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Naughty Boy Discovers Mommy’s New Panties

My naughty boy wakes up late on a lazy summer morning. No more homeschooling! His morning wood causes his hand to drift between his legs. Then he remembered the UPS delivery from Victoria Secrets yesterday. When asked Mommy what was in the package, she told him it was nothing that would interest him. Mommy would soon discover his secret panty fetish.

The boy got out of bed, went to the window, and Mommy was working in the herb garden. Now was his chance to explore! He opened her lingerie drawer, and there were beautiful lace panties. The tags were still on them. There were three new pairs, and he liked the raspberry pink ones the most. He wiggled out of his pajama bottoms and put on the new panties. As he stood in front of the mirror, he admired the view. He was rock hard now and rubbed himself through the panties.

Her son rubbed harder, and his little moans drowned out the sound of Mommy walking up the stairs. He saw her in the mirror and turned around. He was wearing her new panties with the VS tag dangling on the side. It was so humiliating, and his face was beet red. He apologized and begged for forgiveness. Promised never to do it again. Was Mommy going to ground him, spank him? Oh, the boy knew that the punishment would be severe!

Mommy was not angry at all. Was that a wicked, seductive smile on her face? She was a little hot and sweaty from working in the garden, but that made her scent even more intoxicating. She took off her shorts and top before she punished him by sitting on his face. Then she pulled out a big strap-on and pulled the new panties to the side. She fucked his little bottom until he came in the new panties.

If you enjoy Mommy/Son fantasies, you really should call me soon! A family-fun role-play, a naughty but nurturing Mommy, makes you feel good with all the chaos in the world!


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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All He Wants for Valentine’s Day

Remember when we were kids and we passed out cute little Valentine’s cards to all the boys and girls? I was the girl that always made her own and added little dirty words to it. I knew I loved getting naughty before I knew for sure what it all meant. Funny how some things just never change. Of course, now I personalize them with a little bit of me. Maybe the scent of my wet, creamy pussy, or the musky smell of my lovely ass. Imagine opening your card and smelling me? 

 Your card will have an address and a key. You open the door to our suite and see there is no one there. You have a drink or two, and then lay down for a bit. It has been a long day at work with you trying not to think of me. I see you asleep on the bed and I blindfold you. We have played with a fake cock many times and we both loved it. Your cock is rock hard thinking about it all. The problem is, I now want much more and so do you. I kiss you in all those places, you suck my hard nipples, and then you give me that look. 

Your think you hear other footsteps, but I assure you it’s just your imagination. You feel something hard, big, and thick by your lips. I guide it into your hungry mouth. You try to speak, to tell me that doesn’t feel like a fake cock. Your protest doesn’t last long before you have your lips wrapped around his big mushroom head.  I always listen to you, I know what you need before you do. Spend this Valentine’s Day with someone who really knows your dirty little secrets. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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What’s in the Box

He stays at the hotel I manage quite often. He is hot, well built, and I so look forward to when he is visiting. We engage in small talk while he is checking in, and I ask him about any special requests he might have. He has been getting packages of all sizes during his stays with us. I get so curious at times to what he has in those boxes.

When he was leaving for dinner, I just had to know what was in the latest box. Just encase he comes back before I am done snooping, I bring with me some lovely white wine on ice. 

I open one of the boxes to find a big, glass dildo. Now this is getting interesting. I open the second box to find a mini fucking machine. In it is a note with my name on it. He urges me to try out some of the toys. I wonder just how he knew what I would be up to, but just a fleeting thought. I was beyond anxious to try. My pussy was dripping wet with the thought of it. 

I opened the bottle of wine, had a glass, and began to try out the toys. As I slowly fucked myself with the glass dildo, I began to fantasize about the guest in this room. With my eyes closed, and the dildo taking care of my aching pussy, I hear his deep sexy voice urging me on.  This will be one sexy, hot amazing night.


Written By: Valentina
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You Are My Bitch

 I am your assistant, and normally in charge of making travel plans. I book the Ritz, and you are not very happy with me. You explain that you can’t voucher such a high price hotel. I smile sweetly. You wonder if I could possibly be coming on to you. You are nervous but intrigued. 

You are busy texting when I check us in. It is late, and we are both very tired and hungry. We have a few drinks, and get our food to go. You ask me for your room key, and I just smile again. I tell you I actually got the suite to save some money. You know it’s not true, but you’re so in love with me already.

You admit the accommodations are amazing. You notice I immediately go for the full size very expensive Honor Bar. I fix us both one, then open another bottle. You tell me we have to pay for them once open, but I just giggle at you.

You leave the room to unpack, and when you come back in living room, I am in a corset, heels, and nothing else.  I begin to kiss you passionately. You have wanted me forever, so you go along with whatever I have planned.

You see the big dildo I have taken out and placed on the bed. You are confused, suggest we call it a night. I kiss you deeply. You smell my perfume, hear my sweet but sexy voice. Oh darling, this big dildo isn’t for me!  I own you now!


