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Stir Crazy

I’ve been going stir crazy being stuck at home all these weeks. I’ve been entertaining myself watching porn and masturbating, but that’s not nearly enough. I miss cock, real cock. I was racking my brain trying to come up with a good plan when it finally hit me.

I went outside to my backyard and drilled holes in my fence. I called all the neighborhood men that I usually fuck and told them to go where the fence connects our yards. I made a neighborhood glory hole and they were more than happy to stick their stiff cocks through for me to suck. They have been stuck home with their wives after all, so they were more than a little neglected. Some of them came really fast because of that, but I didn’t mind. I swallowed that yummy cum like I was starving for it and then moved to the next one. Who said being stuck at home couldn’t be fun?


 Written By: Ginger
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High School Reunion

    I was looking so forward to my high school reunion. It has been 20 something years since I saw all my friends. There was a special guy I never got to fuck, but I wanted to change that.

I wore a sexy little red dress and stilettos. The party was in full swing when I arrived. After all the hugs and greetings, I looked for Jason. He was looking so fucking good. We chatted for a few, drank some wine, and we both knew we needed to find a quiet spot to make up for lost time.

I was so excited till I reached in his pants. He was so tiny, and the worst part was that he had no idea he was inferior.  I love men who know they’re small, and keen a sense of humor about it. That was not Jason. 

I couldn’t help but laugh at his size. He called me a slut when I left to find some better action. I was looking for some fun for later when I saw Bekka, one of my close friends growing up. She was absolutely stunning. We had a few more glasses of wine, danced a bit, and then decided to take our private party to my hotel suite. 

We slowly undressed each other, and began to kiss. We were interrupted by a knock at my door. It was Jason.  Bekka knew what had happened and invited him in. We told him we’re sorry and had a sexy surprise for him. We striped him, blindfolded him, and gave him exactly what he had no idea he needed. I invited some of the guys from the reunion and let them have at Jason. When he realized it wasn’t a strap-on but several beautiful big cocks, he quickly got into it.

Once everyone was gone, we were so horny and fucked all night!



Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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What Do You Expect Me To Do With That?

     I got an awesome new job as an intern at a record company. I was super excited by all the perks of the job. While the money was minimal to start, the benefits, traveling, and most of all, meeting sexy musicians made it so worthwhile. I couldn’t wait to start. The first few days were so much fun. I greeted people, served them drinks, and made them feel at home. So many hot men and women that I was horny all the time! 

One day one of my crushes from my teens walked it. He was older, tall and so fucking hot! We flirted back and forth , and he asked me out for drinks.

I met him at his suite since he needed privacy. He had drinks and snacks waiting for me when I got there. We chatted, flirted some more, and soon I was ready to fuck. I would like to say I could tell he was ready by the bulge in his pants, but well, not so much! I mean not so much at all!!! Well he was older, so maybe it just took him longer to warm up. 

Then it happened, or should I say didn’t happen. He slowly undressed me, kissing and licking his way down. I was so horny, and his tongue felt amazing. I was ready for more. I needed to have a big, thick dick pounding me. I put my hand between his legs, and then nothing. I mean he was hard, but hardly there. I mean like a pinky size. I guess because of who he was no other woman had the nerve to tell him that he was Mr. Empty Pants, he was rather proud of that wee little thing. I tried to suck it, maybe he was a grower, but nope it was like sucking one of my little fingers. Then I began to laugh. Not just a giggle but an uncontrollable, hysterical laugh. I texted my friends to show them how fucking tiny he was. No one could believe it. Well, I did have some real men in my contacts. So, bye bye Mr. Empty Pants.  


Written By: Callie
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Fuck, Shit, Cunt of a Motherfucker

I have the most fun callers a girl could hope to have! I love all the fantasies they come up with for us. Last week was no different. I was asked to be a girl with a very dirty mouth and mind. When he suggested it, I knew it would be so much fun.

Teacher called me after school to talk about my naughty, dirty, little mouth. Well I don’t know what your mother fucking problem is, Mr. Jackoff? Please don’t fucking tell my mom because she is one big, fat, annoying bitch of a fucking cunt, I said to him. I could see he was trying to hold back a giggle. Of course, that got me going even more. “Listen asshole shit face If you make me stay in fucking detention my dick of a brother will kick you in your big, hairy cum filled balls. 

Mr. Fuckhead asked me if I knew what any of those words mean. Well, fuck I am not a baby or anything. Of course, I knew. Somehow all my dirty words turned teacher on. What the mother fuck? He was sporting a huge, fucking boner. OMFG!!! I then decided it was time to show him what I think all those dirty words mean.



Written By: AJ
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Step Daddy Loves Cleaning Me Up

I have such a kinky step dad. He loves inviting all of his friends over to fuck his pretty young step daughter. He sits in the corner and strokes his dick while his pals take turns on me. It’s when they start shooting their cum all over me that he take a role in the gang bang. He jumps and starts slurping that cum up as quickly as he can. He licks it off any part of my body and closes his eyes like it’s the best thing he ever had. His favorite way to take it though is from my young cunt. He sucks it out of me like he’s starving for it… and maybe he is! He begs his friends to cum on me again, again and again. I don’t mind. He can eat all the jizz he wants off of me as long as he keeps bringing those big dick daddies by!


