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Skylar’s Feet and Your Foot Fetish

SKYLARYou enjoy ladies feet and shoes. You have an extreme foot fetish.

I love to tease you by wearing open-toed shoes.  I go to the salon every couple of weeks to get a pedicure. I love showing off my painted toes, especially since I know that it makes you so very hard. You are always staring at my feet.

Teasing you is so much fun. I cross and uncross my legs, and dangle a shoe from my toes.  It drives you crazy. I draw you into me, and I easily seduce you because I know your weakness for pretty feet and sexy shoes.

I prey on your weakness because I love a man to worship my feet. Take off my shoe and sniff. The scent of leather and my feet make your cock so stiff. Suck on my toes, each and every one of them. Do it slowly. You are making me wet, so hot and wet! I masturbate for you while you suck and lick on my feet.

I reward you with a footjob and let you cum all over my feet.



Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Foot Fetish At Family Dinner At Aunt Ava’s

I had a big family dinner last night for 17 people at my house. My favorite nephew blew off a chance to go out with a pretty cheerleader so that he could be here. I was happy to see him. As always, I greeted him a big hug and held him against my chest. He blushed and looked down at my feet. Typically, men stare at my chest, but my nephew liked how my toes were painted and looked in my strappy silver sandals. Before everyone sat down, I switched the place cards on the table. Instead of my nephew sitting next to me, I placed him across from me.

Of course, my mom and sister thought I was dressed too sexy. My dress was too short, too tight, too low cut, but this is my personal style. I like feeling and dressing sexy. I rolled my eyes at their comments and winked at my nephew. He smiled and nodded. At least he appreciates my style. Big tits and sexy feet should be admired.

I was the last one to sit down at the table for dinner. During dessert, I started seducing my nephew. I ran my foot over his foot, then slowly up his leg. He looked down and saw my toes against the front of his pants. That cock of his must have been throbbing. He sat there for as long as he could, but then quietly excused himself from the table. After a few minutes, I wiped my mouth with my napkin and followed my nephew. He was in my bedroom, smelling my shoes from my closet. I locked my bedroom door, made him pull out his hard, dripping wet cock, and teased his cock with my toes. Gently guided him to the floor and I let him worship my feet. Finally, I gave him a fantastic erotic foot job until he came all over my feet. I kissed him sweetly and promised that I would wear sexy shoes for him and that he could come over for a visit any time he wanted.


Auntie Ava
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Sexy Feet

I know you’re one of those peepers who is always looking at a sexy pair of feet. Especially when it’s a woman like me wearing a beautiful pair of shoes. My feet are tired, sweaty, and dirty from a long night with my lover. You know how much I hate when my feet ache. I know what your perverted mind is thinking as you sit and drool thinking about my feet. Let’s spend some time together, I’m expecting you to know how to serve your mistress. Let’s see your dedication. I want to see how well you do.

My feet need a cleaning now, first give them a good wash down with your tongue. You’ll love it when I grind my feet into your face, letting you suck on each and every toe. Show me how much you love the smell, feel, and how you take care of a gorgeous pair of feet. I’m sure your cock is throbbing in your pants by now. No touching yet, you’ll finish off by pampering me and servicing all my needs. Once everything is perfect, I will reward you. Letting you shoot your warm stream of cum across my perfect toes.


Getting Down and Dirty!

I like a guy who is good with his hands. Rough hands on my soft skin makes me quiver all over. I like the taste of your sweat on your skin. Love your smell. Makes a girl hot!

I like to live on edge and don’t always follow the rules. You are working on a construction site for the summer. Hard work. You deserve something extra hot at the end of the day. I like to fuck my guy at work, even if he doesn’t work in an office.

I visit you at the site.  I don’t mind getting a little dirty. It might be dangerous to walk onto a construction site in heels and not much else, but I know that you will take me to a secluded spot and fuck me with all the passion that a hot girl like me needs. Both of our bodies dripping in sweat. Cum everywhere!

No matter where you are. I make it hot for you. Let’s get down and dirty!


Panty Hose & Heels

I refuse to accept that summer is over. Let’s go back to the special moments we shared on the beach. We spent so many hours in each others arms, it was so magical. The first night we spent with each other consumes my mind with such memories. My pussy tingles when I think back at the first time. I was sprawled out on your bed with the summer breeze flowing through the curtains. I was wearing absolutely nothing but pantyhose and heels. It was so erotic and inviting. I watched as you undressed slowly, we laid in each others arms massaging and caressing each others back. Slowly you moved your way on top of my body. I could tell my pantyhose rubbing against your body was a huge turn on. Our bodies pressed against each other with just a thin layer of fabric separating you from slipping into my wet box. We kissed deeply as I felt you make a tear in my hose, slipping your throbbing man hood inside of me. Join me again for another rendezvous. Let’s make some new memories.

