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Just a Teen Tease

      I see you every day at Starbucks.  You get a plain black coffee, and I get a creamy vanilla Frappe.  I wear less and less each day.  Today it is the tiniest pair of shorts, a tight cropped tee, and not much else. You’re always in a hurry, I guess to get back to work. I like to sit, take my time, and totally enjoy my drink.  You like to stare at me, but look away when I catch you. Of course, you’re staring, just look at my hot, teen body. 

I don’t want you to rush off today. I need to have some fun with you. 

I suck on my straw, getting all the yummy cream in my mouth. I lick it off my lips. A bit falls on my hard, pink nipples. Now I have your attention. I sit with my long legs to the side now, crossing and uncrossing them. Oops, did I get more cream on my tits? You’re still watching me. I slide my fingers in my shorts under my panties. I finish my drink, walk by you and put my wet finger under your nose. 

You want to follow me, but you can’t get up at the moment. Oops!


Written By: Delaney
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AJ Has A Problem

                Oh hey neighbor, it’s a beautiful summer day out today. I see your wife has left for the day, but I was needing to ask her for a favor. Maybe you can help me out?  Quick, no time to waste! Follow me to my house. Please hurry. It could be an emergency! 

Now don’t be embarrassed, but I need to remove all my clothes. Now come closer, and look in-between my legs.  See, right there. Why is my little pussy always so wet? Maybe I’m getting sick or something. 

              Oh no, is your dick getting a cold too? It’s standing straight up. I have an awesome idea! Did you ever hear of herd immunity?  Of course you did, you’re a doctor. 

First, lets use our mouths. Mouths have the largest amount of germs. Your dick sure feels good down my throat, but I’m still so very wet and you so hard.  I guess to get rid of these germs, there’s nothing left to do but to fuck.

Oh no, handsome neighbor.  It appears you forgot your dick wrapper. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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Dirtiest Bitch On The Net

              I am a total adrenaline freak!  Nothing raises my pulse and get’s my juices flowing like sex. Not just any sex but dirty, nasty, messy, hot, wet, and most of all perverted.

I’m not your wine and dine girl. I don’t need a fancy hotel either. I just need a hot guy with a big dick that knows how to use it. During these odd times, I have found new and unusual ways to pick up men to hook up. 

                  Last night I saw this man working out on his balcony. Apartments are so close in the city that I could see the sweat on his body from my window. I thought he was working out way to hard, and needed a bit of distraction. I stood at my window nude, and began sucking my sexy, hard nipples. 

Now I have his attention. Strange is my favorite way to go, but I couldn’t bring him here. Yes, sex with me can get that nasty! I held up my digits on a big sign. What? You’ve never done that?

He texted me and I told him to meet me in the parking garage. During the day no one is ever there except the parking attendant. The man seemed rather confused as to why we were fucking in a dirty parking garage. I dropped to me knees on the dirty, littered with trash floor, and began sucking his gorgeous dick. Another man was getting his car. I smiled, and suggested he join us.  


Written By: Harley
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The Killing Of Mr. F

                     You have a snuff fantasy. How very fucking nice. You don’t really want to die, you just want the excitement and attention. Let’s make your fantasy a reality. Stop your crying, and act like a man!

I have planned it just like you imagined. I sold tickets, they’re about 100 people in the audience just waiting to see the killing of Mr. F! 

You’re already shaking, as I strip you down. Oh fuck me!  It’s just as well I am ending you with a tiny worthless cock like yours. 

                    You look out into the audience seeing my guests, you’re pleading with them to end this madness. You tell them you will return all their money. Really Mr. F?  You can barely pay your rent. 

I help you to the wheel. You’re restrained by your feet and hands. You’re pleading with me to stop. I go slowly as my guests have paid a lot for this show.  I stab you first in your stomach. My guests are cheering. I make flesh wounds all over your worthless body. You’re begging me now to just end you. 

                      My guests are very blood thirsty, and want much more. I slice your thigh. Now I must work fast before you bleed out.

I turn to my audience and ask them what I should do for the finale? They want to see some serious splatter. I smile and kiss you on your trembling lips. I slice your throat from jugular to jugular. My guest are cheering.  Kill Mr. F! Kill Mr. F! 

The blood spurts hitting me and my guests. Perfect end to my show, and to Mr. F.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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In Need Of a Stiff Cock

My job requires me to travel quite a bit. Sometimes, too much. They’re times I would like nothing more than my big bed, and a tall, muscular, hot sex toy. 

I arrived late and my hotel was very quiet. I waited for service much longer than it should have been. Finally, a sexy gentleman shows up. He is hot and he is making apologies. He explains room service is closed but he could find me a snack if I would like. I tell him I am fine and I decline him helping me with my luggage.

I got undressed and ran the bath. A bubble bath sounds lovely. I hear a knock on my door and was told it was room service. Almost annoyed, I open the door. He has a bottle of chilled Dom and some light snacks.

I invite him in for a glass or two. Once we get comfy, I ask him for a favor. I tell him that I travel a lot and at times require an escort. He smiled and said he does that for travelers, but they’re still shut down. He sees the look on my face, so disappointed. He suggests he be my date for the night.

I am extremely sexual and know just what I want and need.  I give him the agreed fee and a bit more. He is confused because I am tipping before we even begin. I tell him to slowly undress for me as I watch. After getting a look at his sexy body, I give him another “tip”.

Do you wonder what it was I wanted to do, and with this man that made me tip him two thousand? I would love to relive that night. Join me?


