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Spanking Phone Sex

GingerYou have been such a bad boy. I don’t know what else to do with you. Every single time I turn around, you’re in my panty drawer again. That’s right. I’ve seen you not only sniffing them and rubbing your cock with them, I’ve seen you wearing them too! I’ve warned you about that, now haven’t I? If you like them so much, go slip a pair on and come to me. There you go! Now bend over and let me get a good look at your ass in those cheekies. I slap one cheek and then the other. You bad, bad boy. This is what happens to little panty sluts like you. I keep slapping, each hit stinging all the way down your legs. I love a pretty blushing ass. I want that ass to be blood red when I’ve finished with it. I hear your moans and groans but I also see your hard cock stretching the front of that pretty black silk. I keep going until you’re begging me to stop. When I feel like you’ve had enough, I get you prepared for your next punishment; it involves your ass as well and you might not like it as much.



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Life Of The Party

I was invited to a Christmas party over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was B-O-R-I-N-G! Everyone was just standing around and staring at each other. There was no way that I was going to stand for that. I’ve always been the life of the party! While everyone was trying not to fall asleep, I decided to get things popping. I stripped out of my sexy little dress and started walking around. They all looked in disbelief. I gave a naughty smile and found the sexiest girl in the room. She looked nervous, but couldn’t take her eyes off of my massive breasts. I pulled her face to mine and gave her a sexy kiss. I heard the gasps… and then the groans. After I broke the ice, clothes were flying off. The party went from dull to HOT! So many different sets of hands were touching my body, both male and female. It took a little while, but it became the best party I’ve ever been to. Nothing like naked flesh, spontaneous fucking and cum filled holes to put you in the Christmas spirit!



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Red Heads Do It Better

GingerThere’s something about a natural red head that just screams sex. Ever since I was a girl, I’ve loved any and everything about sex. Once I got started, there was no stopping me. I wanted to try it all. There was nothing too kinky for me then and that still holds true today. I still can’t get enough. Every once in awhile, I come across a man that knows how to enjoy a red head like me. He’ll know how crazy we can be and appreciates that red heads make the best fucks. When you’re paired with the right person, the sex is fucking AMAZING! I never hold back and it’s even better when he doesn’t either. All it takes is one look at me to know that I have no limits and my body AND mind are to be used. I always fuck like I’m never going to fuck again and I can bring that out of you time and time again. Have you ever been with a red head? It’s time you give it a try. Your orgasm will prove my point and you’ll have a new obsession… promise.



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Hard to Get

It’s common knowledge that I’m a cock whore. I love men, I love cock and I love being fucked. But there is something so very sexy with not giving it up and quickly as I would like to. Taking my time and letting men work for it. It’s especially fun when it’s with someone that doesn’t really know me. I can act as innocent as I want and they never know the difference. They want in my panties so bad and do anything to have just a little taste. Every time they suggest any little sexual thing, I act like I’m so embarrassed. They eat it up and try even harder. When it comes time to get naughty, I put up a little bit of a fight. Holy fuck! They turn into animals. I find myself pinned to the bed and getting the pounding of my dreams. It’s hard to act like I’m not enjoying it… it feels so fucking good… but I whimper a little and they just fuck me harder. I “beg” them not to cum inside of me and I get my pussy filled to the limit!
Being a good time girl is fun, but playing the innocent can be fun too. I get everything I want, and a little extra!

Test Drive

A few years ago, I needed some extra cash and took a job working at a car lot. The owner knew he could probably get some sales out of me, so he put me out on the floor. I was doing pretty good. As he suspected, the men loved me! One day, a customer came in that made the other salesman run. One told me that he was a hard guy to work with. I took it as a personal challenge and decided to volunteer. I was expecting him to drool all over me like the rest, but he didn’t. After a few frustrating hours of working with him, he decided he found one that he wanted to test drive. I got in with him and he spun off. He didn’t say much, just drove. I noticed that he was going a little further than permitted and said something to him. He kept driving. Pretty soon he pulled off into a wooded area and shut the car off. I sat there, a little scared, a little pissed off. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I laughed a little at the situation… I was sucking this asshole off. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face close to his. He told me if I wanted to make a sale today, I was going to be a good slut and take his cum down my throat. I still fought a little, but he was already forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could barely catch my breath. He was ramming it in hard and fast. I felt his body tense up and prepared for the blast. So much jizz shot into my throat that it was coming out of my mouth. He pushed me away, zipped up and started the car again. We drove back to the dealership and I collected the biggest commission of my career. The guys all wondered what my secret was, but I have a feeling that some noticed the telling stain on the front of my sweater…


I don’t know what came over me last week, but I was so horny and craving cock! I went out to a local bar and found a couple of guys that really fit the bill. I was out on the floor dancing and they joined me, one behind me and one grinding against my pussy. The one behind me whispered in my ear, asking if I wanted to come back to his place. I nodded my head and let them lead me out. Luckily he lived close because I needed to be fucked and fucked hard! They had my clothes stripped off and quickly and started on their own. Once we were all naked, the fun began. I was on my knees sucking cock, then flipped onto my back taking it. Those guys must have needed as much as I did, because they were all over the place. One minute my pussy was getting pounded, the next minute my ass was being rammed hard. I came so many times that I didn’t think I could cum again… until I felt a hard cock slide into my ass while his friend was filling up my pussy. Oh my GOD. The way their cocks slid in and out of me had me wet and creamy again. When I came this time, I felt their cocks exploding inside of me too.
I’ve seen them many times since… this cock hungry slut can’t get enough!

