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Real Men Get To Fuck Me

I want to tell all of you callers that I only respond to real man cock. The kind of cock you little sissies dream of owning. The kind of cock you dream of sucking. Mouth open, lip gloss on, waiting to feel your mouth stretch around that throbbing 9 inch meat.

Maybe I will let you suck it before I fuck it, and have it fill my tight, wet slit until that thick man seed comes shooting out.

Do you want to watch? My husband did. So did my boyfriend. They knew they couldn’t satisfy me. Pathetic losers are put in my way to use to my advantage. Did you remember to spoil me? Real men get to fuck me in every hole. Makes you wonder how you measure up, doesn’t it?

You are insignificant. I need you for entertainment only. Satisfaction, hell no. I know you love serving me. Come pay me a visit and tell me what you bring to the table. Fucking forget about touching me, unless you pay. End of story. I wont let you cum either so don’t get your hopes up. I will charge your card and take a fat tip for my trouble. 


Written By: Lacey James
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Tag Team Sisters

My sister Brittany and I tag teamed a real fucking loser this morning. His name is Jonny and he is a shit eater AND a cocksucker! We raped his wallet so good. He knows that no one cums for free with us and he paid and paid and paid some more! We didn’t even give him a chance to tell us no.

We both shit into his mouth until it was full, and kept rinsing his bank account. In all fairness, poor Jonny had the chance to disagree with all the money we were taking, but his mouth was so full of our shit that we couldn’t hear what he was saying— so we just took MORE money from him!

He wanted that tiny useless dick of his to squirt, but he had to pay our cum fee first. He gladly paid to get that pathetic dick off.
If you really want to be worked over and get a good rinsing from two Goddesses, call my sister and I. We’re the best. Just ask that shit eating faggot, Jonny.

Oh by the way- we got $800 from that pathetic loser, just for eating our shit! Ha Ha!



Written By: Teagan
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Open Your Wallet

Open up Pig. No, not your mouth. No, not your zipper. Please don’t bend over in front of me like that.

Your wallet, Piggy. Open your fucking wallet.

The scent of cash makes my pussy drip. You are aware that is the only way you will ever be able to enjoy anything about me is by spreading your wallet, offering your plastic, and your checkbook. I want access to all- your wife’s account, 401k, and the kids college fund.

I see the stack of cash on the dresser and my clit swells. You beg me to take it, and then take you. I put on my strap-on and begin to salivate as the breeze from the open window carries with it the sweet smell of your financial assets!

Oooops.. did I say yours? I meant mine! It’s all mine now, isn’t it?

I want you to pay my bills, send me on vacation, spoil me with treasures, and pay me to rape your tight sweet pucker-hole until you shell out any amount to make the abuse stop.

As the pile of cash grows, so does my desire, and your chances of tasting my sweet cunt.

The higher the pile, the more intense the passion. If you want to fuck me, you know what you need to do.


Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Your Wallet Better Be Bigger Than Your Cock!

I like it thick and big! Loser, I’m not talking about your dick size! Put that pencil dick away, you know I don’t care anything about that. The only thing I care about is your wallet and it better be bigger than your cock!

Some guys pay me because their dicks are so tiny and helpless that they give me money just to feel better about themselves. I love controlling pathetic, weak men. It makes me feel like I am giving back to the community, like volunteer work. They have nothing else in life to look forward too, so why not show the losers some greedy attention. It’s a total rush for me to make “seemingly” strong men extremely weak for me with minimal effort. Men realize that without me in their lives, there’s noting left. I show them the way to happiness.

Put that dick away loser and pull out the only thing that matters.

Phoenix Will Ruin You 


Written By: Phoenix
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Maybe Next Time

You know what I like about you? The way you never ever say no to me.  You try, you honestly do.  Ever since the first time I allowed you to watch me masturbate in front of you, I have had you wrapped around my little finger.

We have moved onto other things, haven’t we? How you call me to come over to watch the kids every time your wife works late. Then it always ends the same way, you stripped down to nothing, jacking off in front of me, while I press my pretty little pussy down on your face so hard you can’t take a single breath.