Written By:  Tiffany
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Michael P Loves BBC

I have a caller named Michael and he is OBSESSED with big black cock. You should hear the way he talks about it. He’ll tell you really quick that he’s a BBC loving whore and that he would gladly drop to his knees and take those huge dicks down his throat. One is never enough for Michael. I told him that I’m going run an ad and get him all the black monster cock his hungry little sissy lips and faggot ass can take. He even bought a toy to play with on our calls together. He’s getting his practice in now under my guidance and will be ready to go on a BBC hunt very soon!


Written By: Charlotte
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My New Part-Time Job

I recently got a part time job as a cashier at a novelty sex shop. It’s the best job (besides a pso) I’ve ever had! I love to see what people buy. I also like to help the customers if they have any questions on any of the products. I’m very knowledgeable on many of the toys because I get a really good employee discount. My toy collection has really grown over the past several months.

I had a very shy guy come up to the register the other day and I could tell he was nervous. He wanted to buy a 6 inch dildo. I knew it was obviously for him.

It was just him and I in the store at that time, I asked If he wanted to test it out? He looked confused. I told him to follow me to the backroom. I grabbed some lube and had him take down his pants. He was hesitant but I could tell he was getting horny. He bent over for me, and I lubricated his asshole. I started sliding the 6 inch dildo into his ass. I could tell this was his first time taking a cock. He screamed and told me to take it out but I starting fucking him deeper. I played with his balls while pounding him harder and faster. After a few more hard thrusts, he shot a huge load of cum halfway across the room. Not bad for a guy in his sixty’s.

He was completely drained and satisfied. I think he’s going to love his new purchase!


Written By: Kendall
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Toys For Dirty Boys

I thought it might be a blast to get on Tinder. I love one night stands, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to hit a club.

Last night one of my hook-ups came over to play. He said he was extremely open-minded, and loved anal play. He even came with his own toys. We kissed passionately the moment he walked in the door. This was a hook-up after all, not a date.

He was excited to show me what he had with him. I suggested we have some drinks, get comfortable, and then he could show me his toys. Wow! His toy collection was even better than mine. He had vibrating butt plugs, a 2 headed massive dildo, weighted anal beads, and several types of lube. My pussy was gushing just looking at his collection. There was several items I planned to buy for myself.

We had more drinks, and I was ready to try out some of his toys. After we totally rimmed each other, we were ready to use the double headed dildo. He was missing just one thing, and that was a vibe for my soaked pussy. I handed it to him, and told him I prefer nature’s lube. He sucked it for me and I slid it in me. The sensation was incredible!

This was one Tinder hook-up I just might fuck again.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Change Of Plans

I had a really nice out with a seemingly great guy. Everything was going great and I was starting to feel a tingle in my panties. I invited him to come back to my place for dessert. He nervously agreed. I just thought it was first time jitters and didn’t think anything about it until I had him in my bedroom naked. THEN I understood. He was a fraud. These crazy sex stories he told me couldn’t have been true, he didn’t have the equipment to pull it off. I was furious! He tried to apologize for misleading me and started to put on his pants, but I had another idea. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out my strap-on. I was having sex one way or the other and since he couldn’t give me a big cock, I was going to give him one. His eyes got wide and he started to refuse, but I pushed him back on the bed and straddled his face while I licked his asshole and got it all lubed up with spit. I rolled him onto his hands and knees and gave him the big dick fucking that I thought I was going to get. Just a little change in plans, but still just as good!


Written By: Abby
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Your New Gift

I got you a gift that I think you’ll absolutely love! I know it wasn’t  on your Christmas list but sometimes those are the best presents.

I want you to close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so. One….two….three, now open! Surprise!!! You seem a little shocked I have a 12 inch strap-on between my legs, but I can tell you’re getting excited. Let’s not waste any time, and let’s try out your new gift I got you.

Get on your knees and feel me stretch your mouth out. I don’t expect you to take all 12 inches at first but in time you will be. After a good face fucking, comes the best part! I want you on your back with your legs on my shoulders. I want to watch your face as I start fucking you. Do you like the feeling of being filled up? I hope so because I’m going to fuck the shit out of you with all 12 glorious inches. I’m sorry if I’m hurting you but your whimpers make me want to pound your tight hole faster.

How did like your new gift? I’ll give you a few minutes and then I’ll be ready to stretch you out some more.


Written By: Adrianna
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Sex Toys with Emma

I got so many wonderful toys from my phone-sex daddies this holiday season. I have such a variety to choose from now. That is something that really excites me. I love all role-plays and I love to just go to the extreme. Now I can fuck myself harder and deeper for my phone-sex daddies. I know how much they love my tight pussy and how I stretch it open just for them. That’s exactly what I am going to do for you with my new toys. I am going to put them all to good use and let my inner slut cum out for  you. 

Are you ready to give me your creamy load because I am ready to give you all of my pussy and cum for you. Let’s get down and dirty with all of my new gifts.

Written By: Emma
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