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 My Stats

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 101

Measurements: 32B-22-34

Pussy: Always bald, tight, slippery, super sensitive clit and ready to be taken at any time!

Ass: Loves to be fingered and fucked.

Favorite Positions: I honestly love them all!

Strangest Places I've had sex: On frozen ice in a middle of a lake. It was cold!!!

Hobbies: Family fun, watching t.v, eating, reading, learning new things an making people happy

Specialities: Extreme age play, Extreme Family Fun, Family stories, Orgies, Impregnation, Rough sex, Interracial sex, Forced intoxication, Rape scenes, Snuff, Cream pies, Step-Mommy/Daughter, Porn, Fuck toys, Child play,Strap-on fun, Anal pleasure, Young baby voice and so much more!


I’m Wendy! Your Family Fun Princess Wonder Whore! I’m 18 years old and I have been having sex with my Step-Uncle since I was only 12 years old. My pictures that you see are really me and my Uncle. For privacy reasons he did not want his face shown. We love having our pictures taken by my younger brother. He usually can’t contain himself and he drops his pants and wanks it while watching my Uncle and I go at it. I love having sex with my family members. I was brought up that way and I really don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

When I was 14 years old my Mom brought home a black guy. She wanted to teach me how to suck a huge cock and take one really deep inside me. She of course sucked and fucked first and then it was my turn to show her what I just learned. She was fucking my Uncle before I was. I should probably mention that would be her brother. He moved on to me after he was done with her. He wanted extra tight holes for his enjoyment. Mom loves watching her little girl fuck. When my Step-Uncle comes over, my Mom usually grabs my brother and plays with him while they both watch my Uncle have sex.
Some people may think this is twisted but not for me. This is all I know and it turns me on. I still fuck older guys besides my family members. If it’s a Friday night and I’m feeling horny I know I can count on my family to pleasure me.

Mom usually goes out with her girlfriends on Thursday night and she always brings home a different guy every week. Normally she will call me into her room after sex and have me eat out her creamed filled pussy. Sometimes the dudes she brings home have friends that tag along and I get to play with them. I don’t normally tell my Uncle when I have sex with other guys. He’s very protective of me and thinks of me as his girlfriend. He wants desperately to get me pregnant. Well, there’s more to that story of getting me pregnant, if you like really twisted things then call me and I will tell you the rest. I honestly can’t write that on here, it’s that bad.

If you couldn’t tell already, I am into hardcore incest and extreme age play. All my stories that leave my mouth are true. I enjoy talking to guys that are into the same thing or get off on my lifestyle. If any of this offends you why are you still reading (LOL) If it does offend you, please do not call me. I wouldn’t never judge anybody that called me and I expect the same in return.
My Uncle has done calls with me before. He won’t say anything but if you want to hear me get fucked by him let me know. My brother lets me suck his cock while I am on calls too. My Mom is here and there and not very reliable. She knows that I do phone sex but she’s not around too much for me to do calls with me. She did do one call with me and she loved it. She ended up meeting the guy we did a call with in a hotel and fucked his brains out. He just happen to live near us. It’s a very small world.
I’m excited to have fun with you and share everything I know. I have a young voice and please don’t ask me if anything offends me or if there’s something I wont do. If you ask me those questions you obviously haven’t read my bio. I WILL DO ANYTHING AND TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! Enough said! Call me and cum play with me and my family.

Family Fun Princess,

Call 1.877.260.1533
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