Lick Them Bitch

It is that time of year for leather jackets and boots. I adore the smell of leather and I went to my favorite shop in Montrose. The moment you walk in the door, the smell of leather hits you.

I was greeted by a tall gentleman who was nice looking but a little to boring looking for my taste. I am used to being catered here so I told him what I was looking for. I told him my size and sat down while he gathered up 5 boxes. He took my boot off slowly and it was obvious he was staring up my dress. LOSER! Once my boot was off, he was very slow about getting the first pair of black leather boots out of the box. He held my foot in his hand and I could see he was getting hard.

“The boots in the box” I demanded as he stuttered and took them out. He handled them slowly running his hand up the soft black leather. He took his time sliding them up my legs and once they were on, I gave him a hard kick in his balls. I told him he was annoying me and I didn’t have all day. Holding his balls, he stood up and asked if I was ready to try on another pair. I kicked him harder this time making him fall to the floor again letting out a huge wail of pain.

I made him crawl over to me even in his intense pain and to put the other boot on me. I stood up walking in the boots and seeing how they felt on my long, tan legs.  My cunt was getting wet and creamy at the sight of him still holding his balls. “Now bitch lick my boots”, I screamed at him. He began to lick the 8 inch heels, sucking on them like a cock as he slowly went to the soles. Another kick to the balls was in order as he left spit on the leather. Eventually we were done and he carried the boxes of boots to my car.

Shoe Fetish Phone Sex

I‘ve been noticing you have been checking out my shoes lately. It’s okay darlin, I have a shoe fetish myself. When I buy a new pair of really expensive heels, my pussy gets instantly moist. Some of my days are spent being completely naked only wearing my stiletto heels. I get turned on walking around my apartment on my hardwood floors.

I get an immediate response from my guy neighbor that lives in the apartment below me, when he hears me stomping around in my high heels. He’s my little submissive shoe whore and I always get a knock on my door to submit to me.

I can tell the higher the heel, the more of a bulge I see in his pants. He loves when I make him get on his knees (where he belongs) and suck the heels of my shoes. He will do anything I tell him to do. I like him lying on my living room floor, face down with his head buried in my area rug, as I ram my 8 inch stiletto heel deep into his ass.

When it’s time for my shoe slut to cum, I pull out an older pair of heels and I make him cum in the sole of the shoe. He knows he is not allowed to touch me.

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My Stinky Little Feet

I am not the type of girl one would consider a Mistress but there is this man who loves my little feet. The stinker they are the happier he is.  I exercise in my tennis shoes and socks getting myself all wet and worked up at what I am going to make him do. I have things all ready for his visit.

I take out all my different shoes, socks, and tights and toss them in a pile. As soon as he walks in the door I make him strip for me showing off his already hard cock. I demand he crawl over to them and start to smell and lick the insides of each shoe, then he moves on to the socks and tights. I can hear him sigh and moan with each lick.

Finally I allow him what he really craves, my stinky little size five feet. I rub my feet all over his face till one finds his wide open mouth. I grab the back of his head and make him take it till he gags. Now that my left stinky foot is all wet and slimy I put in the right foot rubbing the wet, smelly left foot all over his face. That is when the begging begins for me to let him cum. Maybe I let him or maybe he just has to wait till next time!

Teasing Little Baby Bethany

Amazing Legs

I’m always getting the best compliments on my sexy legs. I’m always showing them off. I love wearing short skirts also to show off my long bare legs. Most of the time you’ll find me in a pair of sexy thigh highs or fishnets. I also love the tight glossy hose they make my legs look amazing. Why don’t you come here and get down on your knees for me. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Feel the silky, smooth material against your face, your fingers circling around my toes and your tongue gliding up and down my legs. I want you to take your time exploring my body. I know your cock will be begging to cum out and play with me.


Hailey’s Pantyhose Slut

He kissed the arch of my foot and  his tongue sliding in between my toes through my nylons. He could tell it was expensive hose. On his knees before me, so helpless. Rubbing his hands up and down my legs feeling that soft, smooth silky feeling. I could see his cock getting hard, it was practically ripping through his pants. Demanding his pants come off while I pushed my foot against his face. Letting him inhale the scent of my feet after a long day. His tongue licking up and down the arch of my foot like a dirty little foot slut. Pressing my foot harder against his face pushing him back on the floor. Dirty pig, are you ready to lick them clean?

Pantyhose, sexy legs, and heels you know you can’t get enough. Call me with your fetish!