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Girl Next Door


I am your favorite little fantasy girl that lives next door to you.

It drives you crazy when I wear my very short skirts and small sweaters.

You come to the basketball games just to watch me cheer and dance at halftime. You love to watch my body move and dance. You can’t get enough of my cute curves.

You watch me get dressed in the morning for school through my bedroom window. You also watch me sit in the car in the driveway making out with my boyfriend at the end of the night. Late at night, you watch me lie back on my bed and slip my fingers into my pussy.

One afternoon, there is a knock on your door. I ask if you have a key to my house because I am locked out. You invite me inside. I admire your house and ask to see the upstairs. Quickly, you realize that being locked out of my house was just an excuse to stop over when you were alone. I tease and tempt you. You’re amazed by how aggressive and seductive I am. You ask about my boyfriend, and I just laugh. Before you realize what is happening, my lips are wrapped around your cock. I need a man, not a boy. I need a man to fuck me and make me have a hard orgasm.

Give into your desires and call your naughty girl next door.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Good Little Cuck

I have a man in my life that takes care of almost all my needs. He spoils me, supports all my expensive habits, and keeps me in lavish comfort, but he’s lacking in one important area, the bedroom! His cock is just too small and he cannot satisfy me. He knows what a cock hungry size queen I am, and knows that his little dick just doesn’t make the cut.

He does serve some purposes though, he is an amazing pathetic little cuck! He stands at the foot of the bed and watches as a real man fucks all my tight holes. I look up at him and smirk. All he can do is stroke his little pencil dick. I can’t help but laugh at the look on his face as my current lover taunts him, telling him how fucking good my pussy and ass feel. He’ll never know that pleasure. There’s no way that sad excuse for a cock is coming anywhere near my perfect cunt. His job is to serve me and my wants and needs.

After hours of fucking, I have one final task for him. I put him on his back and squat above his face, letting all the creamy cum drip down into his mouth. He knows I expect all my holes to be cleaned out by his tongue. This is as close to my pussy that he will ever get, so he takes advantage, licking and sucking all he can. He’s the perfect man, my good little cuck.


Written By: Abby
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I try so hard…

I try so hard to be a good girl, but it’s so hard. I adore my boyfriend, but his cock just isn’t enough for me. As soon as he goes out of town, I’m on the phone looking for someone to play with. He doesn’t even know that I do phone sex and get off with men every single day. He would be furious. I don’t care though. I need it! I need to cum multiple times a day and he can’t do that for me. I feel so naughty sneaking around behind his back. It just makes it worse and I need more.

Sometimes I even do calls with him asleep in the bedroom. It’s so fucking hot making other men cum with him here. I have to bite my lip to keep from screaming when I hear men stroking their cocks and listening to my seductive voice.

Every time my phone rings, my pussy is wet and dripping, ready to make your cock feel good… even if my boyfriend is here!



Written By: Tyler
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Old Friends and Lovers Last night I ran into an old friend from school. She was my first, and you never forget your first. I was with a fuck buddy, and she was with her boyfriend. We all were having a great time, but I wanted more. I could tell by the way she was looking at me, and flirting with me that she wanted more as well.

We went to the restroom, totally innocent as men think we always go in pairs. As soon as we shut the door, we fell into each others arms. It was like we were back in school and nothing had changed.

We came up with a plan to ditch the men. Gina pretended she had gotten way to drunk and we left together. In the Uber, we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another. Her lips were delicious, her skin so soft. I couldn’t wait to get rid of our clothes and fuck our brains out.

Once at my condo, we tried to slow it down a bit. We had a few drinks, slow dances and kissed for hours. I was dying to taste her sweet, wet pussy again.  I love oral more than anything, and with a beautiful woman, it’s just so amazing. We fucked till the sun came up.

We took a long, steamy shower and began to to fuck again. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Before she left, we decide to keep it a secret from our men. I mean I do love dirty little secrets.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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My Boyfriend’s Dad

I’ve been seeing my current boyfriend for the last 7 months, and I’ve been fucking his daddy for the last 6 and a half! I couldn’t resist. He was just so sexy and I loved the way he looked at my young body. I knew immediately that he wanted it.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom one night and he came in right behind me. He shoved his hand down my panties and played with my little teen pussy until I squirted against his fingers. He bent me over, put his hand over my mouth and shoved his big daddy dick so deep. He pumped me so hard that my feet came off the floor. He deposited his hot, sticky cum inside of me.

From that day on, we fuck every day. His son is fun too, but there’s no way he can compete with his daddy!


