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 My Stats

Age: 18

Eyes: Baby Blue

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130

Measurements: 34C-24-36

Pussy: Shaved and puffy

Ass: Ready for anything!

Favorite Positions: I like getting poked anyway I can get it!

Strangest Places I've had sex: An out house at the rodeo

Hobbies: Nascar, tractor pulls, campfires, chocolate, demolition derbys and family get together's

Specialities: Impregnation, Role play, Family fun, Lacation, Anal, Bare back, Kinky story telling, Gang bangs, Interracial sex, Nipple torture and Golden showers


I’m Bobby Sue! As you probably can tell I am pregnant at only 18 years old! Before you even ask, these are my real pictures and I’m really pregnant. I live in the good ole state of Kentucky. I am 6 months pregnant, but what you might not know is that’s Uncle Bobs baby right there inside of my growing tummy. I have been playing with my Uncle since I was just a little girl so when I got knocked up I was so excited that I would be sharing this with him too.

The first time I can remember Uncle Bob touching was when we were playing our “special game”. It was right before our annual family reunion. He told me that I needed to learn a few things before I met the rest of the family. He took me in the bedroom and while my Mama watched he made me stroke his cock and take it in my mouth for the first time. I was scared at first, but I really wanted to please him. I sucked and licked that hard cock until it exploded all over my little face. Mommy rubbed my little sweet spot and told me to lick it clean. I did too!

My coming out party was at our annual Family Reunion. I got to get banged by all the older members of the extended family. Uncle Bob was the first to pop my cherry, my Brother Jimmy, and Uncle Frank all took turns making sure I was fucked like a family member should be. I screamed when Uncle Bob pressed his hard cock deep inside my little pussy, but by the time Uncle Frank had his turn I was ready to fuck all the cousins. Nothing says lovin like fucking your own cousins.

Since I have been pregnant there is no stopping my need for sex. I am like a sex crazed pregnant maniac. My swollen puffy lips just throb for cock. I love when I am getting poked really hard because the baby moves so much. Oh yeah, I just found out it is a baby girl so when you bone me you get double the fun. My titties just started to leak milk so let me lube your cock up with some sweet cream before you pump it in my swollen tummy. Cum on you know you want to feel her move too!

Are you ready to have the ultimate extreme taboo fantasy with me? I don’t hold back and I can get pretty raunchy. Call me and let’s see how far we’re able to go!

Knocked Up,
Bobby Sue

Call 1.866.949.9739
for Phone Sex with
Knocked Up Bobby Sue

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  • What a hot, kinky, naughty milky mommy! I came in my panties so hard I almost passed out. Bobby Sue pushed all my kinky buttons and caused me to fill the crotch of my panties with warm delicious cream. mmm!! She also made me an offer for our next call that I will be unable to refuse. Thanks for an amazing call.

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