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Head Cheerleader Emily

We are finally back in school again.  I really missed my teachers and friends. Cheerleader tryouts should have been months ago, but today was finally the day.

I had a chat with daddy about it all, and how far I should go to get a spot. Daddy is all about sports, and nothing would mean more to him than to have his baby girl be a cheerleader. 

 I did all daddy taught me. Just like we practiced. I wore my skirt extra short, and no panties. Daddy said that would distract the other team. Mr. Lawrence will watch my tryouts, and give a recommendation to Coach Janine. I did my moves like daddy showed me. I made sure Mr. Lawrence saw everything.

I am not the best cheerleader, but my moves will get me my spot. Mr. Lawrence stared at me, and tried to hide his huge boner. There was no hiding that!

I gave him a slow, sloppy blowjob.  Then I told him if he wants more of this hot, teen mouth, he better tell Coach Janine I was amazing at try-outs!

I got a text on the way home, I made head Cheerleader!  Wait until I tell daddy!


Written By: Emily
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What A Huge Needle 

   I am nothing if not a helpful, community minded girl. I mean people need their vaccinations, and I love stabbing people with needles and such. What could possibly go wrong? 

I turned my artist loft into a make shift medical office. I put up signs and if anyone questions me, I will make them disappear. I really just want to have some fun. Is that too much to ask?

I am all set up, and waiting for my patients.  My first patient shows up, and I even ask him which brand of vaccination he wants. I smile and tell him what we have. Actually, what I do have is LSD, Strychnine, Viagra, and muriatic acid.  The thinks he picks the Pfizer. He actually picked the LSD. What fun this will be.

In minutes he is seeing all sort of insane sights. He is crawling on the floor barking like a dog. What The Fuck? He is trying to hump my leg. I open the door and let him run out in traffic. Ah well, he will be needing more help than I can possibly give him.

My next patient is rather hot, and well built. I give him the Viagra. Then I close the office for a few hours. What do I do now? We are finished fucking and he seems to be hanging around way too long. I explain that I made an error with this shot, and I need to try again.  What will it be?  I  am feeling the strychnine. I am still horny but it’s a need I need to take care of myself. I pull out my largest vibrator , and fuck my wet, hot cunt while he sort of screams and goes into the oddest positions as his body shuts down.

Give me a call to set up your appointment. I promise it will be fast, and very painful. 


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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My New Turn On!

My boyfriend and I have been having a few problems in the bedroom lately and I was determined to figure out a way to put the spark back into our sex life.

I decided to start exploring a little to see what really got him going. I started off by wearing a sweet little schoolgirl outfit since I knew that most guys liked that sort of thing, but my boyfriend decided that he was going to make the fun a little kinkier. 

I stood in front of him in my short black skirt with my white cotton panties showing through. He grabbed me and pulled up my skirt.

My pussy was getting so incredibly wet as I felt him pulling my skirt up with some force. When he bent me over, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I stood there bent over for a few minutes until I felt a hand slap against my  round butt, the sting lingered but as the sting faded I realized that my pussy was soaking wet! I wanted more than anything for him to spank me again and again. This is my new turn on. I never knew my pussy could cum so hard from the hard spankings on my ass without even touching myself.



Written By: Alexis
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I Have Sinned

Bless me father for I have sinned. I try to be a good person, but my deviant sex drive makes it so hard to be good.  A close friend of mine opened a little shop across from a Catholic Church. I was raised Catholic, but hadn’t been to church in ages. The Priest was young and hot. You can just imagine the thoughts in my dirty little mind. Did I imagine him looking me up and down. I had to do something to meet him and see what he was all about. Cooped up with no sex can make a man pretty twisted. My kind of man.

How exactly does one meet a Priest if they’re to selfish to volunteer and don’t go to church? They go to confession, of course.

