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Seducing My Daddy’s Boss

With all the crazy things going on in the world, my step-dad has been working from home. It seems like he’s on a conference call all the time. I was walking by his office one day and couldn’t help but notice how fucking hot his boss is!

One day my step-dad slept in and I could hear his computer going off. I snuck into his office and saw that his boss was calling. I closed the door and went back to answer it. His boss seemed a little surprised when he saw me, but soon his interest was on my little titties that were barely covered by my tiny little bra top. I giggled a little and sat back in the chair. He was asking where my dad was at first, but then I got up and closed his office door and came back.

I brought my legs up and let them dangle over the arms of the chair so my tiny teen pussy was exposed. I could see his hand go down his pants. He didn’t say anything, he just watched my fingers play with my clit and then go inside my tight hole. Having him watch me like that sent me over the edge and I started slamming my fingers in and out quickly. His breathing got heavy and he growled out a groan as he came. He leaned over his desk and I realized he was writing something. He held his note up to the camera. He wanted me to add him on Skype and told me he would be calling me directly for a conference call later on in the day, and to be ready for him this time.


Written By: Ashton
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Meet Me on Valentine’s Day

I’ve had an online friend that I’ve been playing with for many years. It started out as cyber sex, then we moved to the phone, then web cam. He lives so far away, but after years and years of teasing each other, we’re finally going to meet.

I was thinking about all the romantic things we could do together, but I know that we’ll never see the outside of my bedroom. I have all sorts of toys to play with and things like that, and I decided to just splurge on some pretty lingerie for him.

I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror. Imagining him ripping it off of me and taking my body like we had imagined for so long together. I bought it for him, but ended up touching my body through the satin. Thinking about having his mouth all over my aching pussy had me rubbing it and thinking about his big, hard cock stretching into me had me shoving 3 fingers into my wet hole. After I gushed all over myself, I decided to fold my panties and wear them for him without washing them. He’s going to love my smell and I’m going to love my smell on him.


Written By: Charlotte
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Chat Line Phone Sex with Reese

I’ve been calling chat lines since I was a young girl and all the daddy’s like me because of my little girl voice. I always got dirty, naughty, and hardcore with them. I would play their sweet young daughter with a twist of the devil in her and those horny guys would rub their hard cocks and we would masturbate every time I called the group chat. I wonder what they would have thought if they knew they were talking with a younger girl. Want to hear my moans while I finger and tease my little clit or you can be my daddy and put me on my knees while you plow your cock into me from behind stretching out my tiny asshole and fingering my tight cunt. Yep, I’m that teen slut on the other end of the phone who is a cock addict cum whore who gets off on teasing and making daddy cum with my sensual enticement. Just talking about that has my pussy dripping…Whee…I love fantasizing with strangers. I’ll be right here waiting for you!


aim @ reesecums4u


Happy Halloweenie!!!

parker6It’s no lie Halloween is my FAVORITE day of the year!! I have been out shopping, shopping and more shopping. So far I have picked up a Little Red Riding-hood outfit…looking for my BIG bad wolf 😉 I bought a naughty nurse outfit looking for my  naughty Dr. or my naughty patient 🙂 I also put together a Bride of Chucky and looking for my partner in crime Chucky. I have bought a little bit of everything and can’t wait to start dressing up and going out to all the party’s. So if you’re wondering why I haven’t been around much I have just been shopping. Like I have said though even if I’m not signed in I will probably still answer my phone and let you know when I’ll be available or we can set up a date. Have I ever mentioned I love going on dates?? The whole getting ready and butterfly feeling in my stomach the build up. Anyways Happy Halloweenie everyone!!! xoxox Parker

M is for May and National Masturbation Month

Hi guys, this is my favorite month. The weather is beautiful and it is National Masturbation Month. I wish they sold cards for the one made up holiday I just fucking love! A few of the toy stores I buy from even have sales. What more can a woman want? Company of course, to get off with me. I know you never need an excuse to stroke your big, thick dick but “Hey” now you have one. I promise when you hear my sweet but sultry voice you will be glad you called me. Give me a call and that won’t be all you hear. My pussy gets so wet at the thought of phone fucking with a hot man that I am always ready.

