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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Steel Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 117

Measurements: 34D-22-35

Pussy: Where you want to be!

Ass: Maybe if you beg!

Favorite Positions: On all fours, feeling you slide it in from behind!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Men's room at a Raiders game (Showing my commitment to excellence baby!)

Hobbies: Stealing hearts

Specialities: Developing relationships, cultivating real connections, girlfriend experience, all kinds of role-play and I have a fantastic imagination. So lets get to know each other and play!


Hi, I’m Chloe, welcome to my web page! I trust you like what you’ve seen thus far. I’m well aware that in your search to find a girl to help get you off today/tonight that you are faced with any number of very attractive women, all of whom are eager to promise you ecstasy if only you’ll call them. I won’t bore you with that, you already know I’m ready to jack you off. The question is then, why Chloe? There are many answers to that, but the one you want to know right now is that I have the sexiest voice of any phone girl you will have ever spoken to. Reread that last sentence. Have you ever heard another girl make this claim? I’m that confident that once you call me, you won’t have the will power to resist wrapping your hand around your cock and forcing a load out quickly. I seduce guys. That’s what I do.

Beneath my sometimes dominant exterior, I’m actually more of the sweet girlfriend type. My hope with each call is to bring you to a climax that leaves you gasping for air and daydreaming about speaking to me again the next day. Imagine after you cum that I’m lying next to you, wiping the beads of sweat off your forehead that were created while you were working so diligently to explode for me. This romantic atmosphere is what I want with you, though I always appreciate getting fucked the way a good girl needs now and then. I’m very willing to do most anything (particularly including role-play and age- play), it’s only a matter of what you’re willing to let me do to you.

Be forewarned before you call me: There is a strong likelihood of your wanting to call me again. Men grow addicted to me not because they can’t resist calling me, but because they don’t want to resist. My voice is that hot. I look forward to becoming your fuck princess!



Call 1.866.949.4106
for Phone Sex with

45 Responses to “Chloe”

  • Just spoke to Chloe and she told me that I am a cuckold. and she knows how to humilate….I think I have a favourite cuckoldress now…

  • Wow, she has a fantastic voice and gets into the role play very nice.

  • I met Chloe for the first time last night. She is sweet,sexy,hot and addictive. I already had to call back for more.

  • I just spoke with Chloe – she was sweet and adorbale while getting to know me and then built up into a wild and raunchy red hot session. I’ll be calling back for more! She’s a doll who knows how to press all the right buttons. Thanks Chloe!

  • Chloe – what can I say? You lived up to your promise for having the sexiest voice on the internet. You connected at a personal level and created a very hot conversation. If you are out there and thinking of making a call, Chloe will rock your world!

  • I had the opportunity of a second call with Chloe. Smart, funny, clever and oh soooo sexy. What else can you ask for?

  • Chloe made me cum harder than I ever have in my life. I love talking to Chloe. She has the sexiest voice ever. I’ll be calling her up a lot of times in the future.

  • Had my first call with Chloe and wow! She is awsome, sexy voice and totally hot!

  • One very sensual and hot woman. She knows how to push your buttons and take you where you want to go. Time with Chloe is time you will not forget!

  • Great @ RP very sweet and awesome details. I enjoyed our call

  • Thank you for my amazing experience this evening. A very sexy lady with a uncanny ability to say all the right things at all the right times. Look forward to future rendezvous…It’ll be my turn next time sexy. Good Evening and sweet dreams

  • Had my second call with Chloe and she was wonderful! Chloe is on sexy and classy woman.

  • Chloe is an amazing girl. She is so much more real than what you normally find. I cant wait until I talk to her again.

  • Had my 3rd call with Chloe and what can I say. She is awesome and I will be calling her again!!

  • christ Chloe you sure are hot and a stone cold fox all at the same time. I’m looking forward to talking to you soon cause if you sound anything as sexy as you look then I know I’m in for a good time

  • Wow, what a call. Chole is amazing and worth every second you can play with her. she will always leave you happy and not wanting to wait for the next call

  • What a great babysitter! I will need to call back soon so we can try a new fantasy!

  • Chole is amazing, beautiful, and very sexy. She makes you feel comfortable because she is very down to earth. I enjoyed chatting with her and will definitely call again.

  • Chole is wonderful. She is very down to earth and a great person to talk to even though she is a Raider fan. I will be calling back soon. Thank you!

  • Absolutely Amazing

  • Chloe is just awesome, sweet down to earth but amazing in everyway.

  • Listen up fellas. Chloe sure knows how to FUCK a man.If you need a pill to get ready for THE INCREDIBLE SEXY SMOKIN HOT CHIC THAT CHLOE REALLY IS ON THE PHONE…..Well you’re probably already dead. Chloe u r really one fantastic hot phon babe.