Saturday morning I dragged myself out of a warm bed with a hot couple and went to church. I went in the confessional and spilled my guts. I told him everything from my first fuck at 12 to the couple in my bed and everything in between. He got very quiet and I could hear sighs and moans.  I got a Priest to jerk it, but I want to fuck him silly. I need for him to be talking in tongues before we’re done. 

I went into his  side of the confessional. Bless me father, for I have really sinned. I have fucking sinned more than anyone I know.  Bless you father, for now you’re about to sin in a way you can never go back to what you were.



Written By: Harley
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Naughty Student Gracie

I would love to do a naughty teacher/student role-play with you. I have on my school uniform with my little mini skirt, barely covering my legs and ass. You seem like you had a hard time concentrating today, I wonder why?
We are in the classroom and everybody has left to go home. You call me over to your desk and tell me that I need to be punished for my bad grades.
You sit down in your chair and pull me close towards you. You bend me over your knees. My skirt was sliding up over my beautiful round ass and I could feel your rough hands gliding up my thigh against my silky skin. You give my ass a very hard slap, and then a few more slaps. It was making my pussy extremely wet!
I wonder what you’re going to do to me next?
If you’re looking for a sexy, naughty student, you’re one phone call away from the hottest role-play ever.
Written By: Gracie
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Too Mysterious Men and A Dark Night

   Most people when they associate Halloween with hospitals get a very creepy feeling. That is what many scary movies go for. A killer loose in a hospital doing who knows what. Not me, I find Halloween very sexy and so much fun. 

I volunteer at a small, old downtown hospital. During the day, I’m all sweetness and light, but once the kids are sleeping, it’s my turn to bring fun to all the people stuck in the hospital. Men and women alike, of course. 

There was a lovely young couple in the first room I visited. It was the husband’s birthday, but he was stuck in bed with a broken leg. The pain pills made him very talkative, and said just what was on his mind. He mentioned he always wanted to see his young wife with a hot older woman. That would be quite the treat for me.

While she sat in the chair, I gave her a slow lap dance. By the sounds of the husband’s breathing, he was really enjoying the show. 

I helped him to the chair and she sat on the bed. She was a little shy, but my hands, hot mouth and dildo had her begging for more. I coaxed her to give her hot, young husband a blow job while I watched. 

  When she was done, I told them to have a lovely night, grabbed my leather bag , and went to see who else needed my assistance. I went into the hallway and the lights flickered. “Oh no, this could be very bad”. I felt a hot breath on my neck, and a hand covered my mouth. I was dragged into a dark, empty hospital room.

There were two men, and by the look in their steel blue, cold eyes they were about to have me for dinner. I could tell that wasn’t the only thing like steel. There was nothing I could do to break free, so I might as well enjoy it. I came so many times that I passed out. I woke up to bite marks, a few bruises, a sore but satisfied pussy and no real memory of that night.

Do you have a sexy fantasy for Halloween that you would like to give a try?  Don’t be shy, spill it all. 


Written By: Suzanne
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Fear The Unknown

I was the girl who sat under a tree reading banned books, the one who fucked for good grades, the one who climbed out her window and fucked in the cemetery. I was fearless, and that is what made you cling to me. Your parents had money so you had the best drugs, sports car and took me with you on trips. We went our separate ways, but then one day I saw you with a wee little babe. We chatted, and you told me she was your kid.

We arranged to meet later for drinks. After a few drinks, you spilled your fucking guts to me. I sort of always knew as you never tried to fuck me. I saw how you looked at the younger ones at school. Now you tell me the age that makes you hard, the age you want to rape. You’re worried, afraid what you might do to your little one. You never expected me to talk you out of things, so why would I now? Only thing is I don’t feel the connection we had once, so why would I even try to keep you from doing very bad things?

You call me panicked, she is asleep and you’re standing at her little pink bed. You don’t think you can control your urges anymore. You beg me to help you, to come over and take your mind off of her tiny, little body. Damn, don’t you remember anything from our past? I could come over, and help you rape the little bitch. Ah now, I guess that isn’t what you want help with. I could just blackmail you, tell your boring little wifey? I wonder which one I shall pick?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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See Me After School

You wrote, “see me after school” on my quiz, instead of giving me a grade. 

