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 My Stats

Age: 25

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125

Measurements: 34D-25-36

Pussy: Neatly manicured and dripping wet.

Ass: Tight and oh-so-spankable!

Favorite Positions: Doggy Style

Strangest Places I've had sex: My bosses desk [I have pictures!]

Hobbies: Skiing, horses, sailing, shopping and teasing men

Specialities: Role-play, Tease, Mutual Masturbation, Guided Masturbation, CBT, Edging, Fetish, Tit, Pussy and Full body worship and Sensual Domination.


Your lovable, sensational Carlee is here! I have a secret to share with you, but you have to come closer for me to tell you. Closer….closer… Okay, I know what men want. That’s right! I know what men really, really want. Woman have been wondering for years that question and I hold the answer. It’s simple really, men want a girl like me! I’m intelligent, sophisticated, sexy, down to earth, extremely playful and ultra kinky.

I take my job as a Phone Sextress very seriously. I take my time, and do it right. Seducing you with the possibilities of just where a call with me may lead. It could lead down a dark path of your most devilish desires? Or perhaps, you just need to blow off a little steam, and have a naughty perverted romp with a girl who’s not afraid to let her hair down and get wild with you! I will introduce you to erogenous zones you never even knew existed. Indulging both your body and mind. Believe me, I will tantalize you in every possible fashion. Luring you into my delicious world of sexual bliss and holding you happily captive is what I do best! You will slip under my sensual spell and your desire for me will always be the first thing on your mind.

I am 100% the real deal. From my sparkling blue eyes, firm ample breasts, perky nipples, long silky legs and tight fuckable ass. Unscripted and unrestricted. Anything goes with this kinky little fuck-toy! So, cum on, don’t be shy. Let’s see if you can entice me with some exciting ideas you have dreamt up for us!

Sweet Candy Kisses, Carlee

Call 1.888.872.9164
for Phone Sex with

2 Responses to “Carlee”

  • I have called many girls on the site and none of them have made me cum harder and longer than Carlee. I still masturbate to the memory of our call and I cannot wait to call u again so we can play.

  • Carlee, our call got off to a funny start by me having to call you back to see why you hadn’t returned the call. Then when you told me there was a woman on the receiving end… Well, that was really not true. So we started the call and all I can say is wow!! I havent cum so fierce in quite some time. All I can say is this…I wish you were in my arms right now. There would be no regrets…other than my second marriage

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