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Just a Teen Tease

      I see you every day at Starbucks.  You get a plain black coffee, and I get a creamy vanilla Frappe.  I wear less and less each day.  Today it is the tiniest pair of shorts, a tight cropped tee, and not much else. You’re always in a hurry, I guess to get back to work. I like to sit, take my time, and totally enjoy my drink.  You like to stare at me, but look away when I catch you. Of course, you’re staring, just look at my hot, teen body. 

I don’t want you to rush off today. I need to have some fun with you. 

I suck on my straw, getting all the yummy cream in my mouth. I lick it off my lips. A bit falls on my hard, pink nipples. Now I have your attention. I sit with my long legs to the side now, crossing and uncrossing them. Oops, did I get more cream on my tits? You’re still watching me. I slide my fingers in my shorts under my panties. I finish my drink, walk by you and put my wet finger under your nose. 

You want to follow me, but you can’t get up at the moment. Oops!


Written By: Delaney
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Dirtiest Bitch On The Net

              I am a total adrenaline freak!  Nothing raises my pulse and get’s my juices flowing like sex. Not just any sex but dirty, nasty, messy, hot, wet, and most of all perverted.

I’m not your wine and dine girl. I don’t need a fancy hotel either. I just need a hot guy with a big dick that knows how to use it. During these odd times, I have found new and unusual ways to pick up men to hook up. 

                  Last night I saw this man working out on his balcony. Apartments are so close in the city that I could see the sweat on his body from my window. I thought he was working out way to hard, and needed a bit of distraction. I stood at my window nude, and began sucking my sexy, hard nipples. 

Now I have his attention. Strange is my favorite way to go, but I couldn’t bring him here. Yes, sex with me can get that nasty! I held up my digits on a big sign. What? You’ve never done that?

He texted me and I told him to meet me in the parking garage. During the day no one is ever there except the parking attendant. The man seemed rather confused as to why we were fucking in a dirty parking garage. I dropped to me knees on the dirty, littered with trash floor, and began sucking his gorgeous dick. Another man was getting his car. I smiled, and suggested he join us.  


Written By: Harley
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Mommy Teaches You About Girls



 Sometimes a boy just needs his mommy. It’s been a crazy year and things are finally getting back to normal. You’re at that age when you’re noticing girls.

I hear you talking with your friends about the hot new teachers. You’re really growing up fast. Today you’re chatting about what you want to do with your hot teacher. Oh dear, some of those things just don’t sound right. It’s time you got “the talk.”

I’m afraid you may be getting your ideas of what’s hot and what’s not from porn. It’s super important you understand what a real woman’s body really looks like and what she likes.

Mommy peeks in and sees you’re watching Anime porn. Is that Alvin and the Chipmunks? It’s been a long day, but mommy needs to set him straight right now. Mommy smiles sort of seductively. You’ve only seen that look a few times when she has a special date.

She stands at the foot of your bed, and slowly slips the spaghetti straps off her pink nighty. She licks her lips and moves closer to you. Her hand wraps around your cock. You think you’re going to love mommy’s special sex education

Written By: Suzanne
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Conserve Water: Share A Shower With Me

Your promotion at work has brought you to southern California. You moved into my apartment building. We have become neighbors.

It’s late one night in the workout center in our building. I watch you working out on the weights. I get aroused watching your workout and the sweat dripping down your back. Your body really turns me on.

You notice me watching you. You smile at me and I give you a little wave. As soon as the treadmill next to me opens up, you hop on it. We’ve had a few friendly conversations, but tonight there is a lot of sexual tension building between us.

I see you’re as sweaty as I am. After some very sexy flirting, I invite you up to shower with me. I make a silly but seductive joke about showering together to conserve water. We walk upstairs to my apartment. I take off my sweaty shirt and shorts as soon as the door closes.

We head into my bathroom. I take off your t-shirt and then your shorts. I drop to my knees and explain that I just have to have a taste of your sweaty cock and balls first. You go crazy with my mouth on your hard cock.

I pull away and reach behind you to turn the shower on. We get all soapy, but still manage to get very dirty in that shower.


Written By: Skylar
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Sticky, Silk Stockings

  A close friend is visiting me for a few weeks. I love having her cute son and her over for an extended visit. He is so adorable. When I look at him, I wonder why I always dated older men while growing up. 

I never wear panty hose, but I just love stockings. Something about slowly pulling them up my soft, firm legs is so hot. Jeremy is always staring at my legs when I am wearing stockings. I admit, I cross and uncross my legs showing him a bit of my tiny panties.  

After a long, luxurious shower, I pulled out a pair of black, seamed stockings from my lingerie drawer, only to find them stuck together. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. I put the silky fabric to my lips, and licked off his sticky cum. I could hear the music from the guest room, and what sounded like moaning. I softly knocked on the door, and then entered.

He was a little embarrassed. Just not so embarrassed, that he wasn’t hard. What a big, beautiful cock he has. I told him I knew all about what he’s been doing with my stockings. I told him I found it rather exciting. 