Math is too hard. I don’t like it. I would rather learn about faraway places or read stories about kings and queens. I like reading and studying fun things. I get good grades in English and History, but that does not help me with my math homework.  I keep getting stuck, and I did not do so well on my last math quiz. Now, you are making me stay after school. Usually, I end up in the principal’s office because I am chewing gum, or talking in class, or most recently, because I forgot to wear panties under my short skirts again.

You are my favorite teacher, and I want you to like me, think I am pretty and sweet. I want you to think I am smart, but I am not when it comes to math. When I open your door after school, you don’t even look up me. You just keep grading papers.  Quietly, I stand there waiting for you. Finally, you look up me. As I stand there in front of you looking at your handsome face, you scold me for not trying hard enough as you talk about my quiz grade. I burst into tears, I tried so hard, but it is just too hard.

You take pity on me. You give me a big hug, and I enjoy your big, strong body squeezing my tight little teen petite body. I don’t want to let go. I am so ashamed that I have disappointed you. You promise to make it all better. You slip your fingers under my skirt and find it is another, no panty day, for Miley. You assure that there are other ways, fun ways, that I can earn a good grade is your class. I look up at your face and unzip your zipper. 

Your little girl,


Written By: Miley
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Sweet Nurse, Sexy Nurse, Wicked Nurse

    HARLEY     Anyone who knows me knows my personality can go from sweet to evil from one minute to the next. You never know which fucking Harley you have till I am sweetly kissing you, tying you to the bed or seeing just how much pain you can take. The one thing all my men will agree with and that is each side of me is hot as fuck and ready to pounce. 

This year a friend of my dad offered to let us have his house on the lake for our last party on Tuesday. That was so awesome of him as we love going from one location to the next as we countdown to Halloween. Him and I go way back, and I will leave you guessing just what I mean by that. I decided to go by and thank him before I went out last night. He loved my nurse costume and asked me if I would give him some special TLC. 

I told him I would give him all he wanted if he would play a fun and slightly dangerous party game with me. He immediately agreed and we were off to a Wicked Nurse Harley kind of night because no matter what, I would rig the game to suit my mood.  He tossed the dice and my number came up, he tossed it again and I quickly won our game. The rules state that the loser must drink several shots and do exactly what is demanded of them.

  We went outside to the lake and my first demand was he strip. He begged me not to make him but it was clear he was pretending. My next demand was he go into the lake with me and we would see how long he could hold his breath and lick my twat at same time. What does he have to fucking worry about as I am a Nurse and all.  I finally came and let him catch his breath but we were far from done. 

  I texted some of our friends, including his daughter and told them there was a new location for today’s party. I told him I was going to ride him till I came 3 times and if he did his job right and I came, he might not get caught nude with me. You have to admit, I play some intensely hot games!

Written By: Harley
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Sexy Way To Start Your Day!

Your days are long, so you start each morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

You stop into the coffee shop. I take good care of you. My friendly smile always helps you start your day.

Today, you have some extra time. There is no need to rush into the office. You decide to take the morning off. You sleep an extra hour, take an extra-long shower and stop in my coffee shop a couple of hours after the morning rush. Instead of taking your coffee to go. You pick up the paper and leisurely enjoy your coffee.

A table of ladies leave and it is just you and me alone in the shop.  I stop by your table and flirt with you. I have always found you very attractive and you have always found me very attentive to your needs. Today you are extra, extra horny. I am standing so close to you and my uniform is very short.

I lean in so close that I brush your leg with my naked thigh. Your cock springs to life. You need release. You reach up and run your fingers along the inside of my thigh, I shiver and feel a gush of pussy juices drip into my panties. I shiver and softly moan.

I walk over to the door. My pussy is literally aching and craving your cock. I lock to door and you start to unzip your pants as I walk back over to you.