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On My Knees Ready To Please!

Let me get on my knees and crawl over to you, batting my long eye lashes and licking my full luscious cock sucking lips!

I love to take your cock in my hand and flip my tongue across the tip of your dick and taste that pre-cum. Wrapping my lips around the tip as a slowly suck you in, inch by inch until your deep in my throat, and my throat muscles tighten down around the tip of your huge cock.

That’s right baby, pull my hair back and thrust your hips into my mouth and fuck my pretty little face with your big throbbing dick.

I’m an anything goes type of girl but most of all, I love being on my knees aiming to please all men.




 Written By: Parker
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Satisfy All Of Your Desires

Let me be your sexy girlfriend that you have always dreamed about. Let’s climb into bed together and indulge in some sexy, sensual foreplay. I can think of many things we can do to each other. I want to be that girl who does everything that your girlfriend won’t do. But we can always start slow. I want you to feel completely comfortable. I want you to be stress free when you are with me.

Let me slide my gorgeous body up against yours. Feel the naked warmth up against you and getting lost in a deep, passionate kiss. I can feel your cock getting harder for me. You lay on your back so I can straddle you letting you enter my velvet love box. We lock eyes and I start to grind down on your thick shaft. You grab a hold of my hips sliding your hands up and down my body while you thrust deeper inside me. Our bodies rock together while we have a hot steamy love making session.

Tell me your fantasies and all the things you want me to do to you.


Written By: Janene
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Here For All Your Phone Sex Fucking Pleasures


I’m always your extra kinky deviant sex kitten ready to play and I aim to please. I have no taboo’s and I mean no taboos. I enjoy age play, cuckolding, humiliation, domination, sissy boys, diaper boys and I’m the best girlfriend you could ever have too.

I enjoy all fetishes, nothing is to kinky for me. Actually, the kinkier the better in my book. Those were just a few things I listed, my specialty list does go on and on though ;).

I love to flirt, taunt and tease with my huge boobs too. Something about a man when he wants to submit to me makes me so wet. Nothing wrong with pleasing your Goddess and being a good little slave boy.

So if you’re looking for an open minded girl, I’m here for all your phone sex fucking pleasures.

Cum To Bed with Faith



Written By: Faith
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Kendall Laughs At You During Phone Sex

That’s right, calling all sissy’s I know that not every little sissy is the same but I sure do love playing a sissy slut. Something about dressing you in my panties, sexy tight bras and making you prance around like my slut, gets me going.

I love when you get all dressed up head to toe and run to the mailbox for me so everyone can see what a slut you are and I expose you to your friends and neighbors.

Then you come home and I tell you, you know what happens when you dress like a slut, right??Well it’s true, you get fucked like a slut.

I love fucking my little sissy’s and making them make cummies in their panties LOL, while I  laugh and tease you about getting your pussy hole fucked. Not only your pussy hole but all your holes you little slut.

So obey and call your owner now, so I can control my sexy little sissy.


Written By: Kendall
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Apha Males Vs. Beta Boys

Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I didn’t learn at a very young age what cuckolding is. I love when you clean my cream pies out of me. You sitting in the corner, stroking your small white cock while you watch me get fucked by a alpha cock. That’s right alpha fucks and beta pays, you’re a beta.

Beta boys like you get on your knees and arch your ass in the air and let me fuck you with my strap-on. Better yet, I want to watch you get fucked like the slut you are by a real alpha cock.

Ten plus inches of throbbing cock sliding inside your tight, little pussy hole, while I watch and laugh at the little cuckold you are!



Written By: Carlee
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Next Door Neighbor Phone Sex


I was laying out in the sun in my little black string bikini when I heard a noise over the fence. I looked over and saw Mr. R, the neighbor spying on me through the fence. He took off running.

I went over to check on him to make sure he was okay. The back door to his house was open so I just decided to walk in. To my surprise, he was standing there with his pants down jacking off.

I told Mr. R that if he didn’t follow all my instructions, I was going to tell his wife. He is much older than me but I always had a secret little crush on him. Well anyways, I’m going to teach Mr. R a lesson.

