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Fetish Phone Sex with Skylar

Do you have a fetish?

I am the perfect phone girl who understands the difference between a sexual desire and a true sexual fetish.  Your specific fetish is part of you. You need something specific to truly enjoy an orgasm to the fullest. Normal, everyday sex might be okay, but you need to tap into that fetish, no matter how odd it may seem to some.

Embrace your fetish. It is part of you. Let’s explore your desires together. Maybe it is tickling, boots, leather, lace, feet, sneezing, balloons, diapers, baby talk, enemas, exhibitionism, domination, hair, latex, legs, watersports, humiliation, or toys.

You probably keep your fetish a secret from your lover, wife, or girlfriend. Phone sex with me is a great way to dive into that part of you. We can share this experience together by creating a little world where you feel extremely comfortable to achieve that gratification that you need to have the optimal orgasms.



Written By: Skylar
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Bless You

I have a new caller that had a fetish request that I’ve never done before. A sneezing fetish. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’ve always enjoyed the way a sneeze felt so I was excited to give it a shot. It was so much more sensual than I thought it would be.

I laid back on the bed and would tickle the inside of my nose to make myself sneeze. He would want me to describe it to him… the way it made me feel, the anticipation of it about to happen, and then the sensation of releasing it. I never realized how the build up of a good sneeze was so similar to a good orgasm! I felt it from head to toe, and the sound of his breath quickening every time I sneezed turned me on so much. He loved how nasally my voice sounded after.

I gave him one last sneeze and it was a double sneeze. He came hard for me. I felt so satisfied that I could give him that and my entire body felt AMAZING. Every single time I sneeze now, I can feel my panties get wet!


Written By: Abby
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Sneezing Fetish

It is allergy season.

For those of you with a sneezing fetish, I know you are going crazy. Watching sexy ladies sneeze keeps you rock hard.

You and I explore your sneezing fetish.  I came up with a great, very sexy roleplay where you know that I am allergic to scent of a lily. You send me a big bouquet of them, and then you come over that night. Over the phone, you listen as I slip my fingers into my pussy.

You take a lily from the vase and rub it right under my nose. You watch as my whole body tenses up. You watch my body react as if I am getting closer and closer to orgasm. You stroke your cock as you listen to that sneeze building. I sort of sound like I am being fucked. ahhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, and then finally the very powerful sexy sneeze. ACHHHHHHUUUUUUUU!

You explode for me as I cum/sneeze. Isn’t it odd the sights and sounds of a sneezing building are very similar to a lady being very pleasantly sexually pleasured.

Maybe you don’t have a sneezing fetish, but let’s find a way to satisfy your own sexual fetish.


Cumming soon, on a Phoneline near you! :)


You aren’t gonna wanna miss out on this one , big guy.. she’s HAWT!! This little ball of femme-fire will get your motor running for sure! Can you believe that some of her off-duty past-times are beer drinking and bass-fishing? LOL! , Yeah…me either! 😉

All, true though, pinky-swear! This one loves outdoor nudity, teasing[BIGTIME!], upskirting, seducing you in public and sissifying your ass, just for starters!

Gentlemen, start your engines…you’re in for  ONE WILD RIDE!!




Freaky Phone Sex with Fetshista Frankie

surrenderHey Whores! Now you all seem very excited by my feature and Sexy Specials this week, it even seems that some of you are exploring unchartered territory! Well good for you! I invite you to delve into the darkest corners of your imagination, the places even you are reticent to go, for fear that you will fall in love with the darker side of your sexuality. Fear is the only thing holding you back. In my world, the only fear you will be allowed is that which I personally instill in you. In my world, reality and moral virtue clash in a chamber where the is no room for rules… room for your old boundaries. Free your mind and surrender your will….you’ll be sooo glad you did.

Trust Me. ~~winks~~

Leather & Love Bites…


The Fetish: Freakish or Fine?


People often use the word fetish as a label for any sort of sexual practice or interest that deviates from the norm, but how many of us actually know what it means? Fetishism refers to an intense fixation on a particular object—basically, the belief that certain objects overpower the individual. The most commonly known types of fetishes are sexual in nature. A sexual fetish requires a particular item’s presence for sexual arousal. Below is a list of some of the more, shall we say, interesting types of fetishes that exist.

Becoming sexually aroused by vomit. People with this fetish may find themselves lurking near frat houses on Fridays around 3 a.m.

Diaper Fetishism
A strong inclination toward wearing diapers. Whether or not the diaper fetishist uses the diaper for its intended purpose is a matter of preference.

Being turned-on by someone using profanity. Fuck. Shit. Ass. Do you want me now?

Blood Fetish
The belief that blood has supernatural qualities. Angelina Jolie once wore a vial of her then-husband Billy Bob Thorton’s blood around her neck. Dracula or fetishist? You decide.

Robot Fetishism
Also called “technosexuality,” it refers to a sexual attraction to robots or humans dressed as robots. I bet Vicki from the TV show Small Wonder got a lot of fan mail from these fetishists.

Similar to robot fetishism, it involves sexual arousal from mannequins or statues. This makes me think of Kim Cattrall in the movie Mannequin in a very different way.

Somnophiliacs get their jollies from watching people sleep. Perhaps the makers of Ambien and Lunesta need to rethink who they’re targeting with their marketing campaigns.

Satin Fetishism
Arousal from the look or feel of satin, by either wearing it or seeing it. Watch out for the creepy person in the corner of a fabric store lovingly fingering the reems of satin and inhaling their aroma.

