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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5'5

Weight: 112

Measurements: 34B-24-34

Pussy: Shaved with always cum inside!

Ass: Ready for your cum load

Favorite Positions: On my back or on your face

Strangest Places I've had sex: At a wedding reception

Hobbies: Playing euchre, painting, traveling,

Specialities: Cuckolding, Age play, Family fun, Scat, Submissive, Role play, Interracial sex, Humiliation, Gang bangs, Mutual masturbation, Sex toys, Showers of any kind, Impregnation, Kinky true life stories, Cheating girlfriend, Blackmail, Squirting, Big cocks and Guided masturbation


Hi! I’m Kiki your naughty neighbor. I just got married to a really great guy, but there is one problem. He is just way to small for me. I love him, but I have always been a size queen. I need the really big dicks to make me purr. Nothing under 10 inches has ever made me happy. It’s a secret, but he thinks I was a virgin when we got married, but he doesn’t know I am really a nasty slut who has fucked so many men I lost count a long time ago.

My honeymoon was fantastic. I fucked the best man right before I walked down the isle and during the reception I got my Father-in-laws cock right down my throat. When we got back to the hotel room I was so full of cum, I just had to giggle when he told me he would take it easy on me. Little does he know he was eating the cum of half of the guys at the reception when he lick my cum filled cunt. I know I am bad, but I can’t help the fact that I need dick.

When the hubby is at work I always keep the back door open for all the big dicks in the neighborhood. As soon as he leaves I am back in bed getting my ass, face, and naughty box filled over and over again. I love when the black guy down the street comes by right before my hubby gets off work. He stretches my pussy wide open and always leaves a huge load behind. I have to fuck everyday or he might realize that my pussy tastes a little different when it is not full of spunk.

My husband thinks I leave for work right after him, but in all reality I get on the phone and do some of the nastiest phone sex that you will ever have. I don’t even know what a limit is since I have been a whore when I was barely a teenager, but that story you’ll have to hear to believe. Lets just say I come from a really close family and Mommy taught me well.

Naughty Kiki

Call 1.866.949.9731
for Phone Sex with

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