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Soft, Hot And Fuckable

You slipped your business card in my purse while I wasn’t paying attention. You are a fetish photographer and offered to do a free photo shoot for me. Your business card had a note that said “call me” maybe? My favorite fuck buddy has a birthday coming up, and I know he would love that for a gift.  I called you and made an appointment, and the next day went to your studio.

As soon as I saw you, I remembered you from the club. I had planned on doing some serious flirting that night, but something had come up. Now, here we both are. I didn’t need any help posing, but you seemed to like your hands on me as much as I did. Slowly, I took off my clothes for more pictures. I suggested you get in the pictures too. Without hesitation you set camera to auto, and I ripped off your clothes. I had no desire to go slow. I was so fucking wet and I needed to fuck right then.

Your lips were soft on my nipples, as you sucked and bit them. Your pussy was dripping wet, hot and smooth. After we fucked for hours, you invited me to spend the night. I found a bottle of bubbly, popped it open and we looked at the pictures you took. You sneaky little hottie, you had it set for video. My special fuck buddy is going to love his gift, but not as much as I loved making it!



Written By: Tiffany

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Slippery When Wet

Finally, the rooftop swimming pool and bar is about to open at the hotel I manage. Things have been opening up for the public a little bit at a time, but soon we will be swamped with guests. A gentleman checked in yesterday, and was so disappointed that those amenities weren’t available yet. Around 9 pm I gave him a courtesy call to let him know pool was open for limited amounts of guests.

He took the elevator to the roof where a perfectly made dry martini and me was waiting for him. He smiled when he noticed no one was there but us. We had a few drinks, flirted and I asked him if there was anyway I could make it up to him with so many amenities not open. He pulled the string to my bikini top and told me he knew one way I could fix the situation. I pulled off my tiny bottom and jumped in the warm pool. He jumped in after me, and be began to kiss. His dick was rock hard, and I was dripping wet.

What a hot night, and I just can’t wait to pull the “pool is open for guests” trick on the next handsome gentleman that checks in.


Written By: Valentina
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Cock Fight for Brynna’s Pussy

Torn between two lovers! What is a sexy girl to do?

Both my lovers want to take me out Saturday and spend the night with me. I like them both, and I would love to spend the night with both of them. That is my fantasy, two of them fucking me all night long. 

Unfortunately, my guys are not as open-minded as me, so I have to decide. I weigh the pros and cons. Both guys are handsome, sweet, smart and sexy.  No clear winner! 

I invite them both over tonight and explain the situation. Since I only can go out with one of the guys, they have to be pulled out of their comfort zones. If they both want to date me on Saturday, they are going to have to participate in a contest. The winner takes me out on Saturday. 

The contest is simple. Both of my guys will pull their cocks out and stroke it for me. I will listen and watch. The cock that starts to leak out first is my Saturday night date. 

Want to hear more? 


Written By: Brynna
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Sun, Fun And Sex With A Stranger

I went on a quick vacation because I was craving hot weather, sun and tanning my fair skin a bit. I had never been to Arizona before and picked a cute little boutique hotel. I was totally disappointed when I saw the hotel looked nothing like it did on its website. After a few words at reception desk, I cancelled and went to a little seaside bar to decide just where I should go next.

A man was looking my way, and sent over a glass of wine. After the second glass, he came over and introduced himself. After chatting and mild flirting, I asked him for some hotel suggestions. He smiled and said “me casa es su casa”. I totally would have failed Spanish if not for my 36’s but this is an expression everyone knows. We flirted a bit more, drank more, and I decided why not!

His home was huge with a beautiful deck and pool. I went to his spare room to change and meet him by the pool. There was a big fence around his property and I really wanted a good tan, I just wore the tiny g-string bottom of my bikini. He was not at all shy, and suggested we go totally nude. Why not? This trip was all about adventure.

The sun was going down and he suggested I get ready for dinner. I giggled about room service as I went off to change. I was fixing my hair and makeup when he put his arms around me and pushed his big, thick dick in between my thighs. His hands cupped my big tits as he kissed my neck. Going slow is good SOMETIMES but other times a hard pounding bent over the sink is even better. I reached around, stroked his extremely hard dick and guided it into my creamy, hot wet pussy.


Written By: Tiffany

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Guy On Guy Action Makes My Pussy Cream

I couldn’t decide what to wear for girls night. I have so many sexy dresses, heels and panties that I needed some help choosing. Who better to help me decide than one of my sissy boy friends. I mean he is good for so many fucking things, and fashion is just one of them. My condo is pretty much a 24/7 party so when I came back down in my shortest dress and stilettos I noticed two of my fuck buddies where over too.

It was obvious they thought I looked amazingly hot by the bulge in their pants. Normally I would have fucked them both but I had plans, and we had reservations for table service at a very hard to get in club. I winked at my sissy friend whose mouth was already drooling. LMAO, not at me, at them, of course.