Sexual excitement from leather, skin, or fur. This seems kind of tame in the world of fetishes, like something the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County might have if they had a fetish.

Finding urine or the act of urinating sexually pleasing. Golden showers, an act derived from urolagnia and demonstrated in a few controversial videos involving R. Kelly, refers to peeing on someone or being peed on for sexual pleasure.

Cross-Eyed Fetish
Not sure what the scientific name for this fetish is, but this is good news for Dannielynn Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smith’s cross-eyed offspring.

This is a sexual attraction to trees and probably explains why a select few tree huggers take it a few steps further and become tree humpers.

Garment Fetishism
The eroticism of articles of clothing or uniforms. No wonder we see so many naughty nurses, slutty secretaries, and mischievous milk maidens wandering around every Halloween.

Sexual excitement from pictures or videos of sex. People like watching sex? Now there’s a shocker.

One aspect of this fetish involves deriving pleasure from intercourse with a burning corpse. I have no idea how this would work, but it seems like there might be some serious logistical issues, not to mention medical dangers.

Having sexual feelings toward shoes, feet, heels. So that’s why Carrie Bradshaw had all those Manolos.

Being buried alive as a way to get off. That better be one good orgasm.


Sexual attraction to spiders. These fetishists are typically big fans of the Grandaddy Longlegs species.

This is just a sampling of some of the fetishes in the world but there are thousands—maybe even millions—more, which made me wonder if the people who don’t have fetishes are really the ones with the so-called dysfunction.

But no matter what your fetish, if you can find someone to share it with and it doesn’t negatively interfere with your everyday life, I say let your fetish flag fly. Based on the ten million Web sites that come up when you type “fetish” into Google, I’m guessing that finding a partner in crime will be no problem.

You will Obey Me Bitch

Listen up all you bitch sissy boys I am in a bad mood. One little shit has done it and so the rest of you must now suffer. Let me tell you what happened, this guy (I use that term loosely) emailed me a MONTH (that’s right a fucking Month ago) to make an appointment with me for something. He even asked what time was best and I gave him a few options. The day of the appointment popped up and I waited on him to keep his appointment. 10 minutes became 20, 20 minutes became an hour, an hour became 3 hours all the while my valuable time was being wasted as if it didn’t matter. He finally called 4 hours later and somehow he had gotten in his head that he had told me something different and so he had done other things. I am so pissed; entire half day wasted and not even an explanation. A note to all men out there DON’T WASTE MY TIME OR I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT! As a result of this bastard’s rudeness all my slaves and bitch boys must now suffer my wrath. I am going to do everything short of castrating your wimpy dick. Your balls will be blue and in immense pain when I am done, so proceed with care because this woman is not in a good mood!



go the handcuffs, as your arms are secured behind your back. The blindfold slips down over your eyes as the smell of incese fills your nostrils… you smile.


Could it be bubble wrap? what it that noise? Knowing your Latex fetish, combined with your penchant for choking and fear of suffocation… I play every instrument in this orchestration of evil! I wrap the Saran-wrap around your head…covering your mouth, your eyes, your ears, your nose. I burn 2 small holes for your nostils with my incese stick. It makes you sneeze, and it hurts, because there is nowhere for the force to escape. You are beginning to sweat. Panic begins to take over as you wonder what the fuck you have gotten yourself into.


The sound of the rubber bands. My cat o’ nine tails. My whips. I have your cock in a cage, spikes inside.As your cock grows , so does your self inflicted pain.

Do you LIKE that PIG????



I have the electrodes hooked up now to the car battery, and I clack the positive and negative ends together. sparks fly, and you can smell the acrid air burning. Your cock stiffens. You would cry if you could. You would beg. The sounds around you are muffled, just enought to create the panic

Welcum to Hell, Pet….Lets play.


It’s Allergy Time!!

A friend of mine used to sneeze three times in a row right before she climaxedevery time she climaxed. It became a fun little advance warning system for her boyfriend. I thought of her this week when I read that allergy season is the happiest time of year for sneeze fetishists. Now, I make it a rule never to say that something is “normal” or “abnormal” in bed because A) who knows what goes on behind closed doors?, B) people used to say that oral sex was deviant, and C) who wants to be normal in bed anyway?? But I think it’s pretty safe to say that a sneezing fetish is a tad unusual. Not unusual as in weird, just unusual as in, probably most of us won’t date a sneezing fetishist in this lifetime.

On the one hand, this fetish kind of makes sense to me . After all, a full-body cathartic sneeze is one of the closest physical experiences to the orgasm there is . And do you remember how in junior high, everyone used to say that three sneezes equaled an orgasm? (Though Im guessing that the people spreading that particular rumor were doing a lot more sneezing than orgasming at the time.) Also, I suppose there could be something sexy for some people about hearing a stranger’s body doing something fairly dramatic that’s totally beyond their control (in which case: do queefs count, too?). HAHAHA!

Perhaps for sneeze fetishists, an observed sneeze during the morning commute is a preview of that person’s O-face. (And this is a much better explanation than , “Suppose a child were playing with him or herself and at the same time they hear someone in the next room sneeze. The connection is made.” What about the poor kid who happened to be rubbing up against the couch when Sesame Street came on TV?!) But on the other hand, every time we hear a phlegmy sneeze, our inner germaphobe can’t help but wonder, is that person going to wash their hands before holding the subway [or YOUR]pole?