that was in my erotic dream. In my half asleep state, I am a little confused. I fall back to sleep as my dream picks up where it left off. He pushes me against the wall with my arms over my head. He bites my erect nipples and thrusts hard into me. He lifts me up and allows me to put my arms around his neck. His mouth tastes like my dripping pussy. 

I wake up again, and all the texts and pictures are gone. There is one final message that just says “don’t lock your window tonight.”


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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The After-Party, A Raemi Encounter


I dialed his number and was really frustrated to get is damn voicemail.

“Baby…Where are you? Call me back ASAP.”

He called back 10 minutes later and before one ring completed I was answering.

“Baby!” It was obvious I was excited that he finally called back.

“Hi, Baby, sorry I didn’t answer when you called…What’s going on? How was the party?”

“Ohhhh MY GOD Baby, it’s been…Unreal.”

“Really? Are you still there? What’s going on?”

“Well…No, I’m not still there. I’m home not alone.”


“Yes….Oh, Baby-you would have lost your mind. The party turned into a fucking orgy. They had an E-Bomb and everyone got so fucking horny from it and within an hour everyone was naked and fucking.”

“Holy shit! Baby…What did you do?”

“I, I fucked…So much fucking…”

“Did they cum in you?”

“Yes! But Baby, listen…I brought a few of the guys back home with me and you need to get here.”

“They’re there? Now?”


Right then, Chad, who was eating my pussy gets up and starts rubbing the head of his fat, swollen and wet cock, oozing with precum-all over my already creamy pussy. It felt so fucking good that I couldn’t help myself, I started moaning and telling him to put it in and fuck me again.

“What’s happening???”

“Oh Baby, one of them is rubbing his cock on my pussy and I need it in me. I need you here, are you coming???”

“Yes, yes…I’m in the car, yes I’ll be there soon. Tell me what’s happening. Tell him to fuck you, to slide it in really slow and put the phone down there, I want to hear your pussy.”

“Put your cock in me, fuck me good so he can hear it.”

“Gladly,” said Chad with a big smile.

And he put it in my pussy and started fucking me and it was my pussy made the most glorious noises.

“OH MY GOD BABY! It sounds so fucking juicy!”

“I told you, I told you…Oh God, that feel so good. So much cum in me and on me. Where are you?”

“I’ll be there soon. My cock is so damn hard I can’t wait to get there…Tell me what’s happening now.”

“Oh Baby, he’s fucking me so good and, Mmmmmmm mmmmmm, I have a cock in my mouth….So good. He’s putting it in cum and having me lick it.”


“Oh Baby…And the other guys, they are stroking and dripping more precum and rubbing their cocks on me and all taking turns putting them in my mouth. Mmmmmm, fuck….So fucking good….”

“I’m here…Walking in now.”

And he walked in and there I was on the bed, on my back, legs up and 4 guys all around me with great, big smiles and raging cocks. 

“Fuck Baby! There’s cum ALL OVER YOU!” And his eyes popped out of his head.

It was on my face, my hair, my entire torso…Little pool in my belly button. He didn’t quite understand how there was so much cum with these guys and they are still going.

“More guys were here.” And I gave him a little sly smile.

“Fuck baby, I’ve never seen you like this…”As he’s getting naked and his cock was SO hard and oozing precum that the skin on his head was pulled so tight that it looked like it his pee hole could split and douse the room in cum. It made me so hot seeing him so turned on, how he was starting to understand what I had been up to.

“Come, I need your cock! NOW! PLEASE!”  That’s when the guy who was fucking me moved aside and finally Scott could see my pussy.”

“HOLY SHIT, look at your pussy!”

Puffy. And cum everywhere on it and oozing out. One of the guys dipped his finger in and pulled more out.

I thought Scott my bust right then-realizing just how much cum was in me.

He climbed up between my legs, the guys moved around me in a tighter formation again, stroking and dripping pre-cum on me, taking turns again putting their cocks in my mouth, dipping them in the cum on my tits and belly. One of them sticks it right in my cum-filled belly button and everyone watches it slide out and down my sides as he smears it around.

