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Twisted, Violent and Hot ask me to join you for a little twisted, violent, sexy fun. How could I say no to that? You have it all planned out. She is a bitchy, prudish friend of your wife’s, and you fucking hate and want to fuck her at the same time. 

We knock at her door and when she answers you tase her. Normally, we would need to work quickly, but her husband is out of town, and we have all the time we need. We strip her, and tie her wrists to the post on the headboard. We tell her not to scream, and no one will get hurt. I show her the picture of her little girl asleep in the next room. She knows if she doesn’t behave, I will go into her child’s room.

I take my magic wand vibe, and put it against her clit forcing her to cum. I am all about humiliating the bitch. I grab her head, and push my dripping cunt against her pretty face. My friend eats her pussy and ass making her cum again. I love how fucking much she hates this. He slaps her ass hard, and shoves in his cock. My hot pussy against her mouth is drowning out any sounds of hers. 

She has passed out, and my companion is ready to leave. I smile wickedly, and tell him that I never promised to leave the girl alone. He hands me the taser, and I promise to video the rest of the night.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Sugar Daddy Spoils Me

A special thanks to my phone sex sugar daddy (Big Daddy Robert). He knows me so well! I could care less about flowers, candy, and anything else related to Valentines Day. As soon as I opened my gift, and saw the big glass dildo, my pussy got instantly wet. I can barely wrap my hand around it. My sugar daddy knows when we are on our hot call, I love playing with my little, bald pussy. I’ve always wanted a glass dildo to add to my toy collection, and now thanks to daddy Robert, I have one. He defiantly didn’t hold back on the size.

He made me promise him not to use it until our next call. He better be planning on calling me soon because I can’t hold out much longer.

He can’t resist my young coed voice, and because I treat him so good, he loves to spoil me with gifts and tips.

Happy Valentines Day!



Written By: Charlie
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Spend Valentines Day With Me Winter is just dragging, but before we know it, it will be Spring. The days will be getting longer, and the nights shorter. For now though, it is cold and rather dreary.

It’s almost Valentines Day and I was wondering if you had a date for that night? I don’t and will be home and needing a sexy date. I will have your drink of choice ready, candles lit, some light munchies, and of course you.  What color lingerie should I wear for you? I want to make it a night that both of us will never forget.

Imagine my soft hands cupping your balls, my warm mouth inhaling your cock, my big, soft tits against your thighs. What more can a man ask for?  If he is my man, he can ask for so much more. 

Feel my hot breath on your chest as I kiss and nibble my way down. You raise your legs for me and I lick up and down the crack of your ass. You hold your breath then sigh as I stick my tongue deep in your ass. While tonight is all about you, I know they’re many sexy and dirty things you want to share with me.

Don’t be alone on Valentines Day, or any day really when you can spend it with me.

Written By:  Tiffany
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I Caught You

I caught you going through my lingerie and toys. You are an old friends dad, and you invited me to stay a few days while my loft is being painted. I happily accepted, and was excited at the thought of your exercise room and indoor pool. You always perved on me when I was younger, but I knew now I wasn’t exactly your style. I remember all the extra cash I made from you helping you with your proclivity for young girls. Now, here you are with my panties on, and my vibe shoved up your ass. Interesting. 

            You look up at me, and try to come up with excuses. I don’t think there is any possible excuse. I don’t threaten to expose you, instead I join you.  I grab your phone to see what other info I can come up with on you. There it is!  Young ones dressed in latex with floggers and strap-ons.  You beg me to keep this one a secret. You would be ruined. 

I make a few calls, and 5 of them join us. You are begging, sweating, and crying. You are on your knees sucking their cute girl cocks. You beg them to take you and fuck you. Your eyes are glazed over, you’re drooling, and look quite insane.  They make you lay on the bed with your legs over your head. The video equipment is set up. I plan on ruining your life. 


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Christmas with Tiffany

                        Happy Holidays! It’s that special time of the year when we spend time more time than ever with our loved ones. That can be rough especially when it’s family time. I don’t know about you, but I always need some quality time with my vibe before visiting.

That MILF next-door, the adorable nieces, the Auntie’s that looks so much like your actual mom. All the naughty possibilities. We should get ready for visiting together. Before I slip on those tiny black panties, my sexy red dress, and red stiletto’s, lets get nasty.

Who will I be for our time together? The sexy MILF, your school age cousin, or maybe just maybe you’re in the mood for a big sexy cock. I know I am!

Many holiday festivities began early and go late. Email me if  you need to play extra early or late. I adore all my guys, and would be happy to oblige if possible.

          Happy Holidays, Love and kisses Tiff


Written By:  Tiffany
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Goodbye Santa

      I  went and had a few drinks after my Burlesque show before my late night plans. This man in a Santa suit was really getting on my fucking nerves. I was feeling wicked and decided to make him my evening plans.

I invited him to have a few drinks with me and slipped something in it. He was feeling dizzy and walked out to the dark alley. My potion worked and soon, he was a slight 2 inches tall.  Poor wee man. I spiked him with my stiletto heel, picked him up and put him in my purse. He should have a blast with all the sharp implements in my leather purse.

Once at my loft, I let him lose on my floor. My cats were chasing him and I told him he better run fast if he wants to survive. The cameras were on and my friends were making bets on his survival. This really was fucking hysterical to watch. The terror in his tiny eyes was making me excited and my pussy needed some attention.

I couldn’t leave my little man alone as he might have gotten eaten or lost. I took my hot glue gun and glued him to the tip of my vibe. I think I heard him scream in pain from the hot glue. Once it cooled, I began to fuck myself. I came so fucking hard, that it drowned the wee man. I guess the only thing left to do was pee him out and flush him.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Christmas Shopping

It’s the time of the year I hate the most. I love Christmas, but all the boring Christmas shopping, the crowds, hot stores, they all tend to put me in a horrible mood.