Written By: Valentina
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Sticky, Silk Stockings

  A close friend is visiting me for a few weeks. I love having her cute son and her over for an extended visit. He is so adorable. When I look at him, I wonder why I always dated older men while growing up. 

I never wear panty hose, but I just love stockings. Something about slowly pulling them up my soft, firm legs is so hot. Jeremy is always staring at my legs when I am wearing stockings. I admit, I cross and uncross my legs showing him a bit of my tiny panties.  

After a long, luxurious shower, I pulled out a pair of black, seamed stockings from my lingerie drawer, only to find them stuck together. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. I put the silky fabric to my lips, and licked off his sticky cum. I could hear the music from the guest room, and what sounded like moaning. I softly knocked on the door, and then entered.

He was a little embarrassed. Just not so embarrassed, that he wasn’t hard. What a big, beautiful cock he has. I told him I knew all about what he’s been doing with my stockings. I told him I found it rather exciting. 

I sat in front of him, lifted my skirt, and began crossing and uncrossing my legs, as he stared helplessly. I would spread my long legs, and let him see my pussy. I put my foot on his leg, and told him to cum all over my stockings. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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Leather Shopping

   I needed a new pair of sexy boots and a new leather store opened up. I was so excited to see what they had. The smell when you walked in the boutique was incredible. It was their grand opening, and all the employees were dressed to the nines. I do love the smell of leather.

A tall, sexy gentlemen handed me a glass of bubbly, and stayed by my side to help. I love having a slave while I shop. I found several items to try on, including a red leather corset. He showed me to the dressing room where there was more bubbly.

          He asked if I would mind him helping since all of the female staff was busy. Once in the large, plush dressing room, I began to undress. I tried on a few of the items, and he honestly looked unfazed by the whole thing. Gay? It was time to try on all my boots. The smell of the leather was making my pussy gush. Having a cute guy on his knees, made the situation even hotter. 

As he helped me on with the boots, I noticed he was getting a bit breathy and flushed. He looked up at me, down at my boots, and then begged me to let him kiss and lick the leather. I let him kiss, and lick them for awhile. A fuck in the dressing room is hot, but I decided at my home would be even better. 


Written By: Brianna
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You Can’t Fix Crazy

But, you can having amazing sex with it! I am all about lovin, and fucking Mr. J.  He is my fucking everything! Trust me, my alone time with him is for everyone’s safety. Sometimes a girl just needs a hot, violent, and crazy fuck.

Now where is he?

I finally find him, and he is in an alley way talking shit with The Riddler.  I have needs, and have no time for boys games. I kick The Riddler in his huge balls, and he runs off like a pussy.

Mr. J suggests we go to his warehouse, but I am ready now. I want it right here in the alley. He pulls me to the ground by my pigtails. No other man would ever get away with that. Fuck, his dick is just so good. You know, some of the best moments in life you just can’t tell anyone else about. Sex with Mr. J is one of those moments.

He rips off my top, then my skirt. He grabs my thong, and rips it off. My hands are against the alley way wall, as we violently fuck. We finish and I need to run off.

Keep crazy and Kiss your Puddin”   xx Harley



Written By: Harley
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Naughty Scavenger Hunt

My son and his friends have been visiting for awhile now.  I was so ready for them to go back to school, but we are on an extended Spring break.

They’re home all day playing video games and I think it’s time for some fresh air.  I suggest a scavenger hunt. To make it even more fun, every time an item is found, I will take off an item of clothes. Sort of a strip scavenger hunt, LOL! The boys were excited and helped me compile a list of things I would hide. Boys will be boys and they suggested some shall we say, adult store items. 

It was a beautiful day and I put sunscreen on all the boys. The little pervs were already hard. I need to take my mind off those young, sexy cocks so I ran ahead hiding the items.

I wasn’t far ahead when I heard one of the boys shout that he found the edible panties. I took of my shorts. Another boy yelled that he found vanilla flavored lube. Off comes my top. I am laughing and out of breath from running and the excitement of our game.  My phone sex son found the dildo. I thought I hid it really well. 

I am totally nude now and have nothing more to take off. He is looking at me while sporting a large hard-on holding the dildo. I bet you would love to know what happened then. I would tell you, but then we will have to masturbate together for the information.


Written By: Suzanne
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I Made Him Wear Stockings for Me!

My washer is broken, so I had to use the Laundromat. It was very crowded and all the washers were full. I set my basket on the table and went next door to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. I was gone longer than I had anticipated. When I walked in, there was an older, very distinguished looking gentleman sitting in the corner. I smiled at him but he would not make eye contact with me.

I walked over to my basket and I knew right away that something was missing. I had a pair of dirty pantyhose on top, but they were not in my basket. I looked at the man, stared at him, but he would not meet my glance. He looked guilty. I went over to him, told him I knew what he did and he needed to be punished.

He admitted that he had taken them, and begged me not to embarrass him here in public. I called all my girlfriends and told them to meet me at my place. I threw my dirty laundry basket in the trunk of my car and took him to my house. I knew he had a pantyhose fetish, and I was going to take advantage of him.

I made him strip. I put him in old fashioned stockings, garter, cincher, panties, and bra. I was not surprised that he had a pair of his own black high heeled shoes in his car. He was ready to play today. His cock was so hard that I thought he was going to burst through his panties. I made him rub his cock through the panties.

My girlfriends arrived.  They teased and laughed at him. He was so humiliated but aroused at the time. My girlfriends and I took turns fucking him with a big strap-on. He loved it. He said it was one of the most erotic experience he’s ever had.

Next time, I will invite my boyfriend over for the next pantyhose session.


Written By: Brynna
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