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Meeting All The Neighbors

I have a very naughty, sexy, well built, hot fucking neighbor. Our town homes are so close together that I can see in his bedroom window. The exciting part is he routinely puts on a show for the hot couple to the right of us. I myself have thought about those two when I am in the mood for some special time with my vibe, which is morning, noon and night!

Last night was extra dirty. He texted me to come over, and head for the room on other side of the house from where we tease each other. He was laying on his bed, his window open and showing off his perfect, big, shaved cock and balls. The head was just glistening from the dripping pre-cum. Laying beside him on the bed was a huge strap-on. Ah, we’re about to put on a special show for our other hot neighbors. Now how did he even know I love strap-on play?

I rode his handsome face, while my eyes connected with the beautiful brunette riding her lovers face. After cumming several times, I was ready to fuck the shit out of my neighbor. He raised up his legs, spread his asshole and guided in the strap-on. He was so tight but as he pushed against me, he began to open wide. I grabbed his ankles and pounded him looking at his ripped body. He came so hard it actually hit me in the face. I think it is now time to meet my other neighbors, and put on a show for him!



Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Frankie’s Den Of Pain

        Welcum to my world of pain and pleasure. You’re late, and that annoys the fuck out of me. Do you think I have all day bitch? Look at all my pretty, shiny, leather toys. Get on your knees and kiss the heels of my boots. Oops, did I accidentally kick you in the face and knock you over?

Eyes away from me, and on my walls. Look at all the lovely fucking implements of torture. Pick three items from the wall, and of course you know my boots will be part of it. A blindfold, spiked belt and a flogger. Perfect choice, my pain slut. I can see the bulge in your pants, and that is not acceptable. It is not my fault you actually have a big, thick cock and trophy balls. Not my problem. 

Time to strip for me, and do it slow. Even a twisted bitch like me loves a good, slow strip. Now, put on your blindfold. On all fours as I guide your head into the guillotine. Stop begging, you pathetic loser. You know the guillotine could be fake, or the blade could chop things off. You wail, beg and cry as I flog your  back, legs, balls and cock. I hate to disappoint you, but the fucking belt just isn’t working for me. Your ass looks completely fuckable spread out like that. I believe it is time for me to use my huge strap-on. I promise it will only hurt for as long as I desire. 


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Sending The Wrong Text

I was really super horny last night! I grabbed some of my toys and made a video for my fuck buddy, Brad. He was bouncing at a bar last night and I wanted to show him what he was missing. I got really into it and came 4 times all over my dildo, and even gave my ass a pounding with my 9 inch dildo.

My video was so long I had to split it up in 3 text messages. I was excited to his responses and really hoping he would text me back saying he would leave work to come over. I waited for 20 minutes and no response. I’m sure he was busy because he always responds to me right away, so it was odd.

Finally, I got a response but it wasn’t what I expected? I got a text back saying: You sexy vixen, I always wanted to fuck you. Meet me in my office tomorrow morning and I’ll show you what your video did to me!

I looked at the text again and I sent it to my boss! I can’t believe I did that. The only thing I can think of is I have my boss under “boss” in my phone and Brad is under him in my contacts. My boss is older and married with kids my age. I’m actually on thin ice at work because I’ve missed a lot of days and if I don’t follow through with this, I’m sure I will be fired.

  I guess I am fucking the boss tomorrow.



Written By: Daisy Marie

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Wrong Address

I just moved into a new house a few months ago and I’m still getting the previous occupants mail. I constantly send it back, but the other day, I received a big heavy box marked “PRIVATE” on it and curiosity got the best of me.

I decided to open it. I knew I could always say that it was an accident. I had no idea what I would find, but wasn’t expecting what I saw in the box. Inside was one of those fucking machines that I’ve only ever seen in porn. Not only was the machine in there, but tons of attachments as well of every shape and size. I wasn’t sure what I should do, but I knew that there was no way that I could send something like this back. I managed to get it out of the box and set it up with one of the attachments on. My eyes were wide as I watched the different speeds. I didn’t care about anything at the point. My panties were on the ground, and my legs were spread wide for it.


Written By: Anna
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Your Nasty Slut Elle

I just love when I am called a dirty, nasty little slut. Do men really think that is an insult? Being a filthy whore is what I do best.

Let me get down on my knees and spit between my luscious fuckable tits. I pinch and pull my erect nipples and begin to titty fuck you. I look into your eyes the whole time, never breaking contact. You demand I open my pouty red lips and take you in my mouth as well. My pleasure to suck a cock as yummy as yours.

You now demand I slide my 10 inch dildo into my dripping fuck hole. You know that just makes me suck you deeper and faster. You get even harder watching my mascara run and drool dripping down my chin. Please cum all over my face, give this whore the facial she craves.



