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Age: 18

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5

Weight: 109

Measurements: 34A-22-34

Pussy: Bare and puffy

Ass: Looks awesome bending over

Favorite Positions: On your lap!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Fucking a Fed Ex guy in his truck

Hobbies: Teasing older men, PS3, swimming, shopping, hiking and upside down roller coasters

Specialities: Teasing, Daddy's lil girl, Family fun, Age play (any age), Submissive slut, Showers of any kind, Young voice, Spankings and Really kinky role- plays


“Torrie your a fucking cock tease,” my neighbor yelled. My neighbor Mr. Johnson just doesn’t realize that calling me that makes my little pussy tingle. I just turned 18, but I have been teasing since I was a preteen. My older sister taught be all of her skills before she went away to college. She was the Queen prick tease in the family before she left. Now that honor is all mine. The more I tease all those men, the more clothes I don’t have to pay for. Mr. Johnson may call me a cock tease, but he also paid for me to go to Hawaii this summer.

I’m your little jail bait Princess, well almost jail bait. I have the look all you older men love. Cute little pigtails to pull, braces on my teeth, and all the little teen slut clothes my closet can hold. I remember the day Daddy’s boss came over to pick up some paperwork. I had just slipped into my new bikini when he knocked on the door I guess he was surprised to see me. His cock was instantly hard and poking his pants. I giggled and let him in. After all he is Daddy’s boss. I was shocked when he told me that with a body like mine that my Father could get a raise in no time at all. I may be blonde, but I am not stupid. I slipped the bikini off and let him use my pussy like a piece of meat. He fucked me right there on the couch and left a big cum stain for my Father to find. Daddy got a raise and I got a pussy full of cum.

The poor man next-door has been teased to the breaking point with me. Last week I went over because his mail was accidentally delivered to my house. I made sure I added some candy apple glass to my lips and smiled really big when he opened the door. He always tells me how cute I am with my braces. Sucking the lollipop I opened right before he opened the door I told him that it was really hot and I needed a drink of something wet and tasty. He couldn’t refuse my request so I followed him to the kitchen while he got me some juice. I whispered that wasn’t the juice I wanted. I told him if he took his cock out and stroked it I would suck the juice out for him. He stroked and stroked and when he was ready to cum I laughed and drank the cup of juice he poured. He took too long and I was really thirsty.

If you like to be teased to the brink and back over and over again make sure you call my pretty little fuck phone. I made sure it matches the color of my pussy. They guy at the phone company was shocked when I pulled my panties to the side and told him to match this. I love being a cock tease!

Call 1.866.415.2934
for Phone Sex with

7 Responses to “Torrie”

  • I will definetly be calling you back, and next time the fantasy will be with you being my step-daughter. In the meantime, keep that pussy tight for me.

  • Torrie, what a NAUGHTY lil’ girl you are! Your daddy must be very proud of how well you have learned everything he has taught you. I loved our call and am already looking forward to playing with you again soon.

  • Damn.. you are so hot… that sexy lil girl voice that drives me wild. That lil school girl fantasy was off the chain! I am going to have to play that out again soon!

  • Torrie, you make one fantastic naughty babysitter! We will have to act that out again. Thank you for making my fantasy come true. I will definitely be looking to call you again soon.

  • Wow, Torrie, you are a good little girl for Daddy! I loved playing with my daughter! I can’t wait to call you again baby. I’ve talked with other girls but you are the sweetest, most willingest, most fun baby girl Daddy has ever played with!

  • Such a young voice.. such a no-taboo slut.. completely willing to be the nastiest babysitter ever

  • Torrie played my sister so well

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