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Bree’s Pantyboy Playhouse

Tuck your little dick inside your sweet little pink panties. All my girlfriends are coming over for a sexy lingerie party. You can hang with us girls today because you possess more girly traits than masculine ones. For starters, your cock is just so tiny that it is more like a clit. Also, your ass has a round curve which is why you look so cute in panties! You are soft and small, petite and sweet, not big and strong like our boyfriends. We tease you and embarrass you, but you love humiliation.

You are one of the girls. We tell you our secrets, we let you go shopping with us, you borrow our clothes, and we put makeup on your face. We tease you about being a girl, and you love it!

Be a good girl and you can cum in your panties.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Hot Newlywed Young Neighbor

 I was washing my car and my mind began to wander to all the hot, much younger men that call me. Funny how when I was younger I loved to fuck older men and now younger men is my thing. They are so eager to please and cum so many fucking times with me. There is nothing like taking a load of jizz in each of my fuck holes in just one fuck session.

  The men around here all just call me Dirty Debi because I am up for anything. I noticed my newly married neighbor watching me. I didn’t say a word but just slipped out of my shorts and began showing off my hot, mature twat. Looks like we are about to play a little show and tell. He took out his dick and it was already rock hard.  Mmmmm, so thick with the helmet type head I love to suck on.

He came over and whispered in my ear that he already knew all about me and was waiting for his chance. I smiled as I grabbed his dick to guide it into my creamy, hot cunt. He began to pound me against my car. “Fuck Mommy”, I moaned as we both came hard together. 

Dirty Debi


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Rainy Day Phone Sex With Little Lucie

Mom has to work, but there is no school for me today. You have to stay home with me. The power goes out due to a storm. I complain about being bored. You suggest that we play a game. I am such a brat, “I am too big for board games!”

You can’t help but notice my budding breasts and my pointy nipples on my petite frame. You propose that maybe we can play another game. You want to know all my teen girl secrets. You suggest we play Truth or Dare. 

I have played this game a ton of times at slumber parties and in the locker room at school. I never pick “dare.” You start asking me questions about the naughty things that I have done with the boys from school. I just admitted that I have let Jimmy go under my sweater on the bus and I have touched the man next door’s cock. You are gathering all this information on me. I need to regain control here before I get in any deeper. 

Next time around, I pick “dare.” You dare me to get naked and touch myself in front of you. I have to do it! You have a big smile on my face as I take off my clothes. I flash my pussy at you. I agree to touch my pussy if you unzip and stroke for me. 


Written By: Little Lucie
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Rocking The Boat

I am enjoying the last beautiful days of summer. My lover took me up north to his lake house for a couple of days. The days are warm, but the nights are chilly. Perfect weather for fucking and sleeping naked with his face nuzzled into my big tits.

Today, the sun feels hot on my skin. There are few fluffy white clouds in the sky. We spent the day on the lake in his boat. I love boating. I find it so relaxing. He takes me out on the boat to go fishing. He fishes with great focus. Me, not so much. I cast my line and then let my fishing pole rest between my legs and read an erotic novel. He shakes his head but doesn’t complain.  I feel the pole bend and set the hook. I reel in a fish, but it has to be thrown back because it is too small. Enough fishing for me, I go back to my book of salacious fucking and kinky fun. 

Another hour goes by, and I get a little hot. I slip off my t shirt. There I am in my black bikini top barely covering my big round full tits. He pulls up the anchor. We need to move to another spot. I am surprised because he has caught quite a few fish here while I was reading. I enjoy the ride and watch him drop anchor again. We are in a beautiful quiet cove. Instead of grabbing his fishing pole, he unzips his jeans. Ah, his cock is hard. We end up in the center of the boat, I suck his cock, and then I ride him. We really go at it hard! The boat starts rocking in the water. The conservation guy approaches, sees us fucking, tips his cap and goes on his way. It is exhilarating to be watched. 


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Rewarding My Lover

            I don’t wear bras often as I love letting my natural beauties bounce. I always flirt and smile wickedly as all the men and women stare. There are special occasions when a sexy set from Wicked Temptations is an amazing  way to show my lover how much I appreciate him.  What man doesn’t love to unwrap his present?  The question is: will it be slow with my lingerie intact or will it be fast, with my sexy lingerie ripped and on the floor?

After a romantic dinner, I excuse myself to freshen up. You watch as my tight black dress barely covers my round ass and are in awe how easily I walk in my 8 inch black pumps.  I know you are thinking about my strong thighs wrapped around you as you lick my wet pussy. I come back to the table seeing your smile, yes a very naughty smile as I open my purse showing you I have removed my silky pink and black panties.

The waiter has barely left our table all night and you quickly say “check please”.  I whisper in your ear that I am not quite ready. The waiter brings another bottle of Dom and you feel my perfectly manicured hand with my french tip fingernails rubbing your dick through your pants. Now it is my turn to say “check please”.


Written By: Tiffany

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Sexual Frenzy

  I have never seen anything like the last few days except maybe that time in New Orleans during a Red Moon. That is another story for another time but FUCK the Eclipse brought all the freaky mother fuckers out to play! Even your girl Harley was feeling extra freaky if that is possible. 

