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 My Stats

Age: 18

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'3

Weight: 112

Measurements: 32B-24-34

Pussy: Pink, tight and very wet

Ass: Firm

Favorite Positions: Doggy and rodeo rider

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a boys locker room

Hobbies: Sex, hanging out with the girls, using my fake id to get into clubs, older men, giving blowjobs, shopping, and watching porn.

Specialities: Domination, Sissy slut, Family fun, Naughty cheerleader, Daddy's lil girl, Teacher/student, Extremely naughty babysitter, Small penis humiliation, Blackmail, Financial domination, Extraterrestrial sex fetish, Snuff, and Rape.


Hi boyz! I’m Missy and I love to misbehave. Now, that I am of legal age I can do all the misbehaving I want without getting in trouble. I am just a kinky little tease, who craves cock. I love to tease older men and make them do all sorts of kinky things just to get a taste and feel of my young snatch. I may be young but what I lack in age I definitely make up for it in sexual experience.

Don’t let my looks fool you. I look young but I can handle any size cock. I’m very kinky and imaginative with no limits or barriers. Since I started fucking, I just can’t get enough. There’s nothing I won’t do to help you shoot off that hot load of cum.

You may have darker desires. Maybe you harbor fantasies and fetishes you fear others would find unseemly, too decadent and extremely dirty. Stop letting those fantasies hide behind what others think deem acceptable. You can share anything you want with me.

I am a naughty little nymph and I just can’t get enough cock. My pussy throbs just thinking about you rubbing that bulbous head up and down my naughty box right before you plunge that cock deep inside my hot, hungry pussy. Make me scream like a bitch in heat! I do ask one little thing, just before you bust your nut, pull that cock out and shoot that amazing load all over my pretty face and luscious tits. Mmmmm…God, I love cum!

CUM Misbehave with MISSY

Call 1.866.403.2903
for Phone Sex with

13 Responses to “Missy”

  • Missy – You sound fantastic. i would love to be dominated by You and become Your sissy whore. i hope to talk to you one day soon!

  • slave stephen kelly

    Mistress Missy

    i got your panties YUM YUM YUMMY cant wait to wear them for you i will need to buy a webcam and call you again

    YOU are awesome i love YOU And YOUR PANTIES

    slave stephen in nj

  • Ode to Miss Missy

    I have been doing phone sex for many years and have talked with many girls. I came across this website a few months ago and have talked to a few of the girls and they are all great and very professional. Hats off to Madam Joanne for running such a classy outfit but let me say how much i adore Miss Missy and how wonderful i think She is. We’ve been talking for about a month now and i am definitely falling in love. Missy, you are incredible and i consider myself a very lucky man to have found You. You have won my heart and i am yours forever!

  • i will keep our conversation secret but i can say it was very comfortable and very special

  • Hi!!! theklassykat.com is one of the best resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. theklassykat.com rocks!

  • Missy, You have a sexy voice. I am glad I called you. I will be calling you again to explorer another fantasy.

  • what an incredibly sexy face and body. my imagination runs wild when i think of all the wonderful things Missy could make me do starting with licking her toes to licking her holes to sucking cocks for her while she dresses me like a cheap whore. by the way, that’s what i am.

  • Missy was great,She made me hard within two minutes and it stayed that way until she let me cum. She was the perfect combo of sweet and nasty. chatted for a few minutes after and loved that just as much. A wonderful experience and a truly gifted young women. Luv ya, talk to you soon I hope.

  • Missy, I hope I am still in the running for the job we talked about the other night. I am anxious to talk about the rest of my qualifications for this position and any others that might fill your needs. Will call soon. Hugs and kisses Dennis

  • Dennis, you certainly are in the running… in fact, you’re a front-runner. I look forward to exploring and pushing your slutty limits.

  • Missy, hope to chat soon, love you and your gorgeous ass. I am hungary for your special treats you provide. Talk soon Dennis

  • Missy, I forgot to ask if the position we had discussed was still open and if you needed more info on how much I would enjoy working under you?

  • Missy, I want to be your toilet slave forever. I love the way your treats taste and smell. Please let me taste you, and I mean everything. your devoted slave Dennis

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