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All Yours


Maybe you don’t realize how much my hot, young cunt aches for you.  How wet I get when I think about you and the way you touch me. My mouth always waters when I think of your rock hard dick sliding in my mouth going balls deep on you. I drool and lick it up then suck your mushroom head while I stroke your shaft.

I am your submissive slut that will do absolutely anything to get you off, and I mean anything. 

You can take me rough and pull my hair while you slam my pussy. Fuck my tight, puckered hole then make me go ass to mouth. I want nothing more than to please you because I want that creamy surprise at the end.

I’m all yours to do whatever you wish to…



Written By: Andie
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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

I’m the queen of tease and denial sex sessions. I’m a cruel bitch that gets off bringing you right to the edge and stopping just before your ready to shoot your load. I will repeat this over and over again until you beg for your release and your balls are swollen and blue.

I want you to stroke yourself over and over again until your cock and balls are throbbing and desperately in need of a release. I want your cock to ache before I will let you go all the way for me.

If your into a prolonged orgasm denial phone sex call, I’m your woman.


Written By: Candace
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The Cheating Wife


I love being that perfect wife.  The sensual pleasing wife that all men dream of.  I only have one fault. Just one tiny little fault, I just can’t help myself.  I have to cheat, it has actually become a priority to me.  I love finding new and exciting cock to fuck. The excitement of “almost” getting caught makes me cum harder and harder each and every time.

It gets me so hot to cheat in the same bed my husband and I sleep in. I love the smell of sex on the sheets and the dried cum that we lay on.

My pussy gushes when it’s almost time for the hubby to come home. I tell my hot stud to fuck my married cunt harder. It’s the best orgasm when his cock is balls deep inside me and the garage door is going to open any minute.

Call me and I will give you all the dirty details!


Written By: Vivian
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A Girlfriend Everyone Wants

Who wouldn’t want a cute blonde girlfriend like me? No annoying phone calls or text messages. You’ll never have a nagging girlfriend ever again. However, I will describe and tease you how I am going to lick and suck your cock. I do expect one thing from you…I will want multiple orgasms with you.

We’ll satisfy each others needs and fantasies. You’ll pound on my barely legal pussy like never before. I want you to feel my tightness wrapped around your cock. I’ll be screaming your name for more.

 I’ll make sure I don’t wake you in the morning and I’ll lock up on my way out. A Girlfriend Experience with me is amazing. I’ll make every moment we spend together is passionate, confidential, sexually gratifying, and the most fulfilling dose of escapism you’ll allow yourself. Every man should have a girlfriend like this.


Written By: Felicia
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The Softer Side Of Things

I’ll admit, some of my fantasies are kinky and taboo, but sometimes… well a naughty girl like me enjoys the softer side of things. I love to be kissed, nibbled, and caressed. I love it when a big, strong man slowly seduces me, and slips my clothing off my silky skin, and tongues every single exposed inch.

While a good hard fuck has its place in phone sex role play, a soft, slow, seductive lovemaking session feels so wonderful every now and again.

Are you the one who can fuck me with those slow, evenly controlled strokes that coaxes orgasm after throbbing orgasm from my panting, shaking body? Give me a call and let’s find out, lover boy. I’m waiting for a man like you to bring out the woman in me.


Written By: Adrianna
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Marriage Counseling

In your every day life, things are very stressful.  Your marriage is rocky, your job sucks, and your kids are driving you insane.  Sometimes, you just need a little counseling.

The other day I had a wonderful call. A man who was extremely distressed by his marriage.  He called while his wife was home, while she was asleep. She woke up partway during the call and picked up the phone. He was nervous and hung up, but I stayed on the line.

She and I talked for a while and I described to her how she could please her husband, what he liked and desired.  She said she’d never known these things, but would certainly be up to trying it.

She called him into the bedroom and he expected to be yelled at severely. Instead, he found his wife waiting for him, naked, phone in hand. She seduced him while I was on the phone with her, telling her what to say and what to do. She sucked him off like she never had in her life while I gave her a few pointers. It went much much further, but you’ll have to use your imagination. Just one example of how counseling can just help your life!

Whatever is bothering you, give me a call. I am sure that a little time on my couch can remedy the situation.

Dr. Candace


Written By: Candace
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Breakfast In Bed

 I absolutely loved waking up this morning and hearing your strong, masculine voice on the other end. You started by taking off my little pink nightie, and slipping off my silky, pink thong.
I opened my creamy legs nice and wide for you. I spread my pink pussy lips far apart. You couldn’t wait to devour my soft, bare pussy. You shoved your tongue deep inside me. You absolutely love the way I taste. You have to have my pussy first thing in the morning. You get so turned on how wet I am, and how my sweet pussy juice covers your face. I love pushing your head deeper and deeper into me and feeling your hot breath inside me.
You always make me have multiple orgasms. Each time I cum, it’s more intense. My pussy is just squirting, filling up your mouth with my cum. You just can’t stop eating my pussy.
My cum is the breakfast of champions.


Written By: Aimee
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Your Cock is My Obsession!

I am the adorable girl next door you have always fantasized about. The one you’re thinking about at the office and the one you’re dreaming about at night.

Pleasing you is something I can’t wait to do. I have a body made of sin. I know you can’t wait to do all those naughty things that you’ve been craving.

What makes me hot is knowing you are. My pussy gets moist when we both get into a really naughty role-play and I seduce you with my beautiful, young body.

Your cock is my number one obsession and I am willing to go above and beyond to make sure you have the ultimate orgasm.



Written By: Emma
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Solo Fun

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been fucked, and it’s driving me insane. I decided that tonight I was going to spend a little time with myself.

I lit some candles, turned off the lights, and laid back on the bed. I started to play with my nipples, pinching, and pulling them until I start to feel it between my thighs.

One hand begins to move down my stomach, making it’s way to my wet, aching pussy. My fingers tease my hard little clit. It feels so good that I can’t stop myself from moaning. My pussy is so wet and juicy that I have no trouble easing three fingers deep inside.

My eyes close as I cry out. Fuck, it feels so good. My legs open wider as my other hand joins the fun, rubbing my swollen clit. My hips move off the bed as I pound my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt. I can feel my juices running down my ass, soaking the bed.

I can feel my pussy starting to clench around my wet fingers. I keep pumping them in until my body starts to tense up. I pull my fingers away as my pussy explodes, leaving me and the bed drenched in my own cum.

As I struggle to catch my breath, I realize that I really shouldn’t go so long without being fucked. I’m hoping that all my naughty callers can help keep me and my pussy satisfied. 


Written By: Ashton
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The Passion Between Us


We lay with each other in bed with my head resting on your chest. I can feel how bad you want me as you pull me closer. My hands caressing your chest moving down to your waist band of your briefs. Kissing and licking your neck, I slide my hand in your boxers. I’m gently teasing the tip of your cock, listening to you moan, pulling me even closer.

Our eyes met as you tilt your head towards me pressing our lips against each other. Our mouths open and our tongues begin to dance slowly. Your cock now exposed, I start to stroke and massage your balls. Our kiss grows more passionate and I can tell your cock is aching to explode. I want to please you in so many ways.

You rolled me over so you can straddle me, your fingers begin to play with my hard nipples. I can feel your thickness slide between my breasts and slowly start to titty fuck me. You pressed my tits around your cock as I watch the passion in your eyes as you explode, bathing me with your cum.



Written By: Rachel
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