Scott rubs the tip of his cock up and down my pussy, feeling all of the cum, swirling it around…Moaning, repeatedly saying,

“Fuck Baby, fuck baby, fuck baby…”

I moan and moan, lifting my pelvis and pushing my pussy towards him. This is what I’ve wanted.

Then he slides it in and I can feel the cum inside me making room for his big, throbbing cock.

“Yes, yes, fuck me…Yes…”

He puts it all the way in as he watches me with those 4 other cocks, grabbing, stroking, sucking, licking, tasting the cum over and over. I just can’t get enough.

Scott pulls his cock out and it’s COVERED, soaked, and dripping with cum.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, BABY…” Scott simply cannot believe what he’s seeing.

Chad quickly bends down and sticks his tongue out and looks at Scott for permission.

“Let him lick it off, Baby.” I urge him, begging him with my everything to let him do it. 

And in a split second, Scott shoves his cock into Chad’s mouth and there’s so much cum on his cock that it starts to drop down as he suckles at it, and Scott beings to fuck his mouth faster.

“Is that YOUR cum on my cock?” Scott asks him.

“I’m sure some of it is.”  And he smiles and sucks harder.

Scott grabs Chad’s face and then really shoves his cum soaked cock in his mouth as he throws his head back.

“Fuck yes, Baby-give it to him,” I say.

He fucks his mouth and they both moan and moan and Chad is rhythmically stroking his cock as he sucks on Scott’s. Then Scott pulls his clean cock out of Chad’s mouth and pushes it back into my pussy, moaning again in the sweet ecstasy of feeling all of those other guy’s cum in my pussy-imagining what Chad was doing to me when he came inside me…

Chad starts fucking me faster and faster, the guys and I all stroking their cocks, me sucking on Paul. I feel Paul’s cock tense up and I knew he was going to cum.

I tasted it in my mouth and sucked really hard and he pulled it out and let his cum fly. It shot up and landed on my tits and he started shooting it all on my belly and some even landed on my pussy, when he did-Sam started to cum, and his shot up and straight down and dove in with the rest….Jason started stroking faster and faster until HIS cock exploded too- before Sam even finished…

A chain reaction.

They all started to cum, while Scott fucked me faster and faster and I could feel another orgasm forming, my pussy pulsing until I clapped down on Scott’s cock and I knew he was going to burst, and knowing he was just about to cum sent me over the edge and I started screaming, “Yes, yes, yes!” 

He pushes himself as deep in as he ever has, balls deeeeeeeep, grinds it in my pussy and then pulls out and we all watch is throbbing cock shoot streams of cum in an arch over my body as he explodes over and over again, moaning and screaming-forcing his cum to shoot out so, so far.

My body shakes and quakes and I can feel my pussy oozing as I encourage Scott to cum and cum and cum…Now that’s what I call “An After Party”.

*This blog was dedicated to Scott E. Thanks for all of the ULTRA NAUGHTY, SUPER STEAMY PHONE SEX!

With Raemi, there’s always a good time!

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Backyard Gangbang

Last weekend I went to a cookout. It felt good to get out of the city.  I picked up potato salad from the deli. I wore a cute little sundress and heels, but I didn’t stay dressed for long.

My friends have very wild sex parties, and this one was no exception. I texted my friends that I was on way. My friend texted me back that there were a lot of hot guys there already. While I was on the train, I pulled my panties to the side and sent them a pic of naked bald pussy just as a little appetizer. She walked around showing that naughty pic to everyone and letting them know I would be there soon.

As soon as I arrived, my best girlfriend started introducing me to all these really hot guys.

This was not my first gangbang, but it was one of the best.

Everyone is so friendly and ready to fuck at backyard barbeques.



