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Hot New Guy In Town

You are the hot new guy in town. All the ladies are talking about you and flirting with you. You are a sexy bad boy, strong, muscular, mysterious, a man of few words. Rumor has it that you have a great cock and are single.

I spot you at the post office. You are filling out your forwarding address paperwork. Everyone is staring. You are captivating and charming, but rugged and manly. I mail my package and hang back watching and waiting for you. You finish your business at the counter. As you walk past me, you nod and put your sunglasses on. I follow behind you and watch you hop on your motorcycle. Damn, you are hot!

Lucky for me, you turn right out of the parking lot which is the same direction that I need to travel. Maybe I can follow you. I am an only a couple of cars behind you at the first red light. My pussy is throbbing from the excitement. I have never stalked a guy before now. I almost lose you at the next light, but I hurry through the yellow light.

There is quite a bit of traffic as we get closer to the mall, but I manage to keep you in my sight. You drive past my building, but I decide to keep following you. I tell myself just five more minutes. You turn right, so I turn right. I follow you into my favorite fish market. I sit in my car for few minutes and touch up my makeup. I walk inside and realize that you are there for an interview. You are talking with the owner behind the counter. The owner is the only one there today. He greets me with a friendly smile and tells me all about the special of the day. I point to you. I tell the owner that I want you. Did I just make you blush? The owner realizes that you would be great for business. Every lady in town will make extra trips to his fish market just to get a glimpse of you. The owner sees the excitement in my eyes and hires you on a trial basis. You can start right away. I can be your first customer. He goes into the back of the shop.

You smile at me. You ask if you just saw me at the post office. I admit that I followed you here, but I live close and stop here a couple of times a week. I am so turned on. I want to run my hands all over your chest. You are hot, and I want you. In my fantasy, we fuck right here and now. I suck your cock as you look down at me with your smoldering bedroom eyes. You bend me over the counter and fuck me. Well, a fish market is a horrible place for sex, and you just got hired. The reality would not quite be as sexy as my fantasy.

When you ask me what I would like, I order Gulf shrimp and invite you to my place for dinner tonight. I give you a kiss and tell you that I can’t wait to get you naked.


Bikini Shop Sex

It is a beautiful afternoon, and we are on the way to the beach. I want to make a stop and do a little shopping before we hit the beach. You absolutely hate it when I make you go shopping with me.

Well, the 4th of July weekend is the best time to get a new bikini. All the little swim shops at the beach start to mark down their swimwear. The selection is still great, and the bikinis are affordable. You want to go straight to the beach, but if I let you pick out a new bikini for me, can we stop and shop first?

That is too tempting for you to resist. You pick out this TINY red bikini, and I try it on. The bottom is tiny but a perfect fit, but the top is meant for a girl with no boobs. It looks ridiculous on me. The top barely covers my tits. I pull you into the dressing room assuming that you will laugh and go pick out something more reasonable. You smile and grab me. You get hard and start kissing all over me and touching my tits, making those nipples hard. You rub the small of my naked back and nibble on my ear. You know that I can’t resist you when you do that to me. The bikini bottom gets pushed to the side, and your pants come down just enough. You fuck me in the dressing room behind this little curtain. You make me scream when I cum. Everyone in the shop heard me cum!

Well, I buy the bikini, but I think I will save it for the bedroom instead of the beach!


Always Hot And Fast

TiffanyOne of my friends owns this adorable little cafe and sometimes I help her with office deliveries. It is loads of fun as I never know what hot man I might be bringing lunch too and the tips are awesome. I wear a pair of tight white shorts and a tiny little top that barely covers my tits that says “Always Hot and Fast” Lol, that is her store motto!

It appears I have an admirer who only wants delivery from me. He orders late to be my last delivery of the day so he can make small talk to keep me there. He would only have to ask once as I have this lust thing for him that has been building over the weeks.

When I got to his office he wasn’t there. I was so disappointed. I put his lunch down on the desk, and laid out his sandwich and coffee. I was bent over writing a little note when I heard his door open. Without saying a word, he came up behind me and began to kiss my neck. I could feel his already hard cock pressed against my round ass as he reached around and began to squeeze my tits. He whispered in my ear, “what can I do for you”.

