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 My Stats

Age: 43

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'8

Weight: 128

Measurements: 34C-26-34

Pussy: Brazilian waxed!

Ass: Loves to be fucked!

Favorite Positions: Riding

Strangest Places I've had sex: Dodger Stadium during a game.

Hobbies: Erotic Art, 1980's porn.

Specialities: Tease and Denial, Financial Domination and Guided Masturbation.


I am your dream come true, the blonde bombshell you always wanted in your bed. My long hair will run along your body as I move across you, eyes gazing up at you as I tease and torment you. Pinching my nipples to make them nice and hard will make my pussy get wet. The sweet juices practically running down my legs. What you see before you, you have been longing to fuck.

Now tell me, do you deserve this tight pussy? Are you worthy of running your hands through my hair, over my body while your cock throbs and aches? Are you willing to pamper me? Spoil me? Treat me like a precious gift? If you are, then let me show you what a great fuck is!

Tell me why you deserve my time and attention. Convince me that you are worthy of my time. How will you make me believe that you should be allowed to lick my lover’s cum from my sweet pussy?

Do I sound like a bitch? Well, I probably am. But here is the deal…I have the pussy you long for, and I can make you beg to just have the privilege of being near it. You with your small dick should be happy to even have the chance to pick up my dirty panties, let alone touch my body. I know that is what you want, what you dream about.

The only thing you need in your life is me, Candace! I can be every fantasy you ever indulged in, your every dream come true. When my lips part and you hear my whispers in your ear, your heart will melt and your cock will throb.

Spoil me, pamper me, and adore me. Your efforts will be rewarded with the hottest phone fuck imaginable. I will be the only phone girl you ever even think about, the only one you will continue to cherish.

Treat me well and I can make your dreams come true.


Call 1.866.794.8174
for Phone Sex with

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