I’ve been in such a naughty mood lately. My worthless husband hasn’t been able to satisfy me at all, so I turned to the next best person— my sexy step-son. I “accidentally” sent him a risqué selfie. I wanted him to see everything step-mommy had to offer. I figured he might be a little embarrassed, but he surprised me by sending one back. And WHOA! Who knew my shy step-son had such a huge cock. I sent him a few more, making sure to pay special attention to my tits. He was always staring at them and new he had probably jerked off so many times thinking about them. A few minutes after I sent that one, he sent another of himself, stroking that thick rod. After seeing that, I could hardly wait for his father to finally fall asleep. As soon as he drifted off, I made my way down the hall, into my step-son’s bedroom. He was already naked and waiting for me, his cock rock hard and throbbing. I had been fantasizing about his dick all day and I couldn’t wait to swallow it! We put his hands in my hair and fucked my face. He grabbed me up and threw me back on his bed. His face went between my legs and licked at my dripping pussy. He had one talented tongue and I came over and over again. I heard myself begging him to fuck me. He rose above me, put my legs over his shoulders and shoved his cock inside. Holy fuck! I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming! His dick was so much bigger than his daddy’s. I wanted him to cum inside me, but he had another idea. He straddled me and pushed his cock between my tits, fucking them hard. I opened my mouth in preparation for what I knew would be a huge load. He groaned loudly as he came all over my tits and face.
I’m so glad I “accidentally” sent that selfie. There’s a lot more where that came from.

Slutty Wife Fantasy

I did a super hot instant message sex session earlier today with a guy who told me his wife was out of town on an audition for a fitness video. He told me the competition was fierce, and that he was getting turned on at the thought of his wife being a total slut to gain an advantage. Here’s what happened next:

(10:57:53 AM) mr k: I know she is a good wife, but thinking about what a naughty wife would be doing

(10:58:07 AM) seducingsandra4u: oh, she really wants the part, right?

(10:58:18 AM) mr k: she does

(10:58:33 AM) seducingsandra4u: she’s fucking and sucking the entire production crew

(10:58:48 AM) mr k:

is that what you would do?

(10:58:56 AM) seducingsandra4u: oh yes

(10:59:09 AM) mr k: oh my

(10:59:19 AM) seducingsandra4u: I’d wear my tiniest little slutty workout gear

(10:59:36 AM) seducingsandra4u: and start with the producer

(10:59:43 AM) mr k:

with thong sides puled high on hips out side your pants

(10:59:47 AM) seducingsandra4u: yes

(10:59:59 AM) mr k: omg

(11:00:12 AM) seducingsandra4u: I’d wear one of my sports bras that zips up the front

(11:00:18 AM) seducingsandra4u: and slide the zipper down

(11:00:20 AM) mr k:

oh yes

(11:00:24 AM) seducingsandra4u: letting my tits spring out

(11:00:38 AM) seducingsandra4u: slide my hands down my body

(11:00:43 AM) mr k: cameras filming

(11:00:47 AM) seducingsandra4u: yes

(11:00:59 AM) seducingsandra4u: into my tiny little spandex shorts

(11:01:00 AM) mr k:

oh baby

(11:01:04 AM) seducingsandra4u: and slide them off my hips

(11:01:08 AM) seducingsandra4u: down to my feet

(11:01:12 AM) mr k: fuck yes

(11:01:20 AM) mr k:

thonged ass in the air

(11:01:21 AM) seducingsandra4u: now just wearing a thong

(11:01:26 AM) mr k: omg

(11:01:30 AM) mr k:

so hard

(11:01:36 AM) mr k: fuck

(11:01:38 AM) seducingsandra4u: crawl on my hands and knees to the producer

(11:01:43 AM) mr k:


(11:01:50 AM) seducingsandra4u: and slide my hand inside his pants

(11:01:52 AM) mr k: you dirty slut wife

(11:01:58 AM) seducingsandra4u: pulling his cock out, kissing it

(11:02:09 AM) mr k:

you need to take them all

(11:02:16 AM) mr k: all 10 of them

That’s when things got really, really… slutty 🙂

Cyber Fun

Hot nasty phone sex is always so much fun, but sometimes, it’s just not possible with your wife in the next room. What is a horny man to do? How about a sexy cyber session? Cyber sex can be just as fun as phone sex without the risk of getting caught. It costs the same as a regular call and you still get all that special attention that I give you on the phone. Some guys feel more comfortable and uninhibited that way. I’ve had so many hot cyber fuck buddies. Why not have me all to yourself for a little while? I know it’s not quite the same as hearing me but it’s the next best thing. When you don’t want to wake your wife… cyber fuck me, baby 🙂

Variety is the Spice of Life

I met him at our Monthly Swingers Party. I had to share him with all the other ladies there. I didn’t like that. I wanted him all to myself. I tricked the party coordinator into giving me his phone number. I sent him a text and a pic of me naked. Asked him if he would want to get together, just the two of us. Let him know that I have not been able to get him out of my mind.