I was getting ready to go out to get it over with when I had a brilliant idea. I went into my nightstand and pulled out some Ben-Wa balls. I rubbed my pussy a little to get it wet and slid two inside me. At least I could have a little fun during this task.

Everything was going great for a while. I could feel them inside of me during my ride to the mall and was getting a little tingly as I walked in the entrance. The faster I moved around, the more I tingled. It was getting more intense.

I finally had to pause in front of a display and pretend to look. My breath was coming in pants and my skin had a sheen of sweat. I squeezed my thighs together and closed my eyes. In front of everyone in the store, I had a huge orgasm. I could feel my juices running down my legs. No one else seemed to notice.

I finally had my breath back enough and started walking again. My pussy was so sensitive that I felt another orgasm coming and had to stop again. I decided that it was time to take them out, but getting to a bathroom was hard. My pussy was way too sensitive. Every movement produced another orgasm.

I finally made it to the bathroom and got them out. Even that made me cum. All I could do was laugh. It definitely wasn’t a normal boring shopping trip!



 Written By: Ginger
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Ass Play

I recently met a man that reminded me just how much I love ass play. We had an amazing date and the chemistry was there. I thought for sure I would be waking up with a pussy filled with cum. Little did I know, he had other things in mind.

We got back to his place and got our clothes out of the way quickly. When he bent me over on the bed, my clit quivered in anticipation of his tongue. My asshole felt it instead. It rimmed and then went in and out. It felt good, so fucking good.

His fingers soon replaced his tongue and I found myself backing up against them. When I felt his cock begin to stretch into my ass, I got excited. It’s been a long time since a man paid my ass that kind of attention. He pounded it as hard as he could and I came quickly.

I could still feel him hard inside of me. I turned and asked what I could do. He pulled out of me and reached into his nightstand. He pulled out a strap-on for me to wear. I knew what he wanted.

I got behind him and reciprocated what he did to me with my tongue and then my fingers. I got the dildo all lubed up and slipped it inside of him. I fucked him hard and he loved it. I reached around and started jerking his cock at the same time. He came so hard and we both collapsed on the bed.

We fucked all night long. We never got around to my pussy, but the cum soaked sheets spoke for themselves.


Written By: Rachel
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Too Mysterious Men and A Dark Night

   Most people when they associate Halloween with hospitals get a very creepy feeling. That is what many scary movies go for. A killer loose in a hospital doing who knows what. Not me, I find Halloween very sexy and so much fun. 

I volunteer at a small, old downtown hospital. During the day, I’m all sweetness and light, but once the kids are sleeping, it’s my turn to bring fun to all the people stuck in the hospital. Men and women alike, of course. 

There was a lovely young couple in the first room I visited. It was the husband’s birthday, but he was stuck in bed with a broken leg. The pain pills made him very talkative, and said just what was on his mind. He mentioned he always wanted to see his young wife with a hot older woman. That would be quite the treat for me.

While she sat in the chair, I gave her a slow lap dance. By the sounds of the husband’s breathing, he was really enjoying the show. 

I helped him to the chair and she sat on the bed. She was a little shy, but my hands, hot mouth and dildo had her begging for more. I coaxed her to give her hot, young husband a blow job while I watched. 

  When she was done, I told them to have a lovely night, grabbed my leather bag , and went to see who else needed my assistance. I went into the hallway and the lights flickered. “Oh no, this could be very bad”. I felt a hot breath on my neck, and a hand covered my mouth. I was dragged into a dark, empty hospital room.

There were two men, and by the look in their steel blue, cold eyes they were about to have me for dinner. I could tell that wasn’t the only thing like steel. There was nothing I could do to break free, so I might as well enjoy it. I came so many times that I passed out. I woke up to bite marks, a few bruises, a sore but satisfied pussy and no real memory of that night.

Do you have a sexy fantasy for Halloween that you would like to give a try?  Don’t be shy, spill it all. 


Written By: Suzanne
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Naughty Boy Discovers Mommy’s New Panties

My naughty boy wakes up late on a lazy summer morning. No more homeschooling! His morning wood causes his hand to drift between his legs. Then he remembered the UPS delivery from Victoria Secrets yesterday. When asked Mommy what was in the package, she told him it was nothing that would interest him. Mommy would soon discover his secret panty fetish.

The boy got out of bed, went to the window, and Mommy was working in the herb garden. Now was his chance to explore! He opened her lingerie drawer, and there were beautiful lace panties. The tags were still on them. There were three new pairs, and he liked the raspberry pink ones the most. He wiggled out of his pajama bottoms and put on the new panties. As he stood in front of the mirror, he admired the view. He was rock hard now and rubbed himself through the panties.

Her son rubbed harder, and his little moans drowned out the sound of Mommy walking up the stairs. He saw her in the mirror and turned around. He was wearing her new panties with the VS tag dangling on the side. It was so humiliating, and his face was beet red. He apologized and begged for forgiveness. Promised never to do it again. Was Mommy going to ground him, spank him? Oh, the boy knew that the punishment would be severe!

Mommy was not angry at all. Was that a wicked, seductive smile on her face? She was a little hot and sweaty from working in the garden, but that made her scent even more intoxicating. She took off her shorts and top before she punished him by sitting on his face. Then she pulled out a big strap-on and pulled the new panties to the side. She fucked his little bottom until he came in the new panties.

If you enjoy Mommy/Son fantasies, you really should call me soon! A family-fun role-play, a naughty but nurturing Mommy, makes you feel good with all the chaos in the world!


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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