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Are You Craving A Dominate Woman?


Is domination something you crave? To be completely controlled by a strong, beautiful woman who knows exactly how to bring you down to your knees?

Lately, I have been exploring the erotic world BDSM and finding that it’s very, very hot. I am more than intrigued and would love to talk to more men about your experience or role in this lifestyle.

Are you a foot slave? Do you love to worship your Mistress from head to toe? Or, do you beg for pain and like it hardcore, even extreme at times? Maybe a toilet slave? Are you a panty boy that would do anything for a dirty pair of my panties? What about strap-on play, do you love being an anal slut for your Mistress?

Perhaps, you are the dominant one in the relationship, and if so, how do you train your sex slaves?

I would really love to share a kinky fantasy or just a very sexy fetish based conversation with you soon.


Written By: Annaliese
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What A Sexy Bitch You Are

     After a very long day at work, I just wanted to relax and unwind. I opened some wine, and removed my annoying bra. My son called to tell me he wouldn’t be able to make it home due to weather, and was staying at a friends house. Something seemed off in the house, but after a few more glasses of wine, I was relaxed.

I went into my bedroom to finish changing, and noticed my panties were spread out all over the bed. This was odd, maybe I forgot I did it with such a long day. I decided to check my nanny cam to make sure nothing odd was going on.

It was my neighbor Ryan! I saw he was wearing my lingerie and dancing. I might have been mad, but this was just too much fun. 

I texted him, and told him to come over. I said if he didn’t, I would tell everyone his secret. I decided if he was going to dress and act like a bitch, he needed to do it right.

I immediately made him strip so I could see what we were working with. First, we went into the restroom to get rid of all that nasty body hair. Then I dressed him in pink frilly lingerie. Oh, how cute he looked. I finished him off with makeup, a sexy dress and heels. I dressed up myself, and we went to a dance club. 

Men were flirting with him, and he was having a blast. I explained to him that he needed to do something for me. I instructed him to go to the restroom and wait. I figured since he broke into my home and went through my things, he could make me a little money by me pimping him out. 



Written By: Suzanne
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Feel The Wetness

You have such a love of panties. You cant help but stand in front of the mirror and gaze at your slutty self. You can’t resist the way they feel on your tiny dick. Of course, your favorite panties are moist with my fresh pussy.

I play with my tight, pink pussy in my panties to get them dripping with my juices just for you. It’s time to try my sticky, creamy panties on for me. I will help you. I slide them off my perfect body. You can see the wet stain in the crotch. I rub my pussy juice from my panties all over your pencil dick. I wrap the silk around your shaft. Feel the wetness from my pussy covering your little dick. It brings you to the edge.

Go ahead ask me, “Mistress Kendall can I cum?” “Not yet,” as I loosen the panties just a little and slide them up and down your hard-on multiple times. You struggle not to cum. Will I let you cum…who knows?



Written By: Kendall
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He Loves My Panties

I have a fuck buddy that loves my panties, but not just any panties. My dirty panties. Instead of going through my drawers, he goes straight to the laundry hamper. He pulls them up to his face and sniffs them before he puts them in his mouth and sucks my pussy off of them. He fucks me so good and makes me cum so much that he deserves something special for Valentine’s day.

I put on a fresh pair of panties last Friday and I’ve been wearing them ever since. By the time I slip them off, and put them in a pretty box for them, there’s going to be all kinds of scents and tastes for him to enjoy. 

My little project also gives me a reason to masturbate as often as I can. My juices will cover the crotch and probably a little extra. He doesn’t mind if there’s a little cum in the mix from one of my other fuck buddies. It’ll be like a banquet for him. He’ll love it and I can’t wait to give it to him.


Written By: Tyler
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Will Daddy Ever Learn a Lesson?

My phone sex daddy came into my room and confessed he took my expensive panties I just bought. He wanted to be punished for what he had done. I had him bring me my panties. When daddy handed them to me, I saw they were dirty! I asked him if he was stroking his little dick in my panties again? His face turned red. He said yes, and he was very sorry. Hearing Daddy apologizing wasn’t going to cut it this time.

I told Daddy to get naked and to get on his knees where he belongs. I told him to spread his man pussy while I get my 12 inch strap-on ready. I forced every bit of my big cock inside of him. I was mad at him, and he’s going to feel how angry I am at his actions. He cried that I was fucking him too hard, but that only made me thrust deeper into his tight man hole. He asked if he could touch his little dick while he was getting fucked, and I said yes. I thought that was a good idea.

I could hear he was enjoying the pounding and I knew he was going to cum soon. I quickly pulled out and ran to grab a bowl. I put the bowl under Daddy’s little penis and told him to jerk off in it. I was shocked how much he came for having a such a little dick. I slammed Daddy’s head down to the bowl and made him slurp up his own cum. After Daddy ate every last drop of cum, I slid my strap-on into his mouth so he could taste his own ass juices.

