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Dirty Mommy Suzanne

I had just gotten out of the shower, and while my hair was drying, I called my phone sex son at boarding school. We usually just use online calling as it can get rather costly with him in Europe. I was in a very playful mood, and began to tease him a bit. I was saying things like; “I know you have a huge load you must need some release?” I was just being a silly flirt because I missed him so much. What I didn’t notice was my Skype was set to cam, and he could see everything I was doing. I was just in a small towel which barely contained my big, slightly saggy Milf tits. The more we talked and teased, the wetter I was getting. Was it wrong to finger my gushing cunt while we chatted?

He wasn’t as innocent as I thought. He began to return the flirty banter. He said that one of his female friends at school taught him how to give a facial, and would I like one when he came home for Thanksgiving. I thought he was too innocent to catch on to Mommy’s naughty phone play, but apparently not. I could hear the sound of not only him stroking, but the voice of another young man.  His breathing got heavier, and we both came at the same time. Before we said “goodbye” he had a little secret to tell me. Uh oh, he was watching me squeeze and suck my nipples and finger myself the whole time we were chatting.


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Fucking On A Yacht

Have you ever heard of a Boatel? I hadn’t either till recently. It is a boat that goes out during day, but is docked at night. It sounded like a perfect vacation. Relaxing, swimming and parties.

I didn’t pack much, and my key to room was just where I was told to find it. A handsome gentleman was getting his key at the same time as me. Apparently, it would just be the two of us on the small yacht. It was late, so unfortunately no water fun till next day.

He saw me dressed up and going to local pub and invited himself along. I suggested it would be more fun to just head out on the water for a bit. He agreed, smiled and told me it was actually his boat and he would be happy to take me out on the lake.

Before I had a chance to change into a skimpy bikini, was were out. It was a beautiful night, and the gentleman offered me a shot of Courvoisier. It went down so smooth, with that warming sensation. Before I even thought about it, my dress was off and I jumped in the lake. I looked up at him, teasing him to join me. I watched as he undressed showing me a hot, muscled body and a large, thick cock. Mmmmm, very nice. We swam, kissed, and just sort of got to know each other.

The water was getting a little rough so we went back inside. A few more shots, some flirting, and things got a bit more intense. His tongue was in my tight rosebud pucker, and I was begging for more.

Care to join me, and see for yourself what a hot, nasty few days we had?

Sultry Valentina



Written By: Valentina
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Summer Fun With Callie

  There is no season I love as much as Summer. It gives me an excuse to travel, wear tiny string bikinis, daisy dukes, and sexy cocktail dresses to party in.  I got back a few days ago from a trip to Playa Del Carmen. The white sands and blue water were amazing! I spent the days sailing, surfing and checking out the hotties. The nights were dancing, drinking and fucking the lucky man of my choice till sunup. 

The first night in Playa del Carmen I stayed at the hotel bar. Shots of  Don Julio Real tequila, lots of flirting and body shots. I was in a party mood and ready to be fucked hard, and fast after all those shots. While still in the bar I gave my first sloppy blowjob of the night. My makeup was a mess, but I love looking in the mirror and knowing I took a load of jizz all over my pretty face. I cleaned up slightly, then it was back to the bar. The two bartenders who I had been flirting with all night invited me to their condo on the beach. Why leave, right? I took them and and an older man who bought me drinks all night to my suite. It seemed like all the older man wanted to do was watch. Well fuck! I planned on getting all my hot horny holes filled at once. He asked me permission to take his cock out, as he watched. Oh, two tall, dark studs and a cuck was what I had, and I couldn’t have been any happier. Okay well maybe a fourth man!


Written By: Callie
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Doctor, Doctor

     I woke up one day last week in a very wicked mood. I have been having the most delicious, dirty dreams that I wanted to act on.

I went online looking for a cosmetic surgeon. I consider my body to be perfection, but looking at the different surgeons in my area one just caught my eye. Tall, sexy and just fucking yummy! I made my consultation appointment, and went to it yesterday. I dressed for a casual date, but underneath wore my sexiest silk bra and panties.

We discussed what size I would like to be, and I told him something ridiculously large. I sat on his table with just a pair of panties as he felt my breasts, and suggested not going much bigger. My nipples were hard, I was creamy wet, and could see the bulge in his scrubs. I decided I might as well come clean at this point, so I confessed why I was really there. That made him even more excited, with a wet spot I just wanted to lick off. He told me what a naughty little time wasting slut I was. 

He began to get a little rough which is exactly how I like it. After a very hard spanking, he began to lick my asshole. He pushed his tongue in deep, and when I began to moan he demanded I get back on the table and put my feet up in the stirrups.

I left his office with a dirty grin and cum dripping out of my ass.



Written By: Valentina
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Daddy Sent Us Dick Pictures

        My friends and I were taking naughty pictures and sending them to the football team. We were laughing, drinking a little from daddy’s liquor stash, and waiting for some dick pictures back. We got several, and I thought it would be hot to send some girl on girl. I guess we got a little carried away in the excitement because we accidentally sent one to phone sex daddy. 

  I can’t believe what happened next. Daddy sent us a dick picture back. My friends were all excited, and talking about what a big dick my daddy has. We kept sending back and forth, and my friend Jenn began to sex chat with daddy. She did it from my phone as me, the little sneak. Daddy wasn’t upset, he sexted back! 

My friends all went home for dinner, leaving me to see what will happen when daddy got home. Will he be mad? Did someone else send pictures because never let us see his face. Oh, I hear the car door.

