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Phone Sex With Me Is Always Hot

The weather might be cold and dreary, but it is always HOT here with me. People assume because I look elegant most of the time that I I am into fancy restaurants and older gentlemen. Nothing can be further from the truth. I like my men, big, rough and total bad boys. The sweet gentlemen are for nights out, but once I get home, I want it hard, dirty and rough.

After my dinner date since I had no plans, I thought I would log in for a bit. I was hoping some of my sexy regulars would give me a call. I was not disappointed! I came so many times, I just might have forgotten to log myself off before I passed out. I woke up with my hands wet from pussy juice, and my vibe running batteries down on the side of bed.

Now this is where the sweet older man comes into play again. I text him that I am dying for a mimosa and a yummy fruit salad. He arrives quickly with my drinks, and breakfast. As we chat about our next date something very dirty comes to mind. Of course, I won’t spill it. I can just tell you it has to do with fruit, one of my generously built fuck buddies, and my sugar daddy.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Mommy Being Naughty With Her Boyfriend

mommy morgan kitchenYou wake up in the middle of the night. Someone is outside. You are scared, but as the man of the house, you look out your bedroom window. Mommy and her new boyfriend are swimming in the backyard pool. You look at the clock. It is after 2 am. Mommy should be in her bed asleep by now. Mommy is being bad by having a friend over this late. You return to your bed and try to go back to sleep. Mommy is noisy. You can hear her laughing and squealing. Then it gets quiet, too quiet. You look out the window again, and the pool is empty. You hear laughter coming from downstairs. You head towards the noise in the kitchen. You find Mommy and her boyfriend eating strawberries, and playing with whipped cream on their almost naked bodies. Mommy is being really naughty now. You are jealous and excited at the same time. Mommy lets you join in on the fun! She sprays whipped cream on your nose. She licks it off and giggles. Then she sprays whipped cream on her lover’s big cock. She invites you to join her and help her lick it off.

Tickle Me, Pickle Me

My phone sex brother can be a bit of a pain in my ass but he is adorable and so funny. It seems like one of us gets grounded and our phones taken away constantly so we invent silly games to play. His latest is Tickle Me, Pickle me. Sounds innocent enough, right? *Giggles*

It began as one of us would surprise the other and jump on them, tickle and make them eat a sour pickle. I mean a real pickle, get your minds outta the gutter..or don’t! We did that for a couple of days and it kind of began getting old, especially the pickle part. I told him to come up with another game and I would play.

A few days later he jumps on me and yells tickle me, pickle me. Not again!! We start rolling on the bed and he is just in his boxers and me in my sleep shorts and tank. I can feel he has a boner and I am trying to hide the fact my cute teen tits have come out of my tank and my nipples could cut glass. I can’t believe we are both getting excited, I mean he’s my brother. I can’t help myself so I begin to tease him telling him he has the hots for me. He tickles me some more and we roll off the bed onto the floor with him on top.

OMFG, what he does next I can’t believe, Okay well I can. *Giggles* He pulls off my shorts and his boxers and yells Tickle me, pickle me and next thing I know his dick is inside my hot little fuck hole. I try and push him off but it feel so good I just wrap my legs around his back and kiss him and nibble his neck. My moans of pleasure just make him fuck me harder. I try and tell him to pull out before he cums as I am not on birth control. That just makes him fuck me harder and harder till he drains his balls in my tight little pussy. Oh Fuck!! It is the time of the month I am fertile. He pulls out with a smirk on his face and yells…Your Pickled.

Bratty Teen AJ

Creamy and Sticky

Let’s have some food play fun. Get me sticky and hot with loads of cream. Watch me play with food, while you stroke your big cock with a little bit of whip cream. I am going to want to lick your cock clean.

My sweet titties are all messy with a cherry on top and I need someone to suck them clean. Your cock will be so hard when you see me smear that delicious whip cream over my ass and pussy.

Your cock is throbbing and you will slide deep inside my fuck hole. Mixing your creamy cum with my sweet pussy cream.

Cum and cover me in your favorite desert.


Cucumber Fucking Phone Sex

I went grocery shopping last night and I can’t get over the cucumber I brought home, it was huge. I woke up this morning and my pussy was moist thinking about this cucumber sitting in my refrigerator. I went on about my day and every now and then my mind drifted off and thought about the cucumber and I noticed my panties instantly got wet.

When I got home, I grabbed the cucumber and went straight to my bed. I hurried to get my clothes off. I grabbed it and licked and sucked it and pretended I was sucking a huge cock. I couldn’t take it anymore and I slid the cucumber inside my pussy. I starting fucking it harder, driving the whole thing inside of me! I couldn’t believe how much my pussy was stretching to get the cucumber in me. The more my pussy was stretching, the harder I slammed it. I can’t believe how much I was lusting over this huge cucumber and loved how it filled me up.

My moans were getting louder and more intense. I just happen to look up and there standing at my bedroom door was my next door neighbor. He said he was outside trimming the hedges and he thought something was wrong with me. He said he knocked and rang the doorbell but I obviously didn’t hear it. I invited him over to the side of my bed and told him to pull down his pants. In no time, I was back fucking my green monster and had my neighbors raging hard cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long and we both came at the same time.

My neighbor was extremely turned on and said he would love to bring over a huge zucchini from his garden. I can’t wait for that!

Xo, Megan

I Do More Than Kiss On the First Date!

You and I have been getting to know each other and we decide to go on our first date. So much anticipation, so exciting!

We decide to do a day date and go on a picnic. I pack a picnic basket and a blanket. You pick me up and smile with I answer the door wearing a sheer little dress over my bikini. You like my southern California sexy girl style. I grab my sunglasses and your hand.