I sat in front of him, lifted my skirt, and began crossing and uncrossing my legs, as he stared helplessly. I would spread my long legs, and let him see my pussy. I put my foot on his leg, and told him to cum all over my stockings. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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Head Cheerleader Emily

We are finally back in school again.  I really missed my teachers and friends. Cheerleader tryouts should have been months ago, but today was finally the day.

I had a chat with daddy about it all, and how far I should go to get a spot. Daddy is all about sports, and nothing would mean more to him than to have his baby girl be a cheerleader. 

 I did all daddy taught me. Just like we practiced. I wore my skirt extra short, and no panties. Daddy said that would distract the other team. Mr. Lawrence will watch my tryouts, and give a recommendation to Coach Janine. I did my moves like daddy showed me. I made sure Mr. Lawrence saw everything.

I am not the best cheerleader, but my moves will get me my spot. Mr. Lawrence stared at me, and tried to hide his huge boner. There was no hiding that!

I gave him a slow, sloppy blowjob.  Then I told him if he wants more of this hot, teen mouth, he better tell Coach Janine I was amazing at try-outs!

I got a text on the way home, I made head Cheerleader!  Wait until I tell daddy!


Written By: Emily
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Caught By Daddy

             I wanted to hang with the older boys and girls.  Everyone was asleep, so I climbed out my window and down the tree. I went to the lake where everyone was. We had a few drinks and listened to cool music. I was having so much fun and even fucked a hot older boy. What a night! They really seem to like me and invited me to a few parties. It was late though and I didn’t want
 to get caught.

It was around 4 am and daddy always got up by 5 am. I thought I was home free, till I saw my phone sex daddy sitting on my bed. He had the nerve to be going through my personal stuff. I was about to tell him how mad I was, but he began yelling at me. He called me a slut and he wanted to know why my makeup was all smeared. 

I knew I was in big trouble, so I offered to show daddy why my mascara was all over my face. I got down on my knees and sucked daddy till he was hard and wet from my saliva. I then spit on my tits and gave daddy a titty fuck. He began moaning super loud and pushed my face down balls deep. I didn’t mind at all, because cock is cock no matter whose it is. In case you haven’t figured it out, I love cock! Especially older cock.


Written By: Delaney
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Quickie With My Married Neighbor

It looks like my hot, married neighbors family is leaving for the day. Before Covid, we would hook up almost every day. Sometimes I would meet him at his office and his home. Now we just hook up whenever we can.

Today I am taking a huge chance as I don’t know how long they’ll be gone for. I put on something sexy and knocked on his door. He looks around, then grabs my arm and pulls me in. Sort of like he is committing a crime!

There is no time to waste and I need all my holes filled with cock. I get on my knees in his hallway and yank down his sweats. I begin to inhale his 9 inch cock.  I beg him to fuck my face and he doesn’t disappoint.

I push him down and begin to ride his cock. He fucks me like no other guy can. I’ll never understand why his boring old wife doesn’t love his cock like I do.

The minutes are ticking away and I still need more. I slid of his cock and I run to his bedroom. I place his wife’s pillow under my gushing pussy and stick my perfect ass up for him to fuck.

Just about the time we are both having another screaming orgasm, we hear a car pull up. I smile, thank him and go out the backdoor.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Let’s Have An Affair!

My husband may pay my bills, but he’s lame in the sack and has a tiny little cock. He’s at work so often, I find myself using my vibrator till the batteries go out. I want some nice, hard cock to pound my sweet pussy till I cum over and over again.

What about your wife? I bet you’re bored silly with all her sniveling, whining, bitching about anything and everything under the sun. You and I deserve better. We need better.

Let’s have a really hot affair!

We can meet at nice hotel and spend the weekend. I’m sure you can come up with something to tell her. Perhaps, your boss needs you out of town for a work trip. We will do things together in one weekend that you’ve been trying with your wife throughout your whole marriage.


Written By: Simone
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My Victoria’s Secret Order

There is a knock at my door. I answer it and there you are holding a package.

You ask if I am Isabelle. I say that I am. You explain that you signed for my package. You hand it to me. I realize that it is my Victoria Secrets order. I tell you, thanks.

You tease me. You would hate to be responsible for depriving a pretty girl of her lingerie. I smile and invite you in so we can get to know each other. I find you gorgeous and charming.

I pour you a cold drink, and invite you to sit outside with me. I am still holding the package. It’s driving me crazy. I really want to see what is inside.

I explain how anxious that I am to open the package from VS, and you encourage me to do so. I slip inside, leaving you alone on the patio.

I come back out wearing a super sexy bra and matching panties.  You like what you see. Now it’s my turn to tease you. I run my fingers over my bra making my nipples hard. I ask you should I keep this or send it back?

I climb into your lap and we start making out. We end up fucking right there on the patio.


Written By: Isabelle
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