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Summer Memories

When I was a teenager, I lived next door to a really fun couple. They also had a huge pool and told me that I was more than welcome to use it anytime that I wanted.

Late one night, I saw that they seemed to be out for the night. It was after midnight and they still hadn’t come home, so I decided to take advantage and do a little skinny dipping. I had just gotten in and swam a few laps when I saw the lights come on in the house. I sunk into the water a bit and hid from their view. It wouldn’t have mattered though. I could see inside and they were absolutely devouring each other. I knew that I shouldn’t watch, but I couldn’t look away.

He had her pressed against the wall and was on his knees eating her pussy like he was starving. I could see her legs shaking and she was screaming and trying to push him away. He got off his knees, but forced her on hers. I watched his ass clench as he pumped his cock down her throat.

My fingers went to my pussy and slid inside. It was just too much to resist. He bent her over the couch and had a perfect view of his long cock sliding in and out. They were both screaming now. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming myself. I saw his body shiver and knew that he was cumming inside of her. I let myself sink under the water so that I could let out my orgasm.

I came back up and the house was dark again. I quickly got out and made my way home. I looked up and saw him watching me from the bedroom window. He gave me a little wave and I gave one back. I had a feeling that I would be seeing a different side of this couple from now on… and I was right.


 Written By: Ginger
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GFE Phone Sex With Tiffany     There are times I talk to a gentleman that I just can’t get off of my mind. I had one like that last week.

The call was perfect. Intimate, sexy, passionate and super hot. After the call, I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. His sexy masculine voice stayed in my head all day. I felt totally blissful. During Covid when going out to meet a man is maybe not the best idea, a call like the one I had is just what a woman needs. 

We chatted about everything to get to know each other a bit. Quickies are super exciting but sometimes a long slow call building up to sex is perfect. He knew just what I needed. I won’t lie, my fingers were softly rubbing my pussy before we got to it. His voice and the conversation was taking me there quickly.

Later that night after a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine, he was in my mind again. I slowly rubbed my clit, and sucked my hard nipples playing our sexy call over in my head. 

Fingers crossed that I talk and play with my exciting new friend soon. 


Written By:  Tiffany
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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

It’s so fun playing cum denial games while I humiliate you. I know you love it too. Making you jerk off for hours is intense, especially while your cock and balls are so full and tight. When I see rubber bands, I think about how much I love wrapping one around your tiny dick.

I own you! Your cock and balls are mine! It’s up to me when you can blow your load. It may be hours or even days before your pathetic dick gets to cum. Once you submit to this barely legal hottie, I’ll take complete ownership over your manhood. You’ll never want anyone to control your orgasm again.



Written By: Felicia
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Anything for Love

I like to keep things fresh, kinky, and creative when it comes to dating a new guy. It’s no secret that lately I have been  into dominating my new fuck buddy. It is something that I look forward to, and I know he does as well. I always have a sexy surprise waiting for him when he gets off work, and he never fails to be my “good boy.”

Last night I teased him for hours allowing him to eat my pussy while I relaxed on the sofa and talked to my girlfriend. He loves nothing more than the sweet taste of my sweet pussy juice on his lips, and it always makes his cock throb.

I wanted him really hot and bothered before I finally asked him what he really wanted. Just hearing him beg for me to take his ass makes me crazy hot. I gave it to him hard and fast, making him moan for it until he finally released his creamy load. I think he’s starting to get addicted to it, and I kind of like it.


Written By: Annaliese
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What Happens After?

Do you ever wonder what happens after our call? I wonder when we have an incredibly hot call what you might do afterwards. I wonder if you think about our conversation, and does it put a smile on your face? Do you think about my voice, and do you immediately get an erection again? Do you ever find yourself masturbating to the thought of our last call?

When I have a tremendously hot call, I have no choice but to think about it afterwards. Sometimes I think about it right away, or it may be mid-day and I start to feel wetness in between my thighs. I lay on my bed and think about your voice in my ear. I imagine all the things that you said you wanted to do with me. My hand slowly runs down my legs and I start to rub my clit in a circular motion.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think and do after our hot call.



Written By: Jayme
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What’s in the Box

He stays at the hotel I manage quite often. He is hot, well built, and I so look forward to when he is visiting. We engage in small talk while he is checking in, and I ask him about any special requests he might have. He has been getting packages of all sizes during his stays with us. I get so curious at times to what he has in those boxes.

When he was leaving for dinner, I just had to know what was in the latest box. Just encase he comes back before I am done snooping, I bring with me some lovely white wine on ice. 

