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 My Stats

Age: 35

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 119

Measurements: 34D-24-34

Pussy: Ready to be stretched!

Ass: Perfect ass for every occasion.

Favorite Positions: On top, anal, doggy and standing up.

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a trampoline.

Hobbies: Escorting, shopping, catering to wealthy men, hot bubble baths, fast cars, nice jewlery and high-end clubs.

Specialities: Interracial sex, Financial domination, Role play, Mutual masturbation, Mind control, Guided masturbation, Mild domination, Body worship, Cuckolding, Blackmail, Role play of any kind, Incest, SCAT, Group sex, Huge ass dildos, Erotic true life stories and so much more!


I am not a nice girl. I am a full-time whore. I get paid big bucks for the pleasure of using my pussy. I love being a high class escort for some of the richest men in the world. They pay big money for my talents and my silence. I know how to keep my mouth closed. My juicy mouth wrapped around a cock is one of my favorites. No one will ever know when you take me out that your wallet is going to play a pig part of our relationship.

I don’t think I was ever a good girl. I could wrap my father around my finger when I was a young girl and I always got everything I ever wanted. Knowing secrets does had it advantage. I caught daddy with his pants around his ankles and a big black dick in his ass and I got the Barbie dream house I always wanted. When I got older I just got a little more evil in my demands. I wanted more and I learned to make people do things to get them for me. I let my best friends father pop my cherry during a slumber party and I got a shopping spree. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. I am just picky. I love really large cocks. I would never settle for something small. My cunt has to be stretched for me to cum.

Open your wallet on the night stand and I will be the whore you crave. You can have my ass for a large tip and I will even forget to slip on your condom before you fuck me the entire contents of your wallet. I love cumming to the smell of money. Wrap your cock in hundred dollar bills and let my tight pussy slip them off one by one. You get what you pay for baby, and I am worth it.

Are you scared to share you dirty thoughts and twisted imagination? Well, don’t worry I can make all of it a reality. Just put that sickness all in my hands and I will make you feel like your living the reality of your twisted desires. I take phone sex to a new level. Everything will feel so real that you will forget that it’s just a fantasy. Call Brianna for your next phone session. I make this shit look good!

Bad ass,

Call 1.866.949.7079
for Phone Sex with

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  • FLAT OUT………….THIS GAL IS A “FIRECRACKER” ! And I’ve talked with a few of ’em, over the past year ! Whatever you pay her, you’ve gat a bargin draw ! REGARDS, RLF

  • wow. I have spoken to her too. she is great when you need to be put in your place, but Savannah is still my favorite…

  • Brianna loves big black cock
    and has the sexiest voice. shes a black cock lover guys

  • Brianna, my fantasy is that I took a penus growth pill that made my penus growth to the extent that I could star on porn on stage.

  • You are a hot little woman, yes you are.It took less than two minutes before we were entangled in an exciting orgasmic encounter. You are hot and fast and very sexy.

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