Need a little more coaxing for you to pick up your phone? Look at my perfect tits. I get so excited feeling them sucked and pinched while I am being fucked hard. Maybe you better stop looking and begin calling!

Happy National Masturbation Month, xoxo Valentina

AJ Wants To Get Knocked Up By A Vampire

All my friends know two crazy things about me and that is I want to get knocked up and I believe in Vampires. *Giggles* it is true though! What they don’t know is that I want to get knocked up by a vampire. Vampires are so sexy plus I love to be bitten and bite back. Thing is where do you meet a Vampire? Well I had an idea and a totally good one. I would place an ad on Backpage saying…Barely Legal Teen seeks The Vampire Lestat.

So, I placed the ad and my phone began ringing really fast. Maybe I should not of given my personal phone number?  *Oops* There were boys, men and girl vampires all wanting to meet little ole me. I do love girls, but well they can’t impregnate me. I went on several dates and began to realise that a real vamper wouldn’t answer an ad. *Giggles, dang* I did give lots of blowies to hot men and got my hot teen pussy licked so fucking good.  No fucking though because I hate rubbers and I am saving myself for a Vampire!

Every night I finger my creamy little fuck hole just thinking what it would be like. During class I would cover my lap with a book and slide my fingers over my clit looking at my art teacher and wondering if he was one. Well, he is pale and has piercing vampire eyes. He caught me and announced in front of whole class that I was being naughty and had to stay after class. He told me he caught me and it was very distracting knowing what I was doing and I needed to behave. I told him I had an excuse and asked if he was a Vampire and why I wanted to know.

I knew it!!! My teacher Mr Trent is a vampire, he told me so! He told me to give him my address and leave my window open. See? Only a Vampire would do that and not worry about getting caught.  So last night I went to bed with my window open in a sexy little virginal nightie…ROFLMAO. I was so excited I could hardly sleep knowing I was finally getting what I wanted. Mr Trent slid in my bed behind me and began biting back of my neck. His dick felt so fucking hard against my cute ass and I wanted him so bad. He rolled over on his back and pulled me on top of him. We kissed and he bite, licked and sucked my tender teen skin till I thought I die if I didn’t fuck him soon. I guided his hard, thick cock inside of me and he grabbed my ass. I bounced up and down taking every inch of him in my tight bald hole. He said he was fixing to cum and I needed to get off of him since he wasn’t using protection. I pressed down on his chest, looked him in his eyes and said “NO”, I want your baby batter. Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell him that part. He couldn’t hold back any longer and he drained his big ball inside my pussy. I was feeling pretty good about things, I mean I got Vampire jizz inside of my tummy. Then he busted my bubble, he said he wasn’t really a Vampire and he did it so he could finally fuck my cute little ass. Do I really believe in Vampires or did I just want to fuck Mr Trent and get his baby batter. *Giggles* maybe I did or maybe I didn’t!

Bratty Teen AJ

Online Lover

Have you ever met your sexual match? Someone that gives as good as he gets and leaves you begging for more? I met him once. We met online on a fetish site and began exchanging naughty messages but they soon turned to filth. The chemistry was obviously there. We decided to go for it and meet up. I traveled to his city and met him in a hotel. It wasn’t hard to tell that the raw sexual energy was still there, the room was on fire with it. I tossed my bags down and jumped into his arms. He pinned me against the wall and rammed his cock inside. It didn’t take long that first time. We both came after a few pumps. Once we got the urgency out of the way, we took our times exploring. He fucked all of my holes, ramming in deep with his hand squeezing my neck and holding me down. He completely dominated my mind and body but then it was my turn. I put on my strap on and looked down at him while he sucked it. I pulled his mouth away and spit into his mouth. I pushed him on the bed and took advantage of his tight ass. I stroked his cock as I took his ass. Then it was his turn again, this went on for days. We were so in tune with each other. The smell of sex was everywhere in the room as we packed to leave. We said our goodbyes and left. I haven’t heard from him in a long time but it was amazing while it lasted.