Taking Charge

I had such a hot call with my favorite little slut Markita a few weeks ago. Usually it’s me dressing him and fucking him, but he turned the tables on me for a change! I didn’t realize he had it in him to be so direct with me, but he really gave it to me good. I started off in my usual way, asking how my little slut was. He really surprised me when he told me that he wanted to be in charge tonight. He demanded that I be his good girl and take care of his cock. The way he ordered me to do it made me want to do just that! I thought the role reversal might be strange, but it really wasn’t. He wasn’t my Markita that night, he was Mark and I was HIS obedient little slut. He gave me such a good pounding and we were both cumming together. As hot as it was, it’s even hotter knowing that I’ll be in charge next time.
And I’ll definitely be returning the favor.

The Unexpected Visit

It’s the holiday weekend and what better way to spend my sunny days at my girlfriends pool. We made a huge pitcher of margaritas and played in the pool, relaxed in the spa and enjoyed laying out in the sun.

Her dad was out of town for a few days so we had the whole weekend to ourselves. We planed to invite some guys later that night and have a small get together.

As we were lounging by the pool, something caught my eye in one of the bedroom windows. It looked like my friend, Cassie’s dad. I pulled my sunglasses down so I could get a better look, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. There he was in the window smiling and pointed his hand down by his cock. He was jerking off in the window. He put his hand up to his lips, telling me not to say anything to Cassie. He pointed to my tits and gave me a gesture he wanted to see my them. I looked over at Cassie and her eyes were shut with earbuds in her ear.

I smiled back and pulled my bikini top down. I could see he was stroking his cock faster. I kept looking over to make sure my girlfriend wasn’t watching me. After all, her dad is supposed to be gone. Things got a little more heated and I was fully fingering myself for him. I was getting really turned on so I quitely told Cassie I needed to go to the bathroom. I went inside and walked into the bedroom where her dad was and he was waiting for me with his hard cock in his hand.

We had an amazing hot fuck and at one point, My tits were pressed against the window and I was looking down at my girlfriend at the pool while her dad was drilling my pussy from behind.

When we were done fucking, her dad told me he was going to hide out in the house so we can fuck again later. I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the weekend.

Don’t Tell Daddy

I am planning a trip this summer but I so don’t have the money I need for a Miami trip. I asked my dad, even flirted with him but he said “no”.  I think I am getting a little too old for my flirting to work with step-daddy. I was looking for part time jobs in Craig’s List when I hear daddy’s boss pull up in his Lamborghini. Sam is around 60 and loves younger girls like me.

I ran down the stairs to let him in wearing just a silky red robe and panties.  He asked where everyone was and I explained they were out for a “date night”. GROSS! I asked him if he wanted to visit with me as he hadn’t seen me since I was twelve. We talked for a bit and I got him a Heineken from the fridge. I explained about my trip and how I spent all the saved money for clothes.

I was looking into his eyes and teasing him as we talked more about the trip. I knew I could get him to pay for my trip as he looks at me like all men do, like they want to fuck my teen brains out. I began rubbing his thigh and he grabbed my hand and told me to stop. I not only didn’t stop I put my soft hand on his dick and began rubbing over his pants. He sighed and let me unzip. His dick was huge!! I began to suck him, inhaling every inch. Suddenly, I stopped and asked if he would pay for my trip. He took his wallet from his pants, gave me 3 credit cards and begged me not to stop sucking his dick.

Naughty Teen Amanda

Happy St. Drinking Day!

I just love every and any excuse to go out drinking and getting into trouble. The doormen are much more lax and it is easier to get in all the clubs, bars and pubs on St. Paddy’s Day. My friends and I usually go to the raunchier anything goes bars.

This year the weather is terrible, I have a bar full of booze and I am in a really dirty mood. That’s right I will be working drunker than Cooter Brown.  I know once home from the bar you would love to get nasty with a hot red haired teen like me.

Are you waiting for me to pass out so you can take advantage of my sexy little body. Go ahead, and I might just pretend I am really passed out! Maybe you might catch me and a girlfriend playing with eachother’s sweet bald pussys. She tastes so fucking good.

Why not give me a call before or after your celebrations. I promise to be horny and wasted. Just be sure to be wearing green boxer shorts.

Cum fuck a real Irish Teen, xoxo Amanda