Once we get to the park, we spread out the picnic blanket. I suggest that you take off your shirt and offer to put sunscreen all over you. I rub your skin tenderly and we both get turned on. We gaze right into each other eyes. I think I forget to breathe. I kiss you with so much passion and desire. We rub and kiss against each other, so much wonderful sexy foreplay!

You slip my dress over my head. Next comes the bikini top. You pull on those strings and massage those big breasts. I kiss you again.  Craving a taste of you. I get you naked and start sucking your cock. I give you the most wonderful slow, sexy blowjob. I use my tongue and get your cock so hard and so wet! I get so hot! I need you to fuck me!

I climb on top of you and ride you! I scream and cry out as I cum all over your cock. You turn me over to my back and slip into me. It is only our first date, but it is a perfect date and the only way to end it is by feeling your cum inside of me. You thrust hard and deep into me. You make me moan and fill me.

Perfect First Date!



Cooking with Faith

When I came across this certain someone, I told him I wasn’t your ordinary girl. I just happen to have huge tits that everyone loves with a side of twisted kink that goes a long way with it. When you have a body like mine, you have to show off these delicious juggs. It’s almost expected of me.

I invited my new friend over for dinner and I thought I would spice things up in the kitchen and see if he can even handle a side order of kink with his meal. I left the front door open a crack while I was getting myself ready for dinner. I love surprising new boyfriends with some fun in the kitchen, the last thing they expect is to find me in the kitchen already naked. I lathered up my tits and it was a start to a slippery, wet night of fun and food. If your looking for a girlfriend who will make time for you when you need that extra kink in your life. Look no further, I have the curvy body and the kinky mind that every guy wants.

Let’s start dinner so you can feed off my huge, beautiful tits.


Bye, bye

The couple to the right of me are always yelling and waking me up. They fight about everything money sex, family, sex and *giggles* even me. That really isn’t fair because I have been a good girl and not even once tried to seduce Mr P. I mean I have maybe teased a little but not full blown “I want to fuck you”. To make things worse they constantly wake me up on my day off from school. Getting woken up with a hard cock about to explode in me in my dream is really annoying. Then I have to get out my dildo and take care of matters.It just isn’t the same without that hot creamy baby batter.

But anyways, this time it is her clothes getting thrown out the door. I wonder what the bitch did? She gets in her ugly mom car and he goes back in the house. How can I sleep wondering if this is my chance to seduce, suck and fuck Mr P? Okay so I make some pancakes.  Me cook? *giggles* and put a coat and boots over my sleep shorts. I knock on his door with the plate of pancakes and he looks confused but lets me in. I told him I was wakened by all the noise and since we were all awake I would bring breakfast. I am sweet like that! He then started to explain what I already knew which was cool as his voice made me horny.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to take off my coat and snowy boots”, I asked? He seemed distracted but told me of course where were his manners. I pretend I forgot I wasn’t really dressed and handed him dish of pancakes.  I followed him to the kitchen and stood out the counter and accidently poured maple  syrup on my perky teen boobs. I tried to rub it off with my spit as he just stared.  I finally got some of the syrup on his food and put it on the kitchen table in front of him. He just stared at me and stammered about how some of the fights were about his feeling for me. He even asked his wife to pretend she was me while they fucked. Oh that isn’t nice, but I like it. He asked me if I was a virgin, and I told him no and in fact I was on birth control. He told me he could tell I wanted him as well so now there was nothing stopping us. Well nothing except I was so fertile and not really on birth control.

He began to lick the syrup off my nipples making my teen pussy soaking wet. Mr P pulled off my shirt and carried me to the bed him and the bitch slept in. He spread my skinny legs, pulled off my sleep shorts and plunged his sticky tongue into my hot hole. I tilted my hips grabbed the back of his head and came all over his face. He came back up kissing me tasting like my pussy and syrup. I could suck his big, hard cock but what if he came in my mouth? That would ruin my plans to get knocked up by him. I just started to beg him to fuck me, whispering in his ear how much I wanted his cock buried in me. I got on top of him and started to ride him. he asked me again if I was on birth control and I told him YES, now FUCK me! I had cum like twice already and he said he couldn’t hold back and was ready to squirt his seed into me. Just as he was cumming I informed him, I was not on birth control and very fertile. I hope he wasn’t mad! Opps, I am a bad little girl!

Stuck in a Deep Freeze? Let’s Warm Up Together!

Make the most out of the harsh winter cold! Just because we are all holed up indoors doesn’t mean we can have a bit of fun and make the most of it!

For example, we could play Twister, naked of course! Put a little massage oil on the mat, just to keep it interesting!

Or, one of my personal favorites, the ‘strip santa hat game’. Wondering what that is? Call me to find out. There’s so many naughty ways to turn up the heat and stay warm with Savannah today!!


Mommy for Dessert

You have been a very good boy shoveling snow for your Mommy Morgan.

You skipped a chance to go the movies with your friends so you could make sure that Mommy can get her car out of the drive.

After all of your shoveling, I ask if you want to run to the grocery store with me. We can pick out something special for dinner. You are tired, but you are a good boy and want to help Mommy with her grocery bags. We head to the store and there is a beautiful display of organic strawberries, your favorite. You put a quart into our shopping cart for a yummy dessert.

You sit in the kitchen and watch me use the beaters to mix up our homemade whipped cream. All you can think about is biting into a big wet juicy strawberry. That strawberry juice dripping down my chest. Spreading whipped cream all over my body and you licking it off my naughty spots. Of course, I want to lick all of your special sexy spots too.

Mommy Morgan