Hidden Cam

I got a sublet for the rest of the summer. It is an awesome place right on the ocean. I never met the owner but it was one of those friend of a friend situations. I was told the pantry, fridge and liquor cabinet were well stocked and to help myself. The town-home had a game room, a huge bathroom with rain-forest shower and amazing tech stuff. I was in total heaven. The only restrictions were no parties or fuck buddies and to stay out of the master bedroom. I was fine with because of all this place had to offer.

I brought my toys and if I met some hotties we could always go to their place.  After a few days, I got curious to look at the master bedroom. I mean what the fuck? It wasn’t even locked so a peek couldn’t hurt anything.  I opened the door and it wasn’t really a bedroom at all but a toy room. Everything from paddles, didlo’s, and a fuck machine. I knew I was told to stay out but I never actually saw a fuck machine outside of catalogs. One look and touch couldn’t hurt.

I felt it with my hand, and immediately got dripping wet.  The dido part was huge. I tried the different speeds and was going crazy with the urge to try it out. No one would know and I would clean it really well.  I took off my clothes fast, practically ripping them off. This I wanted that fuck machine and wanted it bad. I didn’t need to lube up even though it was huge, as the cream was dripping down my firm thigh. I got on all fours and eased onto it. OMFG it felt good. Then it caught my eye, there was a camera set up on the ceiling in the corner. I really didn’t have many options as I imagine it was already being viewed. I fucked myself till I was sweaty, satisfied and exhausted. I got up and turned it off, smiled at the cam and blew them a kiss.


Dirty Daphne

Erotic Mutual Masturbation

Lingering touches as I whisper words of lust. Desires and longings embraced with seductive whispers. Souls quivering into infernos, wet upon wet embraced. Distances expanded and collapsed lips and breath so warm and moist. Now awaits the wet embrace of my gentle tongue. I arch my back and my fingers gently caress my soaked clit. I slide my fingers slowly into myself.

Mutual masturbation phone sex is my one of my favorites! I love the passion behind making each other feel good. Getting to know one another. Knowing just what each other desires. I long for that special connection and good time!

Love Talon

Phone Sex with a Married Man

I just got off a call with a married man in which I had three of the most mind-blowing, explosive orgasms of my life. He had locked himself in his den with his wife just around the corner in the kitchen. The notion that he would rather get off with me on the sly made both of us incredibly horny. Nothing like a little taboo phone sex, right?

He couldn’t be very loud, so I did most of the talking. I told him how I wanted to take his big, throbbing cock in my hand and wrap my pouty lips around it while I swirled my tongue all over the head, focusing on that sensitive little “v” spot while pulling him in deeper until he filled my mouth and throat. I think it’s been quite awhile since the Mrs. has given him a proper blow job. I could hear his breath quickening and virtually feel his balls getting tighter and fuller as I phone-sucked him. My pussy was wet and aching at that point, so I slipped my fingers inside my panties and started masturbating. It took about 30 seconds for me to have my first orgasm. My moans of ecstacy brought him close to cumming but I wanted him to last longer… I’m multiply orgasmic and wasn’t nearly finished cumming… it was time to fuck.

I climbed up onto his lap and slid his cock deep inside my creamy pussy. The instant my clit made contact with his pubic bone I started cumming again. He grabbed my ass and started pumping his cock in and out of me, bouncing me off his thighs. I reached behind me and gently grabbed his balls and started fondling them, feeling them getting tighter and tighter. I knew he was going to fill me with cum any second, which triggered my third orgasm, which made him cum.