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My Husband’s Best Friend is Hot!

My husband had to go to Texas on a business trip, and of course, something breaks down in the house. I am all thumbs and don’t know how to repair much around the house. I cook and clean while my husband does the yard and the maintenance. 

The garbage disposal breaks and the sink is full of very dirty water. Gross!  I send a text to my husband and a pic to his phone. It takes awhile for him to get back to me. I am upset and mad that he says that he will fix it when he gets home. I need a kitchen sink! I want to call a plumber or someone to fix it tonight. 

My husband contacts his best friend, who agrees to replace my garbage disposal after work. I feel bad when he arrives. He is in a suit and tie. Such a messy job. He is a bigger guy than my husband, so his clothes won’t fit his friend. I watch this sexy, big man take off his tie, shirt and just his pants. I am drooling and aroused. 

He gets sweaty and dirty, and he fixes the sink. I talk him into taking a nice, hot shower. After he is done getting cleaned up, I seduce him by showing him my big tits, and he fucks me right there in my kitchen over the sink!


Written By: Jackie
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Sexy Swingers Phone Sex

My husband and I hosted a Swingers Party last night. It was wild! Naked bodies spread out all over our big old house. I think everybody was in an extra-horny mood. There was not much foreplay or conversation. We all just got naked and went for it. Usually, we talk and drink wine to get comfortable with each other before sex, but last night was different. As soon as everyone was there, I stood in the middle of the room and stripped off all my clothes. My husband lifted up another lady’s skirt and started licking her pussy. 

I had the opportunity to hook up with one of my favorite hotties. He and I were fucking in the living room when my husband saw us. I was riding my hottie’s cock.  My husband was so turned on. At first, he stood there and watched. Then he started stroking. I watched a lady come in and suck his cock. She was on her knees while I got on all fours with my hottie lover fucking me from behind. My husband had just cum before sitting down to watch me. He got hard but wasn’t ready yet. The lady enjoyed sucking him, but she didn’t stay long. She went upstairs to find another erotic encounter to join in on. 

I stood up, and my husband came up and sucked on my big tits. He fingered me and felt other men’s cum inside of my pussy. He dropped down to his knees and licked me for a few minutes. I told my husband to stay right there on his knees.  My hottie was rubbing his cock on my butt and back.  He was getting ready to cum. I spread my legs, with my husband’s face right there, my hottie slipped his cock into my dripping wet pussy from behind. Both men supported me, prevented me from falling as my hottie’s dick fucked me so hard, maybe the hardest fuck that I have ever had. It was so intense, especially since I was looking down into my husband’s eyes as I was getting the best fuck ever! 


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Indiscretion of a Horny Housewife!

Whoops! My mistake! My careless transgression!

It was a thrilling experience to meet you at the gym. You are new in town and looking for a horny housewife that has free time during the day to play. You are married like me, but your job allows you to have a couple of hours in the afternoon to fuck a hot lady. You are very handsome, sexy and charming. You seduced the panties right off of me. We made a date for you to come fuck me the next day at my house.

I wasn’t thinking, and I got my days mixed up. You are extremely attractive, and I got caught up in the moment. Not like I can keep a calendar and write down my when my lovers are coming over to fuck me. After you showed up, we were getting down and dirty. I was sucking your cock where there was a knock at the door. I tried to ignore the knocking, but he wouldn’t stop. I had to answer it. When I opened the door, there was my other lover. I forgot that my hot young stud also had a date with me.

Wow, for a moment this was very awkward. Two hotties to fuck me at the same time. Lucky for me that you both were REALLY in the mood to fuck me and neither of you is the jealous type. We turned the afternoon into an adventuresome threesome. The climax of the encounter was me getting double penetrated. You were in my pussy, while my hot young stud was in my ass. It was the most exciting afternoon of my life! 


Written By: Mrs. Robinson
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Lusty Afternoon With Sexy Housewife



Your wife is my best friend, but I am so turned on by you. You and I are both married to other people, but we have this very exciting sexual chemistry. Why should we fight nature?  Maybe it is destiny, fate or just plain hormones, but we are very attracted to each other.  Last Saturday, you had us over for a backyard barbecue. There was that moment in the kitchen. We were alone, and I wanted to rip your clothes off and wanted you to fuck me right there on your kitchen counter. You felt the same way. I could see it your eyes. The moment was interrupted when your wife walked into the kitchen, but I still am craving you.

I have an empty house with this kids at school and husband working a lot of overtime. I have the time and the place for us. I need to satisfy this ache that I have inside of me.  Only you will do. Leave the office after lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon in bed with me. We can fuck hot and heavy. Want you deep in me. Pin me to the bed and fuck me. Ravage me to my core. Play with my big sexy tits. Fuck my mouth and then my pussy. I will make you cum with such intense passion.

After powerful orgasms, we lie in bed together giggling. We have a great conversation. We share so much with each other as you rub my naked back.  We feel so close to each other, but there is no relationship drama. We both feel so good, happy, content. As we relax and recover from our orgasms, we kiss and caress. You crawl out of bed, ready to face the world.  You kiss me so deeply, and we set a date to do this again.

My Husband’s Sexy Cock For A Hot Threesome

my husbands cock

My husband has a sexy body,  beautiful cock and we have amazing sex together, but I still enjoy adventuresome sex with other couples.

We have missed our last three monthly swingers parties. I am craving having two cocks at the same time. I am one horny housewife. I love the sensation of double penetration, and love having two beautiful cocks to pleasure and enjoy. I know that my husband truly enjoys watching me getting fucked so deep and hard by another man.

Currently, I spend my days doing housework and fantasizing about you joining my husband and me for a night of crazy, freaky sex. You would have such a great time enjoying both of us. We would make it so hot! After a few orgasms from me, I rub both of your cocks together and encourage the two of you to play for me. I love watching too!