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Kick back With Me Tonight

tiff4 (1)                 Kicking back after a great day and sipping some Stoli Vodka. My calls get so intense that I find sweat dripping down my back and in between my  perfect 36dd’s before I am done. I get teased at how many times I cum during a call. You know, it does take two and my callers are the hottest. 

I love roleplay and find myself being big sister, trophy wife, office tease,and even a co-ed sometimes. With my cute giggly voice my guys often love for me to be a teasing younger coed.  It isn’t always roleplay there are times it is just you and I in the most passionate fucking I could ever imagine on the phone.  It is so exciting sitting back, using my vibe while you suck my nipples till I feel that tingle all the way down to my clit. 

 It is a good thing I live alone, because I do get loud!  My guys take such good care of me, but don’t forget when you are in a hurry I will suck your dick till you shoot all over my pretty face. Mmmm, so much cum that I can’t swallow it all, it drips down corners of my mouth and chin. Join me for a drink and some extremely naughty and dirty fucking!

Taking it Slow


daphne   Treat me like a queen and show me the worship this banging body deserves. Don’t you realize you dirty boy that if you please me, I will please you. I need it slow, I need the build up. Let’s make our sessions like a hot date. I want to flirt, tease, and then fuck your brains out but only after I have come all over your handsome face several times.

Come up to me and let me taste my pussy juices on your face as we kiss, let me press my magnificent tits to your strong chest. I feel your rock hard dick against my pussy, but not yet lover. I wrap my long legs around your back and finally I guide you into my warm, wet pussy. I groan with pleasure as you begin to pump me.

Slow things down a bit, pull out of me so I can taste my juices on your cock as I lick them  off. I want to finish our session with me riding you while feeding you my hard nipples. Perfect!


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Revenge Fuck

       I was enjoying  my staycation when my boss texted and asked if could drop by for a little talk. Normally I would be annoyed but he is HOT! I was just relaxing by the pool with a drink when he arrived. He complimented me on the job I was doing keeping everyone in line but he mentioned I just might be a little too bossy. I explained to him being a woman in a company with all men made it necessary.

  He smiled, looked me up and down and suggested there could be another reason for it. I looked at him with a look that scares most men as he continued on. He said I might just need to take out some of my aggression on him instead of on the staff. Interesting concept. With a wicked smile I demanded he get on his knees and service my hot, aching pussy. He removed my shorts and with amazing skill had me squirting on his face within minutes.

 I told him to get his firm ass in my house, fix me a drink and head up to my bedroom. I sipped my drink while he did a slow, sexy strip for me. Very, very nice. I especially loved how he would slowly walk away to hang up each piece of clothing as he took it off.

Having my way was extremely exhilarating but then it took a bit of a turn. Soon he was stripping me of my shorts and halter and put me over his knee. He began to give me a very hard spanking.  He told me what a bossy and naughty woman I was and I deserved to be punished. With my ass stinging from the hard slaps he bent me over my bed and pounded my ass so hard he had to put his hand to my mouth to keep the housekeeper from checking up on me.


Written By: Valentina
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A Night In With My Son

        My phone sex son was going out to meet his friends but I wanted his company. He is so cute and I love the way he looks at me. He said he had plans but I thought Chinese Food delivery and Netflix sounded like an awesome way to bond.  He is 15 and at that age they really don’t want to hang around with mom.

        Josh explained that he would stay in if we could watch the show he had on DVR for when he came home. I agreed and suggested he get comfy and we could watch in his room. I know what he is up to when he goes in his room, locks his door and watches after hours shows he has ready and waiting for him.

 I got comfy in shorts and joined him. It actually seemed innocent with two girls putting on the makeup and getting ready to model. It made me curious how he jerks-off to something like this. He reminded me I promised him he could do what he normally does when he watches. I pretended to just watch the show as I heard him putting lube on his young, hard cock. Soon I saw what the big deal was about, looks like my son was watching some girl on girl.


Written By: MILF Suzanne
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Romantic Getaways

You surprise me with a last-minute getaway. You tell me to pack my favorite red bikini. You know exactly how much I love to show my body off. I can tell just by looking at you that you have something very special planned for us.  You make my heart melt every time you spoil me.

We arrived to a gorgeous resort. I wanted to roam around and look at the shops and check out the pool but you insisted that we go right to the room.  As soon as we checked in, we headed to the room. We were both so hot and horny we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Kissing passionately right into the room tumbling onto the bed. You tear off the little bit of clothes that I have on. I’ve been waiting to be with you again.  I love how you sweep me away and bring the best out in me. You know once I’m under your spell, I need your cock inside me. I start to unbutton your pants, no more waiting. I need it right now.  I want you to burst your hot seed in me before we even start our mini vacation.  


Written By: Ivette
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Not The Girl Next Door


 You watched me grow up, I played with your daughter, and you wanted me even then. What was I when we became neighbors? Don’t be sly, I was 12. I heard you talking with your friends over a Rollingbrook Beer about the things you would do to me. Then your friends talked about Jilly your daughter. Naughty, naughty! You had no idea I was watching and waiting to “fuck up your world”.

I am in town for a show and I look you up for old times sake. Looks like nothing has changed and I have to say you still are one hot man. You look me up and down, I remember that look. I whisper in your ear “Take me to your bedroom”. We are on the bed you sleep in with your wife, we kiss and I slowly undress you. You are all man, would never let a girl tie you up and take over. Somehow you miss it when I slip the handcuffs on your wrists. 