  • Chloe i love hotty ur the best at phone sex i would love to do it again somtime soon i wana vote for u

  • Words don’t even begin to describe phonesex with this girl! We threw down a wicked interracial call and blew it up! She was all world sexxxy. Chloe has the best phonesex voice hands down and some of the shit she was sayin, comin from that cute voice made me go primal lol. Let em know what’s up babygirl. U and me got many more raw n uncut rounds to go. Luv my pony~~

  • Round 3 w/ her n shit just keep gettin hotter. Don’t sleep on this one. That lil honey voice will rock your world~

  • chloe is such a good little girl for daddy! daddy will be calling chloe again. she is one of the best little girls i’ve ever talked with, and she’s lots of fun on the sofa!

  • Sometimes I feel like I dont say enough about how good my Chloe grl is. She throws it down RAW on the phone with her sexxxy lil voice and knows how to treat the customer. She is seriously in a league all by herself~~

  • Awesome voice..Amazing fun…

  • Sexxxiest voice in the biz~~ I could phone with this bad girl every nite of the week and never get tired of it. Thanks for turnin me out yet again babygrl~~

  • Chloe is constantly raising the level of her game~ The sexxxiest voice I ever heard gets me rock hard as soon as I hear it. Tonite she was just crazy off the chain hot as I tried to take it to the nastiest level yet and she kept beggin for more. Love her lil soft, smooth voice n I love how she always hooks me up right! Thanx baby~~

  • the 2 girls call with alex was awesome, so hmmm explosive. You are great, will be calling you soon!

  • What can I say about Chloe? She is simply awsome!! What a sexy voice and hot as can be. Guys do yourself a favor and CALL THIS WOMAN!! You won’t be sorry!!

  • Never met a girl in the phonesex biz like Chloe. 100 % sweetness when she’s not doin calls, but can be a hot lil freak when we r on calls. Just told her and I’ll say it out loud on forums- prob the nicest, most honest person in the game. If u are lookin for a freak she got that covered too. Tried to last the whole 20 mins with her- she won that battle hands down lol. Luv my Chloe Pony and all the phonefreaks should try her out during Chloe week. U will be addicted after one call;)

  • Chloe is sweet, but sensually strict. I left teased, denied, aching for an orgasm, but without the release I wanted, she took me to the edge over and over and over. Laughing at my blue balls, Chloe came more than once, but not me. My balls are STILL filled with their hot sticky cum.

  • Chloe Girl~ My pony;) She is girl of the week on KK, girl of all time to me without doubt~~ I’m tellin ya’ll- that smooth sensual voice will have u runnin back to that phone again n again. Much love always baby~~

  • I have said it time after time but one more time: Chloe is perfect in EVERY way. Ask about the voice? Just read the reviews, she’ll have u rock hard right @ call’s beginning. Plus she is good people who actually cares about givin you quality phone and that should never be taken for granted. U cant do any better cuz the standard in the phone biz is Chloe;)

  • Wow u a bad bitch

  • I just completed my first call with Chloe and it was a stimulating, erotic, and intimate experience. She took the time to get to know me as a person and shared who she was with me. Then she seamlessly transitioned us into my fantasy and proceeded to blow my mind. Her creativity, sensuality, and genuine attitude permeated everything we did. What an amazing young lady that exudes not only sex appeal, but confidence! Absolutely incredible experience and I am already looking forward to the next call. If you have not placed a call with Chloe, you are simply wasting time and money. She is the BEST!

  • Chloe is easy to talk to such a sweet and sexy voice. So sexy amazing PSO, will make you wildest fantasies come true!

  • Chloe will rock your world!! She has an amazing sexy voice and Chloe is so sweet. Every call I have had with her has been AWESOME!

  • Had another fantastic call with Chloe! Wow Chloe is amazing. If you want to talk to an amazing woman then call Chloe!! You won’t be disappointed!!

  • you have the most delicious looking asshole and pussy of all time. yummmmm.

  • Had my first call with Chloe last night and she is amazing. I will never call another girl again. I have found my Mistress forever. Not only was she open to every fantasy I have, she is also just so cool to talk to. She is a talented Goddess in every way. Love her.

  • Chloe is unbelievable. I am totally obsessed with my sexy Mistress Chloe. I have never talked to a girl so sexy. She can tease you and please you like no girl ever has before. Also, i never had a girl that i could just talk to for a few minutes as a friend and then transition right back into the most kinky action you wouldn’t believe. No one gets you harder than Chloe and she will have u cumming back for more.

  • I don’t want to be a broken record, but this girl Chloe is fucking amazing. No joke guys. I enjoy my role play and i can get pretty crazy when i am drunk and calling sexy girls. Chloe gives u everything u desire and much, much more. Her voice is sooooooooo sexy and she will take u to places u can’t even imagine. I don’t really want to share her with you, but i have to give this girl props. She is the best!!!!!!!!!

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