I turned around, kissing him as I pulled off my shorts and panties. I sat on his desk pushing his lunch out of the way so he could have the lunch he has wanted for weeks. His spread my pussy lips and dived right in. I was already so fucking wet and slippery for him. He slid two fingers into my creamy, hot pussy as he licked and sucked my clit into his mouth. I came all over his handsome face and begged for him to fuck me. He looked up at me with his face soaked, and kissed me so I could taste how wet he made me. I felt him slide his wet finger into my tight asshole as he went back for more lunch. He was sucking my clit back into his mouth and squeezing my hard nipple till I squirted in his mouth.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany

TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Perfect Win, Win Situation

daphneI have been getting a little serious with this man I have been seeing. As serious as I can possibly get being I love to fuck around on all my men. I mean one is never enough and I get this adrenaline rush from meeting and fucking strangers. He is awesome  don’t get me wrong. He is well built, the perfect lover, and has a great job. Most women would be  happy, but I always need more.

I received a gift card in my email from an “admirer”. Wow, 2 nights in Cabo all inclusive with a sizable vanilla gift card. I was so excited and quickly packed a few bikini’s and club dresses. I have always been the type that loves spur of the moment adventures.

I Immediately hit the beach without even unpacking as we were losing sun fast and the beach was fucking beautiful. After some people watching, sunbathing and a few drinks I head back to my room to shower and change.  I call down to the concierge for some suggestions on nightspots. He informs me there is some instructions at his desk for me.  In a tiny dress, heels and perfect makeup I hit the club. So many beautiful people dancing and partying. I am flirting with two very hot men laughing, drinking and rubbing up against them. Suddenly, we were interrupted by my  boyfriends boss. He came up to me smiling and asking what my boyfriend would think of my fun evening.

Honestly, I wasn’t ready to lose my boyfriend just because I am a total party girl and his boss is YUMMY! After a few drinks at a quiet table, I find what I suspected to be the truth; this is a total setup. I take my hand and grab his dick, smile wickedly and suggest we take this party to my room since after all he paid for it. After a wild night of hard fucking, I wake to see money left on the nightstand. Most women might take offense, but I am definitely not most women.

Dirty Daphne, xoxo

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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The Build Up To The Next Big “O”

I really enjoy our erotic calls but what I really love is the slow build up to our highly intense orgasms. It’s such a turn on when I get a very explicit email from you and you are describing every thing you want to do to my body before our call together. I read a lot of my emails at night when I’m lying in bed. When my eyes come across a subject line that reads: Throw you down and rip your shirt off. At that point, you defiantly have my undivided attention.

As I start to read your very sexually detailed email, my hand slowly moves in between my legs. I can feel my pussy starting to tingle and get really wet. By the fourth paragraph, my fingers are deep inside. I’m not wanting to stop but I force myself to because I want to cum with you, badly.

I take my creamy, sticky fingers out of my pussy and reply back to your email. I can still feel the heat from my pussy and when I hit “send” I am hoping my phone will ring at any moment.

Our back and forth sexting is like foreplay and the sexual build up is so incredibly intense that allows us to have mind blowing orgasms with each other.

It’s your turn next. I’m dripping wet and ready for the real thing.

Craving You Now!


 After a night of flirting, teasing and waiting, I finally have you to myself. All those clients and meetings can get rather dreary. The male clients paid so much attention to me and half the time I smiled, said “yes” but really didn’t even know what they had said. My mind and gushing pussy was thinking about later when we were finally in our hotel room. I hurried things along by excusing myself to ladies room and when back at our table showing you I had taken off my red panties and put them in my purse.

We barely got the hotel door closed before we were dropping clothes till we fell on our king sized bed. Our kisses tasted sweet like the Prosecco we drank all through dinner. You wanted to go slow and make love to me but I wanted your dick inside me now. I couldn’t stand it any longer, my nipples and pussy ached.

I begged you to fuck me deep, fast and hard. I told you that the slow love making could wait because we had all weekend. That was just what you needed to hear. You pushed me against the wall with my hands over my head and fucked me till I screamed with pleasure.

