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 My Stats

Age: 28

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5'4

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34C-22-34

Pussy: Sweet, tight with a dark landing strip

Ass: Round with some extra bounce

Favorite Positions: Doggy style and face sitting

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a stage at a strip club in Mexico

Hobbies: Tennis, racquetball , playing cards, dancing and photography

Specialities: Role play, Tease and denial, Anal, Face sitting, Sensual domination, GFE, Strip tease, Panty boys and Incest.


Hello all you sophisticated gentlemen. My name is Macy. I would say that I am the classiest girl on the site. I have an abundance of energy and a high uncontrollable sex drive. In my world, it’s all about the tease. I love teasing men with my sexy, good looks and intelligence. I know how to give a man just enough and leaving him wanting more and more. Are you looking for that young woman who is innocent in her own ways but understands how much control she has over a man’s cock?

I know how to dress for every occasion. When I’m in the office, I normally wear a short business suit with thigh highs,garter belt and to top it off with some sexy, high heels. I notice guys running into things because they can’t stop staring at me. I’m not really liked that much at the office Christmas parties. My co-workers wife’s always give me the stare down. It doesn’t really bother me. I know that I could have their man in a second, If I wanted. I just love teasing them, knowing that they can’t have what they really want.

I want to share with you your most deepest darkest desires. I would love to know what makes you really tick and I will take it to the next level. I’m very naughty and extremely playful. When I’m turned on there’s no telling what I will do to you. I never hold back. With my creativity and your ultra kinky fantasies, I would say we would have a pretty good time with one another.

When you call, you’ll be quite surprised by my soft, sexy voice. My exotic ways and my sexuality will leave you begging for more. This is one opportunity you can’t pass up!

Can’t wait to make you mine!

Call 1.866.445.5847
for Phone Sex with

5 Responses to “Macy”

  • enjoyed our call-loved being your cum slut-made to drink a bowl of cum – lick cum filled cunts and asshole – sand finally stroke my cock and lick the cum from my fingers

  • I am still very sored after our amazing conversation. Macy completely drained all my juice from my balls and I cannot wait to do that again. Macy has great imagination and verstile ideas. I have to treasure this vixen for many future calls.

  • wow. what a beautiful lady.
    she put me in my place – on my knees.
    she made me suck two cocks for her and
    take a facial from both. when she turned
    up the lites all my femail cowerkers were
    there laughing at me and taking pictures.
    it was a perfect humilitaon for haveing such
    a tiny dick.

  • Just wow every call with Macy get me so hard she really knows what i am felling when I call. I do get this hard for anyone!!

  • Even tho I am a faggot i still love you and you control my life. I will do anything for you. Just call me names and humiliate me and I am a happy cocksucker. How I would love to be your maid and your slave so I could be around you all the time.

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