I love guy on guy action, but I didn’t have time to stick around and watch. My Uber was waiting and my wet pussy would have to wait till I got in the car. I can always count on my deviant lot of friends. While I finger banged my hot, creamy pussy, they were sending me pictures of sissy boy sucking cock and getting fucked. An awesome start of girls night.


Written By: Harley
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Interviewing Pool Boys

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. My husband heads south for a week-long golf trip. I have the house to myself, and the college boys are home for Spring Break.

It is the perfect opportunity to interview pool boys for the summer. I am looking for that perfect young hot stud to keep this cougar satisfied all summer long.

I am a bored but horny housewife who is seeing an eager hot college boy who is flexible with great oral skills. Must be energetic and have great stamina, and not afraid to experiment and try new things. Must love all watersports. 

If interested, stop by for an interview.

The Hot Cougar,



Written By: Samantha

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Howdy Neighbor

    aj  I love playing dress up in front of my window especially when I know my married neighbor is watching me. Honestly, I am not really trying to make him all hot and horny from watching me.~Giggles~ Okay, well maybe I am. Thing is; I am not just a little teen tease, I do follow up and all. You know like follow him around till he has no choice but to give me what I want.

He is taking out his big jizz filled dick. Oh no, I didn’t I mean? Maybe I should go over to his house because I would never want to be the reason his window is all sticky. He is now texting me and wants me to show him more of my sweet pussy. I mean I wouldn’t want to be unneighborly, but then again, I would rather go over there and play up front and personal.

              He is stroking pretty fast now. I sure love big mushroom heads about to shoot their load. I start finger fucking my wet, soft pussy, and rubbing my clit with my thumb. OMG it feels so fucking good. He texts me again saying “Thank you.” I text him back and say, “same time, same place tomorrow?”


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Foursome At The Beach

Daphne   I have been watching this man at the beach all day. He has been watching me as well, but I was definitely more subtle than him. The sun began to go down and I thought I would walk to one of the many bars on the beach. I knew he was behind me but I just kept walking till I arrived at the first bar. It was closed, but no worries as that was first of several. He began to speak finally, saying what a disappointment as he could really go for an ice cold beer. I smiled and told him there was another bar about half a mile South. We chatted, flirted and walked to the next bar.

We were told they would be closing soon, but served us each an ice cold green beer. I almost forgot it would soon be St. Paddy’s Day with the weather so warm here. He asked if there were more bars closer to town, but I suggested we just go to my hotel room instead of trying to find another bar. We turned around and soon we were at my balcony. He stood outside looking at the view, and I returned with two Corona’s. There was a couple in front of my balcony and clearly about to fuck. He was surprised and mentioned his hotel didn’t have nearly the excitement.

I felt his hand on my ass as we watched the couple on the beach. I began to rub his hard dick as he slid his fingers in my top. The more we watched the more excited we got. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his hand to go inside, but he wanted me and more of the show. He bent me over the balcony and untied my bikini bottom. He whispered in my ear that we should start up a show ourselves. He pulled my hair, spanked my ass hard and pushed his dick inside my dripping pussy. They heard us and my new friend waved them up the stairs. Sex with three strangers, how much hotter does it get?



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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I Love When I Get Hot New Neighbors

            He came over with his wife for dinner. They were new in the neighborhood and my mother always does this welcome to the neighborhood thing. BORING. The new neighbor guy was really hot and his wife kind of sexy in a MILF sort of way. I have my own special way to inviting newbs if they’re hot.

During dinner I teased the fuck out of him. I licked my pretty lips, spread open my legs when I knew he was looking and wore a tiny top and skirt. He kept staring at my tits. Can you blame him? After dinner,  I excused myself and went to my room to listen to tunes. I heard him come up to use the restroom and that is when I pounced. I didn’t even give him a chance to say no to me. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and wrapped my hand around his big, hard dick. That is when his wife came up to see what was taking him so long.

What do you think happened? Do you think we had a threesome or maybe she got mad? Give me a call for the whole naughty story.


Written By: Delaney
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Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

            rrg-300x229 Today is just one of those days where I am so fucking horny, I just can’t keep my fingers off my hungry, wet pussy. I came home around 2 am and was exhausted from my friend’s bachelorette party. I planned the party so you know it was awesome. The alcohol was flowing, there were sexy games, dancing and the best part was the male and female strippers.  

I undressed as soon as I returned home and stripped down ready to cum over and over till I was satisfied. I fell asleep after cuming just once. I had the hottest sex dreams all night long. I think I had several wet dreams and woke up drenched. 

I knew I had things to do but I was so fucking horny thinking about the party and the strippers. They even put on a sex show for us and invited anyone interested to join. Oh fuck, was I ever interested but it was for the bride to be. I got up in just my stockings and made a cup of coffee. I sipped it thinking about the night. I began to feel my nipples tingle and my pussy begin to gush. I got back in my big bed and fingered my dripping hot pussy while I sucked my hard nipples. I may just never get up.


Written By: Tiffany

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