    Blonde Bimbo Tiffany

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A Trip Back To High School Fun

          Dirty DaphneI needed a little sun and fun badly so it was time for a few days off.  I grew up near an incredible camping spot by the lake. I remember jumping off the rocks into lake and losing my bikini top almost every time. Honestly, it happened so often I began to just go topless. It was our favorite place to skip school.

I got there late morning and it was already crowded. It had been a good 10 years since I had been there and noticed many changes. I really wanted some private time so I began to walk to the rocks. So many memories of the great times we had and the wild parties we had after the bluff area was closed to campers for the night.

I noticed a gorgeous man sunbathing in the nude.  He looked up and smiled at me completely uninhibited. I asked if I could join him as the lake area was so crowded. “Please do, but the rule at the rocks in nudes only”, he said. My pussy immediately became wet with his words or was it his looks! I knew he couldn’t miss it through my white thong bikini so I immediately took it off and joined him.

          We chatted for a few minutes and I found out he remembered me from school, and Lol my perfect tits as I jumped off the rocks.  We chatted, swam and sunbathed till the sun was beginning to go down. Soon the lake had cleared out and the security people were gone. I asked him if he remembered what we all did when the park closed for night. He smiled, pushed me down on the blanket and without any foreplay to get in the way slid his dick into my aching pussy.

Want to know how we spent the rest of the night. Well, there was no more reminiscing for certain! Call me up and maybe if you’re a good boy I will share the rest of my steamy details.  

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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Hot Bikini Girl Needs You


In need of a vacation, but you can’t get away? You need some time with me, your sexy beach girl!

The beach is hot, but so am I! My body is bikini ready, and I am ready for lots of hot summer days and long sexy nights spent with you. Summer is the time to let all the inhibitions drift away. The sun makes me extra horny. I have a new bikini for the summer, and guys are noticing. I love flaunting my firm body in my new bikini.

Guys ask me to join them in a game of beach volleyball. I suspect that they are secretly hoping that my bikini top slips down, and they get a peek at my nipple. When the girls and I are laying out on the beach, guys will throw a football in our direction to get our attention. My ass already has their attention. It is a very passive-aggressive way to start a conversation with a sexy girl. A classy gentleman might ask me out for dinner or ask me to join him on his boat. Maybe it is me that joins you on the beach, and invites you up to my condo on the beach to show you the view. The view is great, but my body is even hotter than the view.

The flirting and game playing on the beach is all part of our foreplay. Playful Seduction is leading to unforgettable sex. My bright orange bikini on my tan body is alluring and sexy. I am so hot and ready for you to join me in a seaside fantasy for the two of us. Do we have sex on the balcony or do we have sex on the beach?


Indulge me

 Dirty Daphne  I am an extremely lucky woman to have so many awesome callers. Every day brings a new fetish, fantasy and role-play. I really love it and the exciting way I get to spend my day. I mean what more could a girl want? Well, I will tell you loves.

Many of my callers will send me pictures of themselves. I mean, you know just who you are talking too so why shouldn’t I? A little too shy to show your face? No worries, as I love to see it all! Show me that beautiful cock and trophy balls, show me that fine ass of yours or show me just your face. I just love to see who I am cumming with.

Still too shy? Maybe we could work on that or maybe that sexy, deep voice of yours will get me though for now!  Don’t forget, I adore all kinds of men. Wear those tights, panties and lingerie proudly and let’s see where that takes us.

      xoxo, Dirty Daphne

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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Spring Shopping Trip


Yesterday, I went shopping. It was a beautiful spring day and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the next few days. After running the essential errands,  I went to my favorite store at the mall. I bought some sexy summer shoes, a new bracelet, a couple of summer dresses. I picked up some sexy silky textured cotton sheets. I can’t wait to sleep naked on them. The last stop was the lingerie department.  I was thrilled to find that my favorite bra lady was working.  She always remembers me.  She took me into the dressing room. I slipped off my top and bra. She measured my chest and breasts. Then she left me for a few minutes and returned with several gorgeous bras.  She helped me try on each bra, something kind of sexy about this.  She has great taste. I picked out four new bras. I got dressed and found little panties to go with each bra. She suggested a couple of sexy little nighties, and I couldn’t resist the pretty little yellow one and the sexy, sultry black sheer little babydoll.   

Today, I am looking at everything that I bought and I am so excited to share everything with you, Cutie! 

Love you,