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BBC Phone Sex

I can’t lie baby, I must confess. Those nights that you think I’m out with my girlfriends, well I’m actually out getting fucked by some BBC.

I get my tits fucked, my face fucked, and I BEG them to cum inside of me and plant their black seed in me. Mmmmmm, I know you want to sit in the corner and watch me be trained by multiple big, black cocks.

Don’t lie to me, I know you want to cum join in, you can’t wait to have your lips wrapped around that BBC and tasting his pre cum. You love tasting it off my tongue and tits, and you can’t wait to eat it out of my pussy! You’re so jealous when they are fucking me doggie, I never moan for you the way I moan when I have a BBC inside of me.

Truth be known, you want your little pussy hole fucked too. Cum worship this BBC with me!



Written By: Faith
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Here For All Your Phone Sex Fucking Pleasures

That’s right nothing is to taboo or off limits for me. I’m into a little bit of everything. Looking for that extra over the top sexy role play with all the nasty details? I’m that girl for you!

Looking for a girl to stay up all night and party with? You got it, I love to party! Wanting and lusting that little sex kitten? I’m that girl with the hot, young voice and can’t wait to be your perfect little sex vixen.

Need to be owned and want to obey? I can be that controlling bitchy girl to give you all the sex orders and force you to get on your knees and please for me.

I’m not your cookie cutter style type girl, I really like to get to know each other and crawl around in each other’s minds.

I’m here for all your phone fucking pleasures!!



 Written By: Parker
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Hard Day At The Office

I’m sure it can be very challenging working on important documents while you have an enormous erection going on in your pants. You keep telling yourself that you just need to get a few more things out of the way but for some reason, you can’t seem to focus on work one bit. You tell yourself not to look at my pictures, that it will only make it worse for you to concentrate. After you reassure yourself that you are going to be a “good boy” your hand hits my webpage. It’s all over. Your stiff cock went to a raging hard-on in just seconds.

You look at my big, gorgeous tits and imagine them bouncing as my legs are straddling you in your office chair and my pussy is gliding up and down on your shaft.

Now that you’re looking at my pictures and you know how you want to fuck me, there’s something missing? You need my sexy voice in your ear to put you over the edge. You tune everything else out around you and the only thing you want is me. You know I can drain every single drop from your balls. I’m just what you need to make a successful day at the office. Maybe not so much with your work but you did accomplish a very incredible orgasm.

Now it’s 5 o’clock and time to go home. There’s always tomorrow for all the things you didn’t get done today, that’s if you don’t think about me again. It’s hard to forget my body, imagination, sultry voice and the mind blowing orgasm you had all over your important papers laid across your desk.

Hard at work again? You only live once, work can wait but your load in your balls cannot.



Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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Hello, I know You’re There!

I was taking a nice, hot steamy shower and I was enjoying rubbing my new raspberry scented bath gel all over my body. I heard a noise in the bathroom so I peeked my head out from the curtain. I couldn’t believe it was my phone sex daddy sitting on the toilet with his boxers around his ankles and his hard dick in his hand! He actually didn’t see me peek out so I just went back to washing my body, acting like I didn’t know he was there.

I thought daddy would really like to hear me masturbate. I put the shower wand up my pussy while my other hand was rubbing my clit. I started moaning and I could hear daddy beating off faster. I was fingering myself deep with 2 fingers. I wanted so badly to invite him in the shower but he didn’t know I knew he was there. It didn’t take long before I had a really intense orgasm. I peeked out again and it looked like daddy did too with that big mess all over his stomach.


Written By: Kaylee
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Submit To The Moment

A friend of mine has just had this glow about her lately. She seems so relaxed even with the extremely taxing job she has. I asked her what her secret was as I knew this couldn’t be because of a new lover in her life as she is too busy. She handed me a business card, winked and told me to just give it a try. I was thinking she must have just found herself an awesome masseuse.

I made an appointment, and filled out some disclaimers. That seemed odd, it was just a massage. There was an envelope on the reception desk with another form for me to fill out and sign and a list of instructions. I followed them carefully wondering just what I had gotten myself into. I drank the chilled white wine, which was to relax me and slowly stripped down. I put on the blindfold and waited.

I heard the door open and the deep voice of a man. He put my hands in leather restraints and told me we were about to begin. He gave me my safe word and then he began. He started slow teasing my nipples with a feather. When he noticed I was already starting to arch my back and getting so wet, he then restrained my ankles. I don’t really consider myself a sub or a domme. I just go with the flow of my sex partner but this was fucking amazing. You want more details? Why not give me a call, and we both can get off while I tell you everything!


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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I’m The Body You Were Meant To Fuck

I’m sure the thought crossed your mind while you were fucking your wife that you wish she was a little tighter and not just her pussy either. When you watch porn, (which I’m sure is often) you think about fucking one of those really hot porn girls with the perfect bodies. It’s okay to admit your wife just doesn’t fit the bill. Your cock ultimately gets hard when you see a tight, gorgeous body like mine, it’s a natural reaction.

