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My Voice Will Ruin You

Let’s face it, you are addicted to my voice. Every time I speak, you want to give me everything you have. My addicting voice wallet fucks you and even you can’t get over how much you want to give me. I’m addicting and when you hear me on the other end of your phone, you become pathetic and weak.

It’s obvious that I’m not happy until I completely suck you dry. You have talked to other girls but they don’t have the same effect on you. I am a total drug that makes you have the greatest high, and you’re not thinking about quitting anytime soon.

Do you want to know what makes my pussy the most creamiest? It’s defiantly not you jerking your little pencil dick, my pussy gets really wet when I hear you open your fat wallet.

Do me proud and let’s wallet fuck good.

Written By: Phoenix
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Waiting For Your Stimulus Check!

Your stimulus deposit has hit your account, and now is the time to pay up, loser! Let me make one thing clear to you- YOUR MONEY IS MINE! If you didn’t get a stimulus check because you make to much money, you’re obviously holding out on me and you’ll be financially raped more severely. Don’t think for one second a typical money raping call will get you off the hook. I want it all!

I know you get a pay-boner every time I demand more money from you. It’s not like you’re not getting anything out of it, your little pathetic pencil dick gets erect when I laugh and wallet rape you.

You and I both know your life has zero meaning unless I am dominating you. A hot girl like me would never be caught dead with a loser like you. My time is valuable and have way better things to do than talk to you, so you better make every financial tribute worth it to me.



Written By: Phoenix
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You’re Fucked Yet Again

Yesterday was the birthday of my best friend from school’s dad. I have teased the fuck out of that man my whole life. The things I have made him do were unreal. Guess who paid for my shiny red Porsche?

I wanted to do something special for his birthday. Since he was always the one in restraints, I figured a change would be exciting. My friend knew nothing about the gifts, money and blackmail. 

I sent him an email inviting him to my condo. I explained that I wanted to make it up to him now that I am older and not such a tease. I made a pitcher of his favorite Dirty Martinis and I had lots of party favors. I asked him to take a picture for later. He stripped down in record time, and began to do all the dirty things that he has always wanted to do with me. I let him lick my gushing pussy, and then he got his big surprise. I let myself out of the restraints, so fucking easy. Then I tossed his clothes out my window. My boyfriend came out of the closet and the fun began!

Cum now, you certainly didn’t think I was going sub on you, did you?


Written By: Harley
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Rinsing You

I have a caller that’s my own personal piggy bank… and he even oinks! He just loves when I do rinse calls with him and rape his wallet. He knows that a goddess like me is worth every dime that he spends. He’s such a fucking loser that any minute that I give him is worth another $100 from his bank account. As long as I remind him what a pathetic faggot he is, he keeps giving me money. He knows that’s the only thing he’s good for. That and eating shit. He’s a pro at that too. He swallows those turds, and I get to reap the benefits. He may be a worthless fuck with a tiny dick, but at least he knows his place with a woman like me. On his knees, and giving me all his money!


Written By: Charlotte
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Another Loser

Marc, you are loser that I love humiliating. I have no problem telling the world how pathetic you really are.

He is a faggot who’s addicted to glory holes. He enjoys sucking cock and loves to get rewarded with a big load of hot cum in his mouth. Sometimes no one will want him to suck their cocks. How much a loser can you be? He’s willing to suck any dick just so he can have the pleasure, but there’s nobody willing! I’m sorry but that’s just fucking sad and very pathetic.

He will do anything I tell him to do. I made him take a picture of his worthless dick with my name on it while he was at work. Every time he looks at his penis, he’s reminded that I own him and his money. That’s right, I money fuck Marc as well. He’s so much of a loser that he has to pay me extra just to talk to him. He knows I have much better things to do with my time.



Written By: Missy
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Seducing Your Wallet

Men call me for some type of role-play, but they have no idea what’s in store for them. I briefly talk about their fantasies that they like, and then the seduction begins. They have no idea that becoming my money slave would make their cock harder than ever. Powerful woman like me use to frighten you, but now that I have you hanging on my every word, you don’t want to leave. Although, you’re still scared, my voice, and my seductive ways keep you captivated for more.

In your whole entire existence, you never thought you would be so turned on to have a gorgeous girl ruin you. It feels good. In fact, it feels so good, you want to give me more because you’re learning that seducing your wallet is the only thing that makes me happy.


Written By: Phoenix
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You Are My Bitch

 I am your assistant, and normally in charge of making travel plans. I book the Ritz, and you are not very happy with me. You explain that you can’t voucher such a high price hotel. I smile sweetly. You wonder if I could possibly be coming on to you. You are nervous but intrigued. 

You are busy texting when I check us in. It is late, and we are both very tired and hungry. We have a few drinks, and get our food to go. You ask me for your room key, and I just smile again. I tell you I actually got the suite to save some money. You know it’s not true, but you’re so in love with me already.

You admit the accommodations are amazing. You notice I immediately go for the full size very expensive Honor Bar. I fix us both one, then open another bottle. You tell me we have to pay for them once open, but I just giggle at you.

You leave the room to unpack, and when you come back in living room, I am in a corset, heels, and nothing else.  I begin to kiss you passionately. You have wanted me forever, so you go along with whatever I have planned.

You see the big dildo I have taken out and placed on the bed. You are confused, suggest we call it a night. I kiss you deeply. You smell my perfume, hear my sweet but sexy voice. Oh darling, this big dildo isn’t for me!  I own you now!


Written By:  Tiffany
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Blackmailed & Humiliated By The Best!

I know you are scared to call me. You’re afraid of what I will do with all the photos I make you send me. The thought of me potentially posting them on social media to show everyone what a loser you are scares the shit out of you.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: you have a good reason to be terrified of me! I will blackmail you into submission. I will make sure you are degraded, humiliated and wallet raped to the fullest. When I feel I’ve done everything in my power to ruin you, I will toss you out like the garbage you are.


Written By: Phoenix
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Oink, Oink Cash Pig

You know what’s really hot, turns me on, and makes me scream when I cum? Nothing is hotter than a man who will let me control his wallet!  When he tips and sends me gifts he gets to earn points towards serving me however I see fit. The more that he wants of me, well you know, the more he pays or the bigger the gift!  It’s always fun when you buy my used panties, hose, etc. I just love that pathetic little pigs like you pay my bills, and pay for me to get my nails and hair done. It’s easy to stay sexy when you send me shopping for more lingerie with a gift card. And who knows, eventually you may have enough points to stick your snout right in between my wet pussy lips!  Pay up piggie!


 Written By: Amber
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Blackmailing a New Loser

I turned {JT} into my ass licking loser yesterday. He got the privilege of eating my good tasting shit. I just don’t let anyone eat my dirty ass but he was so pathetic that I thought I would be nice for a change. I also made him suck big, black cocks. That faggot was getting his mouth and his asshole stretched with some BBC. Little does he know that I recorded everything! I’m thinking his wife, friends and co-workers would be completely shocked to know that JT loves eating my shit, and getting his loser holes drilled with black dick. They don’t know him like I do. He begs me not to say or do anything, so I tell him I’ll keep quiet (for now) so I wallet rape him instead. He knows when he sees his bank account the next day that I am the real deal. Just wait, I have so much more in store for you.

He emailed me this today:

Heya, Just looked at my account balance, love it!


Written By: Missy
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