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Off With His Head

        Welcome to my office. I am told I need to fix a little problem of yours. Please disrobe, and hop up on my table. Why know, it isn’t really sanitary. I just fucked my girlfriend on the table. You don’t mind, do you?

I can see the problem here. It seems that thing of yours is quite useless. No man can ever not get hard while they look at me. Now then there is you. I can see why your wife is suggesting we remove that limp piece of flesh. Shame really, it seems to be quite large, just not in working order. 

You ask me if I will use anything to deaden your pain. I explain that is is not up to me, but to the doctor. Ah, you thought I was doing the procedure. It’s the person who really deserves to cut that worthless thing off.  You see your wife, and she looks happier than you have ever made her. You beg to be able to cum one last time before we rid you off your cock and balls. I tease you and show you my gorgeous tits. Still nothing from you. 

    She is shaking a bit, you see your reflection on the scalpel blade. You hope it’s quick. It isn’t. When she is done, she has a request. She wants us to fuck over your bloody, useless body. Sounds like bloody fucking fun to Nurse Malaya.



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Bianca

Hi, all my man sluts it’s me, Bianca your strap-on freak who’s ready to pound your ass bloody. I have many adult lovers, both male and female. biancaFor some reason, I tend to attract partners who love strapon dildo play. Would you like me to strap it on, make you get on your all fours and watch me assault my husband well shaved bleached ass hole? It’s OK, we love an audience. Speaking of an audience, cuckolding is a real turn on for me as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my husband to the bar just to have him go into the bathroom and check out which man has the biggest cocks so I can hit on them and take them back home with us and let them fuck me like a craven whore while he sits back and waits for some hot creampie to suck out of my well-fucked pussy. Are you thirsty for a load of hot cum to drink?

Sissy Boy Dress-Up Phone Sex with Bianca

Aww, look at you been sitting in my bedroom on my bed with your legs cross wearing those big rollers in your hair, and your face all dolled up
with that bright make-up on. Don’t you look pretty? I love to hear about how you were enjoying the feel of woman’s panties andBusty Bianca stockings on your smooth shaved legs. How you love feeling girly and getting down on your knees to suck a massive cock or get your little pussy fucked good and hard. All role play requests shall be fulfilled. All you have to do is tell me what turns you on the most. I have no restrictions at all.

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