I open one of the boxes to find a big, glass dildo. Now this is getting interesting. I open the second box to find a mini fucking machine. In it is a note with my name on it. He urges me to try out some of the toys. I wonder just how he knew what I would be up to, but just a fleeting thought. I was beyond anxious to try. My pussy was dripping wet with the thought of it. 

I opened the bottle of wine, had a glass, and began to try out the toys. As I slowly fucked myself with the glass dildo, I began to fantasize about the guest in this room. With my eyes closed, and the dildo taking care of my aching pussy, I hear his deep sexy voice urging me on.  This will be one sexy, hot amazing night.


Written By: Valentina
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Naughty Married MILF Fucks Neighbor

When I need a good, hard rough fuck, I send a text to the man who lives next door to us. He makes time in his schedule to fuck me during the day. He is married with a houseful of kids, but he manages to find a few free hours in the afternoon before the kids get off from school. Of course, he has a big cock, and he loves fucking my firm, tight body. He can fuck me as hard as he wants and make me scream from the mind-blowing orgasms since there is no one home to hear us.

There is not a lot of time for a ton of foreplay, but I am warmed up, wet and ready to suck his cock before he fucks my pussy. I don’t need anything, like a glass of wine to lower my inhibitions. I just want hard, hot rough sex. Sometimes I get cravings for that intense sensation right before an orgasm. His cock pounding my pussy from behind as he spanks my ass and talks dirty to me. Not husband and wife sex, but not stranger sex either. Sex that is very fun, intense, naughty, but comfortable too!

Riding him, with my big tits in his face, feels so good. I lean over him, and he tugs on my kinky blonde hair. I ride him until I cum. I confess I use his cock for my pleasure. Then he flips me over, gets me on my hand and knees. With his hands on my waist, he fucks and fucks me!

Now it is your turn to fuck me so that we can cum together!


Written By: Jackie
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You Can Try To Resist

You can try to resist but why would you want to? Look at this gorgeous body. Why would you ever want to deny yourself the pleasure? I know that you look at my pictures and stroke your stiff cock. No need to deny that. I love knowing you want me. Full luscious tits and legs for days. Can you imagine how good those long silky legs would feel wrapped around your waist while those hard nipples are in your mouth?

Wouldn’t you love to shove your cock into my hot, wet pussy or ass? Both are amazing and will grip you like a glove. I would love to hear what you want to do with it, how you want to take all my holes and make them yours. I would even let you cum all over my pretty face. Is there anything sexier than a beautiful woman with a messy cum covered face? And my voice….? Have you ever heard it? It can guide you to an intense orgasm in no time.


Written By: Sidney
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Your Cyber Girl

While scrolling through the Cyber Monday sales, you end up on my profile. Finding the perfect phone sex girl is a lot like internet shopping. You have to see what you like before making the purchase.

You can’t deny the growth that’s happening in your pants once you look at my pictures. I make you unbelievably horny. Once you hear my sensual voice, your cock swells even more and it’s beginning to become uncomfortable in a restricted area. You need to release your cock.

Once your pants are off, that’s where I take over. I tell you exactly how I want you to pleasure yourself. Your cock and balls are mine from this point forward, and I’m responsible for whatever happens. All you need to do is listen to my voice, and I’ll guide you into the most erotic orgasm of your life.

I promise you, this is one purchase you will be completely satisfied with, and the only return you will be doing, is calling me back for more.  


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Surviving The Holidays

Holidays are coming as you’re aware. Everywhere you go, Christmas displays are already in full bloom. We both know this can be a stressful time of year. Between spending time with family, shopping, gift wrapping, gift giving, it can be all a little bit overwhelming.

I know exactly what you need to manage this time of year. You need to cum. I know that may sound funny, but it’s the truth. I don’t mean just any jerk off session will do, you need the kind of orgasm where your toes curl, and your balls are completely drained. Do you ever notice after a great orgasm you feel like you can take on anything? It’s almost like a weight has been lifted. After a big load of cum, you feel much more relaxed, and you can think clearer. Not just any run of the mill orgasm will make you feel that way, it needs to be with someone who knows how to push your right buttons. Of course, this isn’t a cure all for the next 2 months with one great orgasm. Keeping you a happy man requires multiple sessions with yours truly. Even if you’re not alone at home, find a quiet spot and I’ll bring you back to your happy place once again.

People will take notice of your joyous mood. Only you and I will know why you’re so happy. It turns out that all you need to survive another holiday season is a little Madame Joanne.

Written By: Madame Joanne
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