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 My Stats

Age: 30

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 111

Measurements: 32B-20-32

Pussy: Smooth and creamy

Ass: Tight little ass

Favorite Positions: On top bouncing up and down on your cock!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In my bothers bed "giggle"

Hobbies: Running, swimming, reading and figuring out my new IPOD (lol).

Specialities: Age Play, Role Play, Guided Masturbation, Tease and Denial and Cuckold.


Hi.. I’m Klassy Kat,

Welcome to my naughty world of fantasy phone, where you can step into my bedroom and play with me at your discloser.

I’m that naughty neighbor that drives you absolutely bonkers. I’m the one who seductively undressing in front of my window with the blinds completely open. You know, the one that makes your cock throb!

I am all about teasing and pleasing. I am defiantly into phone sex more than the average girl. It let’s me be as creative and nasty as I please. Just hearing your strong, masculine voice gets me so moist. I love knowing that I’m going be that naughty little fuck slut on the other end of the phone. The one you were hoping for. I will be begging you to fuck me, or will I make you beg me?

I am from the Midwest who has learned to use her looks for pleasure and favors. Teasing men is my turn on. I workout a lot and love to show off my body anyway I can. I will wear clothes that normally women my age won’t dare to ware. I love washing my car in my tight, little string bikini. Making sure I wiggle my ass in front of the entire neighborhood. When I go out with my girlfriends I love wearing my “cum fuck me” outfits. When I walk into a place I want everyone there to take notice. I love watching the guy’s drool all over themselves, that really gets my panties soaked.

All you bad boys need to call me so I can hear you moan and scream my name. You’ll be jacking your cock off so hard when you listen to my erotic voice. I want you to make me cum over and over, just for you. Think you can cum twice for me? I bet I can make you blow that hot, sticky load many times. You’ll soon realize you’ve just found your newest addiction. Pick up that phone and let your imagination go crazy. I’ll be waiting for you…

Kisses, Kat

Call 1.866.926.3810
for Phone Sex with

3 Responses to “Kat”

  • Do You enjoy locking a male in chastity, if so, please contact me…….i am very bright, IQ about 140, huge heart — volunteer for special olympics but seek a beautiful wonan to lock me up. Are You She?

  • Kat: You are a completely hot and wicked woman! I love the fact that you have no boundaries: Submissive, family fun, animal training—you do it all. I look forward to doing many more nasty calls with you in the future.

  • I am hooked on Kat. You know how to treat a little cock whore like me, rip me to faggot shreds, and leave me in a puddle of jizz and piss where I belong. Oh the humiliation is wonderful.

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