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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 118

Measurements: 34D-24-35

Pussy: Smooth like butter!

Ass: Ready for your cock!

Favorite Positions: Doggy, anal and 69

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a tree fort

Hobbies: Music, drawing, talking on the phone, watching chick flicks, hanging with my friends and going to clubs.

Specialities: Role-play, Daddy's girl, Submissive slut, Anal play, Family fun, Toys, Impregnation, Period play, Golden showers, Mutual masturbation and so much more!


I’m Alexis! Your 23 year old hottie with zero limitations! Not only will I rock your world, but I will rock your cock and blow your mind. Are you really ready for me? Well, if you are then allow me to take you on this fun, exciting, mind blowing sexual journey. I am a young perky, vibrant little whore. You know the type? The one that your mother warned you about. I have to let you in a little secret….I don’t follow all the rules. As a matter of fact there are no rules in my world. I make up my own rules and let me tell you, everybody leaves satisfied. I am the girl who has done it all and if I haven’t I am always willing to try new things. I have absolutely no TABOOS and nothing is too shocking or out of the ordinary for me. I bet I can blow your mind with all the sexual perverted things I have done. I can’t wait to share stories with one another reaching to the highest point of climax. Call me…I am your girl for all your sexual needs and desires.
 Yours Truly,

Call 1.866.415.6927
for Phone Sex with

5 Responses to “Alexis”

  • Alexis thanks for the great call. I love your kinky naughty mind and that sexy voice. You are the best and i will definitely be calling again.

  • the hottest call i’ve ever done! alexis your fuckin hot! and im the blog of naughty neighbor if anyone wants to read how fuckin hot our call was 😉

  • Alexis, it was amazing, what more can I say, you truly get into your calls, and let me know you are having fun, talk to you again soon.

  • My goodness girl our parking lot sex was great. So glad finally got talk to u. Ur voice matches ur unbelievable looks. Yes the guy walking the dog finally left. Cant wait till next call!!

  • So much more than meets the eye….truly pleasurable, Delightful, Delectable and spontaneously Different …stay sweet and genuine my friend…want to hear from you and feel you cum again….a real treat and treasure too.

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