You watch me slowly strip as your dick gets even harder. You are licking your lips looking at me. I am licking mine looking at the pre-cum dripping from the tip of your dick. I lick it and then kiss you. You protest as you never have tasted your salty pre-cum. I own you now and slide my sweet pussy on your face smothering you. I can hear the muffled sounds of you begging me to ride you. I slip down onto your dick and ride you till I cum so hard you are afraid the neighbors will here.

We both came and now I dress and begin to leave. You laugh telling me this isn’t funny anymore and if I am a good girl and untie you, you will fuck me again. I come closer with a wicked smile and you here footsteps. Jilly is at the door. Oh daddy, I am going to get all of this on cam as Jilly fucks the shit out of you and then….we shall see.


Written By: Harley
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Friday Fun Phone Sex

What better way to start your day with some mutual masturbation. I’m half dressed so let’s just tear the rest of my clothes off. Once I know your cock is in your hand and you start to moan, my hand slides right into my panties right down to my wet, pussy hole. I love swirling my finger around my sweet juices. I start to moan while I push my fingertip into my wet pussy. I lean myself up against the headboard and spread my legs wider for you. I tell you how I want you to stroke your cock for me. I lick my lips thinking about the way you’re handling yourself. I moan with more pleasure as my muscles clench and squeeze around my fingers. It feels so good as they move deeper in my pussy.

Give me a call and let’s see what kind of nasty things we can get ourselves into. I know you’re as horny as I am.

 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Super Hot Phone Sex, My Roommate Is Listening

My roommate and her boyfriend are in the next room. I am listening to them having sex. I am getting all wet and horny. Makes me think of you, and I wish that you were here going down on me. I hear her moaning and him groaning. 

By the sounds I am hearing, she just got on top of him. I bet he is enjoying her big tits. I play with my clit under my skirt. New sounds are coming through the wall. They changed sex positions. Now, he is fucking her from behind. Oh yeah! He is pounding her pussy extremely hard. I plunge my fingers into my tight wet pussy. Right before I cum, he finishes and cums inside of her. He doesn’t last very long. Damn, he came before I did!

You and I have so much sex better than they do! Give me a call and make them listen to us. My pussy is already hot, and I am ready to go down on you. They must be all snuggled together in her bed. Fuck me! I love the way you make me tingle all over and make me scream when we cum together! Our sex sounds are so much more passionate and intense. Fuck me and let’s make them jealous. 

 Written By: Tara
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Hedonistic Phone Sex With Mistress Koko

Why do you deny yourself pleasure when it is simply a phone call away? 

What is more pleasurable than fulfilling your every sexual desire, fantasy and craving? Give yourself to me and let me take control. Confess your secret desires and give yourself to me. Let go! There are no rules in my world. Don’t get bogged down by society limiting your fun. Sexual Gratification is achieved in the brain, not in your cock. I know how to stimulate that pleasure center in your brain. Dive right into my hedonistic world. My pleasure palace has everything available for your sexual gratification. It is self-indulgent, but not selfish.

There are no limits and no one judging.  I create a scenario for you to explore and enjoy every possible pleasure. Imagine being lifted out of your life and having no responsibilities, no one needing you to take care of them. Be spoiled, pampered, having your cock sucked, fucking whenever you want! Maybe you truly desire serving others. If you are truly submissive, you find pleasure in giving pleasure or you crave humiliation. You find pleasure in giving pleasure, serving a beautiful goddess. Possibly you desire to suck a cock or just letting go and being fucked over and over. Let your inner whore come out and play

We all have secret lustful desires, it is natural, human nature. Indulge in my pleasure palace. I want to give you everything you desire. You won’t be disappointed, but you will want to come back and play again soon! 

Your Hedonistic Lover,

Mistress Koko

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Always Hot And Fast

TiffanyOne of my friends owns this adorable little cafe and sometimes I help her with office deliveries. It is loads of fun as I never know what hot man I might be bringing lunch too and the tips are awesome. I wear a pair of tight white shorts and a tiny little top that barely covers my tits that says “Always Hot and Fast” Lol, that is her store motto!

It appears I have an admirer who only wants delivery from me. He orders late to be my last delivery of the day so he can make small talk to keep me there. He would only have to ask once as I have this lust thing for him that has been building over the weeks.

When I got to his office he wasn’t there. I was so disappointed. I put his lunch down on the desk, and laid out his sandwich and coffee. I was bent over writing a little note when I heard his door open. Without saying a word, he came up behind me and began to kiss my neck. I could feel his already hard cock pressed against my round ass as he reached around and began to squeeze my tits. He whispered in my ear, “what can I do for you”.

I turned around, kissing him as I pulled off my shorts and panties. I sat on his desk pushing his lunch out of the way so he could have the lunch he has wanted for weeks. His spread my pussy lips and dived right in. I was already so fucking wet and slippery for him. He slid two fingers into my creamy, hot pussy as he licked and sucked my clit into his mouth. I came all over his handsome face and begged for him to fuck me. He looked up at me with his face soaked, and kissed me so I could taste how wet he made me. I felt him slide his wet finger into my tight asshole as he went back for more lunch. He was sucking my clit back into his mouth and squeezing my hard nipple till I squirted in his mouth.


Written By: Tiffany

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