After I finished with my callers for the night, I went to a pub. My naughty, depraved band of regulars were off the chart. I had anything from rough revenge sex calls to my favorite pain slut wanting to be taken by a cloaked succubus. I almost didn’t want to log off but friends were waiting. I tossed on a sexy red dress, my favorite Kat Von D lippy and slipped on my stilettos. 

I was already wasted from drinking with my callers when I saw they were all playing pool. BORING! Not tonight, I was feeling way too fucking nasty. I climbed on the table and did a slow strip. I was doing sexy little moves with the 8 ball and the billiard cues. Everyone was cheering me on and I decided it was time to show just how strong and tight my pussy was. I slipped in a few balls, and began to push them out one at a time. From there babes, things really got wild.


Written By: Harley
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Hot Blonde Seduces With Her Big Tits

I am visiting my best girlfriend. She just moved to a new apartment, and I help her unpack boxes all morning. By lunch time we need a break. We slip into our bikinis and sit on her deck. Her boss calls her, and she heads inside to her computer. She composes the document that he needs to have done right away. 

While she is gone, I see you on your deck next door. You must work at home. You are staring at your lap top with your fingers on the keyboard. I want to get your attention. I think you are cute! I stand up and flash you my naked tits. Now, I have your horny. I see your hand unzip your pants. You stroke your cock while I rub and squeeze my natural D cup tits! My friend comes back outside. She likes your cock!  She starts rubbing and sucking on my tits. My fingers slip inside her bikini bottom. We are putting on a hot show for you! We are two very naughty exhibitionists! 

Get up and join us for a threesome! 

Written By: Sexy Skylar
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You Are Invited To My Pool Party

My girlfriends and I were at a club last Friday night. We were having a great time, but towards the end of the night, the conversation became a little melancholy. It has been a good summer, but nothing stellar, nothing noteworthy, lots of good sex, but no great summer fling under the stars. After the club, we head to a little diner for breakfast before dawn. We share the best memories of past summer sexual adventures over coffee and eggs. We put our heads together and plan a salacious sex pool party, and you are invited. 

We rent a vacant house for the day with a huge, beautiful backyard pool. Hope you enjoy being an exhibitionist. I want you naked, skinny dipping and fucking me in front of my friends. I will make your cock rock hard and make you cum more times than you ever thought possible. We can fuck in the pool. I will suck your cock and ride you on the lounge chair. My big wet tits bouncing in your face as I fuck you. You will bend me over the patio table and give me a hard, hot fuck from behind. That is just for starters. Maybe we should include one of the girls for a naughty threesome? We will fuck until dawn! 

The girls and I are great party planners. We take care of everything, food, music, and bar. All you have to do is show up. Don’t worry if you are late or if your cock is soft. I can make out with the girls until you get here and are ready to fuck me! This will be the most memorable summer party ever!  

Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Oral Exam

tiffany I was visiting a friend of mine at his office and he asked me if it was possible to wait on his next appointment and tell them he has been detained due to an emergency.  I was enjoying my Espresso and in no real hurry so I agreed. While waiting, I flipped through Mr. Jackson’s employment file and was totally impressed by his stats.  I guess I forgot to mention my friend is a talent scout for fetish models and porno. This was a first time meeting for him and Mr J.

I was the only one left at the office so I got up and introduced myself when he walked in. I told him it was me he was supposed to meet and we would go right to his audition. I sipped my espresso as I watched him undress.  Mmmmmm, very, very impressive. I had him pose in various positions and had him do some very naughty things to himself. Like I said, this is fetish porn.

I told him everything looked great and I just needed to see him perform his oral skills. Since none of the actresses were present I explained he would need to show me how good he was. The look on his face was priceless when I told him to get down on his knees. He looked very good at faking all business but once I grabbed him by his hair and pushed his face into my gushing, hot pussy; shall we just say I informed my friend I hired Mr J.


Written By: Tiffany

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Amateur Theater

One of my friends volunteers at the local community theater. She told me that they were looking for someone young and attractive to do some work on an experimental night. I’m no actress and told her no, but she explained that I would have no lines, I literally just had to stand there and look pretty.

I finally gave in and showed up on show night. I was ushered backstage and told to remove my clothes. I’ve never been ashamed of my body, so I stripped naked and stood where they told me to. Once the curtain came up, I could see the packed theater. I didn’t know what to do or say, so I just waited for someone to fill me in. 3 men came out wearing masks and nothing else. They took me by the arms and led me to stock. They bent me over and fastened me in. I started to protest, but a cock went into my mouth. I was so confused, but didn’t really have a choice. I took his cock as I felt fingers begin to invade my holes. I couldn’t turn my head to see what was going on. When I felt his hard cock slam into my pussy, I moaned around the cock in my throat. It was crazy. These men were fucking me in front of hundreds of people and couldn’t do anything to stop them. After they each took their turn, I was released from the stocks and placed on my knees on the stage. Soon there were more than just 3 men on the stage. There was a huge line to jerk their dicks off all over me. After then finished and I was covered in cum from head to toe, the crowd began to cheer. I opened to rave reviews.


Written By: Alexis
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