What if I told you I can give you what you desire the most. I will share with you the intimate relationship you’ve been wanting and the dirtiest sex your cock has been craving. You can still fuck your wife but after a few phone fucks with me, it won’t be a thought in your head. Your balls will be drained more than they ever have before and your cock will shoot the most cum you have ever seen. You will cum like the porno movie guys that you’re secretly jealous of. It just takes the right body, personality and creativity to achieve your best orgasm.

Don’t hold back. I know what you’re needing and I’m the body you were meant to fuck.

Your Naughty Ashlee



Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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Foursome At The Beach

Daphne   I have been watching this man at the beach all day. He has been watching me as well, but I was definitely more subtle than him. The sun began to go down and I thought I would walk to one of the many bars on the beach. I knew he was behind me but I just kept walking till I arrived at the first bar. It was closed, but no worries as that was first of several. He began to speak finally, saying what a disappointment as he could really go for an ice cold beer. I smiled and told him there was another bar about half a mile South. We chatted, flirted and walked to the next bar.

We were told they would be closing soon, but served us each an ice cold green beer. I almost forgot it would soon be St. Paddy’s Day with the weather so warm here. He asked if there were more bars closer to town, but I suggested we just go to my hotel room instead of trying to find another bar. We turned around and soon we were at my balcony. He stood outside looking at the view, and I returned with two Corona’s. There was a couple in front of my balcony and clearly about to fuck. He was surprised and mentioned his hotel didn’t have nearly the excitement.

I felt his hand on my ass as we watched the couple on the beach. I began to rub his hard dick as he slid his fingers in my top. The more we watched the more excited we got. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his hand to go inside, but he wanted me and more of the show. He bent me over the balcony and untied my bikini bottom. He whispered in my ear that we should start up a show ourselves. He pulled my hair, spanked my ass hard and pushed his dick inside my dripping pussy. They heard us and my new friend waved them up the stairs. Sex with three strangers, how much hotter does it get?



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

            rrg-300x229 Today is just one of those days where I am so fucking horny, I just can’t keep my fingers off my hungry, wet pussy. I came home around 2 am and was exhausted from my friend’s bachelorette party. I planned the party so you know it was awesome. The alcohol was flowing, there were sexy games, dancing and the best part was the male and female strippers.  

I undressed as soon as I returned home and stripped down ready to cum over and over till I was satisfied. I fell asleep after cuming just once. I had the hottest sex dreams all night long. I think I had several wet dreams and woke up drenched. 

I knew I had things to do but I was so fucking horny thinking about the party and the strippers. They even put on a sex show for us and invited anyone interested to join. Oh fuck, was I ever interested but it was for the bride to be. I got up in just my stockings and made a cup of coffee. I sipped it thinking about the night. I began to feel my nipples tingle and my pussy begin to gush. I got back in my big bed and fingered my dripping hot pussy while I sucked my hard nipples. I may just never get up.


Written By: Tiffany

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Your Blonde Goddess, Samantha

Whether you are young or old, still in college, or maybe you work out at the local gym. You are in awe of the hottest MILF in town, Samantha. You would be willing to do anything, give up anything to be her boy toy. Her body is so fine. Her big boobs are perfect, and her legs are long. Samantha’s personal trainer works with her five days a week to maintain the tight body of hers without losing her big sexy, mature curves. 

It is her lips, always painted a shade of red, that make you think such lustful thoughts. You fantasize about your cock between those red lips.  She is completely irresistible. You adore her and want to worship every inch of her body! You know you can fuck her better than her husband. Make her scream in ecstasy. Give her countless orgasms. 

Every man in town wants her and cannot takes his eyes off her curves or her mouth.  You desire to spend some time with this horny housewife. Samantha is the perfect blonde Goddess, and you can be her willing, devoted love slave. 



Written By: Samantha

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Sex Party Last Weekend

Ryan and I had a very naughty sex party over the weekend.  We had several web cameras set up so people could log in and watch Ryan, all my roommates, their boyfriends, and me getting freaky! The party started with everyone getting naked. I was sitting on Ryan’s lap as he played with my little tits. My pussy was already dripping into his lap, and my hand was stroking his cock. He got so hard and started dripping precum on my fingers.

He sent me over to lick one of my roommate’s pussy. At first, everyone in the room was watching her lick me. I push my clit into her face and spread my pussy open very wide so that everyone could see. Ryan played director. We did everything that he said. As soon as I had my first cum on her face, he told everyone to have fun and start fucking. 

He grabbed another one of hot roommates. He wanted both her and me. I dropped to my knees, and she joined me as we both went down on Ryan’s cock. We licked and sucked his cock. I fingered her pussy and told Ryan her pussy was extra hot and steamy tonight. Ryan stood up and got behind her. I licked her clit while he pushed his cock into her pussy from behind. She was going crazy. Ryan pulled out and slapped his hard cock against my tongue. 

From there Ryan took turns fucking both of us. He fucked my pussy, pounding me hard. I could hear the other couples fucking, and someone yelled out that we had over 500 viewers so far, and the party was just getting started!

Oh, what fucking good time we all had! 


 Written By: Tara
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