Written By: Easy Elle
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Fucking Myself for Andy

I received a call from an old phone sex friend. I hadn’t heard from Andy in a long time, but I knew after a few minutes of hearing his voice just what he wanted.

He wanted to hear me fuck myself for him. He doesn’t want the pretty moans though. He wants hard primal, pounding fucking. He wants to hear my grunts and moans as I push the limits. No small toys either. He wants my holes stretched open with huge things. Sometimes he likes me using things other than toys. He sits and listens as I struggle to take it.

His favorite is listening to me fuck my pretty ass. I pound it as hard as I can, both hands wrapped around the toy as I thrust it in and out for him. I’ll cum once and he’ll encourage me to go again, fuck it harder, fuck it deeper for him. When the call ends, I’m shaking and struggling to breathe. It was amazing having that feeling again. I had no idea how much I had missed it!



Written By: Teagan
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Frankie’s Partner In Crime

  Not use to seeing me smile, are you? Don’t worry hell didn’t freeze over, I just had an insanely fun session. It was a couple and the chick wanted me to tell her what to do to her man. I don’t mean JOI or anything like that. Fuck no! She wanted to destroy his balls. Of course, I was fucking happy to help out.

She had a paddle, mallet, flogger and urethra sounds. For those ignorant of what that is, I will put it simple: you push a fucking metal rod up your pee hole. Simple enough? Awesome, so lets move the fuck on.

When she gave him 20 to his balls, we screwed up the count on purpose so she could start all over again. She was loving it as much as me and didn’t go easy on him. I could hear every smack, yelp and the flogger making contact. Can you imagine I actually get paid to help someone destroy her mans cock and balls. Did she eventually let him cum? She did, but I wouldn’t have!



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Dominating Britt

I know what you’re thinking; how could such a cute, little girl ever have a mean, dominate side? She’s so petite and how could anyone be in control when they have “Baby” in their name?

If you are continuing to read this, you’re a pathetic loser who doesn’t even know what you want.  But don’t worry, I do! I have manipulated so many men and taken over their mind, body and soul. They completely worship me in every way imaginable. I know how to push your limits and boundaries. If you’re taking up my precious time, I will own and control you to make it worth my time. You will also address me as Mistress Britt, anything else and you will be punished.

A little girl like me loves big toys and not just for myself either. It excites me to hear muffled cry’s and whimpering when I use my 15 inch strap-on dildo on your loser ass. Hearing such pathetic noises from a grown ass man only makes me want to push it harder and ruin your so called man holes.

You think you can handle this or are you too scared of your little Baby Britt?


Written By: Baby Britt
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Horny Cassidy

My new boyfriend has been spending the night a lot. Last night he went back to his place for a change. I was feeling so horny. I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my toy and slid down my tiny thong.  As soon as I circled my toy around my pussy hole, I started thinking about my  girlfriends dad. He is newly divorced and very good looking. I closed my eyes and I could vision him with his strong hands caressing my body from head to toe,  sending shivers up and down my body. He explored every inch of my body. I was getting so hot, my toy was pushed half way into my pussy already. It felt so good. I knew I had to make this reality.

Today I’m going to make it my mission to stop by his office and say hello and see if he would like to grab some lunch. How could he possible say no to this young, hot body!



 Written By: Cassidy
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My Daddy Wouldn’t Approve


Finally road trip weather! I love hitting the road for a few days to see what trouble I can get myself into. It was late and I saw a sort of seedy motel off the highway. Why not? The thing I love about seedy motels is you never know what you will see, or what nasty fun you can get caught up in. This one had a bar right next to it with all sort of sights to see in the parking lot. I went in and got my room, freshened up and headed for the bar.

This woman approached me and asked if I would be interested in a 3 way dom session with one of her regulars. She told me he paid and tipped extremely well. She said he really wanted me to join because he was never dommed by a teen. I did want some nasty adventure so after a few shots of some watered down booze, I was ready to play. First, I texted my daddy to assure him I was at the Hilton he booked for me. LOL. Then on to a room even dirtier than mine.

She had him lick me from head to toe, making him spend most of his time licking the soles of my pretty feet and my sweet little rosebud pucker. She watched and called out demands of him. Next thing I knew, she was putting a two headed dildo in my hot little pussy, and telling me to fuck the shit out of this worthless bitch of a man. After a long night of some crazy intense shit, I took my money and headed to my room.

I wonder what night two of my trip will bring? I think tomorrow night will be a 5 star hotel and an older gentleman to dominate, because that shit rocks!


Written By: Delaney
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