Will pathetic Daddy ever learn his lesson?


Written By: Andie
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Coed Discovers Pantyboy in Dorm

 It was a Sunday night, and I had an exam on Monday. There is a study area on the top floor of my dorm. I needed a tranquil place to study. I hid out there so none of my friends would disturb me. My roommate was going out for the night, but she didn’t know where I was. She thought that it was possible that I didn’t have my key, so she left the door open.

One of my girls was returning after being home for the weekend. Her father was carrying up her laundry basket. I am guessing that he was hot for all of the tiny little panties there. He saw my door ajar and peeked inside. After he got her settled in her room, his panty boy fetish made me do the unthinkable.

He walked into my room and was rifling thru my laundry basket of dirty clothes. He pulled out and stole a couple of pairs of my dirty panties. I walked into the room and caught him sniffing and unzipping his pants. Now he is my panty slave and has to do what I say, or I will expose him to his daughter.


Written By: Layla
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Panty Stealing Neighbors


    My nosy neighbors are at it again. It seems like they know when it’s time for me to do the laundry. I used to wonder why they stole my pretty, sexy, clean panties instead of the dirty ones with my intoxicating smell. Since they were spying on me, I figured turnabout’s fair play.

With the help of the condo manager, after giving him the fuck of his life, we installed some cameras in their condo. I was pretty excited about my viewing party. I really had no idea of what they were doing with them.

We all got comfy, poured some white wine and turned on my laptop. I was surprised as shit, I mean they looked masculine and pretty much do-able to me. I mean what the fuck? They each had on a pair of my panties and were dancing around the master bedroom. I had no idea my neighbors were sissy boy faggots! We were laughing so hard, we could hardly breathe. I was wondering who was the bottom, and who was the top with both of them so sissified.

My friends dared me to knock on their door with a huge strap-on under my dress. I grabbed the condo manager by his hand and we headed over. Now, that was one hell of a fucking night!



Written By: Elle
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Panty Boy

I love doing calls with my favorite panty boy, Markita. It’s so much fun when he calls to tell me about the new pretty things that he buys himself. Markita is a girly girl and loves feminine lacy things. He models them for me and I can’t resist bending him over and spanking that silk covered ass of his. Hearing those moans only makes me want more. I tug the panties down a little bit and shove my tongue in and out of that puckered hole. It’s never enough for my greedy girl though. Markita begs me to fuck him with one of the big toys. I’m always happy to oblige. I fuck his ass until he’s panting and he squirts hard for me. We make a big sticky mess in those panties together.



 Written By: Ginger
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Catching My Painter in The Act

I’m having some painting done in my house by this guy who came highly recommended. He’s been flirting with me the past several days. I’ve been noticing my panties have been shuffled around in my gym bag. I always put my dirty panties at the bottom and the last couple days they’ve been on top and unbundled.

I bought a really cheap cam and set it up in my bedroom where he’s been painting. I was watching him on my Ipad in the kitchen while he was upstairs. After 20 minutes of him being up there, he was going through my gym bag and taking out my sweaty, dirty panties! He put them up to his nose and then took his tongue and licked the crotch. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! He then pulled out his cock and wrapped my panties around his shaft and starting to jack off with them. He kept looking around making sure I wasn’t coming upstairs but little did he know, I was watching everything. He finally shot a big load in panties and all over my bedroom floor.

He was shocked when I entered my bedroom and his dick was still in his hand. I told him that I saw everything. His mouth dropped. I told him he had to lick every drop of cum off my floor, otherwise I was calling his boss. By his reaction, I don’t think he’s ever tasted cum in his life. He really had no choice and down on his knees he went.

Who knows, maybe after this he will become a cum whore. I do have my ways of turning guys into cum guzzling sluts.



Written By: Mimi
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Lingerie Shopping for Pantyboys

I am so excited. I got a part-time summer job lined up at an upscale lingerie shop. The owner of the shop is an exquisitely dressed, very sophisticated lady.

During the interview, she was impressed with my extensive knowledge of the some of the lingerie designer lines.

I demonstrated by taking off my skirt and showing her the lacy La Perla thong I was wearing.  She was impressed to see something other than something from Victoria Secrets. 

Also, during the interview, I surprised the owner with my experience in dressing and playing with panty boys. She invited one of her panty boy customers to join us. I knew I was being tested. I selected a stunning hot pink nightie and a lovely shade of cream stockings instead of black. Both the panty boy and the owner were thrilled.  The owner closed the shop and gave me a strap-on to use on our panty boy.

It is going to be one hot summer!



Written By: Layla
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