Written By: Josie
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Harley Did a Bad, Bad, Thing

It isn’t that I am outright evil, I am just playful. Of course, if you believe that you’re in for a surprise. What exactly did I do? When I was a teen I always went after my friend’s dads. You know I just  couldn’t help myself. Now that I am older nothing has changed. Some I go after for sex, some for money, and some I just love to fuck with!

I’ve been seeing someone, and he assumed it was serious. His dad was just my type. He rode a custom Harley, hung out at biker bars, and was hot as fuck. I see no reason why a girl can’t have it all. I mean how many men marry women to be with their teen daughters?

I knew David wasn’t home, and knew his dad was. I knocked on the door, and he let me in. We fucked for the better part of the day. FUCK, he is so much better and bigger than his son. I let him go bareback because it feels so good like that.

Later that night, I met David for drinks. I could feel the cum from his dad dripping out of my pussy. I told David I really wanted him to go down on me because I was just so wet and excited. You guessed it! He licked his dad’s cum out of my dripping pussy. Oopsies!

Harley did a bad, bad thing!


Written By: Harley
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Naughty Secret Phone Sex

We cross paths with each other. We both know I am your naughty little secret. It makes my pussy wet thinking about you sneaking around with me living on the wild side. You’re going to love how my tight pussy is going to drip for you. It excites me that you’re married and it makes me want to fuck you even harder. I don’t even care that your entire family is waiting at home for you. We both know that you’ll be in my bed with my gorgeous, naked body.  You keep giving them lame ass excuses that you’re working late. You rearrange your schedule, making sure you never neglect my pussy. The excitement and anticipation makes my pussy ache. You’ll never hear any lame excuses cum out of my mouth. I’ll leave those for your wife. Every time with me, is an amazing fucking orgasm. I am your dream fuck!



Written By: Princess Paris
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Wanting My Boyfriend’s Son

I recently dated an older, attractive man. One night we ran into his son and his girlfriend at a bar. I was immediately drawn to him. I thought his Dad was hot but his son was a total hunk. His girlfriend was cute but I am way hotter. We hung out for a few minutes and they unfortunately left. I couldn’t stop thinking about my boyfriends son. I could even feel my panties getting wet. My boyfriend kept asking me if I was okay because I wasn’t really paying attention to him. My mind was made up and I was done with the Dad and onto his son. I played it off pretty good and fucked him that night, only thinking what his sons cock would feel like in my horny pussy.

The next morning, I told him that we should have lunch with his son. He agreed and my plan was working out perfectly.

When I saw him again he looked even hotter in the daylight, and I was so happy he didn’t have his girlfriend with him. I waited for the perfect opportunity when his Dad left to go to the restroom. I started flirting with him and then had to be direct because I didn’t have much time. I flat out told him I wanted to fuck him and to stop by my house later. I gave him my number. His Dad came back just as he was entering my number into his phone. He had no clue what just happened.

Later that night, I ditched plans with my boyfriend and waited for his son to text me. Soon enough, he texted  and said he was coming over. I knew he wanted me. 


Written By: Heather
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Revenge Is Sweet


   I caught your sexy girlfriend cheating on you. Since you’re close male friend of mine, a little revenge was needed. Now don’t get me fucking wrong, I love pussy as much as dick, so either way for me it will be hot!

I invited her over for brunch. I told her I always get to know my close friends love interests. After a few mimosa’s, she was flirting, teasing me with her delish body. Funny part was, I am the Mistress of tease, so there was nothing I hadn’t done or seen. Apparently, this hottie thinks she is in charge. Oh no, that will never fucking happen. Once she passed out, I stripped her, gagged her, and tied her to a chair. She woke up with me pulling her lovely long hair, and pinching the fuck out of her nipples. I got her boyfriend on Skype, and let him see the show.



Written By: Brianna
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Gangsta Cock

I have a confession. I have a thing for gangsta type men. There is something about how they look, talk and act. It makes my pussy so fucking wet. When it comes to a boyfriend, I like the more rich, gentlemen type.  If I am just looking for a rough hard fuck, it is gangsta all the way.

I didn’t time things quite right, and my fuck and boyfriend sort of ran into each other. One was coming, and the other going. Jordan was leaving after giving me the rough, hard pounding I needed when Victor showed up. I suppose time got away from me. I thought Victor might be angry, but he was drooling looking at the cum dripping out of my pussy and ass.

Jordan stood in the doorway, and was getting rock hard again. He bent me over the counter, and gave my already sore ass another pounding. I was too excited to notice right away, but Victor began sucking Jordan’s huge balls. When Jordan came, Victor was right there to gobble it up with cum and my ass juice dripping from his cock. Nothing ever surprises me, but what a sexy, hot fucking surprise this was.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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