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Mistress Temptra

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 My Stats

Age: 54

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 126

Measurements: 36D-25-35

Pussy: Mink-lined, talented, drenched with pre-cum and off limits to you!

Ass: Toned, luscious and fuckable.

Favorite Positions: My foot pressing hard on my sub's cock and balls, Standing behind a hot Man-Pussy with my strap-on, all fours during rear-entry.

Strangest Places I've had sex: A quicky on the Empire State Building's Observation Deck and in the Staton Island Ferry.

Hobbies: Collecting Renaissance Torture Books and Devices, Raising Horses, Jewelry Design, Swimming, Snow and Water Skiing

Specialities: Humiliation, Forced Sissification, 'Outing', Financial Domination and Destruction, Thrashing, Slapping, Beating, Entrapping, Restraining, Gang-Banging, Raping, Ass-Stretching, Lifestyle Submissive Training, Doggy Training, Toilet Games, Enemas, Lingerie/Pantyhose/Stocking/Foot-Shoe Fetishes, SCAT, Fisting, CBT, Orgasm Denial, Man-Pussy Abuse, Social Blackmailing, Sex Clubs, Forced Cum-Slutting, Cock-sucking/Cum Accumulating Assignments, use of chemicals, implements, tools, toys and electrical torture devices.


So you want to enter My ‘Mistress Temptra’s Pleasure Palace’?

You naive little worm! Understand this- ‘Mistress Temptra’s Pleasure Palace’ is only for My total delight, delicious pleasure and, wickedly, for your well-deserved ‘collateral damage’. If you’re lucky for your earned ‘coincidental pleasure’! Ha Ha Ha!! How your Phone Sex Domination session, your entrapment, training and submission goes depends, greatly, upon how committed, obedient and subservient a filthy little, pathetic, Mistress Temptra-worshipping, slutty spec of shit you are! Pay attention!

Pleasure or Pain?

I have the final decision! Ha Ha Ha! Proceed carefully… very, very carefully!”

Mistress Temptra

Call 1.866.433.4486
for Phone Sex with
Mistress Temptra

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  • Mistress Temptra will take your body, mind & soul to places you never thought possible. Mistress Temptra, I worship You, will always obey You & do my best to please You in any way You want. Thank You for tolerating my stupidity, weakness and depraved desires. Your slave forever, tommyboy

  • i am sitting in my panties so excited Mistress Temptra is allowing me to call her. She has really gotten me aroused and nervous at the same time before the call. No turning back.

  • first, i apoloigze to my mistress for not being able to post sooner. i had another session with Mistress Temptra and again she commanded me from the first word. she had be so naughty, i quiver every time i think back on it. i am so in over my head, and loving it. thank you, Mistress.

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