Written By: Ashton
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My Teacher Has a Foot Fetish

I had a teacher that was a real pain. I was failing his class big time and he wouldn’t give any extra credit. I had heard a rumor that he had a foot fetish, so I decided to get on his good side.

I got a pretty pedicure and wore my flip flops to school. I sat in the front of the class and teased him with my pretty toes. Just as I had heard, he couldn’t take his eyes off my feet. I started being really nasty with them, rubbing one up and down the length of the leg of my desk. His mouth was practically watering looking at them. I could tell I was getting him really, really worked up. I would kick off one of my flip flops and just wiggle my toes.

Class ended and he held me back. He told me he knew what I was doing and said he would give me a higher grade if I would let him take pictures of my feet. I went even further and told him that I would let him rub his cock all over them and jerk off on them for an A. He agreed pretty quick, lifted me on his desk and whipped out his dick. It took maybe 5 seconds. As soon as the head of his cock touched the arch of my feet, he was spraying all over. I may have had a sticky mess to clean up, but I also was the only one in my class to have an A!



Written By: Raylin
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Ginger Gets a Craving On a Road Trip!

I was recently taking a road trip with one of my best guy friends and I got a craving for cum. He and I haven’t fucked in years but I just really, really needed a load of creamy jizz.

He was driving and talking and I just couldn’t resist any longer. I leaned over and unzipped his pants. He was shocked and didn’t know what to do. We were in bumper to bumper traffic and there was really nothing he could do. I slurped on his dick like I was starving for it. I had forgotten how big he was. That still didn’t stop me from taking him balls deep down my throat though. I could feel his thighs tense up and knew he was about to blow. I pulled my mouth off of it and stuck out my tongue as I stroked him hard. The cum started shooting everywhere and I licked it up like ice cream.

Once it was over, I sat back up and gave him a smile. We had miles to go and I knew that I would be visiting his dick again before the trip was over.


 Written By: Ginger
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Dirty Tights

My new step-daddy has a really funny fetish. He loves going through my laundry hamper and finding all over my dirty tights.

One day I caught him red handed! He was in my room and had the foot of them in his mouth, the crotch of them at his nose and the other foot wrapped around his cock. He was using that dirty, crusty foot to stroke off his daddy dick. When he was finished, he didn’t even bother hiding it. He left it right on top of the pile covered in his jizz. Mom is going away with her girlfriends this weekend and I have a big surprise for my new daddy. If he likes playing with them from the hamper, he’s going to LOVE playing with them with me in them!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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Chocolate Covered Cherries

Am I the only girl who wonders what the white gooey stuff in chocolate covered cherries is? It sure tastes yummy, but what the hell is it? Are you following me here? ~Giggles~ 

I was at the Godiva’s drooling over the candy, but was broke till payday. The nice lady gave me a sample, but a sample is never enough for me. A man buying a basket for his wife took pity on me, and told me he had some special ones at his house. Like chocolate covered cherries weren’t special enough. Duhh-uh.  He said it was a short walk, and not to be scared. Me scared? I am fucking fearless when it comes to men and chocolate.

We made small talk while visions of jizz covered, I mean chocolate covered cherries danced in my head. He let me in after he was sure no one else was home. He explained the candy was homemade, and that it wasn’t ready just yet. Well bless his heart, did he really think I was falling for this? Dude, I love dick and I love candy so no tricking was needed. I guess he thought I was innocent or something like that. He suggested I undress and lay on the bed. He came in with cherries and a piece of yummy chocolate. But where was the gooey jizz looking part of my candy?

He pushed in the candy and a cherry with his dick. I mean I guess it had to go in pretty far and all. I was still kind of confused. The harder he pumped the wetter I got. Then it happened. His baby batter mixed with my squirt and the melting chocolate and squished cherry. There you have it! A chocolate covered cherry!


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Malaya’s Little Pipsqueak

I see you looking in my window. You are way too scared to even speak in my fucking presence, so you watch, stalk and worship. I get a twisted little thrill from teasing you. Even if you had me, you wouldn’t know what to do with me.

I put on a little show for you. Once you are completely mesmerized, a stunning amazon friend of mine hits you hard, and knocks you out. Poor wee man. You wake with a horrible headache, and  see three women just like me intently watching you. You’re excited, scared and beg our forgiveness.

We can’t help but laugh at your feeble fucking attempts to escape. You’re barely over 5 feet, so delicate and fragile. We are 8 feet tall with the strongest muscles you’ve ever seen on beautiful women. We demand you bring us drinks totally stripped down. You’re so embarrassed, and begin to beg. We checked your phone for useful information to blackmail you. We read some texts. It seems you are called Pipsqueak. How very fitting you tiny man. As you stare at us, your eyes roam to our muscled dancer legs, our six-pack stomachs and our strong arms. I could crush you like a bug under my stilettos.

Come here little man, it is time to play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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