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 My Stats

Age: 42

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 113

Measurements: 34D-23-35

Pussy: Simply divine

Ass: Something you're going to want more of!

Favorite Positions: On top and missionary

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a light house visting relatives in Augusta Maine

Hobbies: Shopping, decorating, making money, relaxing in my Jacuzzi, wine tasting and fine dining

Specialities: Cuckolding, Older men, Cheating wife, Girlfriend experience, Naughty neighboor, Teasing secretary, Family Fun, Financial donination, Mild humiliation, Tease and denial, Mutual masturbation, Intelligent conversations and much more!


Hello gentlemen,

Are you ready to meet your Destiny? I want you to delve deeply and bravely into your psyche, into the dark and shadowy corners of your mind, and tell me what really excites you. Is it a woman of class and elegance who can engage you in intelligent conversation and arouse your wildest passions? Perhaps your tastes lean more toward a strong and confident woman who knows how to take control, leaving you breathless, but not emasculated. You may have darker desires. Maybe you harbor fantasies and fetishes you fear others would find unseemly, too decadent, too…dirty. Stop letting those fantasies hide behind what others deem acceptable.

I want to help you bring your fantasies and desires into the open. I will play them out with you like no other woman can. My mind is an “Open door”, won’t you step inside? I’m quite proud of my provocative mind and fertile imagination. Call me. Let me make your most risqué dreams come true!

Will you await your “Destiny”?

Ms. Destiny St. Claire

Call 1.866.949.4101
for Phone Sex with
Destiny St. Claire

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  • WOW!!! She is amazing. Destiny sweety, thank you it had a blast. Everbody should call her and hear herseductive voice.

  • Well I had a 40 min call with Destiny that ended up being 60 min she was so good!!! I really enjoyed her and I will be calling her again!!!! Destiny St. Clair is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Destiny is a wonderful woman who takes time to get to know you talk with you and make the situation personal. I really enjoyed the call

  • Destiny is smokin’ hot and was great fun. She’s very intelligent and took the time to get to know me, not just request a call. It made the call one to remember.

  • Great fun Destiny. Loved the way you took my fantasy and twisted to make it OUR fantasy. Thank you

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