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Chat Line Phone Sex with Reese

I’ve been calling chat lines since I was a young girl and all the daddy’s like me because of my little girl voice. I always got dirty, naughty, and hardcore with them. I would play their sweet young daughter with a twist of the devil in her and those horny guys would rub their hard cocks and we would masturbate every time I called the group chat. I wonder what they would have thought if they knew they were talking with a younger girl. Want to hear my moans while I finger and tease my little clit or you can be my daddy and put me on my knees while you plow your cock into me from behind stretching out my tiny asshole and fingering my tight cunt. Yep, I’m that teen slut on the other end of the phone who is a cock addict cum whore who gets off on teasing and making daddy cum with my sensual enticement. Just talking about that has my pussy dripping…Whee…I love fantasizing with strangers. I’ll be right here waiting for you!


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Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex

Hi, step-daddy! It’s Reese your favorite little fuck toy. The little girl you started fucking when I was very young. It all started when my mom married this older man and he was attracted to me. He uses to always stare at my young breasts with desire in his eyes and a big bulge in his pants. I remember it like it was yesterday and I was just a little girl.

First, he started coming in my room and watch me sleep and masturbated in my bed at night. Then that became boring to him and he couldn’t hold back anymore, he had to have my tight, young pussy. He would fuck me practically every night when mom was knotted out from her usually spiked drink he would make her. He hated the nights she was home sick or on vacations cause that meant no hot, young pussy for him.

He took my asshole as well and loved fucking it because it was safer that way, he didn’t have to worry about pulling out he could just dump all his hot cum in my tight little young asshole. I love to fuck older men. I would love to suck your huge dick until it squirts all over my tiny titties. Call me Daddy!

Raunchy lil Reese
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Sick Perverted Phone Sex with Reese



With the right kind of sick pervert, I have been known to team up with them and go out looking together for a victim to share. Want to go with me and find a fresh, innocent piece of meat and take them back to our secluded playroom? We can even film it as wereese 5 slowly use and abuse them in every filthy, evil way we can think of. What you say “what will happen to them when we’re done with them?” Maybe they earned the right to live and perhaps be our sex slave for another session, or are they just a witness we need to take care of? *evil laugh* Is your cock getting rock hard thinking about such a senseless act of madness, and how much of a big load you’re going to blow when we find the perfect victim?

Well, know the only way to find out if we’re a match is to pick the phone and dial my number!

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Hot Little Cum Slut Reese

I see you clicked on my page. Where you up looking for some tight young pussy that will make you cum really hard?  This hot little cum slut will make you moan when you feel how tight my smooth little pussy squeezes you. reese21I’m the kind of slut who’s wet pussy throbs when I talk about hot family scenes and rubs my hard little clit?  I’m daddy’s little slut. I’ve managed to twist my daddy around my little finger, with the way my tongue slides down his big, fat cock, or bending over and take it from behind as I lay across daddy’s lap anal action, just the way he likes it. I have my very own toll-free phone sex chat line, from the privacy of my own bedroom while I play with my dildos and vibrators!  I love erotic talk with kinky men who aren’t afraid to indulge my XXX porn fantasies and extreme fetish play.  Be careful I’ll turn you into a phone sex freak.  Go ahead pick that phone up and dial my number listed below or shoot me an email. I’m waiting!


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Forced Bi Phone Sex with Reese

If you were to walk pass me on the street you might take me for an innocent girl but appearances can be deceiving. Trust me, daddy, you’ll never meet a more hardcore little girl than me. I lost my virginity in a forced bi experience involving me, my Daddy and his side chick. My Daddy was trying to get in my pants, and I was a big tease until he and his freaky girlfriend conspired to abduct me, and take me back to a seedy hotel room, and force me to eat her out all night, she wanted to smother me with her pussy. Then he joined in and tore me apart with his big, rock hard Daddy cock. Since then, they’ve introduced me to all their bisexual swinger friends and I adore fucking other women especially older ones. I love pussy and having my slit licked as much as any dick. Think you can take me farther than they did? My first time was a blast and you can use me any way you want no matter how perverted we get, I will always beg for more.


Accomplice Phone Sex with Reese

Look at the body on me I can lure anything you want and place it right in your lap when we play accomplice phone sex together. I have no soul and hope you don’t either. My desires are unlimited, and my mind is an open field of dreams. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with parents who are perverts. I love taking things that don’t belong to me and making them suffer.reese21 I used to be the perfect little girl, the caring, daughter, with the sweetest smile but that was so long ago. Then, when then shit happened that made me a bit more indifferent. Now I am the one who will take you down a path of destruction that you’ll never recover from. I know how all you degenerate lovers can’t walk away from something that looks like heaven and melts in your mouth like cotton candy on a summers night. I’m just what you need to get your cock able and ready for some deviant phone sex dreams. So click the link below and let’s have some fun!