Sometimes you offer me more money, you pull out that cash so fast as I giggle and say, “Maybe.” You offer it all to me, until your wallet is as dry as your wife’s old cunt.

  I give you hope, don’t I?  You hope that this time instead of me smoothing your face with my perfect ass, you will actually get to put that cock of yours inside me. Maybe next time. Maybe…


Written By: Baby Britt
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Pervy Uncle Got lucky


I couldn’t wait to get home so I could get out my new toy and fuck my  pussy.

I walked in the living room and decided to take off my little pink dress. I didn’t realize my Uncle was sleeping on the sofa. It didn’t stop me from rubbing my tight, wet pussy with my toy. It didn’t take long to wake him up. You should have seen how hard his cock got for his masturbation slut niece.

He begged me to lick my asshole while I kept fucking my pussy with my dildo. I made him pay me first. I ended up making a lot of money off pervy Uncle Tom. What a sucker right? I wonder what I can get from him for fucking my teen pussy?



Written By: Princess
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Wallet Fucking Princess

Hello all you pathetic piggy’s! Make no mistake, I’m evil and manipulative to you no dick losers. I am the snobby, sexy, bitchy princess you have been craving. You faggot losers would be nothing without me!

I laugh my ass off at you pay wimps always begging to open your wallet and serve me. I take and take until I drain you until there is nothing left. Go ahead losers submit to Princess Missy, I dare you!

When you are left helpless crawling on the floor at my feet begging for more, don’t be surprised you will get NO sympathy from me.

I know you will be graveling soon.



Written By: Missy
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Everything You Own Is Now Mine

You have been watching me for months now. When I cross my legs you stare eagerly hoping for a glance at my creamy thighs and beautiful pussy. When I lean forward, you hope for a glance at my nipples. Do you think I haven’t noticed? Now it’s time for payback!

Hand over your wallet now!  Really, just one MasterCard? I know better than that by the car you are driving and the house you live in. Yes, I know it all!

  Empty your pockets or I will scream so loud the windows will break. That is much better. Now count them slowly, and as you do tell me the balance on each card. Stop staring at me and speak without stuttering.

These $100 bills will do very nicely. You look like you’re about to cry, but yet your useless, pathetic dick is as hard as a rock. Interesting!  

You may stroke it while signing over your car and your house to me. You do have two hands, don’t you? Oh look what has happened. The thought of draining your finances has made my sweet, creamy pussy very wet. I love money and taking it from losers like you.

Just one more thing before you leave, get a second job because you’ll be needing one to fill your daily Phoenix addiction.

Written By: Phoenix
Call Phoenix @ 1-866-949-9733



You Are Weak

I love laughing at you weak little losers.  The way you try to pretend you’re all manly and strong when the truth is all I have to do is call you worthless for you to break down and confess it all.  You’re nothing but a pathetic little worm who needs to be put in his place-at my feet groveling. 

You throw money at my feet, endless amounts of money that you seem to think will make you somehow seem more attractive in my eyes.  You’re joking me right?  The only one in control of our financial domination phone sex call is ME! I don’t care who finds out.  I don’t care how weak you are. I knew that the minute I met you. So get on your knees loser boy and worship and pay me.



Written By: Kendall
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Worthless Dick

I’ve got one word for you…..worthless! That is what you are when you have a small, worthless dick. You’re less than a man when you have something so small between your legs. I can finger my pussy better than you could ever fuck me.

You’ve known your whole life your dick is tiny but you need me to confirm how pathetic you really are. No woman wants you so that’s why you pay me to tell you exactly what I think. If any female in your life has told you otherwise, she is totally lying. When you send me a picture of your little clit, the only thing I see is a fat wallet. That would be the only pleasure I could ever get from your worthless, useless self.

Look at me, do you think a hot girl like me would ever want you? Not a chance in hell but I will drain your wallet while laughing at your tiny clit getting hard.



Written By: Missy
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