Did I fuck daddy? Oh, those are special secrets! Call me and I might tell you what happened as I get wet whenever I think about it.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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It’s Bikini Time love shopping, and bikini shopping is one of my favs. I always try to find a new boutique for the selection and to tease the fuck out of the sales person helping me. A new store just opened in the Galleria and it looked rather exclusive with a snobby type crowd. I knew I would walk out with several bikini’s and if things went my way, a very satisfied pussy.

A tall, handsome gentleman approached me to see if I needed some help and if I would like a glass of chilled white wine. I happily said “yes” to both. He asked my size and began to show me several in various pastel colors. One seemed tinier than the next, just my style. With him holding my future purchases, he ushered me to the dressing room. He said to call if I needed any help, but I suggested he stay since I could always use a man’s opinion.

As I got undressed, he tried to look away, or at least made it seem like he was. I was having none of that! Before putting my tiny top on, I asked him if he thought my tits looked even. Looking very confused, he stammered that they were perfect. I am not really sure how it happened, but soon he was sucking on my nipples and cupping my round ass. Then he slid his erect cock in between my 36DD’s and I gave him a hot, slippery, titty fuck. I sweetly asked him if he could ask the hot brunette to join us for a second opinion.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany


Written By: Tiffany

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Neighbor Got More Of a Show Than Planned

My neighbor and I have a little thing going on only through the window. He’s attractive but I think he’s just a little shy around me, he stumbles his words when we see each other outside for a casual conversation. When it comes to night time, he’s defiantly not shy about stroking his cock through the window and watching me undress. We’ve never hooked up, probably due to the fact that he’s married.

The other night was no different. I started undressing, taking off my shirt, bra and shorts. I look over and there he was, looking at me with his hard cock in his hand. I got on my bed and I started to caress my soft skin.

All of a sudden, my bedroom door creeps open and it’s my fuck buddy. We’ve been fucking for years and he even has a key to my house. He surprises me every now and then and he defiantly surprised me the other night while I was teasing my neighbor.

My black lover strips down to nothing and walks over to me. He gets on the bed beside me and I crawl on top of him and ride his big, black cock. While my pussy is sliding up and down his hard shaft, I look over my shoulder and I see my neighbor is truly enjoying the new show. I think he has a little sweetness for dark chocolate, as do I.


Written By: Monique
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Soft, Hot And Fuckable

You slipped your business card in my purse while I wasn’t paying attention. You are a fetish photographer and offered to do a free photo shoot for me. Your business card had a note that said “call me” maybe? My favorite fuck buddy has a birthday coming up, and I know he would love that for a gift.  I called you and made an appointment, and the next day went to your studio.

As soon as I saw you, I remembered you from the club. I had planned on doing some serious flirting that night, but something had come up. Now, here we both are. I didn’t need any help posing, but you seemed to like your hands on me as much as I did. Slowly, I took off my clothes for more pictures. I suggested you get in the pictures too. Without hesitation you set camera to auto, and I ripped off your clothes. I had no desire to go slow. I was so fucking wet and I needed to fuck right then.

Your lips were soft on my nipples, as you sucked and bit them. Your pussy was dripping wet, hot and smooth. After we fucked for hours, you invited me to spend the night. I found a bottle of bubbly, popped it open and we looked at the pictures you took. You sneaky little hottie, you had it set for video. My special fuck buddy is going to love his gift, but not as much as I loved making it!



Written By: Tiffany

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Little Lucie Playing In Her Bedroom


I am your naughty teen girl. You got so mad last month when the boy from school and I wanted to study for a math test in my bedroom. You were very mean, and you yelled at me. You made me promise no one more boys in my room. Well, okay then, but you didn’t say anything about having girls in my room. 

All my girlfriends are so cute and sexy. Playing with girls is a lot of fun. I am fascinated by girls with big tits. I love how soft and round big tits are. I love making them bounce. During our slumber parties, we take off our shirts and let the other girls play with my little tits. Kissing a girl on the mouth is just as much fun as kissing boys. Boys from school really don’t know what to with their tongues, but my best girlfriend does this magic thing with her tongue between my legs. When you hear squeals coming from my room, you think she and I are just being silly. You have no idea that my best friend just made me cum again behind my closed bedroom door.

Having no boys in my bedroom is no big deal. I can play with them at school and the movies, and I can always have a girl over in my bedroom. Girls are just as naughty as boys. 

Your very naughty girl, 

Little Lucie 


Written By: Little Lucie
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Lingerie Shopping On Daddy’s Credit Card

    My phone sex daddy let me borrow his credit card to buy some respectable things to wear to bed. He told me even though I looked adorable, he was tired of seeing me in long rock tee shirts. Daddy told me to just buy some pretty sleepwear and a robe. He said the robe was most important. Yikes, can he be pushy!

  I went to all my favorite stores and purchased some very sexy lingerie. While I was at it, I went to the adult store and found some yummy edible oils. Wow, they even had edible candle wax. Daddy texted me and said mommy was out for the night to to pick up some of my favorite takeout for a daddy and daughter night.

I got home with my pretty, shiny bags with bows. He called me to come down for dinner, so I put on one of my new nighties. OH! The look on my daddy’s face when he saw how sexy I looked. He looked a little mad, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his baby girl. We ate dinner while he attempted to make small talk. I put my hand on his thigh and began to rub slowly to his big dick. He tried to say “NO” but who can resist a cute baby girl like me? I bet you can’t.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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