He works downtown St. Louis. I met him at a hotel one afternoon. I dressed as sexy as could without looking like a cheap escort. I had on my black high heels, a tight little purple dress and very sexy bra and panties under the dress. I put on a long black coat, so I looked like a lady on a business trip. I knocked on the door of the hotel room. My heart was racing and my panties were completely soaked. It was all so wrong but felt so good and exciting.

He opened the door, and took my coat. We started kissing. I will remember his kisses for the rest of my life. They were that good. He slowly undressed me and took me to the bed. He had the most amazing tongue, but I gave as good as I got. I took his cock into my mouth and I slowly sucked him. My lips were gliding along the smooth hard long beautiful cock. He kept getting bigger and thicker.

We fucked and fucked in almost every position humanly possible. Finally, he rolled me onto my back and he was back inside of me. He was an amazingly talented lover. His thick cock was the perfect fit for my pussy. This was the best sex I have ever had! He was ready to cum. I could see it in his eyes. He pulled out and squirted all over my tits and he collapsed on top of me. Both of us exhausted and spent from our sweaty sexy afternoon encounter.


Share me?

I am a dirty fuck whore who loves all of your attention. I want you to drool over my hot ass, cunt and body. You know why I wear my heels don’t you? It’s to make your dick even harder for me. I don’t care if you want me for yourself or if you want to share me with your closest friends and their wives. I’ll take all you have to give. My legs go on for miles until they reach my sweet slit and tight puckered brown hole. I want you to get hard thinking of all the things you will do to me. Now grab that rock hard dick and call me. I wanna do the nastiest things to you, with you and for you.  No limits hot phone fucking.  I’ll always do what she wont.

Watch Me Jersey

Summer Loving with My Hot Young Stud

My sexy young neighbor is home from college.  He has a job working evenings at a local hotspot which leaves his days free to fuck me.  As soon as his parents leave the house for work, my hottie makes sure that my husband’s car is out of the driveway.  My lover showers and slips in a pair of shorts.   He knows that I leave the backdoor open.  Sometimes he sneaks over and crawls into bed with me. He wakes me up with kisses and rubs his hard naked cock against me.

This morning, I was up early and ready for him.  I was wearing some new sexy lingerie for him.  I sent him this sexy pic and told him that had better hurry over because my pussy was wet.  He ran right over to our house. I could hear him running up the stairs and watched him open up my bedroom door.  I was sitting on the table next to the bed.  He walked up between my legs.  I wrapped my sexy legs around him and peeled him out of clothes.  He was rock hard and already oozing pre-cum from his cock. He pushed my panties to the side and slid into my dripping wet pussy.  He fucked me hard on that table.  I admit that it was rather quick, but he did make sure that I came first.  He pulled my hips to the edge of the table and fucked me even harder and filled me full of a beautiful load of sweet sexy cum.

It is a fucking hot summer!

Mrs. Robinson

Late Night Lover

It is late.  My thoughts of you invade my mind. The sex between us was so incredibly amazing that I can’t get you out of my head.  I keep masturbating when I think of how many times that you made me cum last time.  I take a chance and send you a text asking if you free tonight.  You respond back that you are free.  You are craving the taste of me inside your mouth and the feel of me around your hard throbbing cock.  Your response makes my heart race and pussy ache for your attention.

I slip into my sexy black stockings, sexiest black bra and panties, and get ready for you.  I feel my panties getting really wet. I slip a finger inside of me, so anxious, I start playing (just a little) without you. I send you a second text, telling you the door is open and I am wet, and waiting for you in my bedroom.

Hurry, Lover!