I told him to go to the bedroom and I crawled up on his bed and gave him a full view of my huge tits. I guided Mr. R though a slow JOI and made him blow his load all over my tits. I told him this isn’t going to be the last time I come over to his house. I explained I will be back for more or I will inform his wife of our naughty little jerk off lessons if he doesn’t follow my orders!

So obey! Call me now lets play!


Written By: Faith
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BBC Phone Sex

I can’t lie baby, I must confess. Those nights that you think I’m out with my girlfriends, well I’m actually out getting fucked by some BBC.

I get my tits fucked, my face fucked, and I BEG them to cum inside of me and plant their black seed in me. Mmmmmm, I know you want to sit in the corner and watch me be trained by multiple big, black cocks.

Don’t lie to me, I know you want to cum join in, you can’t wait to have your lips wrapped around that BBC and tasting his pre cum. You love tasting it off my tongue and tits, and you can’t wait to eat it out of my pussy! You’re so jealous when they are fucking me doggie, I never moan for you the way I moan when I have a BBC inside of me.

Truth be known, you want your little pussy hole fucked too. Cum worship this BBC with me!



Written By: Faith
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Here For All Your Phone Sex Fucking Pleasures

That’s right nothing is to taboo or off limits for me. I’m into a little bit of everything. Looking for that extra over the top sexy role play with all the nasty details? I’m that girl for you!

Looking for a girl to stay up all night and party with? You got it, I love to party! Wanting and lusting that little sex kitten? I’m that girl with the hot, young voice and can’t wait to be your perfect little sex vixen.

Need to be owned and want to obey? I can be that controlling bitchy girl to give you all the sex orders and force you to get on your knees and please for me.

I’m not your cookie cutter style type girl, I really like to get to know each other and crawl around in each other’s minds.

I’m here for all your phone fucking pleasures!!



 Written By: Parker
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Hard Day At The Office

I’m sure it can be very challenging working on important documents while you have an enormous erection going on in your pants. You keep telling yourself that you just need to get a few more things out of the way but for some reason, you can’t seem to focus on work one bit. You tell yourself not to look at my pictures, that it will only make it worse for you to concentrate. After you reassure yourself that you are going to be a “good boy” your hand hits my webpage. It’s all over. Your stiff cock went to a raging hard-on in just seconds.

You look at my big, gorgeous tits and imagine them bouncing as my legs are straddling you in your office chair and my pussy is gliding up and down on your shaft.

Now that you’re looking at my pictures and you know how you want to fuck me, there’s something missing? You need my sexy voice in your ear to put you over the edge. You tune everything else out around you and the only thing you want is me. You know I can drain every single drop from your balls. I’m just what you need to make a successful day at the office. Maybe not so much with your work but you did accomplish a very incredible orgasm.

Now it’s 5 o’clock and time to go home. There’s always tomorrow for all the things you didn’t get done today, that’s if you don’t think about me again. It’s hard to forget my body, imagination, sultry voice and the mind blowing orgasm you had all over your important papers laid across your desk.

Hard at work again? You only live once, work can wait but your load in your balls cannot.



Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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Hello, I know You’re There!

I was taking a nice, hot steamy shower and I was enjoying rubbing my new raspberry scented bath gel all over my body. I heard a noise in the bathroom so I peeked my head out from the curtain. I couldn’t believe it was my phone sex daddy sitting on the toilet with his boxers around his ankles and his hard dick in his hand! He actually didn’t see me peek out so I just went back to washing my body, acting like I didn’t know he was there.

I thought daddy would really like to hear me masturbate. I put the shower wand up my pussy while my other hand was rubbing my clit. I started moaning and I could hear daddy beating off faster. I was fingering myself deep with 2 fingers. I wanted so badly to invite him in the shower but he didn’t know I knew he was there. It didn’t take long before I had a really intense orgasm. I peeked out again and it looked like daddy did too with that big mess all over his stomach.


Written By: Kaylee
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