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 My Stats

Age: 34

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 125

Measurements: 36DD-25-35

Pussy: Sugary, pink, intoxicating, slippery wet and gripping

Ass: Bouncy, hungry and supple

Favorite Positions: 69, in stirrups, over bed trapeze/monkey bar, reverse cow-girl and F-2-F in chair

Strangest Places I've had sex: Morgue of UCSD Medical Center, Stryker Frame and physical therapy whirlpool tub

Hobbies: Gourmet cooking, wine collecting, singing, short story authorship, writing erotica, The Tango, baseball and golf-circuit

Specialities: Wound care, Shaving, Waxings, Intoxication therapies (drug and alcohol), Venereal disease exploitation, Increasingly painful stimulation, Oral Exams, Intense physical exams, Sex therapy, Electrically-stimulated cavity searches, Floggings, Flailings, Cigarette burning/brandings, Pet training, Outings, Cum-quotas, Small penis ridicule, Golden showers, SCAT, Psych-therapy, Sissification w/male speculum-assisted 'vaginal exams', Deep anal probings, Hot blowjobs, Mattress calisthenics, Suction sessions, Oral exploration, Intercourse denial, Rape fantasies, Tongue training, Virgin training, Fisting/Reaming training, Forced humiliation/sissification, Deliciously painful spankings, Icy cold and hot, Sudsy, Chemical and oil-retention enemas, Oral suctioning, Deep anal probes, Orifice stretchings, Semen extractions, Prostate milkings, Binding and restraints, Nipple toughening, Testicular immobilization, Penis extending, Chastity belt graduation, Anal/Rectal content dissipations, Forced colostomy, Stomach/Intestine-pumping, Respiratory treatments, Extreme exercise and prostration, Urine and fecal consumption, Nursing Student-Assisted scenarios/outings, Sitz-baths, Ice baths, Forced vomiting, Insulin shock induction, Wheelchair/bed confinement, Conscious surgical procedures, Water intoxication, Castration, Hypnotic training, Blood-letting, Leech therapies, Anus ice-packing, Amputee, Prosthetic leg/limb, Body-casts, Nurse Loretta's slave-training, Cock 'n Ball torture and so much more!


You’ve arrived at my Nursing Station. Come on in! I’m Nurse Loretta your sweet, understanding, helpful, talented, discreet and very hot and naughty Nurse! Just look at my slammin’ bod, baby! You don’t see nurses like me everyday!

I became an RN, 12 years ago, and pledged to always take care of those put in my care. What has remained so fun and exciting is to continuously assess, plan for, implement and evaluate the ongoing needs of all the sexy Men and Boys in my ‘care’. You see, ‘care’ is relative. Sometimes my guys need me to show my ‘care’ by really listening to everything on their minds. I love to watch the blush on their cheeks while I’m bent over them, cleavage spilling, or pressed ‘innocently’ up against them with my delicate hands stroking their arm, shoulder or brow while their breath starts to cum in ‘panting’ gasps! Nurse Loretta ‘care’ is making sure they’re as comfortable as can be and given all the physical attention they can handle. This is where the best of my job begins! All males are looking for that one thing, to be made to experience the most wonderfully intense feelings specific to their needs and desires!

The way I see it is, they have needs and I love being needed! They have desires and so do I! Nothing could be more perfect for me than this job. I can practice my Nursing skills, help cure illness and have the hottest times getting and giving pleasure to the men I care for!

The name Loretta means ‘to praise and honor’! I demand your praise and you must honor me: in return for my generous, time-consuming, talented and sometimes ‘violently-wild’ attentiveness! The average man or boy doesn’t get this kind of opportunity. Consider yourself fortunate, assume a position of obedience and do as you’re told. Then don’t hesitate another moment, you’ve waited long enough for what I alone can offer you! You’ve got my number and all the information you need. Dial now, and you’ll receive the assistance you have been needing!

Nurse Loretta

Call 1.866.415.6829
for Phone Sex with
Nurse Loretta

11 Responses to “Nurse Loretta”

  • Nurse Loretta is very hot and sexy!

  • Just had my second call with Nurse Loretta and she is great!!

  • Nurse Loretta is simply the best. She is so hot and intense that I can’t take any more!!

  • Loretta – I am interested in spanking and enemas. Are you available?

  • Hi Mommy Nurse, Loved playing with you again the other day. You promised me that you would send me an email so I could email you, but you have not.
    Wo what is up with that? hope to play again and hope you will indeed write me?
    Your Wetsy Bbykns

  • thank you for turning me into a little sissy for BBC! I loved our call!!!! Can’t wait to buy my first dildo

  • Dear Loretta,
    I like the fact that you are a trained nurse and that combined with what seems to be the fact that you are a warm caring human being.I believe that you are genuinely convinced of the power of the enema which you use to help a person break through his/her inhibitions and realize an honest and full gambit of sexual feeling.Thanks, Jim

  • Dearest Loretta,
    This was my first call to nurse Loretta! She is not only very good, she is in a class of her own. Her voice is sensual and the way she plays is superb.

  • Nurse Loretta is hot. One of the best calls I ever had. Totally sexy and fun!!

  • My wonderful Nursery Nurse Loretta. I have missed you so much. You give the best AB TLC, as well as stern spankings (yeow wee)Would love to play again with you.

  • You could not ask for a better Rn than Loretta. She takes care of big babies sometimes and she is a wonderful and fun Nurse Mommy. She is the best!
    She gives great exams and has a light and inviting touch, and a great lady to talk to. You will nit be disappointed if you call her now,, and call often!

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