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 My Stats

Age: 29

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 122

Measurements: 34D-24-36

Pussy: Shaved to your liking!

Ass: Yes and I will fuck your ass!

Favorite Positions: You bent over with my strap-on fucking you

Strangest Places I've had sex: Hood of my Ford Mustang

Hobbies: Sex toys, shopping in NYC, fast cars, biker bars and riding motorcycles

Specialities: Small dick humiliation, CBT, Domme, Control, Tease and denial, BDSM, Leather/Latex fetish, Head Mistress, ABDL, Financial domination, The naughty babysitter, Teacher/Student, Naughty Nurse, Adult babies, Strap-on play, Body worship, Cuckolding and Guided masturbation


I am Maxine, your Goddess of small dick humiliation. Men with the lack of manhood hope that the women will not mind their little problem and overlook their short comings. Well, women always prefer a man who can mentally and physically measure up to her standards. Little men like you tickle me in other ways. I giggle, laugh, and have so many evil thoughts running through my twisted mind when I see a tiny dick like yours.

Sexually I am a size Queen. I love the pleasure a huge cock that can deliver. When I fuck it’s intense so I need the painful pleasure of a large dick tearing through my cunt. I love when my little men watch a real man pleasure me. They get so excited seeing that huge manhood break through my tight pink rim. Don’t worry little one, I am sure he will leave something behind for you to enjoy too. My cunt will be cleaned by your mouth daily. I have so much for you to enjoy.

I love the really wicked and intense taboo calls. I do it all, so don’t be afraid to tell me your secret little fetishes. I am sure we can make them all a reality. There will be no limits to the pleasure you will receive when you dial My toll-free number. Phone Sex will never be the same after today. I make all the tempting taboo fantasies come to life.


Call 1.866.949.9729
for Phone Sex with

1 Response to “Maxine”

  • Hi maxine i wanted to call you for a session. And had a scenario in mind email me and let me know what you think 🙂

    We meet up for some fun at a hotel room. As we get comfortable, you take off my pants and start laughing at my small dick. You tell me that it’s the smallest you’ve seen and don’t know why I would even come to see you. You get angry at me for wasting your time and push me against the wall and start kneeing and kicking me in the balls. You squeeze them hard and continue the ballbusting torture. You put me on the bed and make me eat you while you squeeze me. You tell me that you want to play a game. You tell me that you’ll give me a chance to satisfy you but the rules are I have to make you cum before I do. If I fail you will cut my dick and balls off.

    you can add to it if you’d like anything you want!
    Let me know

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